The Technohol 13 Alphabetical Character Roster: W

War Tiger: an elite Nicaraguan military officer, the War Tiger came into conflict with Spitfire when she tried to rescue a reporter he was supposedly holding captive. Little did she know that he had some sort of advanced, anti-MAX gear waiting for her! Availability:

War Tiger (MSH Classic)

War Tiger (4C System)

War Tiger (Marvel Saga)

Warriors of Thor (Typical): while many Warriors of Thor are perfectly mundane humans, lacking ascendant abilities of any stripe, a few are a bit more... special. Some of these carry high tech implements, and others wield actual clerical magic! Availability:

Warriors of Thor (Typical, MSH Classic)

Warriors of Thor (Typical, 4C System)

Warriors of Thor (Typical, Marvel Saga)

Warrior Woman: Julia Frieda Koenig Lohmer was a deviant Nazi torturer - at least, she was until she used a portion of the American Super-soldier Serum on herself. Reborn as the Warrior Woman, the terror she instills in others has been amplified to a global level! Availability:

Warrior Woman (MSH Classic)

Warrior Woman (4C System)

Warrior Woman (Marvel Saga)

the Warthog AIFV: a replacement for the Joes' old APC, their Warthog Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle does the exact same job, albiet in a smaller, more heavily armed and armored capacity. This makes it more suitable for special missions and the like. Availability:

Warthog AIFV (MSH Classic)

Warthog AIFV (4C System)

Warthog AIFV (Marvel Saga)

Warwolf: a single-minded eating machine, the Lunartix Manimal only known as Warwolf stirs up way more trouble than he's worth when he finds a new planet, either by selling its unsavory elements exotic, alien technology, or just by eating the natives. Availability:

Warwolf (MSH Classic)

Warwolf (4C System)

Warwolf (Marvel Saga)

Wastriliths (Tanar'ri): the so-called Water Lords, wastriliths are solitary stalkers of the deep. They prefer solitude in their cold, undersea lairs, and cheerfully attack and devour anything dumb enough to intrude upon their (huge) territories. Availability:

Wastriliths (MSH Classic)

Wastriliths (4C System)

Wastriliths (Marvel Saga)

the Water Moccasin: Cobra's Water Moccasin is a medium-sized air boat that's light and fast despite its heavy arms and armor. Cobra typically uses this vehicle on fresh water assaults, and it comes in very handy in swamps or river basins! Availability:

the Water Moccasin (MSH Classic)

Water Moccasin (4C System)

Water Moccasin (Marvel Saga)

the Wave Crusher: a small clandestine craft used by the GI Joe team (though mainly Depth Charge), the Wave Crusher is a water sled that can be converted into a Cobra jet ski, allowing its operator to sneak into the ranks of those terrorists undetected! Availability:

the Wave Crusher (MSH Classic)

the Wave Crusher (4C System)

the Wave Crusher (Marvel Saga)

WORMS: Cobra's Weapon Ordnance Rugged Machine Specialists are valuable artillery specialists who operate their Maggot vehicles. Though in relatively high demand, Cobras are often reluctant to join their ranks, as they are priority GI Joe targets! Availability:

WORMS (MSH Classic)

WORMS (4C System)

WORMS (Marvel Saga)

the Weapons Transport: this small vehicle has a specialized purpose in GI Joe's arsenal: the safe delivery of ordnance from one location to another. Though not of much direct combat use, it is nonetheless an important part of the team's vast equipment catalog. Availability:

the Weapons Transport (MSH Classic)

the Weapons Transport (4C System)

the Weapons Transport (Marvel Saga)

the Weather Dominator: devised by Destro, the Weather Dominator allows Cobra to weaponize the weather itself! Though initially suffering range constraints, the addition of the GI Joe team's laser core extended the Weather Dominator's effects worldwide! Availability:

the Weather Dominator (MSH Classic)

the Weather Dominator (4C System)

the Weather Dominator (Marvel Saga)

Wedge: despite his inexperience, Wedge's infectious spirit inspires others. He's thus drawn together the Build Team, more experienced warriors and engineers who look up to Wedge, both for direction and inspiration in the fight against evil! Availability:

Wedge (MSH Classic)

Wedge (4C System)

Wedge (Marvel Saga)

Wendell Wherever: Wendell Kirks got his start by studying the hyperspatial powers of Charlie Chicanery. Using the knowledge he gained to build his own spacecraft, Wendell eventually became a high tech adventurer across space and time - for fun and profit! Availability:

Wendell Wherever (MSH Classic)

Wendell Wherever (4C System)

Wendell Wherever (Marvel Saga)

