the Weapons Transport Vehicle

The Weapons Transport Vehicle is a tool that the GI Joe team can use to deliver heavy ordnance from one location to another - often to another vehicle for reloads. It is a durable little monster of a ride, having an m.s. of 10, and is equipped with the following vehicular capabilities:

Bomb Carriage (a): this armored carriage is what the Weapons Transport Vehicle is all about, allowing the GI Joe team to easily haul ordnance from place to place. It has an m.s. of 13, allowing the vehicle to move explosives of up to 1 ton in weight with ease.

Communications Array (i): the Weapons Transport Vehicle is equipped with a short range radio transceiver to communicate with a main control center for directions, instructions and more. Its carbon fiber reinforced antenna gives it intensity 3 transmission range (5 miles).

Flotation Tires (a): the Weapons Transport Vehicle can be used in all terrains, not just in hangars, thanks to its flotation tires. Filled with a self-sealing foam (making them effectively bullet proof), they allow this somewhat slow vehicle to drive almost anywhere.

PD-9 Submachine Gun (a): this shielded 9mm cannon is the sole armament on the Weapons Transport Vehicle - aside from whatever bombs or missiles it is carrying. This weapon can be fired to inflict the driver's Agility +5 damage in a short burst, +6 if opened up 'full auto'.

Propulsion (a): something of a misnomer, this ability demonstrates the speed that the Weapons Transport Vehicle possesses. Able to move at approximately 45 miles per hour, this vehicle possesses this power (after a fashion) at intensity 2.

Extra Goodies:

Weapons Transport Saga System 13 Text File Download

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