Wing Po

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Wing Po is naught but a normal human, in a physical sense. He lacks ascendant abilities based on genetic mutations, bizarre feats of science, or strange tutelage in the sorcerous or psionic arts. He's simply a crafty sailor and pirate who seeks his fortunes on the high seas.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Knife: while he does not carry any visible weaponry, one would be foolish to believe that Wing Po is completely unarmed. At the very least he carries a knife on his person to defend himself, which he can use to inflict his Brawn value in Slashing damage in melee when necessary.

Sailboat: Wing Po scours the seas in this venerable craft, a seemingly timeless pirate! In addition to letting him get almost anywhere in the high seas, this immense wooden craft serves as a handy base of operations and hideout all in one. It has these characteristics:

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Boating: the principal talent in his quest for riches on the ocean waves, this skill describes Wing Po's ability to operate a ship with ease. He receives a +1 RS to any ACT attempted when piloting a sea vessel, as well as to efforts to repair problems with his ship.


As an ocean-going criminal, Wing Po has numerous contacts in ports around the world, though the nature of these friendships have yet to be revealed. However, he can rely upon his many thugs and underlings to help him whilst engaged in some moneymaking scheme or another.


Wing Po wears an oversized, full-body robe at the helm of his ship. It is primarily green, with red trim on the cuffs and red frills down the front. Alternately, his robe is sometimes blue with red trim and frills. He also wears large hoop earrings at all times.


Wing Po is what we might call a 'scoundrel'. A pirate generally interested in his own profits and well being above anything else, he has no problem doing anything he can to further his own schemes - even if it involves killing those who stand in his way.

Real Name: Wing Po
Occupation: pirate, sailor
Legal Status: presumed citizen of China with a likely criminal record
Marital Status: unknown
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 170 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Wing Po wears an exceedingly long moustache, and keeps his long black hair in a single braid.


Scourge of the seven seas, Wing Po is an unprincipled blackguard, a sea-going opportunist who doesn't mind stealing what he can't seize legally - no matter what he has to do to get his way. Of course he's not alone on the ocean; his principal rival on the waves is Dave Dean.

His American counterpart, this fellow is his chief competition to finding sunken treasure and lost booty on (or under) the seas. Sometimes Wing Po gets to the latest find first, and sometimes Dave Dean does - but this has made the two captains bitter enemies over the years.

On one such occasion, both captains were investigating a sunken ship in supposedly 'haunted' waters. When Dave beat him underwater, Wing Po contemplated sending his divers after to seize the pearls supposedly resting on the ship, but someone beat him to it.

While Dave was investigating the ship, something appearing to be a 'water ghost' cut his air hose. This supposed water ghost also killed one of Wing Po's own divers, and once Dave recovered from a light case of the Bends as a result of this sabotage, he went right back underwater.

Drawing this 'ghost' out, Dave fought with him underwater, and found out he was the brother of the man who sank with the ship he was looting - he'd sunk his own brother's ship to seize his booty, and Dave Dean and Wing Po were both growing too close to finding his dirty secrets.

Having defeated this murdering scoundrel, Dave made off with the pearls and other riches contained within the sunken ship, leaving Wing Po high and dry. Whether or not he tried to seize this loot after, as well as his further enterprises, have yet to be revealed.

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