RV 40
RV 10
RV 20
RV 100
RV 50
RV 50
RV 75
RV 50
RV -20



Elys is a dragon of extradimensional origin, a creature with incredibly powerful physical and magical abilities. Furthermore, she has studied and researched the area of technomancy her whole life, and can be considered an incredibly powerful technomage as such.

Known Powers:

Draconic Physique: decidedly non-human in origin, Elys is a red dragon, a powerful, magical reptilian creature that (in her case) hails from some other, diabolical plane of existence. Due to her origins, Elys is possessed of the following physical and magical capabilities:

* Battle Tail: when Elys wishes to deal with a foe in melee without slicing them to ribbons, she will usually resort to the use of her tail, swatting said opponent with devastating force. Elys' battle tail inflicts her Brawn +1 RS in Bashing damage.

* Body Armor: covered from head to toe in shimmering red scales, Elys has more than a little bit of protection from attack. Imbued with the magical energies that permeate her being, these scales offer her rank value 20 protection from attack, which breaks down as follows:

RV 20 / RV 6 / RV 20 / RV 0 / RV 0

* Claws: all four of Elys' legs are armed with powerful claws, implements which can easily shred a human-sized being to ribbons. When wielding these terrifying talons in melee mayhem, Elys can inflict her Brawn value in Slashing damage.

* Fangs: supplementing her claws, these colossal culinary implements allow Elys to chew up most anything. Using her knife-like fangs, Elys inflicts her Brawn rank value in Slashing damage, which if she's pinned something down with her claws, makes eating that much easier!

* Fire Generation: her signature attack, this power allows Elys to breathe a massive stream of flame every other turn. Wielding this power at rank value 40, she can inflict like SD Energy damage with each fiery assault, enough to bring even the most powerful foes to their knees.

* Growth: as a dragon, Elys is much larger than your average-sized human, and thus has this power thanks to her 24' length (not counting her battle tail). Permanently active (as it simply describes her bulk in game terms), this ability enhances her combat capability immensely.

Possessing a +2 size factor, Elys gains a +2 RS to the damage she inflicts against normal sized opponents, as well as 2 RS of damage reduction against them. On the other hand, she suffers a -2 RS to hit them, while they benefit from the reverse!

* Invulnerability to Fire and Heat: a dragon with a stereotypical fiery nature, Elys is naturally resistant to the effects of such. She possesses complete immunity to even the hottest of flames - both mundane and magical - as well as any heat source, no matter how intense.

* Longevity: dragons are rather long-lived creatures, having life spans that extend for several thousand years - at the very least. Elys has this power at rank value 4, allowing her a likely ultimate lifespan of 4,480 years, as determined by the following longevity formula:

Standard human life span (70) minus age power gained (0), multiplied by the power rank value cubed (64), plus age power gained (0).

* Wings: while not powerful enough to sustain flight according to the standard laws of physics, these appendages provide Elys magical lift when in use, allowing her to soar through the air with ease. Elys can fly at rank value 4 ability despite her bulk (approximately 54.54 m.p.h.).

Schooling: Master / Technomancy:

Having studied the ways of technological magic for hundreds of years, Elys is a powerful technomancer. A master of this versatile form of magic, she wields over a dozen spells of a primarily technological bent. Those spells she's demonstrated thus far include:

Contingency (d): this spell allows Elys to, in effect, cast a spell in advance. Whenever a pre-set event occurs or situation comes about, the spell she cast will manifest immediately, with no conscious effort on Elys' part. This is a rank value 50 spell.

Dimensional Transit (d): a useful ability for explorers of the multiverse, Elys may cross dimensional boundaries with rank value 20 ability. This spell can move her, as well as up to eight hundred pounds of additional mass, across the planes with ease.

Empowerment (d): this vital spell allows Elys to invest mystic energies into inanimate objects. In order to produce magic items, Elys must spend 500 Fortune points to seal a power in an item - though she must spend more if the magical effect is a power she does not have access to.

Unless, of course, she's giving the magic item to someone else - at which point the Fortune cost (aside from sealing the power(s) within it) is the problem of the recipient. She may empower up to fifty different magical effects into an item, including all of her own transnormal abilities.

Inanime (g): this rank value 40 group spell allows Elys the use of various magical abilities that alter inanimate objects. In a given 24 hour period, inanime gives Elys access to either Conjuration, Glow, Kinetic Absorption, Object Animation, or Topological Control.

Interfacing (s): with this rank value 20 spell, Elys may seamlessly interface technology with non-technological items. She can use this power to give organic beings 'natural' mechanical or artificial parts, or simply to install wiring in an area without serious effort.

