Hand Size:
3 (17)


Earnest-River-Castoff-Down-The-Nile is a mhunghus, a fungusoid alien being with impressive powers over the mind and space itself. While it evolved on another planet, Earnest is actually an earth native. Spored in Egypt, it was born and raised here, and considers earth its home.


Natural Psionics (Psipathic Powers):

Telepathy (a) (w): while evolution did not give Earnest the ability to communicate verbally, it has blessed it with a highly psi-active mind. Earnest has the ability to telepathically communicate with other sentients (send/receive surface thoughts) with intensity 5 skill.

Auscultation (t) (w): supplementing its telepathy, Earnest can also read the surface thoughts of others. This power functions at intensity 7, and card play is only required if one is specifically attempting to shield their thoughts (easy difficulty vs Willpower).

Natural Psionics (Superpsi Powers):

Mental Invisibility (t) (i): though it cannot mask itself from standard senses, Earnest can indeed hide from psionic abilities. It can mask its psi presence from others with intensity 5 ability, which means most casual observers won't notice Earnest's powers.

Trained Psionics (Psimotive Powers, Traditional Student):

Teleportation (a) (i): Earnest can cross the space between two points without actually traveling the distance physically; a good thing, since it is sessile. It can teleport with intensity 10 skill, giving it a 2,500 mile range.

Chaos Shift (t) (i): wielding this talent, Earnest can rapidly and randomly trigger its teleport self power, moving around a target literally in the blink of an eye. This grants it a +2 bonus when attacking, while giving its foe(s) a -2 penalty to strike it.

Teleport Trigger (s) (i): while it maintains this power, Earnest will automatically teleport should a specific circumstance come to pass. It usually has this power set to transport it to a safe spot in Egypt should it fall unconscious (intensity 10).

Between (a) (i): greatly expanding its reach, Earnest can access the Between, a space between all spaces (yet simultaneously encompassing all of them). Thanks to this ability, its teleportation has infinite range, allowing it to travel anywhere in our universe with ease (intensity 7).

Offensive Portals (t) (i): with this deadly power, Earnest may open up micro-portals that momentarily reach distant, hostile locations. It typically focuses on the surface of stars for the fiery death, and this power can vent intensity 10 flaming energy damage per use.

Locational Memory (s) (i): thanks to this seemingly minor psimotive skill, Earnest can always trace its path in 7D space; it can know where and when it has been, whenever it is necessary to have such information at hand. This is an intensity 10 skill.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Sessility: mhunghus do not have the ability to move - they lack a natural muscle structure or any other mechanism to achieve mobility. While they generally study psionics with the goal of escaping the location of their birth, they're immobile without such aid.




Astronaut (i): all mhunghus learn about space and the various objects within from a very young age; the better to get away from each other. Earnest may attempt an action to find or identify an object in space, or to plot a course somewhere, at a reduced difficulty.


Earnest can count Sticks McClellan of Agency 13 as a reliable contact, considering that she (and her cohorts) have benefited greatly from its action. Earnest also helps some local merchants here and there throughout Egypt, and they may return the favor (its made them quite rich).


Explorer, with a secondary calling of Peace of Mind: having been born on earth, Earnest isn't quite as solitary as its fellows, though the psi static that each mhunghus generates still affects it some. It likes to explore the universe in solitude as a result.


Though it does not require clothing to speak of, Earnest nonetheless wears what might be considered a cape. It's a short strip of neon blue cloth that is tied around its stipe, just above the small, strange branch-like growths that issue forth from the center of it.


Earnest is a little more outgoing than most mhunghus, but then he grew up on earth; it hasn't been surrounded by thousands of its fellows in close proximity just yet. It used to be arrogant towards humans but is trying to make up for treating them badly over the years.

Real Name: Earnest-River-Castoff-Down-The-Nile
Occupation: explorer
Legal Status: though born on earth, Earnest-River-Castoff-Down-The-Nile is a citizen of Mhung by virtue of being a mhunghus
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 4' 4"
Hair: inapplicable
Eyes: reddish brown (well, its light sensitive pits are, at least)
Weight: 143 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: as are all mhunghus, Earnest-River-Castoff-Down-The-Nile looks like a four foot tall mushroom. It possesses a bulbous, umbonate pileus, a long, hourglass like stipe, and a thick, round base. It is generally grayish in color, with a black pileus (cap), save for several reddish-brown pits that it uses to see (after a fashion). It has several branches growing out the middle of its stipe, that vaguely resemble arms (or tentacles).


Earnest-River-Castoff-Down-The-Nile began its life when its parent began to spore whilst resting on the banks of the upper Nile river. An explorer who was desperately trying to avoid more of its kind, Earnest's parent was dismayed that an encounter with another mhunghus in Kenya caused it to begin reproduction. Several of its spores developed into more mhunghus, causing it fits.

The staggering noise the newly 'born' mhunghus caused drove it to extreme action, and it used its impressive psionic abilities to bump them off the shore, into the river. Earnest was one such baby mhunghus, and it eventually washed to shore rather close to its parent (unlike its siblings). Too far to assault, yet close enough to hear its noise, Earnest's parent had no choice but to teach it psi powers.

If only to get it away from itself. So Earnest quickly mastered various psimotive arts, and did indeed shove off for greener pastures. It took its siblings with it, once those still alive were located, and similarly passed its knowledge onto them. They then set out to explore the cosmos, starting with their home world of Mhung, but Earnest returned to earth; it wanted to know more about the world of its birth.

Traveling far and wide, Earnest found most humans to be easily dominated, and did so mostly for its own amusement. This ceased when it encountered Sticks McLellan, a human investigator of steely will who was looking into it and its fellow mhunghus on earth. Once it realized it couldn't pull her strings, Earnest decided to just talk with the lady, and learned that she was an explorer much like it was.

It took her to Mhung to let her learn everything she wanted to about its people, and to a few other locations as well, and the two parted on generally good terms. Earnest felt somewhat bad about the way it had treated the people living on its home world, however, and decided to make amends. To this end, it returned to Egypt, and began to make a permanent home for itself near the place of its birth.

Its parent was long since gone, so Earnest was free to do what it pleased. And in exchange for random biomass from local traders, Earnest would help them identify things they needed. It quickly became a boon to the local economy, its trading partners happy to part with seeming rubbish and waste that the strange 'mushroom' needed to eat, they would receive riches far beyond their means.

Earnest is happy in its warm, sunny home, with all the fresh water and rotting meat it can get its proverbial hands on. However, it will leave from time to time, journeying across the earth - or even beyond - to see new sights. It likes to learn and experience new things constantly, so while Egypt is a good base of operations, you'll only find it there about half the time these days...

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