the Bomb Disposal Unit

The GI Joe Bomb Disposal Unit is a small, heavily armored vehicle the team can use to perform EOD (explosive ordnance disposal), whether clearing an area or when trying to get rid of a pesky, undetonated missile the enemy dropped on you. It has these capabilities:

All-Terrain Tracks (a): the Bomb Disposal Unit is equipped with a limited-travel all-terrain tread system for locomotion. This allows it to do its job just about anywhere, though it is slow. Limited to around 15 miles per hour, it effectively has intensity 1 Propulsion.

Armored Chassis (s): the Bomb Disposal Unit is naturally heavily armored, since explosives tend to go off in front of - or on - the thing directly. It has an effective material strength of 14, making it durable even in the face of the most potent weaponry.

Deflector Shield (s): this spaced-armor honeycomb shield is built to protect the driver of the Bomb Disposal Unit from exploding ordnance - which happens more often than you'd imagine around the thing. It provides intensity 16 (+4) armor to the operator of the vehicle.

Of course, this armor rating only applies to attacks striking the front of the Bomb Disposal Unit - whether they be passive or active in nature. If the vehicle is struck from the side or the rear, its operator only benefits from intensity 4 (+1) protection rating, instead.

Hydraulic Claw (a): formed by an armored shovel / plate mounted on the Bomb Disposal Unit and a hydraulic arm, this metal appendage allows the vehicle's operator to scoop up large explosives without actually touching them, and move them around with a Strength of 11.

Extra Goodies:

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