Investment (d): Elys may grant an individual or creature sorcerous powers! Working at rank value 50, investment grants powers for 50 days on a red ACT, 50 weeks on a blue ACT, and 50 months on a yellow ACT - or are permanent if the recipient pays Fortune for them.

Magic Sense (p): this handy extrasensory mystical formula allows Elys to perceive the lines of magical energy permeating a given person, object, or environment. Functioning at rank value 30, this spell helps her to find all but the most well-hidden of mystic energies.

Mesmermechanism (s): wielding this technomantic school spell, Elys can 'mesmerize' machinery to do her bidding. Functioning with rank value 40 ability, this spell lets Elys do an impressive amount of damage to her enemies in an industrial setting.

Mystic Servant (d): Elys uses this rank value 50 spell to craft a transient, semi-sentient creature to do her bidding. It has rank value 6 traits, save for an intellect that matches her own, and generally takes the form of an oversized, translucent, and talking gecko.

This servant has two special powers. They include Blending (going from translucent to completely transparent), functioning at rank value 50, and Edges (growing long, sharp arm blades that resemble pampas grass leaves), which allow it to inflict its Brawn in Slashing damage.

Proxy (u): a handy spell that allows her to extend her mystic range considerably, Elys can use proxy to actually cast magic through another. Working at rank value 30, this spell lets her use magic wherever her current minion is wandering about on an errand for her.

Summoning (d): one of Elys' most dangerous spells is her ability to summon forth just about any living creature, doing so with rank value 50 ability. This allows her to bind most mortal entities to her will, whether or not they're possessed of sentience!

Teleportation (u): Elys prefers to fly from place to place, but whenever she's in a hurry, she will usually just teleport instead. She wields this spell at rank value 50, allowing her to transport herself up to 5,000 miles from her current location.

As a useful spell stunt, Elys has developed the means of transporting others in lieu of herself, which helps her draw forth minions - or send them away, when necessary. This stunt works at the same rank as her basic teleportation, and allows her to move up to 50 tons of people at once!

Variable Cybernetics (s): a hint of her desired, ultimate evolution in play, Elys has the ability to duplicate the function of a device at will. She can only copy one item's capabilities into herself at a time with this rank value 30 spell, however.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Hoard: Elys has acquired an insane amount of treasure over time, both monetary (gold, gems and the like) and utilitarian (weapons, works of art, and so on). Some of this includes magical and high tech weapons used by would-be dragon slayers who ultimately failed in their quest.

The exact contents of this treasure trove is unknown, but anyone who had the opportunity to explore it would easily be set up for life. Furthermore, discovering something unique within could likely be a springboard for the origin of a hero or villain - if they survived Elys' wrath, that is.


3-D Sense: a natural-born flier, Elys has learned how to think in a full three dimensions constantly. As such, Elys is never at a disadvantage against an opponent based on their position relative to her in space, even if such an opponent has seized the so-called high ground.

Abnormal Appearance: oddly enough, being a red, scaly, forty-eight foot long reptile that breathes fire is hard to hide. And even more oddly, Elys has never learned illusory magics - or even acquired an item of some kind - that she can use to hide her true self from others.

Greed 3: Elys is insanely greedy - it's in her blood. As such, when presented with the opportunity to seize anything she finds valuable (and that's most anything magical, technological, or precious), Elys must pass a Willpower ACT at -6 RS to avoid stealing it.


Biology: in her wish to combine her flesh with machinery, Elys has extensively studied biology - if by experimenting on hapless victims to learn their bodies' secrets. Her Intellect should thus be considered +1 RS in this area, however illicitly her knowledge was gained.

Computers: Elys greedily studied computer science upon her arrival on earth, thinking it to be the last cog in the knowledge she needed to upgrade herself. She can design, build, operate, program or even repair computers as if her Intellect was +1 RS higher than is listed above.

Electronics: a skill Elys developed on her own, even before coming to earth, this skill describes her knowledge of bending electrons to her will! She may add a +1 RS to any ACT involved in the design, construction, operation, or repair of any electronic device.

Engineering: having studied the art of building things with masters around the multiverse, Elys may be considered a veritable genius in this field. Whenever designing or building a singular object, a mechanical device, or even a structure, Elys may do so at the applicable score +1 RS.

Languages / Chinese, Draconic, Dwarven, Elfin, English, Japanese, and Spanish: having gone far and wide in her travels, Elys has picked up the ability to use a bevy of languages. She can both speak and read/write in all of these languages... and possibly more.

