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Windcharger is a Transformer, a shape-changing mechanical life form hailing from Cybertron: a world that is of indeterminate and variable distance from our own. He possesses a variety of special abilities and powers related to his inorganic, electromechanical 'physiology'.


Cybertronian Physique: Windcharger is one of innumerable mechanoid life forms hailing from the planet Cybertron. Like most of his fellows, he is possessed of a variety of special powers related to his alien physiology, including the following:

* Body Armor (s): made (or formed) from primarily metallic materials, Windcharger is rather durable. His sturdy, inorganic composition affords him intensity 4 (+1) protection from attack, enough to protect him from most basic human assault.

* Growth (a): Cybertronians come in all manner of sizes, few of which align with the human norm. Windcharger, for instance, generally stands at around twelve feet tall in his humanoid mode, which grants him this power at intensity 2 as a general matter of course.

As such, this Autobot combatant possesses a +2 size factor. This grants him a +2 bonus to the damage he inflicts on normal sized foes, while theirs suffers a -2 against him. Conversely, he suffers a -2 penalty to strike standard sized enemies, while they gain a +2 to hit him.

* Microscopic / Telescopic Vision (w): all Transformers have the ability to alter their visual sensitivity where distance is concerned. Functioning at intensity 2, these powers let Windcharger see objects up to a mile distant with ease, as well as allowing him to read items on microfiche.

* Radio Transceiver (i): as are most Transformers, Windcharger is equipped with an audio / video transmission system. This communications rig allows him instant contact with any other Cybertronian within a wide radius of his person, having intensity 7 range (100 miles).

* Resistance / Invulnerability to Disease and Poison (s): as an inorganic life form, Windcharger possesses complete immunity to poisons and organic diseases. He also possesses intensity 30 (+7) resistance to more chemically creative forms of disease.

Headlights (i): to better emulate earthen vehicles (and since they come in handy in the dark), Windcharger is equipped with a set of convenient headlights. These twin lamps can be used to generate intensity 4 illumination, making driving at night no problem.

Magnetism Generation (a): Windcharger's arms function as incredibly powerful electromagnets, allowing him generate enough magnetic force to either attract or repel objects with intensity 14 strength, depending on their nature, anywhere within far missile distance.

However, his magnetic powers are much more formidable in close proximity. When wielding them on anything within near missile distance, Windcharger may bring additional (+1) force to bear, and can even tear ferrous objects apart if he focuses on doing so directly.

Shape Change (a): whenever he desires, Windcharger can transform between his humanoid and Pontiac Firebird Trans Am modes, and often does so quickly in battle for tactical purposes. When he's a Trans Am, Windcharger can move with intensity 5 speed (180 MPH).

Hindrances / Augmentations:



Blaster (a): Windcharger is irregularly portrayed as wielding a blaster - possibly because he has no inherent weaponry. He may fire this advanced weapon, should he be carrying it at the time, to inflict his Agility +5 force damage per powerful blast.




Due to both his natural skill and his special abilities, Windcharger is a valuable member of the Autobots, and is generally well liked by his fellows. He can consider this Transformer faction as a whole a reliable contact - particularly when taking on Decepticons is involved.


Thrill-Seeker: Windcharger is easily bored. Very, very easily bored. He's constantly on the lookout for something new and interesting to occupy his attention, and doesn't really dwell on anything for any length of time. Because dwelling on things is boring.


When operating clandestinely on earth, Windcharger typically takes the form of a cherry red Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, one with black tinted windows. Of course, upon transforming, he resembles a giant red, gray and chrome robot built primarily from leftover Trans Am bits.


Windcharger excels at making snap decisions, handling situations where fast, decisive actions are required. This makes him a great asset on the battle field, and the Autobots can generally rely upon his rapid problem solving abilities to save the day.

The only problem is that he's highly impulsive and impatient, not being able to turn off that whole 'going with the flow and not stopping to consider the consequences of his actions' thing. This also leads him to burning himself out, due to ignoring his limitations.

Or, more precisely, not bothering to think about them at all - at least until it's too late.

Real Name: Windcharger
Occupation: warrior
Legal Status: citizen of Cybertron with no known criminal record
Marital Status: inapplicable
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Autobots

Height: 12'
Hair: inapplicable
Eyes: blue, sometimes covered with a tinted visor
Weight: 3,500 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Windcharger appears as either red Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, one with black tinted windows, or a red and gray robot with various steel and/or chromed components in places, seemingly built from spare Trans Am parts.

Extra Goodies:

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