Wet Down: Daniel grew up around the Norfolk naval grounds, quickly falling in love with all things Navy. Naturally, he enlisted in said armed force as soon as possible, and not only excelled but was one of the youngest recruits to pass the SEAL training program! Availability:

Wet Down (MSH Classic)

Wet Down (4C System)

Wet Down (Marvel Saga)

Wet-Suit: loud and arrogant, Brian forced his way through both Navy basic and his SEAL training. He then performed his saboteur duties with a gleeful passion, which got him a job on with GI Joe - his destructive joy made him very good at his job! Availability:

Wet-Suit (MSH Classic)

Wet-Suit (4C System)

Wet-Suit (Marvel Saga)

Wheeljack: while he's officially the Autobots' chief engineer, they usually think of Wheeljack more as their resident mad scientist. Sure, he makes their lives better with his inventions eventually, but helping him work out their bugs can be lethal! Availability:

Wheeljack (MSH Classic)

Wheeljack (4C System)

Wheeljack (Marvel Saga)

Whirl: born to fly, Whirl exults in his vehicular configuration. Eager to take to the skies, Whirl does so with reckless abandon, whether simply traveling or attempting to atomize airborne Decepticons, a tendency which makes his foes loathe to combat him! Availability:

Whirl (MSH Classic)

Whirl (4C System)

Whirl (Marvel Saga)

the Whirlwind Twin Battle Gun: this device is essentially a set of hard core, rotating 20mm gatling cannons paired together. Mounted on a reconfigurable wheel base, this weapon can fired either while being towed or when mounted in a stationary position. Availability:

the Whirlwind Twin Battle Gun (MSH Classic)

the Whirlwind Twin Battle Gun (4C System)

the Whirlwind Twin Battle Gun (Marvel Saga)

Whiteout: Leonard was recruited onto the Joe team after his highly publicized rescue of twelve skiers buried in an avalanche. Enjoying skiing for a living after his publishing career tanked, Leonard began using his impressive skills against evildoers world-wide! Availability:

Whiteout (MSH Classic)

Whiteout (4C System)

Whiteout (Marvel Saga)

Whizzer: Robert Frank was bitten by a cobra one day, and would have died if not for his father. Knowing the mongoose was a deadly enemy of the cobra, he injected mongoose blood into his son, which inexplicably caused him to be reborn as the Whizzer! Availability:

Whizzer (MSH Classic)

Whizzer (4C System)

Whizzer (Marvel Saga)

WARS: the most antagonistic of the Spychangers, WARS is also one of the group's most daring warriors. Actively advocating war against the Predacons, WARS would like nothing better than to crush the Autobots' foes under his robotic boot-heel. Availability:

WARS (MSH Classic)

WARS (4C System)

WARS (Marvel Saga)

Wide Scope: Larry K. Kranseler is Wide Scope, one of the GI Joe team's few SWAT and urban combat specialists. Despite the harrowing nature of Wide Scope's job, the man is unflappable, and only ever gets riled up when someone teases his dog, Lamont! Availability:

Wide Scope (MSH Classic)

Wide Scope (4C System)

Wide Scope (Marvel Saga)

Wild Bill: William Hardy is one of the single most friendly people you'll ever meet, not to mention the greatest helicopter pilot youll ever know. He's crashed more aircraft than most pilots actually fly, but then he's also seen more combat than them, as well! Availability:

Wild Bill (MSH Classic)

Wild Bill (4C System)

Wild Bill (Marvel Saga)

Wild Boars: those elite Iron Grenadiers who show a predilection for vehicular combat over leadership are often offered a position amongst the Wild Boars. The reward for serving Destro in this capacity, in addition to more pay, is the use of a Razorback! Availability:

Wild Boars (MSH Classic)

Wild Boars (4C System)

Wild Boars (Marvel Saga)

Wild Card: the military appreciates Eric's unparalleled destructive capability, they really do. They only wish he could save it for the bad guys! Something about him, though, causes everything he touches to bend, break, fall apart, or disintegrate. Seriously! Availability:

Wild Card (MSH Classic)

Wild Card (4C System)

Wild Card (Marvel Saga)

Wild Weasel: a self-made man bearing loyalty to no nation, Wild Weasel gleefully supports Cobra as long as the checks keep coming. Widely considered Cobra's best pilot, Wild Weasel is infamous for his seemingly supernatural mastery of the Rattler! Availability:

Wild Weasel (MSH Classic)

Wild Weasel (4C System)

Wild Weasel (Marvel Saga)

Wind Sheer: Wind Sheer is the opposite of Skyfire in character; while his fellow Decepticon aircraft is all business on missions, Wind Sheer boasts of his aerial superiority to the point of ridiculous excess, irking the ire of enemies and allies alike. Availability:

