Satokata Matsu (deceased)


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Satokata Matsu is seemingly a normal human. While he has demonstrated no super-human abilities to date, he is known to be a top notch Japanese spy and saboteur, and has gone head to head against at least one of America's ascendant operatives in his day.



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Detective / Espionage 2 (i): a master spy, Matsu can readily perform surveillance or other intelligence gathering operations, and can tell when such are perpetrated against him. Furthermore, he's particularly adept in the use of all manner of spy 'equipment', as well.

Languages / English and Japanese (i): being a native-born Japanese citizen, Matsu can obviously speak this language with natural ease. Furthermore, since his work requires him to be in America for long periods of time, he can also utilize the English tongue, and does so fluently.


Satokata is something of a leader of the Japanese espionage community, for he has done battle with America's super-powered heroes in his missions to weaken the United States. As such, he typically has the aid of several minions, as well as other fifth columnist types while on duty.


Soldier: Matsu is a servant of the Empire, and does his nefarious deeds in America not because he particularly hates it, so much as because he's been ordered to. Though ruthlessly efficient in his job, his attacks on the forces of Freedom just aren't personal in nature.


Being a spy, and a rather stealthy one at that, Satokata mostly wore smart attire on his various missions against America. Usually, these consisted of a conservative business suit, generally green and brown in hue, and a black tie.


Satokata is a patriot, a man who believes in his country and will fight for it to his fullest. This has caused him to perform various acts of sabotage and espionage within the United States, but he commits these crimes with his nation's security in mind - not any particular malice.

Real Name: Satokata Matsu
Occupation: spy
Legal Status: Japanese citizen wanted in the United States for various acts of espionage and sabotage, legally deceased
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none known
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 9"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 150 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Satokata, in addition to his trademark monocle, bore a short, Fu Manchu moustache.


The background of the dangerous spy known as Satokata Matsu is largely unknown, but he seems to be a highly placed agent in the Japanese intelligence community. This is because he is regularly sent to the States to perform some action or another to deter its war effort against the Axis powers, and when in America, he has a large array of resources and minions to help complete his missions.

On one such mission, Satokata set Merzah the Mystic, a known spy-buster, up for a fall. Sending him a message to meet at a specific address, Satokata had his minions sabotage the bridge his train would be traveling over. Sensing the danger just in time, however, Merzah and his lovely assistant hopped off the train at the last second.

Everybody else on the train wasn't so lucky, however, and after the train settled into the space under where the bridge was until Satokata's men got done with it, Merzah used his psychic powers to determine who was behind this mess. Sending a message to his attack valet, Jose, he and Diana continued on to Satokata's Long Island mansion, where the spy's thugs beat them senseless.

Jose eventually found his boss and cut him loose, however, and the trio then went berserk on Satokata's minions. The head spy himself fled his home for greener pastures, however, and after they dealt with the thugs, Merzah and Jose chased him down directly. Satokata's flight ended, however, when his car hit a tree, and the villain died in the ensuing crash.

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