The Technohol 13 Alphabetical Character Roster: C

Cambion (Tanar'ri): the offspring of non-succubi tanar'ri and mortals, cambion are half-breeds born into a world that hates and fears them. Either in the 'real' world or in the Abyss, they are the subject of scorn because of their origins. Availability:

Cambion (MSH Classic)

Cambion (4C System)

Cambion (Marvel Saga)

Camshaft: the violently aggressive Camshaft is wildly overconfident, and never backs down from a fight. While this instills dread in the humans he encounters on the job, Camshaft's eager brutality gets him in serious trouble more often than not. Availability:

Camshaft (MSH Classic)

Camshaft (4C System)

Camshaft (Marvel Saga)

Cannonball: an endurance test driver for a variety of vehicles, John Warden is known for utterly destroying his ride - just to see what it can do! He's done this for civilian vehicle companies, military contractors, and most recently as a member of GI Joe! Availability:

Cannonball (MSH Classic)

Cannonball (4C System)

Cannonball (Marvel Saga)

Captain America: sole survivor of an experimental super soldier serum trial, sickly Steve Rogers quickly became a hero. Growing into his role as the Sentinel of Liberty, he gave his all in the fight against America's many, many foes! Availability:

Captain America (MSH Classic)

Captain America (4C System)

Captain America (Marvel Saga)

Captain Cocksure: founder of the BAH, Jake Russell was a normal human adventurer until tapped to form the group by then-President Ford. After this, Jake went from being a vigilante to the world's last, best hope against rogue ascendants! Availability:

Captain Cocksure (MSH Classic)

Captain Cocksure (4C System)

Captain Cocksure (Marvel Saga)

Captain Grid-Iron: when he turned down a cushy appointment for an infantry command to 'stay where the action is', this former West Point quarterback's dedication to the Army got him fast tracked into membership on the GI Joe team! Availability:

Captain Grid-Iron (MSH Classic)

Captain Grid-Iron (4C System)

Captain Grid-Iron (Marvel Saga)

Captain Katabatic: a sentient, dread chill from the bottom of the world, Captain Katabatic is the so-called Führer of Freeze, and has it out for anyone that can shape the cold like he does - going out of his way to punish them for their perfidy! Availability:

Captain Katabatic (MSH Classic)

Captain Katabatic (4C System)

Captain Katabatic (Marvel Saga)

Captain Wings: thanks to a heart murmur, this patriot couldn't serve in the British army. He instead took an opportunity to become a hero when it arose, using a powerful one-man flight harness to transform into the mighty Captain Wings! Availability:

Captain Wings (MSH Classic)

Captain Wings (4C System)

Captain Wings (Marvel Saga)

Caregiver: having a single-minded focus on nurturing the cosmos' most important beings, the Caregiver has found her calling enough to sustain her existence indefinitely. One of the Elders of the Universe, she had been doing this for billions of years! Availability:

Caregiver (MSH Classic)

Caregiver (4C System)

Caregiver (Marvel Saga)

Cesspool: disfigured in an industrial accident caused by his own negligence, Vincent D'Alleva went gibberingly insane shortly thereafter. Wanting to spoil the world with chemicals as he himself had been, he joined up with Cobra to further his mad agenda! Availability:

Cesspool (MSH Classic)

Cesspool (4C System)

Cesspool (Marvel Saga)

Challenger: after his father was murdered while investigating city corruption, Bill Waring decides to get even. Walking the earth, he gains the skills he needs to wage a one-man war on crime - only returning to Challenge scofflaws... to the death! Availability:

Challenger (MSH Classic)

Challenger (4C System)

Challenger (Marvel Saga)

the Chameleon: upon discovering she was the Baroness' illegitimate half-sister, this young woman stepped up to help GI Joe. Several reconstructive surgeries later, she was inserted into Cobra's ranks as an impostor of the notorious Baroness herself! Availability:

the Chameleon (MSH Classic)

the Chameleon (4C System)

the Chameleon (Marvel Saga)

the Chameleon Swamp Skier: Zartan's original vehicular masterpiece, this water-based device is basically a rocket mounted on four high-strength skis, allowing it to zip along in swampy waterways at reckless speed - just the way Zartan likes it! Availability:

the Chameleon Swamp Skier (MSH Classic)

Chameleon Swamp Skier (4C System)

Chameleon Swamp Skier (Marvel Saga)