Wind Sheer (MSH Classic)

Wind Sheer (4C System)

Wind Sheer (Marvel Saga)

Windcharger: impulsive and impatient, Windcharger is physically incapable of standing still for any length of time. His inability to dawdle helps him make important decisions in a snap, which is rather important in the middle of a firefight. Availability:

Windcharger (MSH Classic)

Windcharger (4C System)

Windcharger (Marvel Saga)

Windchill: an avid hunter and ski mobile rider, Jim Steel was an Olympic Biathlon hopeful when he was instead recruited onto the GI Joe team by Blizzard himself. Tempted by promises of high-octane thrills, Jim has indeed seen his fair share of action ever since. Availability:

Windchill (MSH Classic)

Windchill (4C System)

Windchill (Marvel Saga)

Windmill: a former Army Flight Warrant School instructor, Edward Roth also doubled as a helicopter test pilot. It was in this capacity that he mastered the experimental Skystorm X-wing Chopper, earning a place on the GI Joe team for him and his new ride! Availability:

Windmill (MSH Classic)

Windmill (4C System)

Windmill (Marvel Saga)

Wing Po: a sea-going man of ill repute, Wing Po makes his living by seeking opportunities for riches on the high seas. Unlike his nemesis Dave Dean however, Wing Po doesn't have a problem with killing others for a shot at a choice bit of loot. Availability:

Wing Po (MSH Classic)

Wing Po (4C System)

Wing Po (Marvel Saga)

the WOLF: Cobra's Winter Operational Light Fighting vehicle, or WOLF, is their response to numerous defeats against specialized, cold-weather GI Joe vehicles! Featuring numerous missiles, guns, and ski torpedoes, the WOLF can stand toe to toe with any of them! Availability:

the WOLF (MSH Classic)

the WOLF (4C System)

the WOLF (Marvel Saga)

the Winter Soldier / Bucky / Captain America 11: though brainwashed by Soviet operatives into being their premier assassin, James 'Bucky' Barnes overcame their mental conditioning and fights for what he believes is right once more! Availability:

the Winter Soldier / Bucky / Captain America 11 (MSH Classic)

the Winter Soldier / Bucky / Captain America 11 (4C System)

the Winter Soldier / Bucky / Captain America 11 (Marvel Saga)

Without: thanks to the bumbling of two super-villains who were trying to give themselves ultimate power, Annah Harrington wound up getting it instead, when they inadvertently transformed her into a psionic omnimind, the one and only Without! Availability:

Without (MSH Classic)

Without (4C System)

Without (Marvel Saga)

the Witness (Golden Age): after a botched suicide attempt, this former police officer was cursed by a higher power to become... the Witness! Final arbitrer of Justice in the world of mortal man, the Witness has seen terrible, terrible things over the years. Availability:

the Witness (MSH Classic)

the Witness (4C System)

the Witness (Marvel Saga)

the Witness (New U): temporarily blinded by the White Event, Nelson Kohler was left brain-dead as a result of the subsequent automtotive accident. He perished shortly after, but his mind lives on, as his paranormal power allows it to exist without flesh! Availability:

the Witness (MSH Classic)

the Witness (4C System)

the Witness (Marvel Saga)

the Wolverine: a durable armored missile carrier, the Wolverine is essentially a treaded missile launcher, carrying a bay of twelve surface-to-surface projectiles on its back. While slow, the Wolverine's armor makes up for it being an easy target. Availability:

the Wolverine (MSH Classic)

the Wolverine (4C System)

the Wolverine (Marvel Saga)

Wong: a Chinese national who occasionally works with the Oktober Guard, Wong typically joins them on missions that benefit both Russia and his home. Reflecting his love of American cowboys, Wong has mastered the revolver, and dresses like a Union soldier. Availability:

Wong (MSH Classic)

Wong (4C System)

Wong (Marvel Saga)

John Wraith: a member of the original Weapon X program, John Wraith (if that's his real name) is a powerful teleporter, though hardly anybody knows this; he uses his mutant ability to and vanish when least expected - almost... wraith-like! Availability:

John Wraith (MSH Classic)

John Wraith (4C System)

John Wraith (Marvel Saga)

Wreckage: explosives expert and jungle warfare master, Dillon L. Moreno has trained countless Army operatives in a variety of combat techniques over the years. As a GI Joe Tiger Force team member, he brings his expertise to many anti-Cobra operations! Availability:

Wreckage (MSH Classic)

Wreckage (4C System)

Wreckage (Marvel Saga)

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