John Wraith (deceased?)

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Like most of the Weapon X operatives, John Wraith is a mutant, one with power over the vagaries of space and place. However, he has also been altered in several ways by the Project, having acquired a serious age suppression factor that will allow him to fight on for years.

Known Powers:

Longevity: like all of the Weapon X project team members, John has been given an age suppression factor. This is essentially rank value 2 Longevity (an eventual 315 year lifespan; 70-35 (age where he likely gained longevity) x power rank value (2) cubed, plus 35).

Teleportation: John has the ability to teleport at will, with an exceptionally high range. He can move about space at will, appearing and disappearing in a fashion that leaves no flashy burst of light or sound; he's just suddenly... not there. This power works at rank value 40.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Semi-Automatic Handguns: John carries a gun on him at all times; after all, you never know when They are going to show up, and it never hurts to have some deterrence should thugs menace him. This gun inflicts rank value 6 Piercing damage per shot, +1 RS in a semi-auto burst.

If expecting trouble (all the time), John'll hold two of these secreted within his suit somewhere, which he can draw and use almost instantaneously. They have clips that can hold eight rounds before being reloaded, though he usually has one round chambered and ready.

Shaped Charges: lacking a direct physical attack power, John usually carries a large amount of shaped charges, specially crafted explosives that are built to direct the force of their blast in specific directions, based on how they are employed.

John can place these devices on a person or structure, causing rank value 40 Armor Piercing Slashing damage per use. This is enough to blast through most buildings, or blow all but the strongest of people to itsy bitsy little pieces.


Paranoia 3: his time as a secret agent and a member of the Weapon X program has left John somewhat... paranoid. His house is a veritable death trap, as is the yard around it - John trusts no one. He must pass a Willpower ACT at -6 RS to take a person at face value.


Demolitions: John likes explosives. He uses them to great effect on buildings, vehicles, and even people (if they're strong enough - as are, say, the Shiva robots). He receives a +1 RS on ACT rolls to determine the place that explosives can do the most damage.

Detective / Espionage: a black ops expert due to his time in military intelligence and the Weapon X program, John is a master of espionage and general investigative techniques. He should receive a +1 RS on any ACT roll relying on such knowledge during a mission.

Guns: a very large portion of John's military training has involved his learning how to use guns in battle. Whether it be a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, John may use a gun as though his Coordination trait was +1 RS in value.

Martial Arts styles A + B: while his marksmanship skills are virtually without peer, John can nonetheless throw down unarmed like nobody's business. He receives a +1 RS on all unarmed melee attacks, dodge, escape, evade, feint, and weave attempts.

Military / United States: it is assumed that John was a member of the United States armed forces at one point. As such, he knows military protocols like the back of his hand, and can readily count upon numerous contacts in military circles if necessary.

Quick Draw: this skill represents John's almost supernatural speed when engaged in a firefight. In combat, as long as he's using guns to attack on a given turn, John receives a +1 initiative bonus, and a +1 RS to any extra attack ACT attempted using handguns.

Survival: as a paranoid recluse, it is assumed that John has the ability to survive just about anywhere, under virtually any circumstances. Whether he's in the hottest desert, coldest tundra, or deepest jungle, John can scrape by enough food, water, and shelter to survive.

Two Guns: this rather handy talent complements John's other skills, and shows just how much prowess the man actually has with guns. Thanks to this skill, he gains an extra gun attack every turn, in addition to all others he may have, as long as he's wielding such a weapon in each hand.


John has met various members of the X-men, who know that he's a friend of Wolverine's... sort of. As such, they may be willing to aid John should he need it. Of course, John's major contacts are those members of the Weapon X team that he has fought beside in the past.

Except for Sabretooth, of course, who languished for quite a time in John's basement with several shaped charges strapped to his chest. Unless he had a really good reason to, Sabretooth wouldn't lift a finger to help poor John if he needed it.

In fact, even if Sabretooth did have a good reason to aid John, he wouldn't.


John has no costume. He's not a super hero and he never claimed to be. When he inadvertently finds himself mired in action, he's most often wearing his trademark outfit (not a costume, but his favorite clothes) - a ten gallon hat, dark horn-rimmed sunglasses, and a comfy suit.


John's an exceptionally paranoid kind of guy. He's about as violent as his fellows from the Weapon X program, but a lot more merciful. He's let his sentimentality keep him from killing innocents while on a mission, unlike erstwhile teammates such as Sabretooth.

That's what makes him a great potential hero - in a sort of behind the scenes sort of way.

Real Name: Unknown (John Wraith is likely a convenient alias)
Occupation: unknown, former mercenary and government operative
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: presumably single
Alias(es), if any: Kestrel
Group Affiliation: former member of the Weapon X team

Height: 6' 1"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 175 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: John wears a thick beard and moustache at all times.


Like most of the members of the Weapon X program, John is apparently a mutant, one with the ability to teleport to and fro at his leisure; this is a large part of the reason why he was inducted into the program in the first place.

Of course, he made a habit of keeping his skill a secret from his compatriots as well as his foes, using it only sparingly, and if no one was looking directly at him - unless it was absolutely vital, that is; such an event occurred when he ran afoul of Omega Red.

You see, John was backup on that mission that Wolverine, Maverick, and Sabretooth ran in Germany to collect a carbonadium synthesizer, and when that trio burst out of the target compound with Red in pursuit, John stalled him with a big gun ™ until the others got away.

Unfazed by the big gun ™, Omega went to wrap John up and tear him to pieces, but John teleported to safety at the last second, with only Wolverine (and Red) seeing this. Of course, when the two next met, it took Wolverine a bit to recall this upon scrapping with the man.

This was because he was having problems with his memory implants, problems that were muddying up his real experiences with programmed falsehoods that were generated by the diabolical Ferro - though they didn't know he was behind that just yet...

The reason John had tracked Wolverine (and the rest of his old teammates) down was that it seemed there was a problem with the age suppression factors given to the Weapon X folk, as one of their number, Mastodon, had suddenly aged quite rapidly.

Once the X'ers assembled, the aging completed its course, and Mastodon dissolved into a clump of decaying ooze. Seeing the need to determine how this all happened, the team sought out a name they recalled from their dossiers, a man named Ferro, alias Vole.

Heading to his domicile (pointed in that direction by purloined NSA data), Wraith, Wolverine, Sabretooth, and Silver Fox were shot down by Ferro's automated air defense platforms, and upon meeting the guy, they ran afoul of his dangerous, cybernetically augmented psi powers!

During this conflict, they team was joined by Maverick, who was Ferro's bodyguard but eventually helped his fellow X'ers out, but the fight was a lethal one. Ferro apparently killed Silver Fox and, dragging Sabretooth off, disappeared.

This despite the aid of Professor X and Jean Grey, who were standing by once they detected the use of Ferro's psi-borg powers on Wolverine. After this mess, John hung out with Wolverine for a month or two, the 'duo' eventually coming into conflict with Epsilon Red.

Once this mess was resolved, John vanished for a time, exiting the limelight as quickly as he had entered it, only to resurface years later as a member of the all new Weapon X program - recruiting agents alongside his old nemesis, Sabretooth.

This turned out to be an apparently fatal mistake for John, for during an encounter with Maverick, John was shot by his and Sabretooth's target. Sensing an opportunity for payback, Sabretooth took it, and literally gutted John.

Since John has yet to resurface, it's possible he is 'really' dead. Of course, being associated with the Weapon X program, it's likely that he has unrevealed healing / regenerative qualities, as well. But until then, John's out of the picture.

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