Charbroil: Carl grew up working with fire, whether he was heating water pipes with a blowtorch in rural Minnesota or shoveling charcoal into blast furnaces for a living. He's comfortable around the stuff, which makes him an excellent flamethrower for GI Joe! Availability:

Charbroil (MSH Classic)

Charbroil (4C System)

Charbroil (Marvel Saga)

Charlie Chicanery: a mutant with the power to interface with hyperspace, Charlie was once a man but was transformed into a female in a matter duplicator accident, and has been trying to deal with the ramifications (and her strange mutant abilities) ever since. Availability:

Charlie Chicanery (MSH Classic)

Charlie Chicanery (4C System)

Charlie Chicanery (Marvel Saga)

Andrew Chaser: a freelance reporter with several biting non-fiction books under his belt, along with various high profile pieces over the years, Andrew Chaser knows a good story when he sees it - which usually gets him in all kinds of trouble. Availability:

Andrew Chaser (MSH Classic)

Andrew Chaser (4C System)

Andrew Chaser (Marvel Saga)

Chase Storey: a former investigative reporter and science fiction author of some repute, the man operating under the pseudonym of Chase Storey now has a new career path. Instead of just looking into various mysteries, he often fights evil! Availability:

Chase Storey (MSH Classic)

Chase Storey (4C System)

Chase Storey (Marvel Saga)

Chasme (Tanar'ri): inhuman monstrosities, chasme are more mosquito than man. These blood-sucking insectoids flit about the Abyss, ceaselessly seeking out Blood War deserters and feeding upon them with the blessings of Abyssal lords. Availability:

Chasme (MSH Classic)

Chasme (4C System)

Chasme (Marvel Saga)

Checkpoint: a man-mountain of a collegiate wrestler, Jared Wade became an MP upon leaving school, and was eventually assigned to GI Joe's reserve team: the Steel Brigade! Jared's feud with Major Barrage has kept him from becoming a full-time Joe, however. Availability:

Checkpoint (MSH Classic)

Checkpoint (4C System)

Checkpoint (Marvel Saga)

Eric Chin: the Troubleshooter's hacker, Eric is the only one with a criminal record, having attempted to translate his skill at breaking into computers into real structures. After the Law set him straight, he went to MIT to turn his life around. Availability:

Eric Chin (MSH Classic)

Eric Chin (4C System)

Eric Chin (Marvel Saga)

Chuckles: an intelligent, affable fellow, Chuckles is very hard to dislike. This helps him immensely when he's knee-deep in a Cobra compound, posing as one of their own and gaining their trust. Only too late do they realize that he's not one of them! Availability:

Chuckles (MSH Classic)

Chuckles (4C System)

Chuckles (Marvel Saga)

the Cilantro Carnivore: half elf, half demon, the creature identifying itself as the Cilantro Carnivore is a botanical terror who identifies more with her floral side. When not acting as OFF's muscle, she occasionally moonlights as a mercenary for fun. Availability:

the Cilantro Carnivore (MSH Classic)

the Cilantro Carnivore (4C System)

the Cilantro Carnivore (Marvel Saga)

Citizens of Cobra-La: humanoid beings descended from reptilian life forms, and hidden away in a secret civilization for thousands of years, the people of Cobra-La are unknown to humanity. At least, they were until they tried to wipe out mankind, that is! Availability:

Citizens of Cobra-La (MSH Classic)

Citizens of Cobra-La (4C System)

Citizens of Cobra-La (Marvel Saga)

Claymore: a highly motivated part-time Joe, John joined the team under the condition that he only gets pulled in for the most special of missions. He then began to sporadically appear on Joe operations, and continues to do so to this very day! Availability:

Claymore (MSH Classic)

Claymore (4C System)

Claymore (Marvel Saga)

Clean Sweep: Daniel is the guy GI Joe calls in to clean up Cobra's messes. Using his remote-controlled robotic vehicle, he can neutralize their weaponized sludge, quickly clearing a battlefield so regular Joes can resume their fight with those terrorists! Availability:

Clean Sweep (MSH Classic)

Clean Sweep (4C System)

Clean Sweep (Marvel Saga)

Cliffjumper: utterly fearless and dangerously impulsive, Cliffjumper is one of the bravest Autobots. He lacks the physical prowess to back up his bravery, however, which puts him in a pickle more often than not against the Decepticons he hates so. Availability:

Cliffjumper (MSH Classic)

Cliffjumper (4C System)

Cliffjumper (Marvel Saga)

