Hand Size:
4 (25)


Slythor, like the rest of his Manimal 'pals', has a convoluted backstory. He hails from a world within the Lunartix Empire, a loose association of alien worlds resident in another dimension, which may or may not be a parallel earth. As such, Slythor can be designated as an alien (though what species he belongs to is unknown), as well as an extraplanar being. Furthermore, he also wields various high tech devices.


Claws (s): Slythor has a curious set of claws. Each of his hands have four fingers and an opposable thumb, five digits that are armed with short, sharp nails. Furthermore, on the back of each wrist are large, bony plates, about one foot long, which have been sharpened considerably. Slythor can use this combination of edged implements to inflict damage as one would with a set of +2 weapons in melee if he so chooses.

Horn (s): in his 'normal' state, Slythor has a decidedly more humanoid head, albeit one with a long snout and pointy ears. When in this form, he is possessed of a large, thick horn that protrudes from his forehead. This isn't a sharp item by any mean, but thanks to its inherent hardness, Slythor can use it to inflict damage as a +1 weapon in either a head butt or a charge maneuver - it's ugly, but effective.

Shape Change (a): like most Manimals, Slythor has two forms. His normal form is that of a roughly humanoid man, if with orange (later green) scales, claws, a bony horn, a snout, and pointy ears. However, he can change at will to his monster persona, replacing his otherwise ordinary head and neck with that of a giant snake. When in his monster form, Slythor receives a +2 to his Strength score.

Teeth (s): Slythor has a different set of fangs in each of his forms. In his 'normal' shape, he has a large snout full of sharp teeth that he can use to inflict damage per a +1 weapon. However, when he transforms into his 'monster' shape, Slythor has a large, gaping maw full of much larger, much sharper teeth, which he can use as though they were +3 weapons with every deadly chomp.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Monstrous: it may go without saying, but Slythor's a pretty scary looking guy. While he may look generally humanoid in his 'normal' form, Slythor tends to enjoy hanging out in his 'monster' shape, thus causing untold discomfort to human types in his vicinity. In his monster shape, Slythor is at zero (0) Willpower to prevent zero (0) edge humans from fleeing at the very sight of his horrific visage.


Guns (i): Slythor, while powerful, knows that strength isn't the solution to all problems - sometimes firepower is required. He carries an energy pistol and energy rifle whenever on the job. The pistol can be used to inflict intensity 9 energy damage per shot (with an IR targeter for a +1 to hit), and the rifle fires blasts that inflict intensity 11 energy damage with every deadly shot.

Spacecraft (a): Slythor is an intergalactic bounty hunter, and as such, requires the use of a spacecraft that can cross the gulf between the stars. He's a competent starship pilot, often getting paid for that alon, and as such, Slythor can easily make use of this vehicle. Its exact specifications are as of yet unknown, but it at least has Space Flight at intensity 15, allowing it easy access to countless worlds.

Visor (w): when he's lounging about in his 'normal' form, Slythor tends to make use of a spiffy visor. This apparently clear optical apparatus is likely an imaging device, one that allows Slythor to properly utilize his energy pistol (it grants an additional +1 to hit), as well as a heads up display that provides information on the focus of his current client - strengths, weaknesses, etc.


Advanced Guns (a): his preferred weapons of choice, Slythor likes to use high-powered, directed energy weapons when stalking his current contract. When wielding any advanced projectile weapons, whether they be simple energy cannons, magnetically accelerated rail guns, or any other heretofore unknown projectile energy weapon type, Slythor does so at one difficulty level lower than is normally necessary.

Detective / Espionage (i): while simply shaking down his quarry thug-style is often enough for the job, Slythor knows that some of his contracts are clever, and need more... subtle work. As such, he's learned how to do proper detective work, being able to eventually sniff out his prey no matter how well connected, or how well hidden he or she may be - efforts to find his target are made at a reduced difficulty level.

Guns (a): being in the occupation of hunting dangerous villains down for money means that one naturally needs to know how to use guns. Whether he's wielding standard, semi-automatic, fully automatic, or directed energy rifles or pistols, Slythor may do so as though the difficulty involved were one level lower than would otherwise be required - sure he's got tons of natural weapons, but guns are more fun.

