Hand Size:
3 (17)


Like the rest of the Manimals, Spasma hails from an unknown world in a parallel dimension. In other words, he's both extraterrestrial and extraplanar. All of his super-human powers are derived from his alien physiology, and are likely common to all members of his species.


Claws (s): all five digits on each of Spasma's hands, as well as all three digits on his toes, are armed with small, sharp claws. These allow him to inflict his Strength +2 in slashing damage in melee, making him much more dangerous than he appears at first glance.

Corrosion (s): Spasma has the ability to spray a jet of acidic spittle at anybody within his current area. This acid inflicts intensity 13 metabolic damage, and can eat through materials of up to like m.s. easily; it also softens up an opponent for the use of his fangs.

Teeth (s): just by looking at the guy, you can see that Spasma has a pretty impressive set of teeth, almost like mandibles. These huge implements of pain can be used by Spasma to inflict his Strength +4 in slashing damage per deadly strike.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Monstrous: it may go without saying, but Spasma is a pretty scary looking guy. While he may look generally humanoid (if butt ugly), Spasma isn't human, and his volatile attitude, great size, and general appearance are enough to cause zero (0) Edge humans to flee from him on sight.


Grenades (i): stored on a bandoiler, this trio of explosive devices detonate to inflict intensity 10 fragmentary damage to everybody within near missile distance of where they explode. This is assuming he just carries fragmentary grenades, as Spasma may have more than is apparent.

Guns (a): while powerful, Spasma knows that strength isn't the solution to all problems. He carries an energy pistol and energy rifle whenever on the job. The pistol can be used to inflict his Agility +4 indamage per shot (with an IR targeter for a +1 to hit).

The rifle, on the other hand, can inflict his Agility +6 in damage as a blast of power, which inflicts like energy damage with each shot. However, this gun isn't equipped with an IR targeter, so this means Spasma must choose between accuracy and firepower in combat.

Space Suit (s): while he's pretty tough, Spasma isn't able to survive in space all by himself. He requires this suit whenever going 'outside' to cause trouble, which provides him intensity 20, or +5, resistance versus heat, cold, and pressure variance, and several days' worth of breathable air.

It also has a handy face panel 'surprise' feature, that allows Spasma to hit a foe with acidic spittle even while he's suited up. This works by activating special, vacuum-treated hinges that only allow air to pass while they're open (and not while closed, as they normally would).


Advanced Guns (a): when wielding any advanced projectile weapons, whether they be simple energy cannons, magnetically accelerated rail guns, or any other heretofore unknown projectile energy weapon type, Spasma does so at one difficulty level lower than is otherwise required.

Natural Weaponry (s): while he's a good gunslinger, Spasma knows technology isn't flawless, and, most importantly, use what you've got. He's figured out which techniques work and which ones don't over the years, giving himself a reduced difficulty to hit with his natural weaponry.


It is assumed that Spasma is on relatively good terms with his fellow Manimals, since he crossed interdimensional space with them to crash our universe's party. Furthermore, it's likely that he's also on good terms with the Lunartix Empire, who sent him here in the first place.


Demolisher: Spasma fits this calling to a tee, considering he lives to do nothing more than to wreck things - whether they be people, places, or objects. He truly enjoys his work, and would probably dispense mayhem for free if he didn't have to cover his basic expenses.


Spasma usually wears his space suit, which is a primarily yellow affair, with brown 'tiger' striping in places. It features green shoulder pads, belts, and accessories. It has a big, golden glass dome so Spasma can see in space, and finger/toe grips that let him use his claws.


Spasma's troublemaker, a blood-thirsty thug who tends to 'alienate' everyone he meets. He's got a particularly bad mad-on for folks from earth, thanks to some experience with the Joes way back when, and typically flies into a rage after laying eyes on them.

Real Name: Spasma
Occupation: intergalactic 'stealth' commando
Legal Status: apparent citizen of the Lunartix Empire with no known criminal record (there, at least)
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Manimals

Height: 9'
Hair: none
Eyes: black
Weight: 500 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Spasma is an oversized humanoid with bright yellow skin, and a somewhat insectoid face, complete with nasty, pincer-like teeth, pointy ears, and coal black eyes.


Spasma is something of an unstable guy, a warrior with homicidal tendencies. Unlike his fellow Manimals, he's not a shape changer, so it is something of a mystery as to how he wound up with this odd group of shape changing, extraterrestrial and extraplanar entities.

However, he's on somewhat good terms with the other Manimals (as well as they get along, at any rate), and accompanied them on their journey from his universe to our own. In his eyes, this is a unique opportunity to repeat some of his greatest hits, evening some old scores anew.

After a fashion. One score he has yet even out, of course, is one he racked up right here in our timeline - in the vicinity of earth, in fact. You see, the GI Joe Star Brigade member Duke messed up an assault Spasma launched on a mine, and he hasn't forgotten - or forgiven - this.

In fact, Spasma has yet to let go of his grudge with the entire human race, seeing all humans in the same light as his (ostensible) nemesis. He even gets all surly whenever he's near earth, and tends to cause more trouble than usual - often more trouble than even he can handle!

But then, that's what the Star Brigade is for: dealing with uppity aliens who come to earth to cause a ruckus. As this is what set off Spasma in the first place, you can only imagine how irate he gets when these humans show up to get in the way of his plans, again and again.

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