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Like the rest of the Manimals, Iguanus is a powerful alien creature from an unknown planet in a galactic empire situated in another dimension; as such, he is both extraterrestrial and extraplanar in origin. Of course, he's also decidedly non-human in nature; he seems to be something of an ageless reptilian creature, one built for the express purpose of hunting - something Iguanus does very well.

Known Powers:

Claws: while he doesn't like them as much as his fangs in battle, Iguanus can nonetheless use these implements to better effect in melee - they have a much longer reach. In combat, Iguanus can use his claws to inflict rank value 30 Slashing damage per deadly swipe to living targets, and he can cut through materials of up to this value with them; stronger objects get to see his punch daggers.

Fangs: his preferred physical weaponry, as they allow him to taste what he's fighting, these large, jagged implements of cutting allow Iguanus to bite an opponent to inflict rank value 30 Slashing damage with every savage assault. Of course, once he bites a foe, he usually wants another taste, so Iguanus is likely to keep using his fangs until there's nothing left of an opponent.

Infravision: Iguanus' blood red eyes (in either form) allow him to peer into the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, to better hunt down his next meal. Possessing this power at rank value 30, Iguanus can easily see in an area devoid of any visible light, as long as there's something giving off heat that varies from the background temperature around it.

Longevity: Iguanus is a creature of legend, or so many aliens would have you believe, for he seems to appear in the myths of countless civilizations - as a bad, bad man. The true extent of Iguanus' lifespan is unknown, but he likely has this power at least at rank value 100, roughly giving him a seventy million year eventual lifespan (though the exact span is subject to debate).

Shape Change: like all of his Manimal fellows, Iguanus is something of a shape changer. He has a 'normal', roughly humanoid form, but can transform at will into his true, reptilian shape. This form replaces Iguanus' 'normal' head with a large, slavering head that somewhat resembles an alligator's, and likely contributes to his reputation as a sort of 'dragon lord'.

Super Tracking: Iguanus is a master hunter, capable of tracking almost anything down once he lays his eyes on it. Possessing this power at rank value 30, Iguanus can use his various senses to follow a mobile entity wherever it goes, and only needs to roll an ACTION when first picking up a trail and when it may be potentially lost (perfume, infrared dampers, etc.).

Limitations / Enhancements:



Armor: Iguanus wears a heavy duty suit of combat armor at all times. This suit is made from titanium, a material value 75 metal, but is also adorned with the body parts of various creatures Iguanus has slain (and eaten) over the years; for instance, his shin guards feature the clawed hands of some unknown beast. Iguanus' armor provides this protection from attack:

RV 40 / RV 20 / RV 6 / RV 2 / RV 0

Guns: for long range combat, Iguanus carries two projectile weapons. The first is merely a pump-action weapon, capable of inflicting rank value 20 Piercing damage per blast, while the second is an oversized directed energy caster that can inflict rank value 30 Energy damage per blast. The latter is also armed with a three-pronged bayonet of material value 50.

Punch Daggers: while Iguanus does have sharp talons on each of his digits, he also carries two double bladed punch daggers. Strapped onto his armor's legs when not in use, these implements of perforation can be used by Iguanus in a punching motion to inflict rank value 30 Slashing damage in melee combat; these implements are of material value 75.




Guns: he don't need them, really, unless he's hunting something with an 'unfair' advantage over him, but Iguanus carries guns nonetheless. He's learned how to use them mostly by trial and error, and though they tend to change from world to world, Iguanus has the general knack of gunslinging in general. He receives a +1 RS bonus to his Coordination when using any standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic firearm.

Natural Weapons: while he's okay with a gun in hand, Iguanus has lived for a very, very long time without needing them - and likely doesn't need them today. As such, he's figured out how to use his natural weaponry to maximum effect, a knack that affords him a +1 RS bonus to all Melee ACTION rolls attempted when he uses his fangs or claws - which comes in real handy on the hunt.


As one of the many Manimals loosed within our universe, Iguanus may be on relatively good terms with his fellow body-changing, extra-planar extra-terrestrials (yes, Manimals are both). He may also have some contacts amongst the people of his home world, wherever that may be (and if it still exists), as well as among aliens in our universe (Iguanus apparently got here before his fellows... by far).


Iguanus' costume primarily consists of his titanium body armor. It seems to be silvery in color, though only the helmet, shoulder pads, and wrist guards are exposed to the environment; the rest is decorated with alien body parts. Most of these 'parts' are animal skins of varying blue hues. However, the boots are particularly grisly, being decorated with the clawed, grasping hands of some unknown alien organism.


It's hard to guess at the personality behind this veritable hunting machine. He's lived for a very, very long time, so it's possible that Iguanus need not actually eat; if he's truly immortal, this may very well be the case. However, he truly enjoys hunting down things to eat - the bigger the better. As such, he's constantly seeking out newer, and bigger, creatures to hunt down and consume.

Real Name: Iguanus
Occupation: bounty hunter
Legal Status: apparent citizen of the Lunartix Empire with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: the Dragon Lord
Group Affiliation: the Manimals

Height: 8' 6"
Hair: none
Eyes: red
Weight: 550 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: in his 'monster' form, Iguanus is a rather large, reptilian creature with dark blue scales, blood red eyes, and three inch fangs. He may simply look imposing in his 'normal' form, but this one definitely stands out in crowd.


In the myths and legends of various alien cultures, a terrible reptilian creature is mentioned in whispered speech. This creature, Iguanus, is usually described as a dread hunter of impeccable efficiency and ferocity. You can imagine the surprise of most knowledgeable cultures when Iguanus recently appeared in the flesh on a world well known for its oversized animal life forms, and proceeded to eat them.

Not all of them, of course, but just enough to be noticed by others. As it turns out, Iguanus is in fact some sort of ageless creature, which may or may not be from an otherwise (now) extinct species. There may be more beings out there like him, but if the cosmos in general is lucky, this is most definitely not the case. The reason, being, of course, because Iguanus has recently appeared in the Milky Way galaxy.

He's not alone, of course, as Iguanus has company. You see, for some reason, Iguanus has joined a group of expatriate Lunartix aliens known as the Manimals who've immigrated to our space and time, and he finds that he really likes it here. That being because our galaxy seems to have a plethora of creatures spread throughout it that Iguanus likes to hunt. That and, of course, because work is good.

While he is a rather powerful being, Iguanus nonetheless cannot fly a spacecraft, nor does he have one. As such, to get from world to world, he usually works as a bounty hunter in exchange for passage from one group of fauna to another. His talents and natural physical abilities are more than suited for such work, and most aliens that know of his 'mythological' status don't put up much resistance.

They fear him too much.

Luckily for mankind, Iguanus has yet to set his sights on earth. Either through his hunts or his various contracts, Iguanus has yet to encounter our world, and all the tasty animals we have roaming wild here. It's only a matter of time before he drops by for a visit, however, and when he does, hopefully the GI Joe Star Brigade will be on the scene to stop him - otherwise, he may grow to like the taste of people.

Extra Goodies:

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