Typical League Electronicists

Base Cost: 11 points *

Ty 6
Gd 10
Ty 6
Gd 10
Ex 20
Gd 10
Gd 10
Gd 10
Sh 0

Pr 4
Gd 10
Pr 4
Gd 10
Ex 20
Ty 6
Ex 20
Rm 30
Sh 0

Gd 10
Gd 10
Gd 10
Gd 10
Ex 20
Ex 20
Ty 6
Gd 10
Sh 0



All members of the Electronicists' League are high tech characters, at the very minimum. They'll each have at least one device of an advanced, ascendant nature on hand at all times. Some go even further, and have additional capabilities of some stripe, particularly cybernetics.

Known Powers:



While not all of the League makes use of Yash Alloy's revolutionary cybernetics, much less Quentin's Quirky Quack's ability to easily (if not painlessly) install them, some do. A few of the more common League-built implants include the following examples of their work:

* Cyber-arms: replacement arms Yash builds have an m.s. of Incredible (40), making them great tools for melee combat, whether charging or simply punching a body. They can be modular, such that they replace only a finger, a hand, or even everything from the shoulder down.

Done by themselves, one or more arms (partial or full replacement) have a base cost of three points, as a limited form of Hard Points (and increase one's IPS by one point per). Adding built-in components, such as death rays or a brisk brace, increases both further.

* Cyber-eyes: Yash builds cyber-eyes from materials that provide them an effective m.s. of Remarkable (30), and while he can make them look perfectly normal (or normal enough, at any rate), they often have glowing circuit trace decorations in place of a conventional iris.

Once installed, the recipient of his eyes will benefit from Amazing (50) ranked super senses / vision, as their acuity has been improved far beyond the human norm (though this can be dialed back if desired). Additional visual abilities cost extra (cost: 6 points).

* Cyber-legs: a Yash-built leg replacement can substitute for any portion of a League member's extant limb, whether just a foot or everything from the hip down. They usually replace related bone structures anyway, so the recipient doesn't wind up breaking him or herself.

One or more leg replacements (partial or full) cost three character points, as a limited form of Hard Points (and increase one's IPS in like fashion, each). Adding built-in components, such as jumpers, will increase this cost. These implants have an m.s. of Incredible (40).

Implant Psychosis Statistic: varies, based on the implant(s) chosen. Each limb replacement, whether part or in full, increases IPS by one, as does every organ (or organ pair) replacement. Each additional power an implant provides increases a body's IPS by one, as well.

Limitations / Enhancements:

Implant Psychosis Statistic: League members who allow Yash and Quigley to alter their bodies' functions acquire a condition known as Implant Psychosis. Under extreme duress, they must pass a Psyche (will) FEAT roll against their IPS lest they become somewhat... aberrant.

Such aberration lingers until the character next falls unconscious, and typically takes the form of any level 3 mental quirk the player behind a character chooses (but works best when it matches their personality). IPS is a weak character limitation (costs above cooked in).


The cost of admission into the Electronicists' League is not monetary. No, to join the League one must donate an example of science to the group it does not currently have access to. This can be a specific device of the applicant's creation or technical knowledge it lacks.

Thus, each member of the League should have at least one unique item that does not match the below - this is what got them into the League to begin with. Of course, they can have more, but this is a minimum. The following is additional items they can acquire once they're in:

Brisk Braces: the prototype of her ice generating system, this set of wrist bracers allows Crystalline - or anyone else wearing them - to generate ice for various effects. She's since improved the brisk brace considerably, but the League still has her original.

An Electronicist using a set of brisk braces has the benefit of Excellent (20) Ice Generation. This can be used as a projectile attack that inflicts Blunt Attack or Edged Attack damage depending on its shape, or can generate crude shapes or even armor out of ice (cost: 4 points).

Death Ray Guns: the Solder Monkey is an inveterate despiser of normal humanity, having been born a genetic degenerate. He wishes to annihilate mankind in its entirety, though he doesn't want to blow up the planet in the process. Enter his death ray!

These hand-held energy casters emit an anti-life ray which directly and negatively impacts the animating life force of humans, and humans only - no other species need apply. Those struck with the Monkey's death rays will suffer Excellent (20) Metabolic damage per attack (cost: 3 points).

Electronic Slates: while its members generally carry all manner of thinking machines, from laptops to tablets to smartphones, these typically only run conventional, off the shelf software. The League, however, uses a highly advanced operating system called MOSS.

The Mikaela Operating System - Secure was written over ten years ago, albeit on a variant earth. Otherwise unavailable on this world for the most part, its scarcity makes it extra secure for the League, who often loads it on custom electronic slates its members can use to 'call home'.

Force Divisor: the Force Exponentializer's contribution to the cause, this device works to greatly aid its wearer's inherent survivability. Of course, it has since been adapted to create a variety of kinetic energy shaping devices, both for defensive and offensive purposes.

The force divisor in particular acts to attenuate the kinetic energy of just about any incoming attack, dulling it by 2 CS. This may not make its possessor invulnerable, but combined with any other protection it can make them an excessively tough nut to 'crack'. (cost: 7 points).

Jumpers: Old Gruff has donated his anti-gravitational technology to the League, though only in a limited form. The specific example of such he provided mostly served to render him virtually weightless, which allows his decrepit frame to move around like a normal man.

Crystalline has altered it such that it can provide Super Leaping, usually to an Unearthly or Shift X extent (making one or two area leaps and bounds). Most League members prefer this form of the technology, because hey, Super Leaping! (cost: 3 points for +7 or +8 CS leaping).

Linguistic Overdriver: Transistorized Ted built this device as his initial contribution to his League's pool of technology - likely to aid in the dissemination of Science! But then, it works using a technology that can enable all manner of advanced concepts.

Functioning at Poor (4) rank, a linguistic overdriver will saturate the area surrounding its occupant with a neural induction field, which causes everyone present to understand all communications that reach them, whether verbal or gesture-based (cost: 1 point).

Space Gun: though he already donated one example of his technology to the League, Transistorized Ted found this to be so popular that he happily shared it with the group. It's a firearm that is designed to fire in the inky blackness of space's darkest depths!

It functions the same as a regular semi-automatic handgun, but has a recoilless firing mechanism, and uses special ammunition with its own, built in oxygen supply. A space gun inflicts Typical (6) Shooting damage in a single shot, +1 CS when fired in a semi-automatic fashion.

A space gun has no associated point cost (it's modified, off the shelf hardware).




Electronics: as a League of Electronicists, it goes without saying that every member of this organization has more than a passing familiarity with how electronics work. All members of the League can manipulate the electron with devices at their Reason score +1 CS.


League members generally treat their fellows amicably. After all, each person in the League has donated a technology that has furthered not only its goals, but that of its individual Electronicists. That and they all generally share a common passion and source of ascendant power.

Even if enemies, two League members will be cordial to each other while in its headquarters. Outside its doors all bets are off, but think of the League's base in New York City 'neutral ground' for its members. Though such overt, specific hostility amongst League members is uncommon.


The League has no standard uniforms, unless you count laboratory smocks and rubber boots / gloves. Of course, it's often easy to tell a member of the League from others by the staggering amount of high tech... stuff... that one will have attached to their person in some fashion or another.

* Notes:

This cost accounts for the listed ability scores, as well as the electronics talent and League contact. That's it. League members are somewhat... difficult to pin down in a standardized sense, so this is just about all one can consider common amongst them.

This cost will increase based upon the additional items, whether built-in or external to their body, a character purchases during generation. So this is more of a 'kit' to build an Electronicist more than a hard and fast character description, really.

Extra Goodies:

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