Ex 20
Gd 10
In 40
Am 50
Ty 6
Pr 4
Rm 30
Ex 20
Gd -10



Warwolf, like the rest of his Manimal 'pals', is a powerful creature from an unknown planet in a galactic empire situated in another dimension. In other words, he is both extraplanar and extraterrestrial. In his 'normal' form, he can almost pass as a human, if a slightly more simian looking one, but in his 'monster' shape, all bets are off, for he's a terrifying eating machine!

Known Powers:

Fangs: his principal physical weaponry, and by circumstance his favorite, these massive rending machines allow Warwolf to inflict Incredible (40) Edged Attack damage per deadly chomp. Naturally, this occasionally allows him to take down a target with a single bite, which sometimes means he can consume it in one single maneuver - truly a scary thing when Warwolf fights humans.

Shape Change: like all of his Manimal fellows, Warwolf is something of a shape changer. He has a 'normal', roughly humanoid form, but can transform at will into his true, monstrous shape. This form replaces Warwolf's head and neck with an exceptionally large pair of jaws, with small eyes and nostrils thrown in for good measure, which doesn't help his reputation as an eating machine any.

Universal Digestion: since he has a tendency to eat just about anything that irks his ire (or happens to be in his general area), it is assumed that Warwolf has this power by default - otherwise, his endless appetite would've gotten him killed years ago. As a bonus to his ability to eat anything, Warwolf cannot be harmed by ingested poisons whatsoever.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Body Armor: while he's a tough critter, Warwolf does wear a suit of personal, non-powered armor at all times - no need to make it any easier on his foes, after all. This suit, built from a titanium steel weave (with thicker titanium plates in places), affords Warwolf Amazing (50) protection from injury to all non-head attacks, a protection that breaks down in the following fashion:

Am 50 / Rm 30 / Gd 10 / Pr 4 / Sh 0

Guns: although he prefers to use his teeth in combat, since they allow him to whet his insatiable appetite while dealing with would-be foes - permanently, at that - even the dim Warwolf knows that some opponents take a bit more pounding. As such, he carries two large, pump-action energy rifles with which to take down his enemies, both of which inflict Remarkable (30) Energy damage per blast.

Laser Pistol: in addition to his two large energy casters, Warwolf carries around a small laser pistol. This weapon, built by the Phase-tech corporation (some sort of alien arms manufacturer), resembles nothing more than a classic six-shooter. Of course, instead of emitting bullets, this gun fires laser beams capable of inflicting Good (10) Armor Piercing Energy damage per deadly shot.


Unattractive 2: Warwolf is an ugly cuss, no matter what form he's in. In his 'normal' shape, he resembles nothing less than an advanced, hairless gorilla, and an unsightly one at that; meanwhile, in his 'monster' state, he's all slavering jaws. Either way, this applies a -4 CS modifier to his Popularity score for the purposes of NPC reactions, unless they truly do not judge a body by his looks.


Advanced Guns: it pays to know the items you're using, not to mention how to use them well. As such, Warwolf has learned the basics of using just about all the gear he sells, whether it is an energy emitting device, some sort of magnetically accelerated slug-thrower, or something else entirely; regardless of the weapon type, Warwolf uses it as though his Agility score was +1 CS in rank.

Biology: spending all of his free time on the hunt on innumerable worlds in at least two dimensions, Warwolf can be considered an expert on biological matters - specifically an expert on biological mutations. As such, his Reason score should be considered +1 CS in rank when dealing with such matters, even if Warwolf is just using said knowledge to decide which creatures he wants for lunch.

Business / Finance: as an intergalactic (and now interdimensional) arms dealer, Warwolf has found it beneficial to learn the ins and out of the business world to rake in a bigger profit. As such, he should receive a +1 CS in any FEAT where knowledge of such matters would come in handy, especially when making deals for items and determining the worth of a given implement of destruction.


As one of the many Manimals loosed within our universe by the Lunartix Empire, Warwolf may be on relatively good terms with his fellow body-changing, extra-planar extra-terrestrials (yes, Manimals are both). He may also have some contacts amongst the hierarchy of the Lunartix Empire itself, as well as various contacts on his homeworld, wherever that planet may be.


While his titanium armor isn't a costume, per se, it's what Warwolf wears all the time. The armor itself is of a metallic hue, but it is covered by a black leathery exterior, with additional blue padding running down the exterior of the legs, the back, and over the groin. Additionally, Warwolf wears a purple pair of boots, purple gloves, purple holsters, a purple belt, and a blue cap to complete his 'look'.


Warwolf is a single-minded sort of guy. Oh sure, he's often looking around for new people to sell his illicit alien arms to, but for the most part he's only thinking about his next meal. In fact, he's most often actively working out the details of such, even when on the job; his arms deals usually lead to his finding a plethora of fresh creatures on new worlds - sentient or not - to feast upon.

Real Name: unknown
Occupation: hunter, exobiologist (to a point)
Legal Status: Citizen of the Lunartix Empire (galactic organization in a parallel earth)
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Manimals

Height: 8' 4"
Hair: none
Eyes: Amber
Weight: 460 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: in his normal, 'human' shape, Warwolf's facial features resemble those of a gorilla's. In his monstrous alter ego, however, Warwolf's entire head and neck seemingly transform into a large set of jaws, with small eyes and nostrils added on for good measure.


Little detail about the origins of the creature known only as Warwolf have been revealed as of yet. However, it is a known fact that he (along with the rest of his Manimal 'compatriots') hail from a distant universe, possibly the same one the legions of Cobra-La originated in. Regardless, in addition to being an extradimensional entity, Warwolf is also native to a world decidedly different from the earth.

Furthermore, it is known by observing his behavior that Warwolf is a voracious eater; unlike Iguanus, his fellow Manimal, Warwolf doesn't enjoy the thrill of the hunt so much as the eating that occurs at the end of such activity. As such, Warwolf will eat just about anything that moves, not having any scruples about whether said food can defend itself or not, is sentient or not, or is actually food.

This is because, when he gets hungry enough, Warwolf loses the ability to distinguish the difference between, say, a bird and a Cobra helicopter, and will try to eat either if one finds itself in his path. Not that he can necessarily digest such things, but he'll try anyway. Animal, plant, or mineral, all is subject to the apparently boundless appetite of Warwolf, and should steer clear of him if possible.

The problem with this is that Warwolf will eventually wear out his welcome on a given planet, either by eating anything that could possibly interact with him or by irking the ire of sufficiently advanced natives that he endangers. As such, he often sells arms to new races when he encounters them to finance travel from one world to another - so he's ready to leave when necessary.

Occasionally, he finds himself on earth from time to time due to his 'occupation'. Once he's here, though, Warwolf often finds himself at odds with Cobra, who alternately wants to buy his advanced technology and finds itself in competition with him. Naturally, when he proves too tough for Cobra to handle, it's up to the GI Joe Star Brigade to deal with Warwolf - and have no doubt - he's quite a handful!

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