Cloudburst: a glider enthusiast all his life, it was only natural that the Army put Chuck to work fine tuning their own glider systems! Having been flying and building them his entire life, Chuck makes a most excellent addition to the GI Joe Air Commandos! Availability:

Cloudburst (MSH Classic)

Cloudburst (4C System)

Cloudburst (Marvel Saga)

Clutch: after this Asbury Park gear-head finally grew up somewhat, he enlisted in the Army, eventually becoming an expert in vehicular combat. After decades with the Joes, he's become their resident grease monkey, and a sort of anti-Dreadnok! Availability:

Clutch (MSH Classic)

Clutch (4C System)

Clutch (Marvel Saga)

the Coastal Defender: when not in use, the Coastal Defender looks like a mere trailer. However, it can be quickly transformed into a one man missile platform that can be operated from the rear of almost any vehicle in the GI Joe team's arsenal! Availability:

the Coastal Defender (MSH Classic)

the Coastal Defender (4C System)

the Coastal Defender (Marvel Saga)

Cobras: the core of their namesake organization, the teeming masses of Cobras are general laborers and combatants. Almost all of Cobra's minions begin at this level, providing a proper foundation the group's world domination plans! Availability:

Cobra (MSH Classic)

Cobra (4C System)

Cobra (Marvel Saga)

Cobra Commander: Cobra's founder, its mysterious Commander began as an unsuccessful businessman who, after his paranoia told him that Big Government was out to crush the 'little guy', decided to forge a new system - one with him on the top! Availability:

Cobra Commander (MSH Classic)

Cobra Commander (4C System)

Cobra Commander (Marvel Saga)

Cobra Commander (Animated Version): a brilliant geneticist altered while experimenting with mutagenic spores, Golobulus charged the Commander with infiltrating human society to conquer it from within - paving the way for Cobra-La's global domination! Availability:

Cobra Commander (Animated Version, MSH Classic)

Cobra Commander (Animated Version, 4C System)

Cobra Commander (Animated Version, Marvel Saga)

Cobra Commander 2: after he thought he had murdered the original Cobra Commander, Crimson Guardsman Fred 7 stole his identity, and claimed Cobra for himself! Naturally, the rest of Cobra's command structure fought him on this every step of the way. Availability:

Cobra Commander 2 / Fred 7 (MSH Classic)

Cobra Commander 2 / Fred 7 (4C System)

Cobra Commander 2 / Fred 7 (Marvel Saga)

Cobra Officers: Cobra's officers are its operatives who easily rise above the crowd in that organization's teeming masses. Possessing leadership skills to match their ruthlessness, these operatives are the men and women who make the Command work. Availability:

Cobra Officers (MSH Classic)

Cobra Officers (4C System)

Cobra Officers (Marvel Saga)

Cobra Recruits: the unwashed and untrained massess of criminals and other unruly sorts that Cobra has absorbed into its ranks, Recruits are what everyone starts as. From here, they have to prove themselves - or find themselves 'expended'. Availability:

Cobra Recruits (MSH Classic)

Cobra Recruits (4C System)

Cobra Recruits (Marvel Saga)

Cobra Recruit Officers: Cobra Recruits with some leadership ability - or who don't die in the field - are often promoted to the rank of Recruit Officer. This lets them lead a group of their fellows, and possibly go somewhere in the organization. Availability:

Cobra Recruit Officers (MSH Classic)

Cobra Recruit Officers (4C System)

Cobra Recruit Officers (Marvel Saga)

Cobra Technicians: the backbone of Cobra's labor force during its formative years, these skilled operatives worked in various capacities to support that terroist organization's operations - until they were replaced by more specialized operatives. Availability:

Cobra Technicians (MSH Classic)

Cobra Technicians (4C System)

Cobra Technicians (Marvel Saga)

the Cobra Battle Field Kits: Cobra maintains a large supply of prefabricated kits that are packed and able to be put into action in mere moments. Though not as versatile as their vehicles, this gear is nonetheless vital to the overall success of their plans. Availability:

the Cobra Battle Field Kits (MSH Classic)

the Cobra Battle Field Kits (4C System)

the Cobra Battle Field Kits (Marvel Saga)

the Cold Warrior: Professor Eric Sinkovitz was a cryogenics expert that was duped by a Skrull operative into turning his impressive technology against the heroic 3-D man, as he was led to believe that hero was a communist operative! Availability:

the Cold Warrior (MSH Classic)

the Cold Warrior (4C System)

the Cold Warrior (Marvel Saga)

