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3 (17)


Like the rest of the Manimals, ZigZag is a powerful alien creature from an unknown planet in a galactic empire situated in another dimension. In other words, he's an extraplanar extraterrestrial! He's also decidedly non-human in nature; check out his spider-like arms, after all!


Claws (s): all three digits on ZigZag's arms are equipped with small, barb-like claws he can use in unarmed melee. These implements allow him to inflict his Strength +2 in slashing damage with each attack. These attacks aren't more damaging, but are inherently more deadly.

Environmental Independence (s): ZigZag has the ability to exist out in the cold of space for long periods of time, apparently able to put his need to breathe off for quite a while. This power lets him go without air for over a week, working at intensity 10.

Modified Limbs (a): an anatomical oddity, it should be noted that ZigZag has, instead of two arms and two legs, four fully functional arms - two where they should go, and two where legs would otherwise be. This allows ZigZag to use either limbs for either locomotion or for fine actions.

Resistance to Heat, Cold, and Pressure Variance (s): a rather tough individual, ZigZag can survive out in the depths of space for a significant period of time, the intense heat, cold, and vacuum not bothering him in the slightest. These are intensity 20, or +5, resistances.

Teeth (s): while he does have a large array of claws, ZigZag can do much more damage with his dread teeth and mandibles. These horrible implements inflict his Strength +2 in slashing damage upon every deadly bite. That's not where the extra damage comes from, though.

Once he's bitten a body with his horrible eating implements, ZigZag can latch on to them with his jaw-locking mutation, allowing him to keep inflicting damage each turn with his fangs until his foe either dies or breaks free, which requires an average difficulty Strength (strength) action.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Omnidexterity: one of ZigZag's most surprisingly dangerous physical abilities are his many arm-like limbs. He can utilize any of his four limbs equally well, which may be quite surprising when he picks up a blaster with his 'foot' and immolates a body with it.

Monstrous: it may go without saying, but ZigZag is a pretty scary looking guy. While he may look generally humanoid (if butt ugly), ZigZag isn't human, and his volatile attitude, great size, and general appearance are enough to cause zero (0) Edge humans to flee from him on sight.


Grenades (i): ZigZag's carries four grenades on his belt. These explosives can inflict intensity 10 damage to everybody within near missile distance, damage of either a slashing (fragmentary grenade) or SD energy (incendiary grenade) nature.

Gun (a): unlike most of his fellows, ZigZag only carries one gun into combat, preferring to eat his foes as opposed to blasting them. His rifle, with an attached bayonet, allows him to fire a blast capable of inflicting intensity 13 energy damage per deadly blast.


Natural Weaponry (s): while he's a good gunslinger, ZigZag knows technology isn't flawless, and, most importantly, use what you've got. He's figured out which techniques work and which ones don't over the years, giving himself a reduced difficulty to hit with his natural weaponry.


It is assumed that ZigZag is on relatively good terms with his fellow Manimals, since he crossed interdimensional space with them to crash our universe's party. Furthermore, it's likely that he's also on good terms with the Lunartix Empire, who sent him here in the first place.


Animal Nature: ZigZag is a primitive lout, and he doesn't care who thinks so. He has no serious aims in life, wanting only to eat - and lots. He's like Warwolf in that respect, which is probably why the two of them get along well - they both have no compunctions regarding eating anything!


ZigZag wears a relatively simple costume. It consists of a blue vest, blue briefs that cover his unmentionables, an orange belt (with various grenades pinned on), a bandoiler full of fuel cells for his energy rifle, and some golden wrist and/or ankle bands.


ZigZag is a simple-minded soul, thinking more of his appetite than anything else. He occasionally works with his fellow Manimals to help them accomplish their own goals, but seems to have none himself, other than eating the locals. He also has a distinct lack of personal hygiene skills.

He smells of eggs and rotten meat, and chooses not to rectify this odoriferous issue at all.

Real Name: ZigZag
Occupation: freelance galactic thug
Legal Status: citizen of the Lunartix empire with no known criminal record (at home, at least)
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Manimals

Height: 5'
Hair: none
Eyes: amber
Weight: 300 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: ZigZag is bizarre in appearance, seemingly having four arms (instead of the normal humanoid two arm, two leg pairs), each of which only have three digits apiece. He also has large, insectoid mandibles, as well as a bronze skin tone.


Very, very little is known about the strange monster called ZigZag. In fact, it's not even known how he came into the company of the Manimals, those extraterrestrial, extraplanar expatriates of the Lunartix Empire who have wound up in our universe in recent years.

Especially considering the fact that, like Spasma, he's neither a shape changer or an alien with a 'surprise' gimmick. However, he's nonetheless journeyed with his odd compatriots on whatever mission it was that landed them in our timeline, and gotten into countless messes since.

ZigZag is a simple soul, you see, only wanting to eat things - living things, usually - which consistently puts him at odds with other sentients. Since dumb animals can't get into space on their own, for the most part, ZigZag has to content himself with eating random astronauts and whatnot.

He hasn't attempted to eat his fellow Manimals yet, but then they help him get from place to place, eating new beings all the while. ZigZag doesn't seem to have any particular reason for being, and often winds up helping other Manimals take care of whatever it is that they need to do.

Of course, any assistance he offers is undoubtedly undone by his redolence, which is detectable for miles. This either drives off would-be prey, or attracts unwanted attention. ZigZag cares not, though, for this allows him even more opportunities to fight, and consume, others!

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