Elders of the Universe

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Known Elders

Astronomer: mentally and physically changed by his obsessive study of the cosmos, the Astronomer is one of the Elders of the Universe. Naturally, as one of the Universe's elders, he felt that he was best suited to run the joint. Availability:

Astronomer (MSH Classic)

Astronomer (4C System)

Astronomer (Marvel Saga)

Caregiver: having a single-minded focus on nurturing the cosmos' most important beings, the Caregiver has found her calling enough to sustain her existence indefinitely. One of the Elders of the Universe, she had been doing this for billions of years! Availability:

Caregiver (MSH Classic)

Caregiver (4C System)

Caregiver (Marvel Saga)

Father Time: forever changed by his profound obsession with the nature of time, the entity currently only known as Father Time is one of the Elders of the Universe. He has a particular fondness for heroic archtypes and legendary figures. Availability:

Father Time (MSH Classic)

Father Time (4C System)

Father Time (Marvel Saga)

Gardener: obsessed beyond mere mortal constraints with a desire to build the universe's greatest display of plant life, the Gardener is billions of years old. An Elder of the Universe, he only acts to further this goal, for good or ill. Availability:

Gardener (MSH Classic)

Gardener (4C System)

Gardener (Marvel Saga)

Obliterator: his physical needs and limitations sated by an endless need to destroy and murder everything of note, the Obliterator outlived every other member of his species. Rendered immortal by his obsession, he eventually became an Elder of the Universe! Availability:

the Obliterator (MSH Classic)

the Obliterator (4C System)

the Obliterator (Marvel Saga)

Runner: out of a need to reject responsibility and obviate obligation, the Runner has running down to a science. Aside from occasionally being snookered into the schemes of his fellow Elders of the Universe, he's managed to avoid duty for billions of years. Availability:

the Runner (MSH Classic)

the Runner (4C System)

the Runner (Marvel Saga)

Trader: his mind, body and soul rendered timeless by a profound love of commerce, the Trader has become an Elder of the Universe. While content to barter his way through life, he's occasionally snookered into his fellow Elders' schemes. Availability:

Trader (MSH Classic)

Trader (4C System)

Trader (Marvel Saga)

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