Lore 2: magical by birth, Elys is naturally experienced in 'occult' matters - not even considering her considerable mystical researches. Her Intellect should be considered +2 RS in such matters, as she is privy to all kinds of mystical things that Man Was Not Meant To Know.

Natural Weapons: incredibly powerful, Elys is also possessed of considerable, natural fighting ability. However, she has trained extensively in the use of her inherent, personal weaponry to maximize her ability to survive. She can use her natural attacks at a +1 RS.


Creator of the Tenacious Ten, Elys can count them as reliable contacts - they wouldn't dare ignore any demands she made of them. Furthermore, Elys has forged countless contacts in both mystical and technical circles throughout the multiverse over the course of her researches.


Elys doesn't wear a costume, preferring to let her true, draconic splendor do the talking for her. Of course, she's slept on a bed of rubies for centuries, and has wound up getting thousands of these precious stones embedded in her hide over the years, giving her a sparkly appearance.


Like many dragons, Elys is capricious and greedy, more than happy to seize anyone or anything that catches her fancy. She's particularly curious about the ways of magic and technology however, and is just as likely to steal a super computer as she is an armored truck full of gold.

Elys is also very evil, having no qualms about crushing anyone and anything that gets in her way. To this end, she schemes endlessly, producing plots within plots to confuse, contain, and ultimately eliminate her foes. Her vanity tends to ultimately point her enemies towards her, however.

Real Name: Elys
Occupation: mystic researcher, troublemaker
Legal Status: creature from another universe who has irked countless regional entities in her past
Marital Status: inapplicable
Alias(es), if any: several throwaway, one-time false identities
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 48' (total length including her tail)
Hair: inapplicable
Eyes: glowing orange (like fire, or magma)
Weight: several tons
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Elys is a freakishly large, fantastic reptilian creature, complete with wings, glowing orange eyes, and six-inch long teeth and claws. She also has an sparkling aura about her, thanks to the countless rubies embedded in her scaly hide.


Centuries ago, in the howling depths of an earthly plane that just might be even deeper than Nidavellir, the dragoness who eventually came to be known as Elys hatched from her egg. Inherently evil and slightly mad, Elys grew up... differently than her kin.

She found herself obsessed with the notion of technology, and how well it works with magic. She felt that most schools of magic available to her siblings and such were inadequate for her personal needs, and thus left her clutch far earlier than normal.

Elys then walked the planes for a time, ultimately encountering strange creatures who were a curious combination of flesh and gears. These organic machines fascinated Elys, who decided that their form and function was inherently superior to that of a merely organic state of being.

Wishing to become more like them, to exist as a perfect melding of dragon and machine, Elys left the known planes for parts most unknown. She spent untold years searching far and wide for the alien knowledge she required to bring about this change within herself.

Her quest ultimately found her in the service of a potent mage, a wizard specializing in high tech magic - who agreed to teach Elys everything he knew. This wasn't enough for Elys though, so when he had exhausted his knowledge she ate the doddering old man for his trouble!

Of course, Elys had learned one last important thing from her former mentor: the identity of another technomage - this one on earth! Traveling there forthwith, Elys discovered that this technomage, the dread Morbis, had been dead for a long time. Thousands of years, in fact!

Setting up shop inside a mountain above a lost city buried beneath Antarctica's ice, Elys resigned herself to getting where she wanted to be the hard way - through hard work and extensive experimentation. At least, until she learned of a human attempting to resurrect Morbis!

A-Lonse, a fellow from the city below her lair, had a bone to pick with humanity, and was hoping to resurrect Morbis to destroy it. Caring not for the fate of mankind, Elys wanted only to achieve her ultimate goal, and thus gave A-Lonse all the aid she could muster.

A-Lonse ultimately brought Morbis back to life, but the technomage was slain shortly thereafter by a gang of would-be heroes attempting to stop his subsequent bid for world domination. Enraged, Elys took her anger out on A-Lonse and the people of his city, bringing them to their knees.

Some time later, Elys was rummaging about Morbis' former headquarters, and found the only remains of his mortal body - a severed hand. This hand, it turned out, was actually the remnants of a clone body he was using to come back to life yet again.

This third attempt at life was also averted by those same heroes who vanquished Morbis the first time, which enraged Elys even more. However, with this bit of Morbis, Elys thought she had found the final key to her incredibly long research - the key to her metamorphosis!

