the Confiscator


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Elwood Smith, a magically altered human who gained his powers as result of a granted wish, is the one and only Confiscator. His eerie, eldritch power to 'confiscate' just about any object he can imagine is quite useful in a fight, and has also encouraged him to be a wielder of high tech and/or magical items, as he's encountered (and confiscated) several in his criminal career.


Conjuration (i): this power functions per the similarly named spell, allowing Elwood to acquire any item he desires, no matter what (or where) it may be; as long as it exists, Elwood can conjure it forth from the omniverse. If the item he's conjuring is broken, decomposed, or otherwise in less than a full state of assembly, the power will even repair it to a fresh state of being.

Naturally, this lends itself to a bevy of rather useful side effects. While it cannot actually revive once-living beings, this power can nonetheless restore them to the state they were in at the instant they died; resuscitation may even be possible at this point, if desired. Furthermore, any non-living device can be restored to a fully operational status, no matter how complex it may be.

That's magic for you. In other words, this intensity 15 power ensures that Elwood will never want for material things - be it food or anything else. It works if Elwood can pass an easy difficulty Conjuration action, opposed by the highest intensity (if any) an item possesses. If an item lacks any applicable intensity to speak of (like, say, a chicken leg), the action is generally unopposed.

Of course, if an item is currently in the possession of (and being held by) someone, or is itself possessed of a sentience, the applicable Willpower of either can be used as opposition instead (target's choice).

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Bad Vision: Elwood has bad, bad vision, and can barely see without his thick, round-rimmed glasses. Should he lose them somehow (as they do present an appealing target in a fight) his Strength and Agility scores should be considered zero for the purposes of combat. Until he gets them back, at least; which can be a trick after they are smashed in combat...!


Cornucopia Chain (i): this bizarre magical item, acquired from the Kedae demon Posnudias shortly after he acquired his powers, can 'acquire' any non-sentient item that it strikes. This power functions as per Elwood's Conjuration power, listed above, though Elwood only needs to strike an item to make the power work (he need not overcome its highest intensity or any interfering Willpower first).

Items so acquired can be somewhat tricky to extract from the chain, however. Drawing forth an item of a general type (any kind of gun, for instance), takes one exchange of concentration, a more specific class of item (an energy rifle) can be extracted in five exchanges, and a specific item (such as a Cameron brand phase plasma rifle with a 40 Watt range) takes ten exchanges to manifest.

Once such an item is so manifested, it can be wielded normally, and even given away (which comes in handy if someone beats Elwood up to get, say, their enchanted hammer back). However, while items are contained within the Cornucopia Chain, they effectively cease to exist for all intents and purposes - which can be great for dealing with bombs, grenades, and such...

Entropy Blaster (i): after encountering a rather large, mechanized opponent during one of his many criminal misadventures, Elwood found he needed something to disrupt the defenses of an enemy, defenses he couldn't 'confiscate' since they were inherent to his foe's very form. Reaching out with his eldritch power, he manifested this darkling beauty from the depths of time and space.

The Entropy Blaster is a small handgun with a narrow profile, one that fires a powerful beam that can disrupt the nature of anything it strikes, be it a force field, brick wall, psionic energy matrix, or whatever. This beam can inflict intensity 15 damage to whatever it hits, and those people / things it doesn't destroy outright must pass a desperate Strength action / operations check or quit functioning.

Energy fields disperse or cease to flow, mechanical devices will break down spectacularly, and people will fall unconscious, if they fail this desperate action check. Living beings that fail a first check must then make a second check, of like difficulty, to stay alive; if they pass, affected beings are simply unconscious for an aura duration, while those who fail lose one card per exchange, until death.




Elwood is a member of the Tenacious Ten - or at least he was in their original incarnation. As such, he has met and befriended a few members of this villainous organization while he was with them. He may continue to be a member of this super-villainous troupe should they be reassembled, but only time will tell if this will come to pass (after all, as many folks in the group hate him as like him...)


Greed: ironically, though he has a veritable universe of riches at hand thanks to his unique powers, Elwood is driven by the need to prove himself - namely by taking things from other super-humans in a fight. The more items of power he claims for his own, the larger a sense of satisfaction and self-worth Elwood feels... which naturally makes him the enemy of equipment-wielding heroes.


Elwood wears a simple, less-than-obvious uniform while engaging in his criminal shenanigans. He wears an oversized red sweater, overlapped by a large pair of blue denim overalls. Elwood also wears a big pair of brown galoshes, as well as a pair of black leather gloves with the fingers cut off, and naturally, his trademark spectacles (which are often taped up after being broken in a fight).


Elwood is an obnoxious, overbearing boor. He's full of himself and his power to the point that he repeatedly oversteps his bounds, getting himself into more trouble than he can handle. He isn't satisfied with simply using his power to acquire all manner of 'mundane' riches, oh no; he feels that he must acquire all manner of bizarre superhuman paraphernalia, to what end he hasn't decided yet.

Real Name: Elwood Smith
Occupation: criminal, omniversal prospector
Legal Status: American citizen with a minor criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Tenacious Ten

Height: 5' 3"
Hair: dish-water blonde
Eyes: green
Weight: 105 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Elwood has a weasely, bookish look to him (if that at all makes sense).


Elwood was an ordinary, mean-spirited teenager who happened upon an accursed Genie one day. This otherplanar creature had been forced into the form of a cat - a particularly wretched cat at that - and was about to be struck by a car. Elwood saw this and ran up to the cat as it attempted to hobble away from the oncoming vehicle on its three legs, hoping to see it get wiped out.

Of course, the driver of the car bearing down on the animal saw Elwood racing towards the road, and swerved away at the last minute, inadvertently saving the crippled cat in the process. Thinking this an act of kindness, the Genie introduced itself to Elwood (still having the ability to speak, after all), and granted him one wish for his kindness (though the Genie knew not Elwood's true motives).

Elwood thought long and hard about this, and wished he had an unlimited amount of riches. Wishing to best help out his ersatz savior, the Genie didn't horribly warp the wish as Genies are wont to do, and instead gave Elwood a useful ability that would, in fact, allow him to amass all the riches he could stand. He gave Elwood the supernatural power of conjuration - and then limped away.

Elwood used his power for petty purposes at first, drawing forth as much money as he could store in his small bedroom. Growing bored with his suddenly limitless resources, Elwood decided that he instead wanted to be respected for his power, not just for what he had. He then went on a quest to acquire this respect, doing what he could to lay low super heroes and super villains alike.

He could've just stolen their gear without their being the wiser, to be sure, but Elwood wanted them to KNOW that it was he, the Confiscator, who had defeated them and taken their toys. To this end, Elwood has battled a handful of rather unsavory sorts to get his hands on their empowering goods, and has irked the ire of quite a few villains in his time - some rather powerful even without their stuff.

Regardless, Elwood pressed on in his virtually suicidal criminal career, and after a lucky scrap with the Kedae demon Posnudias, attracted the attention of Elys, a powerful extraplanar dragoness that was assembling a host of villains to protect her Antarctic lair from a band of heroes bent on defeating her (though she had, admittedly, started the conflict in the first place).

Thinking this high praise indeed, Elwood gladly joined up with Elys' gaggle, which then dubbed themselves the Tenacious Ten. These villains did indeed do battle with said heroes once they figured out where Elys was hiding out, though they ultimately managed to defeat the villainous host. Elwood subsequently escaped thanks to Elys' magic, though his current whereabouts and activities are unknown.

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