Hand Size:
4 (25)


Like most of his fellow Joes, Claymore is naught but a normal human, lacking special powers of any type. However, the man does tend to use a whole lot of government hardware, some of it quite advanced, so one could consider him a high tech hero if they really wanted.



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Helmet (s): a standard precaution for soldiers, this headgear helps to protect Claymore from otherwise lethal head wounds. Made from m.s. 8 materials, it offers him like (or +2) protection from physical attacks that hit him on the head - as long as it's not in the face.

Knife (s): Claymore carries a blade on him at all times, for you never know when you'll need a sharp edge. He can use this knife, made from m.s. 12 materials, to cut through items of like m.s. Furthermore, he can use it to inflict his Strength +2 damage in melee.

Uzi 9mm (a): his principal armament, Claymore gleefully carries this 'fun' weapon into battle. He can fire a single shot with it to inflict his Agility +4 in damage, a semi-auto burst for his Agility +5 in damage, and a fully automatic spread for his Agility +6 in damage.


Archaeology / Philosophy (i): Claymore studied eastern philosophy while he was in college at Dartmouth, a skill he put to practical use during several tours in eastern Asia. As such, he should be allowed a reduction in the difficulty of any related actions.

Boxing (s): a talent he picked up during Army basic, this skill allows Claymore to defend himself should he be rendered unarmed. In battle, he may divide his pre-card play action score between two separate unarmed attacks, the last of which occurs as a contingent action.

Guns (a): a vital portion of his basic training, Claymore has been well trained in the use of most conventional firearms. As such, he can fire any standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol at one difficulty level lower than is normally required.

Languages / Chinese, English, Japanese, Portuguese, and Vietnamese (i): having studied these languages both in school and having used them in the field, Claymore can be considered a master of all five tongues, being able to read, write and speak in each with ease.

Military / United States (w): the source of all his fighting talents, this skill denotes Claymore's ability to function in a military environment. He can readily lead soldiers into battle when necessary, and knows the SOP like the back of his hand.

Survival (w): a graduate of both Airborne and Ranger school, Claymore can be considered a natural survivalist. No matter what terrain he may find himself in, he can always scrounge up the food, water, and shelter he requires to persist, almost indefinitely.


Soldier: with his expertise in eastern philosophies, Claymore makes the perfect soldier. Perhaps his intense schooling has taught him how to find his place in life, or he may in fact still be searching for it, and is trying to do good in the mean time.


Claymore's GI Joe uniform is definitely... unique. It includes yellow trousers with a brown cheetah print, a yellow T-shirt with a brown cheetah print beneath a grass green vest, brown leather gloves, a brown leather belt, brown and green leather boots, and a green helmet.


Claymore is a no-nonsense kind of guy that likes to use his skills for the betterment of his country - he's the quintessential soldier. Of course, Claymore isn't really satisfied with his work unless he's testing himself to the absolute limits of his abilities.

Real Name: John Zullo, Grade O-3
Occupation: covert operations, anti-terrorist operations
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: GI Joe

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 185 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Claymore wears a thick black moustache at all times.


Claymore is a rather bright fellow. The son of immigrant workers, he attended Dartmouth college in New Hampshire, graduating at the top of his class with a major in Eastern Philosophy. Going the reverse route of most people, Claymore then enlisted in the Army.

While serving three straight tours in eastern Asia, Claymore engaged in a lot of work that was deemed classified - and still is to this very day. He's a master of multiple languages, and has attended both the Airborne and Ranger schools in his spare time.

Claymore has crafted a well-deserved reputation throughout the United States military, and as a result he was personally recruited onto the GI Joe team by Hawk himself, though Claymore accepted under one condition: that he only be brought in on special missions.

Hawk agreed to this, happy to have Claymore on the team in any capacity he could get him. Of course, with the Joes usually doing special missions as a general matter of course, it takes a truly important matter to get Claymore mixed in with his fellow, occasional teammates.

On one such mission, way down in Brazil, Claymore was placed in charge of a team of Joes that included Dial-Tone, Mainframe, Leatherneck, and Wet-Suit. Though charged with taking down the drug-dealing Headman and his cronies, this five-man squad of Joes were unsuccessful.

(Historical Divergence)

Claymore hasn't been seen with the Joes too often since, though he recently reunited with them to make a second run at the job his team botched in Brazil the first time around and, collecting all the principals in that endeavor (minus the deceased Mainframe), Claymore finally succeeded.

He's since been seen sporadically with the team, helping out in particularly sensitive missions. While Claymore hasn't been a fully active member of the GI Joe team, he was on hand to help them avert catastrophe when Cobra instigated World War III, a conflict the Joes narrowly won.

With that dealt with, Claymore may either be helping the team round up Cobras that got away during this mess, or instead participating in all new, clandestine missions for the military. With Claymore and his curious sensibilities, it's really hard to tell.

2011 Variations


M-60 (a): Claymore can fire this heavy machine gun to inflict his Agility +5 damage in a short burst, or his Agility +6 damage in a continuous burst of fire. He can discharge a single round for his Agility +4 in damage, but this requires a light touch.

Flashlight (i): the better to illuminate his immediate area, Claymore can activate this device, usually stored on a hip strap. It projects intensity 5 light, which can brighten up a single object within near missile distance of his current location.


Claymore's second GI Joe uniform is a variation on his first. It is comprised of yellow trousers with a brown cheetah print, a black turtleneck beneath a grass green vest, brown leather gloves, a brown leather belt, brown kneepads, green boots, and a green helmet.

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