(just) Matsu

Gd 10
Gd 10
Ty 6
Gd 10
Ex 20
Ex 20
Gd 10
Ex 20
Pr -4



Matsu is seemingly a normal human. To date, he had demonstrated no super-human powers, though he does have an uncanny penchant for hypnosis, being able to catch people unawares and temporarily mesmerize them into doing things they otherwise wouldn't.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:





Dulled Sense / Sight: though he seems otherwise hale and hearty, Matsu has the need to wear a monocle over his left eye to see with full clarity. If he finds himself without this device, Matsu must make all vision-based Intuition FEAT rolls at -2 CS lower than normal.


Detective / Espionage: being a spy, Matsu can readily perform surveillance or other intelligence gathering operations, and can tell when such are perpetrated against him. In these matters, and other investigative situations, he should receive a +1 CS to applicable FEAT rolls.

Hypnosis 3: a master hypnotist, Matsu can use this talent to effectively wield the psychic probe power at a rank equal to his Reason score, extracting information that an unwitting mind may contain, and similarly allowing him to implant post-hypnotic suggestions at will.

Unlike others with this talent, however, Matsu can also compel others to do things that would normally be against their general behavior patterns, though this requires him to pass a red Reason FEAT roll, and such antithetical conditioning will only last for 1d10 minutes, at best.

Languages / English and Japanese: being a native-born Japanese citizen, Matsu can obviously speak this language with natural ease. Furthermore, since his work requires him to be in America for long periods of time, he can also utilize the English tongue, and does so fluently.


Matsu is a member of the Japanese espionage community, for he has done battle with several of America's super-powered heroes in his missions to weaken the United States. As such, he typically has the aid of several minions, as well as other fifth columnist types while on duty.


Being a spy, and a rather stealthy one at that, Matsu mostly wore smart attire on his various missions against America. Usually, this consists of a conservative business suit, either brown, navy blue, or black in hue, and a black tie. Of course, he also wore a monocle for a visual aid.


Matsu is a patriot, a man who believes in his country and will fight for it to his fullest. This has caused him to perform various acts of sabotage and espionage within the United States, but he commits these crimes without malice - simply doing so for his home land.

Real Name: unrevealed
Occupation: spy
Legal Status: Japanese citizen wanted in the United States for various acts of espionage and sabotage
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none known
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 9"
Hair: gray
Eyes: brown
Weight: 150 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Matsu, in addition to his trademark monocle, bore a short, thick moustache and a pointed, thin goatee.


The background of the dangerous spy known only as Matsu is largely unknown, but he seems to be a highly placed agent in the Japanese intelligence community. This is because he is regularly sent to the States to perform some action or another to deter its war effort against the Axis powers, and when in America, he has a large array of resources and minions to help complete his missions.

What makes Matsu particularly interesting is that he uses the same name as another Japanese saboteur who previously operated within the United States, one Satokata Matsu. While that villain was seemingly slain by Merzah the Mystic, it is possible that this Matsu is the same man, who perhaps escaped his seeming demise, another wielding the Satokata's identity for propaganda purposes, or is an altogether different spy.

Either way, on one of his more harrowing operations, Matsu was ordered to sabotage a festival intended to raise money for China, who was at the time besieged by Japanese invaders. Sending his minions to destroy the festival's fireworks, Matsu's plan was altered when the Human Torch and Toro offered to do a fiery show in their stead. This forced Matsu to resort to thievery to waylay the purposes of this fundraiser.

Allowing the show to go on without incident, Matsu and his men waited until the money had been raised and then drove in shooting. Stealing the chest of donated cash, Matsu and his flunkies drove to their secret headquarters, only to be followed by the two flaming do-gooders. His secret entrance confused the heroes until they saw one of Matsu's minions enter a nearby building.

Breaking in, they fought with Matsu's thugs until the villain gassed them into near unconsciousness, at which time he hypnotized them into doing his bidding. Under the spy's control, the fiery duo robbed the Bank of Free China, and stole gold intended to be shipped to that embattled land. This was, of course, until the heroes broke free of Matsu's control, at which point they trounced him soundly.

Whether or not Matsu survived this flaming assault or not, or continued his work in America after being captured, remains to be seen.

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