A motley crew of aliens assembled by the Lunartix Empire for unknown reasons, the Manimals are powerful, unique aliens from a variant timeline. Most are shape changers or have some sort of combat gimmick that is useful for catching opponents off-guard - which is usually the last thing said opponents ever see. Regardless, all of the Manimals are cosmic troublemakers, six of which are presented here:

Iguanus: like his fellow Manimals, Iguanus is a shapechanging alien from the Lunartix Empire, an intergalactic concern in another dimension. Himself a legendary monster in countless alien cultures, he'll likely attain that status in many more now that he's reappeared in local space... Iguanus comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Slythor: the bizarre alien creature known only as Slythor is one of the Manimals, expatriates of the Lunartix Empire that have found themselves in our own Milky Way galaxy. This, of course, means that Slythor drops by earth to cause mayhem every once in a while... Slythor comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Spasma: Spasma is one of the single most volatile Manimals of them all, particularly where humans are concerned. He just doesn't like the hairless apes one bit - and it's all Duke's fault! Whenever he makes his way to earth, watch out - he might have you for lunch! Spasma comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Vortex: Vortex, like his fellow Manimal Slythor, is quite the bounty hunter. However, while Slythor hunts for the challenge of it all, the diminutive Vortex is just in it for the cash, plain and simple. A mercenary tried and true, he'd even work for the Joes if they could pay him enough! Vortex comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Warwolf: a single minded eating machine, the Lunartix Manimal known as Warwolf stirs up way more trouble than he's worth when he finds a new planet, either by selling its unsavory elements new, alien technology, or just by eating the natives. Warwolf is available in Classic and Saga styles!

ZigZag: Like Warwolf, ZigZag is a single-minded eating machine that's nothing but trouble wherever he goes. Unlike his fellow, though, ZigZag lacks ambition or a job, per se, so he often winds up as the other Manimals' minion in their own schemes. ZigZag comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Extra Goodies:

Manimals Text Files Download

This download is, in case you're wondering, a zip file that collects all six of the Manimal character descriptions that I have compiled for use in the MSH RPG, whether it be of a Classic or Saga bent, each in a handy text file format. So, that's twelve easily printed out files you can use to thrust the Manimals into play against any heroes you like. I hope you enjoy the Manimals, and get to use them in your game soon!

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