Cold Front: growing up inhaling diesel fumes near Fort Knox, it was only natural that Charles find himself interested in tanks. Excelling in the 3rd Armored Batallion, Charles eventaully earned an assignment driving the GI Joe team's mighty Avalanche! Availability:

Cold Front (MSH Classic)

Cold Front (4C System)

Cold Front (Marvel Saga)

Collins, Sean: Kamakura: Snake-Eyes' apprentice, Kamakura is the adopted son of Vietnam veteran (and former Crimson Guardsman) Wade Collins. Sean works hard to prove himself, both in the eyes of his father and his new fellows in the Arashikage ninja clan! Availability:

Sean Collins: Kamakura (MSH Classic)

Sean Collins: Kamakura (4C System)

Sean Collins: Kamakura (Marvel Saga)

Collins, Wade: a former POW disillusioned with America after the Vietnam war, Wade was easily seduced by Cobra's promises. It wasn't until he became one of their elite Crimson Guard that, with the help of friends, he saw through their lies. Availability:

Wade Collins (MSH Classic)

Wade Collins (4C System)

Wade Collins (Marvel Saga)

Colonel Courage: the Colonel considers most self-professed 'clean freaks' slobs. He's airtight on military protocols and regulations, and insists that those under him live to his exacting standards. The Joes tolerate this because he does all their paper work! Availability:

Colonel Courage (MSH Classic)

Colonel Courage (4C System)

Colonel Courage (Marvel Saga)

the Condor Z-25: an advanced, dual-purpose aircraft, the Condor Z-25 primarly acts as a high-altitude bomber in its default mode. When it is accosted, however, it can split into two distinct fighter craft, each of which has its own, unique characteristics! Availability:

the Condor Z-25 (MSH Classic)

the Condor Z-25 (4C System)

the Condor Z-25 (Marvel Saga)

the Confiscator: granted powers of conjuration by a weak, cursed Genie who accidentally misjudged his murderous intent for good will, the spiteful Elwood Smith has embarked on a virtually suicidal criminal career as... the one and only Confiscator! Availability:

the Confiscator (MSH Classic)

the Confiscator (4C System)

the Confiscator (Marvel Saga)

Ken Connell - the Star Brand: while riding his dirt bike outside of Pittsburgh, Ken Connell was given a weapon of infinite potential by an old man: the Star Brand! Ken tried using this item as a super hero, and almost destroyed the world as a result! Availability:

Ken Connell - the Star Brand (MSH Classic)

Ken Connell - the Star Brand (4C System)

Ken Connell - the Star Brand (Marvel Saga)

Ken Connell - the Old Man: journeying into the past in an effort to atone for his many sins, Ken Connell's mind was immediately programmed upon him by the Star Child, and he was lost in a delusional state of being that persisted the rest of his life. Availability:

Ken Connell - the Old Man (MSH Classic)

Ken Connell - the Old Man (4C System)

Ken Connell - the Old Man (Marvel Saga)

Ken Connell - the Star Child: the son of Ken Connell and his Deb 'the duck' Felix, the Star Child was born with full command of the Star Brand. Lacking any knowledge, however, he set out to learn about both the Brand and his place in the universe. Availability:

Ken Connell - the Star Child (MSH Classic)

Ken Connell - the Star Child (4C System)

Ken Connell - the Star Child (Marvel Saga)

the Conquest X-30: an advanced, forward-swept wing aircraft, the Conquest X-30 is an aeronautical marvels that shouldn't technically fly - but handily manages to do so thanks to a variety of highly advanced, computer-assisted control mechanisms! Availability:

the Conquest X-30 (MSH Classic)

the Conquest X-30 (4C System)

the Conquest X-30 (Marvel Saga)

Coojeechiscue (Cubic): the sanest member of Crasniye Solleetsi, Nadehzda is also its field leader. Using her paranormal ability to generate cubes of psionic force, Nadehzda's paranormal power is useful for both defense and containment. Availability:

Coojeechiscue (Cubic) (MSH Classic)

Coojeechiscue (Cubic) (4C System)

Coojeechiscue (Cubic) (Marvel Saga)

Cool Breeze: loquacious and cocksure, Cool Breeze can nonetheless back up everything that comes out of his mouth. And a lot of things come out of his mouth, for the guy really has a hard time zipping it - especially when he's under direct threat! Availability:

Cool Breeze (MSH Classic)

Cool Breeze (4C System)

