Clean Sweep

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Gd 10
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Like almost all of his fellow GI Joes, Clean Sweep is but a normal human - at least, in a physical sense. He does carry a whole lot of advanced equipment though, including a remote controlled robot that is years ahead of its time, but he has no special powers.

Known Powers:



Eco-Warrior Suit: this suit seals Daniel off from the outside world. Made from recycled action figures, it offers him Remarkable (30) protection from toxins in the environment - mainly by preventing them from entering his system. It also has these 'bonus' feature:

* Helmet: in addition to providing Daniel Good (10) protection against head-based physical attacks, this head gear also has a holographic display inside, that lets him see what the chemical analyzer in his sweeper robot says - and even lets him control it by voice command!

* Self Sustenance: since his suit is airtight, Daniel has to have some sort of air supply. This comes in the form of an oxygen rebreather, which recycles Daniel's air for a full day at a time (24 hours of breathable air before it needs refreshed, or Feeble (2) rank).

the Joe-Com: this is a new device given to all Joes since the group's reactivation. This high-tech wristband functions as an audio/video transceiver with various other goodies built in to help a soldier on the go, and is described in greater detail in its own equipment entry.

Laser Pistol: his sole armament, this weapon allows Daniel to fight off Cobras in a conventional manner while neutralizing their combat gunk. He can fire this directed energy weapon to inflict Typical (6) Armor Piercing Energy damage in a single shot.

Sweeper Robot: the main weapon he uses in the fight against Cobra's weaponized Sludge-slingers, this device may be controlled by remote, allowing it to reach oddball places that Daniel can't. It is armed with a chemical analyzer that works with Remarkable (30) skill.

It is primarily designed to identify Cobra's Sludge, and then a) sucks the material inside itself, and b) neutralizes it, also with Remarkable (30) ability. It will then spread a Sludge-neutralizing gel onto the surface it recently drained, to limit long-term environmental effects.

The Sweeper can only move at Feeble (2) ground speeds - about 5 miles per hour. However, it can traverse many different kinds of terrain thanks to its tank-like treads, and in a pinch Daniel can even hop on top of the thing to avoid a deep dipping into Cobra gunk.




Chemistry: Daniel is primarily a chemist by trade, and has applied his knowledge to work against Cobra's chemical weaponry. His Rsn in chemical matters should be considered +1 CS, particularly handy when attempting to undo the damage Cobra's toxic weapons have caused.

Demolitions: a skill that showcases both of his other 'trade' abilities, this talent describes Daniel's expertise in explosives and other booby traps. Whether he's attempting to set or disarm an explosive or other trap, Daniel may do so at a +1 CS.

Engineering: though his main 'gig' is in chemistry, Daniel is also a proven combat engineer. He's highly skilled at building things for his fellow troops - often while under fire - and should receive a +1 CS to any FEAT required during the planning or execution of a build.

Guns: a vital part of his military training, this talent describes Daniel's ability to fire most standard firearms with ease. Whenever he wields a standard, semi-automatic or fully automatic rifle or pistol, Daniel may do so as though his Agy was +1 CS in rank.

Martial Arts type B: a skill he picked up in basic training, this talent showcases Daniel's ability to defend himself should he find himself disarmed. Whenever attempting unarmed melee attacks, such as punches or kicks, Daniel does so at his Ftg score +1 CS.

Military / United States: Daniel has mastered his many skills thanks to the United States military, which makes this talent an 'origin' of sorts for all his other abilities. He knows the SOP like the back of his hand, and can readily function in a military unit when necessary.


Daniel is a member of the GI Joe team, one tasked with a particularly dangerous job in the defense of both the environment and his fellow Joes. As such, the team is more than willing to lend him a hand when he needs it, if only he is willing to ask them for such assistance.


Daniel's GI Joe uniform is actually his toxin-resistant suit! It is primarily yellow in color, with green accessories here and there, and is further accented with brown gloves and boots, a neon green belt, and a yellow and green helmet with a blue-tinted visor.


Daniel enjoys his job, and he's particularly good at it. He's not an environmentalist like Ozone, per se, but he knows that his job is very important. He's more than ready to do it, too, even when most regular Joes fear to tread in the toxic turf he has to wade through daily...

Real Name: Daniel W. Price, Grade E-4
Occupation: chemical operations specialist, combat engineer
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: GI Joe, the Eco-Warriors (GI Joe sub-group)

Height: 5' 8"
Hair: brown, balding
Eyes: brown
Weight: 185 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Daniel usually wears a thick moustache at all times.


Not too much is known about the background of the man the GI Joe team calls Clean Sweep. The man has clearly been in the military for awhile, as he's a very good combat engineer, not to mention a chemist by trade. Perhaps it is his mastery of both skills that got him his place on the Joe team.

He's got to be tough and tenacious, or else he'd have never gotten through the entrance exam. He's also very bright, and takes to his job as a series of challenges to be beat. He doesn't rush at them whole hog or anything like that, but the man likes to analyze a problem and beat it down.

Once he made it onto the team, Daniel was given a position on their elite Eco-Warriors team, a very small group dedicated to opposing Cobra's efforts to introduce the world to weaponized Sludge. This chemical weapon would be a disaster in the hands of ordinary terrorists.

So Daniel was more than happy to help the Joes clean up the messes Cobra makes with this Sludge, not to mention working at preventing their further production of the stuff. The problem with that though is that it's made from ordinary pollutants - which are in ready supply.

Combine that with a terrible Sludge cheerleader known as Cesspool, and you've got a team with its hands full. Of course, Daniel and company eventually prevailed against Cesspool and his Sludge-wielding Vipers, and were cycled back into the regular Joe forces.

Though the Joes were disbanded for a time, they were reassembled when Cobra activities spiraled out of control. Daniel was happy to assist the Joes during the second Cobra Island Civil War, not to mention World War III, during which Cobra was finally defeated once and for all.

Mind you, several leaders of that group have so far escaped justice, so Daniel and his fellow Joes are busy hunting them down to this very day...!

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