the Evader

Designed and built for his specific needs, the Evader is Darklon's personal ride. A heavily armored recumbent motorcycle, the Evader is heavily armed for a vehicle its size - and fast despite the bulk of its armaments. Great for combat or courier work, it has these characteristics:

RV 20
RV 150
RV 30
RV 10

Body Armor: its top-mounted, minimal-entry ballistic canopy protection, wide, self-sealing front and rear tires, and side-mounted armor shields account for the rugged nature of the Evader, explaining both its Durability of rank value 30 and its Protection of rank value 10.

Communications Suite: to facilitate information exchange, Darklon's Evader features top-of-the-line communications gear. It functions with rank value 10 ability, having a twenty-five mile maximum range, and features signal encryption of rank value 40 complexity.

Deflection: the Evader's canopy is especially shaped to bounce as much incoming fire as is possible away from the vehicle - and thus, Darklon. As long as they're coming from the front, the Evader benefits from 2 RS of deflection from incoming physical and energy assault.

Eliminators: on each side of the Evader's canopy is a 9mm machine gun mount. These weapons can each fire a short burst of ammunition to inflict rank value 10 Piercing damage, or be fired continuously to inflict rank value 20 Piercing damage.

The benefit of these particular mounts is twofold. For one thing, if both are trained on a single target, whatever damage they inflict in their current firing mode is increased by +1 RS. Furthermore, they can be removed in a pinch, should Darklon need to abandon the vehicle.

Pursuer Missiles: these surface-to-surface homing missiles are great for softening up impediments to Darklon's forward progress, whether he's entering or exiting a battlefield, or just making an illicit delivery. These Stinger-type projectiles have these capabilities:

RV 40
RV 50
RV 20
RV 30 Slashing (fragmentary)

Multi-Frequency Imaging Sensors: mounted on the Evader's missile launcher, these infrared and radiowave transceivers can produce an image of a target for Darklon's missiles to lock onto. This provides for their higher than normal Control rating of rank value 40.

Extra Goodies:

the Evader 4C System: Edition 13 Text File Download

Cobra directories featuring a version of the Evader:


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