Hand Size:
3 (17)


Eleven is something of a techno-zombie, the remnant of Technohol 11 formerly merged with mercenary Wilbur Bonaventure - at least, until that fellow's demise upon being doused with Technoholic solvent. While he died, a chunk of his Technohol survived, and thus: Eleven!


Organic Circuitry (i): Eleven's body is comprised of Technohol, an organic circuitry matrix, as well as the rebuilt organic components of his original, human host body. You see, he was almost entirely dissolved in Technoholic solvent, a material designed to kill him.

However, his would-be murderer, Mister Brewer, missed a spot. This cell-sized chunk regrew its host's former body, but the problem was that his brain was gone... as were most of its own memories - it had lost the vast majority of its body mass, after all.

As such, Eleven's body is now an organic construct bolstered by its own variety of Technohol: Technohol 11. Thanks to this, Eleven has the benefit of a wide array of technologically-inclined powers, including the following laundry list of such:

* Adaptive (Body) Armor (s): typically, Eleven's body resembles that of a normal human, aside from its brilliant hue; he's just as vulnerable to injury as anyone else. However, when he is aware of an incoming threat, Eleven can mold parts of his body into +4 protective barriers.

* Computer Link (i): Eleven can easily tie into computers or computer networks via many methods - even when the target has no external access. This power works at intensity 15, allowing him access to most computerized data, whether encrypted or not.

* Device Generation (i): this intensity 11 power allows Eleven to manufacture complex electronic or mechanical (or both) items, items which bear a like m.s. and otherwise function at this power's intensity (unless they normally work at a lesser level).

The items so created by Eleven in this fashion bear a trademark, pink coloration. This holds true whether the item is transparent, metallic or even electronic. Any light given off by his created contraptions will similarly glow in a bright pink hue.

While quite advantageous, this power has a catch: every exchange he uses this power, Eleven will lose one Health point. He can bypass this if he can draw upon related matter in his area to concoct his creations, but without such he's somewhat limited in power.

* Electromagnetic Vision (w): Eleven has the capability to interpret the entire electromagnetic spectrum. His eyes combine the effects of infravision, radivision and ultravision into one convenient, intensity 13 package (they range from radio waves to cosmic rays).

* Regeneration (s): if not slain outright by an attack, Eleven can usually regenerate from most damage with intensity 11 ability, meaning he recovers a card each exchange without a negative aura draw, whether or not he's able to rest and recover from his injuries (barring SD damage).

* Shape Change (a): this highly versatile ability allows Eleven to reshape some - or all - of his body into mechanical and/or electronic implements. This gives him the ability to simulate a wide array of powers, though all are limited to intensity 11 in effectiveness.

Transforming his body into something like an aircraft would give him up to fly with intensity 11 speed for instance, while a lightning gun would be capped off at like energy damage with each blast. Anything greater must be developed as a separate power stunt.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Susceptibility: Eleven is particularly vulnerable to a special solvent designed to destroy Technoholic material. This fluid ignores his defenses to inflict intensity 5 damage each exchange that Eleven is exposed to the stuff - luckily, it's very, very rare.


Heavy Machine Gun (a): this gun is big... very big. In times past, Eleven used to carry this thing mounted on an articulated weapon harness because it was so darn heavy. He doesn't really need it these days, but keeps it around to appear less 'super-human'.

When not in use, this weapon (and its support harness) are internalized to his body. However, Eleven can exude its various parts and assemblies and have it ready to fire in just one exchange. And when he fires it, people tend to take notice.

This weapon inflicts Eleven's Agility +5 damage in a single shot, his Agility +6 damage in a semi-automatic spread, and his Agility +7 damage in a fully automatic hail of 'lead'. It can be fired indefinitely, but this costs Eleven one Health point per exchange.

Katana (s): since his human half always enjoyed such stylish melee weapons, Eleven makes use of one as well. This translucent pink blade can be used by Eleven to inflict his Strength +4 in slashing damage with every deadly strike.

Shuriken (a): like his katana, these bladed implements were enjoyed by Eleven's former human half. Eleven still carries them to honor his fallen friend, and can fling these translucent pink weapons to inflict his Agility +2 in lethal damage.


Marksmanship (a): retaining this sole skill from the original 'better half' of himself, Eleven can fire all modern firearms with competence. Whether he's wielding a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, Eleven does so at a reduced difficulty.

Natural Weapons (s): Eleven has the inherent ability to use the 'natural' weapons springing from his body with competence. He can reduce the difficulty of attacks using such contraptions, whether they're mundane (hammer hands) or powered (chain saw limbs).


For the most part, Eleven is alone in the world. He could conceivably call upon those he's helped in the past for aid should the thought occur to him, but he feels himself outside the human race, and wishes to learn what they're about before putting down roots.


