Back in the Golden Age, there were numerous criminals of note who while lacking super-human powers or any sort of high tech weaponry, managed to rise above the vast, lawless hordes. These fellows either managed to survive their encounters with heroes or adventurers or were impressive in their singular scheme against mankind. Notable Fugitives from this era include the following:

Boss Sarpo: a devious crime boss based in Ohio, Boss Sarpo never met a crime he didn't like. In addition to looting entire towns of everything not nailed down, Sarpo entered the big leagues when he gained control of Electro for a time! Availability:

Boss Sarpo (MSH Classic)

Boss Sarpo (4C System)

Boss Sarpo (Marvel Saga)

(just) Matsu: a Japanese spy of particularly mysterious background, Matsu works with dissidents within the United States to cripple its efforts abroad. His schemes are so diabolical that they have attracted the attention of America's heroes! Availability:

(just) Matsu (MSH Classic)

(just) Matsu (4C System)

(just) Matsu (Marvel Saga)

Matsu, Satokata: a Japanese spy and saboteur, Matsu serves his Emperor with a ruthless efficiency. His cool-headed cunning has seen him assigned to various operations in the continental United States, and only that nation's heroes could stop him! Availability:

Satokata Matsu (MSH Classic)

Satokata Matsu (4C System)

Satokata Matsu (Marvel Saga)

Wing Po: a sea-going man of ill repute, Wing Po makes his living by seeking opportunities for riches on the high seas. Unlike his nemesis Dave Dean however, Wing Po doesn't have a problem with killing others for a shot at a choice bit of loot. Availability:

Wing Po (MSH Classic)

Wing Po (4C System)

Wing Po (Marvel Saga)

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