Cool Breeze (Marvel Saga)

Copperhead: an unsuccessful speedboat racer who bet on himself too often, Copperhead found working for Cobra a great way to pay off his gambling debts. Of course, he enjoys numerous other advantages of being on that organization's payroll, as well! Availability:

Copperhead (MSH Classic)

Copperhead (4C System)

Copperhead (Marvel Saga)

the Copyright Infringer: a genius with an idealistic belief in the free exchange of information, Henri Bisque does his level best to 'hack' any and all data to share it with the masses - no matter whose pocketbook is hurt in the process! Availability:

the Copyright Infringer (MSH Classic)

the Copyright Infringer (4C System)

the Copyright Infringer (Marvel Saga)

Cosmos: a high-flying reconnaissance operative, Cosmos often hovers far above the earth, spying on Decepticon activity and enabling global Autobot communications. However, he easily gets bored, tormenting humans for fun if left alone too long. Availability:

Cosmos (MSH Classic)

Cosmos (4C System)

Cosmos (Marvel Saga)

Countdown: chess master, electronics engineer, fighter pilot, shuttle commander: these all describe the Joe known as Countdown. While they paint the picture of a supremely capable GI Joe operative, though, they don't describe how boring the man can be. Availability:

Countdown (MSH Classic)

Countdown (4C System)

Countdown (Marvel Saga)

Cover Girl: after she grew tired of life as a fashion model, Courtney joined the Army to properly challenge herself. Becoming a grease monkey and an Armor expert, she's proven her skills time and time again, usually at the wheel of her Wolverine! Availability:

Cover Girl (MSH Classic)

Cover Girl (4C System)

Cover Girl (Marvel Saga)

the CLAW: with GI Joe fielding multiple inexpensive vehicles with which to dominate the skies, Cobra had no choice but to innovate. Enter the CLAW, or Covert Light Aerial Weapon, which is essentially two jet engines held together by a single wing! Availability:

the CLAW (MSH Classic)

CLAW (4C System)

CLAW (Marvel Saga)

Crankcase: Crankcase was building engines by the time he was thirteen in Lawrence, Kansas, and racing just a short time later. Having a need for speed, he's invariably grumpy unless he's driving something - anything - at its top speed! Availability:

Crankcase (MSH Classic)

Crankcase (4C System)

Crankcase (Marvel Saga)

Crazylegs: David was on his way to becoming one of the world's greatest organists, but his short fingers put the kibosh on that goal. Needing new direction, he instead enlisted, and now jumps out of airplanes while his internal sound track is playing Bach! Availability:

Crazylegs (MSH Classic)

Crazylegs (4C System)

Crazylegs (Marvel Saga)

Crimebuster: shipped off to Japan to learn 'discipline' after a youthful crime spree, Oliver Edgehill was trained by Master Lee in the fighting arts. After mastering his chi, Oliver returned to the states to fight evil and tyranny - as the Crimebuster! Availability:

Crimebuster (MSH Classic)

Crimebuster (4C System)

Crimebuster (Marvel Saga)

the Crimson Guard: Cobra's elite shock troops, the Crimson Guard are expert infiltrators and saboteurs. Possessing advanced degrees in addition to their subversive training, those targeted by the Guard rarely, if ever, see them coming. Availability:

the Crimson Guard (MSH Classic)

the Crimson Guard (4C System)

the Crimson Guard (Marvel Saga)

Crimson Guard Commanders: second only to Tomax and Xamot themselves, these elite officers direct the Crimson Guard in its various missions. Each one a master spy and combatant, the Crimson Guard Commanders are a singular threat against freedom itself! Availability:

Crimson Guard Commanders (MSH Classic)

Crimson Guard Commanders (4C System)

Crimson Guard Commandersr (Marvel Saga)

Crimson Guard Immortals: elite amongst the Crimson Guard, themselves the apex of Cobra forces, the Immortals seem like super soldiers! Leaders of men and masters of war, Crimson Guard Immortals are so mighty that they're feared even by GI Joe! Availability:

Crimson Guard Immortal (MSH Classic)

Crimson Guard Immortal (4C System)

Crimson Guard Immortal (Marvel Saga)

Croc Master: obsessed with crocodiles all his life, the man known only as Croc Master founded Guard Gators, Inc., to sell his babies as a deadly security system. This endeared him with Cobra's leadership, who needed to secure its large tropical Island! Availability:

Croc Master (MSH Classic)

Croc Master (4C System)

Croc Master (Marvel Saga)