Explorer: having lost his former human host / friend as well as most of his own memories, Eleven is trying to find his place amongst mankind - and the world in general. This is why he walks the earth right now - everything is new to him again.


Eleven has no use for costumes, not seeing himself as a hero - just a man. Thus, he walks the earth in mundane clothing, including his blue jeans, his white tank top, his brown leather cowboy boots and belt, and Wilbur's old brown cowboy hat.


Eleven is on a quest to discover the true nature of humanity. He liked working with his human host, not to mention conversing with the man, but with his death Eleven has found himself at something of a loss. Thus his mission to 'become human', after a fashion.

Real Name: Wilbur Bonaventure
Occupation: drifter, former security guard, former mercenary
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with a respectable criminal record, legally deceased
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: former employee of Permutational Industries

Height: 6' 2"
Hair: pink
Eyes: pink
Weight: 230 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: as is the case with most other humans dosed with Technohol, Eleven shows coloration matching the 'flavor' he was exposed to. His flesh is entirely neon pink in coloration, as are his eyes and hair.

He smells faintly of artificial watermelon flavoring, as does anything he builds with his Technoholic powers. Similarly, such devices bear a color matching his own, whether in the light they give off or the materials that are used to create them.


Wilbur Bonaventure had always been something of a bad seed. He was a big kid in school, and not the chunky kind. No, Wilbur was the kind of big kid that certain kids collected when they wanted to hurt other kids. And really, Wilbur didn't seem to mind.

It stopped them from making fun of his name. Or making comparisons to him matching a pig in a rather common children's book. So Wilbur grew up to be a thuggish lout for wont of anything better to do with himself, ultimately getting on the wrong side of the law.

This prompted him to enlist in the military, since he was offered a job with the Marines or hard time by his Judge. The Corps straightened Wilbur out a bit, but after he'd done his time the man couldn't get 'honest' work thanks to his rap sheet.

As such, Wilbur became a hired gun, a mercenary. With the build of a linebacker and the ability to effectively wield heavy machine guns on the job, Wilbur readily got himself work in less savory circles, ultimately finding himself employed by Permutational Industries.

Liking his military background and seeming absence of morals, the company gave him over to Mister Brewer. This mad scientist was working on an experimental organic circuitry super soldier program, and offered to make Wilbur a living weapon.

Not really caring one way or the other, Wilbur agreed. Shortly thereafter, Brewer dosed the man with Technohol 11, his latest iteration of a super soldier sleeper compound that was to be disguised as a line of soft drinks, and Wilbur was forever changed.

Of course, Brewer's creation didn't work as intended. The idea was that the on-board intelligence packaged with the Technohol would take over his mind and make him a living engine of destruction, but this part of the Technohol didn't work right. Or at all, really.

When his A.I. came on-line, Wilbur found himself with a new friend inside his head, and since he'd never really had a friend before Wilbur was okay with this. Despite the failure of his latest formula, Brewer kept Wilbur on staff - provided he did as he was told.

For a time Wilbur did just that, helping Brewer to do a variety of nasty things. Sometimes he would work alone, and others he would be accompanied by XII, a young lab worker who Brewer had dosed with Technohol 12 when he'd run out of volunteers for his project.

The problem was that Wilbur had been having extensive conversations with his built-in artificial intellect, which he'd taken to calling Eleven. The two had been having discussions about the nature of humanity, and Wilbur was rapidly growing tired of a thuggish life.

When he tried to retire, Brewer laughed, and then hosed Wilbur with a special solvent he'd concocted to destroy Technoholic life forms - the ultimate form of insurance should his devices get all uppity. The joke was on Brewer however, for he was a bit sloppy this time 'round.

As fate would have it, a small chunk of Wilbur's body managed to escape being dissolved by the anti-Technoholic fluid. This practically invisible sliver of flesh slowly regrew Wilbur's body once the solvent had been washed away by the elements, but there was a problem.

So much of Wilbur had been destroyed, you see, that his mind was gone. Eleven's memories were mostly gone as well, due to the fact that most of his knowledge had been distributed across his body. This left the fully rebuilt man with hardly a mind at all.

So Eleven, as it remembered it was called, decided to start over. It knew it wasn't human, but it remembered that Wilbur liked the idea of trying to be a better man once the idea had occurred to him. Thus, Eleven decided to do that - and wanted to live on in Wilbur's name.

The 'man' has taken to wandering to and fro in a quest to determine just what humanity really is, having lost most of what it had learned of such in the dousing. It's also trying to be a good man at the same time, and never hesitates to help those in need.

Even if his neon pink flesh and strange demeanor seems to creep people out...!

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