Natural Weaponry (s): while he's a rather good gunslinger, Slythor knows two things: technology isn't flawless, and most importantly, use what you've got. He's figured out which techniques work and which ones don't over the years, and has thus maximized his use of his various natural weapons, all of which he may utilize at one difficulty level lower than would otherwise be required.

Pilot (a): his secondary career path, Slythor has learned how to fly a spacecraft as a general matter of course. Whenever he's behind the wheel of any spaceworthy vehicle, Slythor may perform any actions at the helm of the craft at one difficulty level lower than would normally be required. This reduction applies to actions save for the use of any onboard weaponry present on the craft he's currently flying.


As one of the many Manimals loosed within our universe by the Lunartix Empire, Slythor may be on relatively good terms with his fellow body-changing, extra-planar extra-terrestrials (yes, Manimals are both). He may also have some contacts amongst the hierarchy of the Lunartix Empire itself, as well as various contacts on his homeworld, wherever that may be.


Adventurer, sometimes Greed: Slythor's primary motivation is personal gain, as he does his quasi-benevolent work solely for the cash (or whatever) reward involved. However, the simple fact that he mostly takes jobs bringing in psychotic, dangerous criminal thugs for the challenge marks him as something of an adventurer; he could just take the easy jobs, but then, that would be too boring!


Whether lounging or on the job, Slythor tends to wear a minimal outfit. His clothing consists of a pair of dark blue-green trousers with copper buckles on the side, a black belt with a copper belt buckle, a pair of black boots with copper plates strapped on at various points, and of course, when he's in his 'normal' form, Slythor wears a clear, protective visor.


Slythor is a tough, stubborn sort of guy, one with a mean streak a mile wide. He has a singularly potent temper, one that causes him to disregard all but his personal satisfaction once he gets good and steamed. Furthermore, this alien recognizes no authority but his own, having absolutely no problem with the violation of just about any law or regulation in the way of getting what he wants.

Real Name: Slythor
Occupation: bounty hunter, mercenary, pilot
Legal Status: Citizen of the Lunartix Empire (galactic organization in a parallel earth)
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Manimals (a 'team' of Lunartix expatriates)

Height: 7' 6" (10' while transformed)
Hair: none
Eyes: brown (copper while transformed)
Weight: 450 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: being a non-human entity, Slythor has a bevy of distinguishing characteristics. For instance, he's exceptionally tall, he's got green, scaly skin, a large snout, claws, horns, and pointy ears. And that's just in his normal form - when he transforms into his 'monster' state, Slythor has a large, snake-like head, replete with sharp, pointy fangs and eerie, copper colored eyes.


The origins of the creature known only as Slythor are largely unknown. However, it is a known fact that he (along with the rest of his Manimal 'compatriots') hail from a distant universe, possibly the same one the legions of Cobra-La originated in. Regardless, in addition to being an extradimensional entity, Slythor is also native to a world decidedly different from the earth.

That, of course, can be determined by studying his inexplicable biology. Regardless of where he came from, the simple fact of the matter is that Slythor is now a resident of our own Milky Way galaxy. Whether he's active on earth or elsewhere, the alien earns a living as a bounty hunter - a particularly effective one, at that. He seems to be constantly on the lookout for villainous sorts to capture and cash in on.

Perhaps he does this because of the challenge their typically amoral mindsets offer to a being in his particular profession. However, Slythor isn't much better than the criminal scumbags that he busts for fun and profit, because he seems to possess a singular disdain for law and order; rules and regulations are things that simply apply to other people, as far as he's concerned.

As such, he's been known to get into scuffles with both heroes and villains throughout the galaxy due to both his intransigent nature and his overwhelming temper, which makes his presence a mixed blessing. On the one hand, he rids worlds of dangerous criminals, but his actions tend to brand him as one himself. As you can guess, his visits to earth are no exception, the problem being his sheer physical power.

Since the vast majority of standard authorities can't handle the unbridled mayhem that Slythor would visit upon them, it falls upon the GI Joe Star Brigade (or any other Joe team handy) to take care of Slythor when he stalks 'game' on the earth. That, of course, being because most governments don't want people to know that such powerful extraterrestrials are roaming the earth and causing such trouble!

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