the Condor Z-25

An advanced, high-altitude bomber, the Condor Z-25 features a forward-swept wing design. It packs three distinct bomb bays, one on each of its wings and another towards the middle of the craft. It is further armed with numerous missiles and a powerful laser cannon array.

But that's only the tip of the iceberg! When necessary, the Condor can split into two distinct aircraft, the front half having greater speed while the rear half has greater maneuverability. Altogether, the Condor Z-25 is known to have these technological capabilities:

Air-to-Surface Missiles (i): featuring revolutionary ion propulsion to avoid messy thruster exhaust, these canard-mounted projectiles can actively target a ground-based foe, as opposed to simply falling on them. They inflict intensity 10 damage each, raised by +1 if both hit at once.

Body Armor (s): the Condor Z-25 is built tough, since it's not all that effective in air-to-air combat. Its various engineering features offer it an effective material strength of 12, which provides its pilot(s) like, or +3, protection from assault.

Cobra-band Radio (i): Cobra gear uses a communication system of its own, not beholden to conventional broadcast standards. The Condor Z-25 in particular has comm gear with intensity 9 range (500 miles, optimally), and benefits from intensity 8 signal encryption.

Electronic Countermeasures (i): to better avoid enemy attention, the pilot(s) of the Condor Z-25 can activate this radar jamming device. It blankets an area in radio frequency noise, which acts to dull the effectiveness of radar units with intensity 8 ability.

Flight (a): a super-sonic aircraft, albeit barely, the Condor Z-25 possesses the power of flight at intensity 10. Mind you, when it splits into two vehicles, its Flying Wing moves with intensity 9 speeds, while its Rocket Ride can fly at intensity 11 velocity.

Flying Wing (i): when the Condor Z-25 splits in two, the rear of the craft becomes a highly maneuverable 'flying wing', one equipped with two of the vehicle's bomb bays holding seven explosives each, its Smackers, and the craft's laser ring turret.

Incendiary Bombs (i): the Condor Z-25 can carry a whopping twenty-one bombs! These incendiary devices detonate to inflict intensity 10 energy damage to everything within near missile distance of where they explode, adding a +1 for each additional bomb striking the same space.

Laser Cannon (a): this rear-mounted ring turret allows the Condor Z-25's pilot(s) to assault any foe! Twinned together, these dual beam emitters can be fired to inflict one's Agility +6 in Armor Piericng energy damage, and can do so up to 2,700 times before exhausting its generator.

Passengers: while it is a large vehicle, the Condor Z-25 doesn't have all that much room for human occupants. It has two cockpits, one facing forward and one facing towards the rear, each of which can hold one person, allowing each to fly half of it when it splits in two.

Radar Array (w): in addition to using RF signals to communicate with other Cobras and to jam enemy radar, the Condor can itself track air or ground targets with intensity 9 ability. Of course, its pilot(s) can't utilize their ECM package while keeping tabs on their foes.

Rocket Ride (i): when the Condor Z-25 splits in two, the front of the craft becomes an incredibly fast, almost missile-like vehicle. It is armed with one of the Condor's bomb bays, holding seven explosives, as well as its air-to-surface missiles.

Smacker Missiles: these wing-mounted air-to-air projectiles can actively target an air-based target, as opposed to the Condor Z-25's admittedly massive payload of ground-pounding bombs. These super-sonic missiles inflict intensity 10 damage each, +1 if both hit at once.

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