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The swarming hordes of Cobra Recruit Officers are actually little better than their subordinates, the Cobra Recruits. This countless rabble has simply shown a slight bit of discipline and/or potential, and have thus been given a different uniform (so the real Cobras can at least see who is possibly worth salvaging). The real go-getters know that this rank is just a stepping stone, however.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



AK-47 Assault Rifle: this Russian-built, semi or fully automatic rifle is built to last, being readily adapted for almost any duty imaginable. Cobra Recruit Officers may discharge a single round with this firearm to inflict Typical (6) Shooting damage, a rapid, semi-automatic burst of rounds to inflict Good (10) Shooting damage, or a continuous, automatic burst of fire to inflict Excellent (20) Shooting damage.

Grenades: the shiftless masses of Cobra Recruit Officers have been equipped with two grenades apiece, in addition to their other hardware. They carry one incendiary and one fragmentary grenade, both of which inflict Remarkable (30) damage to everything within the area they detonate inside. The former causes SD Energy damage, and the latter causes Edged Attack damage. Nasty, yes?

Helmet: the second lowest rank of Cobra operative, all Recruit Officers wear factory second Viper helmets. Theirs are blue with a silver, acrylic/composite face plate that acts as a one-way mirror. The helmet offers Typical (6) protection against head attacks, -1 CS against those targeted on their face plate. It also has a Typical (6) ranked RTO suite built in, offering communications within ten miles.

Knife: though they'd usually rather not do so, all Cobra Recruit Officers are equipped to fight hand-to-hand in the event that they completely run out of ammunition (and they usually carry several magazines to prevent this). These blades are of Remarkable (30) material strength, and in a Recruit Officer's hands, they can be used to inflict Typical (6) Edged Attack damage with each deadly strike.

Multi-Layer Body Armor: similar to their helmets, Officer Recruits receive factory second versions of the Viper's utilitarian, Kevlar weave body armor, which offers them some defense from assault. This handy costume offers the Cobra Recruit Officer Poor (4) protection from physical attacks. This may not defend against heavier artillery, but it dulls small arms fire for the most part.

Pistol: in the event that one's AK-47 is disabled, a Cobra Recruit Officer often has a spare handgun handy, stored in a convenient shoulder holster for quick access. These firearms can discharge a single round which inflicts Typical (6) Shooting damage, or a short burst which drains the entire magazine, but inflicts Good (10) Shooting damage. The magazine can presumably hold 8 rounds before it needs to be swapped out.




Guns: a given prerequisite, all Cobra operatives must have the ability to wield firearms in combat; if they don't have it upon joining Cobra, they are trained - and quickly. Any Recruit Officer can wield a regular, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol with proficiency, doing so as though his or her Agility score was +1 CS higher than is listed above.

Martial Arts type A or B: furthermore, all Cobra Recruit Officers are trained in at least one form of unarmed combat once they hook up with the group, if they don't already have one under their belt. Most learn type B, allowing them to attempt unarmed melee attacks at their Fighting score +1 CS, but some opt to learn type A, allowing them to Slam or Stun opponents more easily.

Military: a quasi-military organization, Cobra encourages an easily recognizable (to those within, at least) command structure. As such, those not bringing experience in such matters tend to pick it up quickly, to rise through the ranks; those who can't typically remain right here. This skill allows a +1 CS on any Reason or Intuition FEAT based on the workings of military dogma.


Cobra Recruit Officers theoretically have the entire organization of Cobra as their contact, in that they are members of the group and supposedly have the same goals. However, if it is more convenient to let a Recruit Officer get captured or otherwise take a fall, the Cobra Command is more than happy to let this happen. Unless a specific Recruit Officer has something the Command needs, he or she is ultimately expendable.


The almost bottom-of-the-barrel Cobra Recruit Officer's uniform is oddly a version of the Viper's, instead of that of a Cobra (or Cobra Officer). It consists of gray trousers, a gray vest, and a gray, short-sleeved shirt, coupled with a gray helmet that bears a mirrored face plate that completely obscures the features of its wearer. The uniform also has a black belt, black boots, and steel wrist guards.


The Cobra Recruit Officer is a Recruit that has shown vague promise, and is thus given a gaggle of their brethren to command. If he or she proves worthwhile, the Recruit Officer may be given a 'real' rank in the organization, either as a Cobra or a Viper. Of course, if they survive any spectacular failure, he or she may instead wind up a Desert Scorpion or Toxo-Viper. There's one's motivation to succeed.

2004 Variations


As the supply of second-hand Viper gear dried up, Recruit Offices adopted a uniform resembling that worn by the first Cobra Officers. It is primarily comprised of a Cobra blue jacket, with a red Cobra logo on the chest, and Cobra blue trousers. These are accented with brown leather boots, red web gear, black gloves, belts, and holsters, a brown face mask, and a blue helmet protecting their cranium from injury.

2008 Variations


A few years later, Recruit Officers were given a unique uniform style. It consisted of a blue jacket with a silver Cobra sigil on the left breast, blue trousers, black leather boots and gloves with metal plates on each, a black leather, pouch-laden belt, black webbing, a black bandolier with grenades attached, a black face mask, a blue skull cap, and as (almost) always, a blue helmet with a silver arrow designating rank.

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