But as luck would have it, those pesky heroes got in her way anew. Thinking this was more than enough perfidy, Elys savagely attacked her heroic foes. She terrified them and the local populace, but was astonished to find herself momentarily overpowered, and needing to retreat!

Deciding to fight fire with fire, Elys formed a team of villains to do her bidding: the Tenacious Ten! These foes she set against her heroic enemies when they finally tracked her down to her Antarctic lair, though they crumbled like a house of cards before Elys' heroic antagonists.

Facing the exhausted heroes directly, Elys gave them a truly epic fight, but in the end she was defeated again. Before her foes could finish her off however, Elys managed to transfer her essence into the robotic 'scaffolding' that was to merge with her in a techno-organic union.

Rampaging as the mighty Techno-Elys, she did battle with her heroic enemies a third time, but was finally put down in an epic clash that destroyed her dream of becoming flesh and gears once and for all. But is this truly the end of Elys's threat? The world may never know!


RV 50
RV 6
RV 40
RV 75
RV 50
RV 50
RV 75
RV 50
RV -25



The so-called Techno-Elys was meant to be Elys' ultimate transformation, a combination of her fleshy body and a powerful, enchanted cybernetic mesh. Since she was forced to inhabit it in spirit before adding her body to it, Elys' robotic body was incomplete, and frankly, lacking somewhat.

The original design may very well have made Elys an unstoppable power on earth, but since the true design of this cybermantic item was never realized, it only had about a third of the power it should have. Furthermore, the magical powers Elys designed into this item were never activated.

Known Powers:

Robotic Construction: since Elys' cybernetic shell didn't have her organic components integrated into its structure, it can be considered a true robot body. As such, Elys' incomplete cybernetic conversion implement possesses the following super-human powers by default:

* Body Armor: Techno-Elys' highly magical cybernetic shell is quite durable, though in hindsight, it wasn't strong enough to stand up to a highly motivated group of vigilantes. Techno-Elys' cyber-shell is made from m.v. 50 materials, and offers her the following protection:

RV 40 / RV 20 / RV 40 / RV 0

* Environmental Independence: Techno-Elys requires no food, drink or air. She does need a regular refueling of her alchemo-nuclear reactor however, which requires an infusion of specially enchanted plutonium every four months. She has this power at rank value 3000.

* Growth: a skeletal dragon robot, Techno-Elys is much larger than a human, and thus has this power thanks to her 24' length (not counting her battle tail). Permanently active (as it simply describes her bulk in game terms), this ability enhances her combat capability immensely.

Possessing a +2 size factor, Techno-Elys gains a +2 RS to the damage she inflicts against normal sized opponents, as well as 2 RS of damage reduction against them. On the other hand, she suffers a -2 RS to hit them, while they benefit from the reverse!

* Resistance / Invulnerability to Disease and Poison: as an inorganic life form, Techno-Elys possesses complete immunity to poisons and organic diseases. She also possesses rank value 100 resistance to more chemically creative forms of disease.

Battle Tail: when Techno-Elys wishes to deal with a foe in melee without slicing them to ribbons, she will usually resort to the use of her tail, swatting said opponent with devastating force. Techno-Elys' battle tail inflicts her Brawn +1 RS in Bashing damage.

Buzzsaw Teeth Matrix: while Techno-Elys has teeth, they're mostly for show. When she wishes to maul something properly, she activates a matrix of buzzsaws in her mouth cavity that can take apart even the most durable target, as they inflict rank value 50 Slashing damage.

Flight / Levitation: far too heavy to fly naturally, Techno-Elys can defy gravity thanks to an internal anti-gravity generator, and may move about thanks to wing-mounted turbo jets. These allow her to fly from rank value 0 (hovering in place) to rank value 200 (beyond Mach 1) speeds.

Rocket Breath: Techno-Elys can open her dread maw wide to unleash a deadly exhalation of rocketry. This swarm of 32 smart, self-propelled projectiles inflict the listed damage below when a single rocket strikes a body, +1 RS every time the number of rockets that hit doubles:

RV 30
RV 75
RV 10
RV 10 Slashing (fragmentary)

Limitations / Enhancements:

In her incomplete state, Techno-Elys was unable to use magic properly. She could have learned how to manipulate technological sorcery in time, but she simply didn't have it. Any spells she would have cast would have worked normally, but she'd have to roll on Sh 0 to determine success.


Techno-Elys was an oversized robot that looked like the skeleton (and some external plating) of a giant dragon. It had red picture tube eyes, speaker banks in its mouth, large aircraft wings with hover jets in the middle, and gaps here and there, where her flesh was supposed to go.

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