The Technohol 13 Alphabetical Character Roster: E

Earnest-River-Castoff-Down-The-Nile: technically an alien being, Earnest was actually born on earth. It has since adopted our world as its home, though it nonetheless likes to explore the universe for fun whenever it can find the time. Availability:

Earnest-River-Castoff-Down-The-Nile (MSH Classic)

Earnest-River-Castoff-Down-The-Nile (4C System)

Earnest-River-Castoff-Down-The-Nile (Marvel Saga)

Eels: those Cobras who excel as divers, whether in that position officially or from personal experience, can train to become Eels. These experts in underwater combat and demolitions are the elite forces of Cobra's various naval operations. Availability:

Eels (MSH Classic)

Eels (4C System)

Eels (Marvel Saga)

Effects: a demolitions expert and special effects wunderkingd, Aron Beck was brought onto the Gi Joe team's Star Brigade in order to wield his impressive skills against Cobra. With pyrotechnics and sheer trickery, he's able to send the goons packing more often than not! Effects comes in Classic and Saga styles!


the Eidolon Empress: an ancient vampire with dreams of global conquest, the Eidolon Empress naturally thinks very highly of herself. Wishing to improve herself beyond even her undead state, she has studied the Anthropy Society's teachings with earnest. Availability:

the Eidolon Empress (MSH Classic)

the Eidolon Empress (4C System)

the Eidolon Empress (Marvel Saga)

Electrique: while the White Event gave her considerable power, it also relieved Electrique of her humanity. The loss of her physicality has removed Electrique's fear of conscience or consequence, and she gleefully destroys anything that crosses her path. Availability:

Electrique (MSH Classic)

Electrique (4C System)

Electrique (Marvel Saga)

Electro: a true Marvel of the Age, Electro is a powerful robot built by Professor Zog to right wrongs and fight evil. Handling mundane crime all too easily, Professor Zog quickly began to use Electro against super villains and alien invaders! Availability:

Electro: Marvel of the Age (MSH Classic)

Electro: Marvel of the Age

Electro: Marvel of the Age (Marvel Saga)

League Electronicists (Typical): while those who become members of the Electronicists' League are typically individualists, they nonetheless share several common characteristics. And many use the technology readily available through their membership! Availability:

Electronicists (Typical, MSH Classic)

Electronicists (Typical, 4C System)

Electronicists (Typical, Marvel Saga)

Eleven: Wilbur Bonaventure was a hired goon that volunteered to be dosed with Technohol 11. However, he began to get Ideas about living a better life soon afterwards, and was dissolved by Mister Brewer as a result. Oddly, he kind of recovered from this. Availability:

Eleven (MSH Classic)

Eleven (4C System)

Eleven (Marvel Saga)

the Eliminator: a heavy duty, high speed attack jeep, the Eliminator is a fitting ride for former taxi driver Blocker - the man has always wanted a heavily armored ride to shoot back at his foes with. It even has a bonus component that can let a teammate offer him instant fire support! Blocker's Eliminator comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Elves (Typical): the result of thousands of years of intermingling between humans and faerie entities, elves have stabilized into their own species. These beings make their homes on several different planes of existence, including our very own earth! Availability:

Elves (MSH Classic)

Elves (4C System)

Elves (Marvel Saga)

Elys: a mad dragon hailing from a mad universe, Elys does not think like others. She wishes to become a creature of flesh and gears, thinking that the perfect state of being, and endlessly schemes to complete her insane transformation into such! Availability:

Elys (MSH Classic)

Elys (4C System)

Elys (Marvel Saga)

Enigmagic Man: rejecting the religious extremists of his home, Faazel Kukukhel walked the path of sorcery instead. Only finding oppression amongst this community as well, he struck out on his own, and wars with all who would enslave the minds of man. Availability:

Enigmagic Man (MSH Classic)

Enigmagic Man (4C System)

Enigmagic Man (Marvel Saga)

Ereshkigal (Anunnaki): the Queen of the Dead, Ereshkigal has ruled Irkalla since she was young. Wielding absolute power over both mortal and divine entities that have passed into the Realm of No Return, Ereshkigal is one of the most powerful Anunnaki! Availability:

Ereshkigal (MSH Classic)

Ereshkigal (4C System)

Ereshkigal (Marvel Saga)

Ereshkigal (Deviant): this third generation Deviant sorceress believed the 'cosmic powers' were stifling the development of the multiverse, and thus became an agent of Chaos to unseat them. She found the perfect tool to this end in the form of the Star Brand! Availability:

Ereshkigal (MSH Classic)

Ereshkigal (4C System)

Ereshkigal (Marvel Saga)

Everywhere Girl: raised from the dead as a mighty Rejuvenate, Franky then had her innate psi potential awakened after exposure to the freaky-weird Between! Now wielding potent psimotive powers, she stalks space and time as a good-minded troubleshooter. Availability:

Everywhere Girl (MSH Classic)

Everywhere Girl (4C System)

Everywhere Girl (Marvel Saga)

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