Gd 10
Ty 6
In 40
Am 50
In 40
Rm 30
In 40
Rm 30
Sh 0



As are the other Elders of the Universe, the Caregiver is an immortal being, her chosen pursuit bolstering her life force to an endless degree. Furthermore, she is in possession of the Power Primordial, which allows her to perform numerous amazing feats in support of her obsessions.

Known Powers:

Immortality: Caregiver is an Elder of the Universe, one of the oldest beings in existence, and the last of her species. She is so dedicated to mastering the healing arts that it has reinforced her very life force to an infinite degree, helping her to stave off death indefinitely.

Furthermore, like the other Elders, the Caregiver has been barred from Death's door. As such, even if she loses her manic passion for the healing of others of import, she cannot die. No, she would persist forever despite ultimately losing her motivation to strive for meaning in life.

the Power Primordial: literally billions of years old, the Caregiver has accumulated a fair modicum of the Power Primordial during her irrationally long life span. The creative energies of the universe's beginning, this Power allows her the following abilities:

* Cure Disease: in addition to the power to heal others, the Caregiver may extract harmful foreign life forms from any entity. She can purge them of hostile infections with Shift X (150) ability, meaning few plagues can escape the Caregiver's restorative touch.

* Detoxification: not only can the Caregiver heal the physical damage others have suffered, and extract hostile infections from their bodies, but she can also cleanse them of toxins both natural and artificial. She may perform this action with Shift X (150) skill.

* Empathy: a powerful empath, the Caregiver can sense the emotional state of other beings, which greatly helps her in her efforts to determine whatever it is that ails them. She possesses this impressive psionic ability at Shift X (150) rank.

* Environmental Independence: tapping the Power Primordial to handle the sundry needs of her physical existence, the Caregiver has done away with such base needs. Possessing this power at Class 5000 rank, she no longer needs to breathe, eat, or drink to sustain her life.

* Environmental Pocket: the Caregiver has the ability to determine what a life form requires to survive, and can provide it in a pinch. This generates an environmental pocket around them, with Shift X (150) ability, that lasts as long as she concentrates on maintaining it.

* Flight: supplementing her ability to navigate the cosmos unaided, the Caregiver can also move, at will, in three dimensions. She may do this with Feeble (2) ability, moving at 30 miles per hour in an atmosphere, or 375 miles per hour in space.

* Healing / Self and Others: instead of helping them regenerate over time, the Caregiver can immediately repair harm to a body with a massive pulse of essential energies. Functioning at Shift X (150) rank, this power can heal her or another of like damage on contact.

* Invulnerability: the Power Primordial has granted the Caregiver protection from a wide array of threats posed to her continued existence. She effectively possesses complete immunity to Disease, Energy, Pressure Variance, and Poison assaults of any stripe.

* Regeneration / Self and Others: instead of overwhelming bodies with essential, healing energies, the Caregiver can bolster their natural healing. Working at Shift X (150) rank, she can prompt her body or that of another to heal fifteen (15) points of lost Health per turn.

* Telepathy: the Caregiver has not done great things with this ability, mostly wielding it to communicate with others who are in the void or, as is usually the case, no longer speak her dead language. She possesses this power at a minimum rank of Feeble (2).

* Teleportation: unlike many of her fellow Elders, the Caregiver can teleport across vast distances of space. She may perform this action with Shift X (150) ability, which is strongly enhanced to operate on the Very Far range table (25 billion miles per teleport!)

Limitations / Enhancements:





Mania / Monomania 3: the Caregiver loves nurturing the universe's most important beings, and happily rushes to their aid at a moment's notice. In fact, she feels compelled to do so, and must pass a Psyche FEAT roll at -6 CS to resist this overwhelming urge.


Medicine 3: though she has vast healing powers, the Caregiver is also well-versed in conventional medicinal techniques, having practiced them for billions of years. She may attempt FEAT rolls related to medical knowledge or surgical procedures at a +3 CS.


Though she loathes working with them, the Caregiver is nonetheless one of the Elders of the Universe. As such, she can generally rely upon them for assistance should she but ask, though as is more often the case, it is her lending them or their allies aid when called upon.

Having ensured the continued existence of countless beings of import throughout reality, some of which are abstract entities, the Caregiver has numerous additional contacts around the universe, any number of which she can call in favors from should she need to.


The Caregiver's typical ensemble consists of a sleeveless emerald green dress, an emerald green short cape, purple sandals, purple wrist bands, purple arm bands, and a purple and black diadem that supports her ample green-blue hair.


Obsessed with caring for others that are in some way important to the cosmos, the Caregiver journeys across the universe, lending her talents to those individuals as best as she can. She's a bit of a snob, though, and refuses to wield her healing gifts on the unwashed masses.

Just where she draws the line between cosmic significance and insignificance has yet to be revealed, however.

Real Name: Rubanna Lagenris Quormo
Occupation: Nurturer to the stars
Legal Status: citizen of an unknown, dead world
Marital Status: (very) single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Elders of the Universe

Height: 8' 2"
Hair: green-blue
Eyes: white
Weight: 447 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Caregiver is a considerably tall humanoid, has a golden flesh tone, flowing, green-blue hair, and three breasts.


The origins of the being known to the cosmos as Caregiver have been lost to the ravages of time. Though the world she came from is unknown, and the very nature of her people has yet to be revealed, she grew up to become obsessed with healing and nurturing others.

She traveled far and wide in pursuit of more and better medical knowledge, losing track of the time while her capabilities as a doctor grew. She eventually realized that she had quit aging, and more strikingly, had dispensed with the need to eat, drink, or even breathe!

Persisting long past her naturally alotted life span, the Caregiver ultimately outlived her species, her home world, and even most of the galaxy that birthed her. Her work continued, however, even if it became more specific in its scope, for Caregiver became pickier about who she helped.

Initially content to help all who needed it, she began to reserve her growing healing powers for those who held some import to the cosmos, or at least some portion of such. Thus, she traveled the length and breadth of the universe itself to find those she could be bothered to help.

Learning that she was one of the so-called Elders of the Universe, the Caregiver found that she didn't like her ersatz siblings, and rarely worked with them. The only time she would answer their calls for help were to further her own goals of nurturing significant beings.

That's why, when the Contemplator called upon her to assist him and Quasar in saving the life of a reborn Origin, an abstract being who was in danger of dying after being assaulted by the Soul-Eater, she answered. She even managed to save Quasar's life in the process!

Leaving for parts unknown after accomplishing this, the Caregiver was called upon by Quasar soon after, hoping she could help cure his mother's cancer. Revealing that she would only help those who were unique in the universe in some manner, the Caregiver refused his request.

Which explains why she hasn't been seen much since. While the Caregiver doesn't really like her fellow Elders of the Universe, they're not overly fond of her, either. And considering the smug unlikability they tolerate amongst each other, that's saying something!

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