Cross-Country: born to parents who both worked with large, heavy vehicles for a living, one could almost say Robert had a genetic imperative to do the same. It sure looks like it when the man is behind the wheel of his HAVOC - or anything else, really! Availability:

Cross-Country (MSH Classic)

Cross-Country (4C System)

Cross-Country (Marvel Saga)

Cross Hair: a master sniper with eerily good vision, Don S. Fardie is also unnaturally silent at times. He excels at creeping up on a body, a trait he loves to apply equally well against both Cobra goons and while playing pranks on his fellow Joes. Availability:

Cross Hair (MSH Classic)

Cross Hair (4C System)

Cross Hair (Marvel Saga)

Crossfire: with his love for mechanical things and appreciation of the military lifestyle, it was a certainty that Bill would eventually enlist. Working as a heavy machine gunner, he truly excels at both firing and repairing his weapons when things go awry. Availability:

Crossfire (MSH Classic)

Crossfire (4C System)

Crossfire (Marvel Saga)

the Crossfire: a heavily armed off-road vehicle, the Crossfire is perfect for engaging in hit and run operations against Cobra. It's the perfect ride for Rumbler, since that Joe is more than happy to engage in vehicular violence at the drop of a hat! Availability:

the Crossfire (MSH Classic)

the Crossfire (4C System)

the Crossfire (Marvel Saga)

Crosswise: a highly skilled inventor, architect, and astrophysicist, Crosswise is the Spychangers' high tech 'genius', capable of whipping up all manner of new devices to help the Autobots in their stealthy missions against the Predacons and Decepticons. Availability:

Crosswise (MSH Classic)

Crosswise (4C System)

Crosswise (Marvel Saga)

Cryotek: a frighteningly intelligent criminal mastermind, Cryotek has been behind some of Cybertron's most heinous crimes for centuries, appearing in various time periods - and working with various Megatrons - to achieve his own ends. Availability:

Cryotek (MSH Classic)

Cryotek (4C System)

Cryotek (Marvel Saga)

Crystal Ball: the seventh son of a seventh son, the man known only as Crystal Ball has honest to goodness psionic powers! Though limited in scope, these powers have helped him get far in life, and serve him well in the teeming, villainous ranks of Cobra! Availability:

Crystal Ball (MSH Classic)

Crystal Ball (4C System)

Crystal Ball (Marvel Saga)

Crystalline: an inventive genius decades ahead of her peers, Becky Abrams has a knack for repurposing existing technology in new and exciting ways. The ultimate product of her genius, in fact, allows her to adventure as the mighty heroine, Crystalline! Availability:

Crystalline (MSH Classic)

Crystalline (4C System)

Crystalline (Marvel Saga)

the Cube Cam: this tiny device is one of the Joe team's new tools in its war against Cobra and other terrorists. It's about the size of a normal die, and can both film everything in its vicinity and transmit video directly to a waiting Joe-Com unit! Availability:

the Cube Cam (MSH Classic)

the Cube Cam (4C System)

the Cube Cam (Marvel Saga)

Cutter: despite growing up as far as you can from an ocean in the States, Skip nonetheless became a Coast Guardsman. Inexplicably nagging his way onto the GI Joe team, Skip became their resident skipper on missions, whether or not he piloted the WHALE! Availability:

Cutter (MSH Classic)

Cutter (4C System)

Cutter (Marvel Saga)

Cyber-Vipers: Doctor Mindbender's personal soldiers, the Cyber-Vipers are intelligent Cobra operatives who he has cybernetially augmented. Now, in addition to being smart enough to help him in his work, they're tough enough to handle its consequences, too! Availability:

Cyber-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Cyber-Vipers (4C System)

Cyber-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

the Cyborg in the Red Suit: paralyzed by a religious mob in his home town, Leland Renault has nursed a grudge against the faithful for years. Given extensive implants by Wizardyne as an experiment, he can now freely act out his revenge fantasies! Availability:

the Cyborg in the Red Suit (MSH Classic)

the Cyborg in the Red Suit (4C System)

the Cyborg in the Red Suit (Marvel Saga)

the Cycle Armor: this experimental hardware is a high-speed motorcycle, with a twist. When needed, the vehicle itself can transform into a suit of combat armor for its rider, allowing them considerable combat prowess once they settle down for a fight! Availability:

the Cycle Armor (MSH Classic)

the Cycle Armor (4C System)

the Cycle Armor (Marvel Saga)

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