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Henri Bisque, the Copyright Infringer, was originally just a genius computer programmer - who slowly changed after joining the Electronicists' League. They gave him a few high tech toys, for one thing, not to mention those experimental replacement optics...!

Known Powers:



Nowhere near the cybernetics enthusiast that Yash Alloy is, Henri wasn't about to get a whole lot of visible replacement parts when the opportunity presented itself. However, Yash nonetheless talked him into two (well, three) distinct cybernetic bits, as are described below:

* Computer Link: normally hidden by a flap of false, hair-covered skin, Henri has a computer plug installed in the back of his head. He can insert most modern data cables into this plug, which allows him to interface with the connected device with rank value 50 ability.

While this most often involves Henri using one or both of his eyes as monitors for his Surface Pro ™ tablet or his Pixel XL ™ smartphone, as well as the reception of the sound they emit, he can also transmit audiovisual sensory data to these devices, as well.

In other words, he can deliver snapshots of what he's seeing to his illegal copy of Adobe ™ Photoshop ™, record any conversation or other sound taking place in his environment, or even 'think' output to his smartphone to have a conversation on it with none the wiser!

* Cyber-eyes: his only outwardly visible cybernetics, Henri has had both of his eyes replaced with vastly superior artificial stand-ins. Thanks to help from Mister Matter, Henri's new eyes are built out of Invium and Moissanite, and have a net material value of 100.

These eyes are equipped with rank value 50 Super Senses / Vision due to their staggeringly detailed resolution. They also have rather sophisticated heads-up displays that aid Henri in the use of his Space Gun (in the rare instances that he finds himself in combat).

Of course, the real reason Henri wanted these optical implants was because they can pipe digital video right into his eyes. He can directly see the interface a computer has with its user, whether textual or graphical, on either or both eyes while linked to them.

Implant Psychosis Statistic: rank value 4.

Limitations / Enhancements:

Implant Psychosis Statistic: as a cyborg, if barely, Henri is subject to the problem of implant psychosis. Under duress, he must pass a Willpower ACT roll against his IPS, or will suffer from extreme mental instability for a time - usually until he next falls unconscious.

This instability can take almost any form, but usually crystallizes his desire to free data into a fanatic zeal. When subject to IPS, Henri will most often pontificate endlessly about the evils of Big Content and how they're Ruining Everything, railing about them until forced to zip it.

Well, even more than usual, at any rate.


Force Divisor and Rectifier: while this particular item isn't a part of the League's normal catalog, Transistorized Ted made a special deal to acquire it from the Force Exponentializer for Henri, giving him the benefit of 2 RS of damage reduction and deflection!

Pixel XL Smartphone: Henri loves this device. It lets him tie into global cellular networks with rank value 4 ability - having up to a five mile range under optimum conditions. This item can be used to make calls, connect to the internet, and can store up up to 128 gigabytes of data.

Space Gun: built by Transistorized Ted, this curious device functions like a regular sidearm, though it works in space thanks to special ammunition with its own oxygen supply. The space gun inflicts rank value 6 Piercing damage in a single shot, +1 RS when fired semi-auto.

Surface Pro Tablet: while he has much more powerful computers in the League's headquarters, Henri is currently toying with this device - he likes its design. It's basically a touchscreen tablet / laptop computer, though he enjoys operating it directly via his cyber-eyes.


Insomnia: years of hate and caffeine filled all-nighters have ruined Henri's sleep cycle. He must pass a Willpower ACT roll at -2 RS to drift off each night, the failure of which will impose a like penalty on EVERY action he attempts the next day.

Natural Talent / Guns: something of a misnomer, Henri is no natural marksman by any means. However, the heads-up displays in his Yash Alloy brand cyber-eyes give him the effect of this quirk, allowing him an additional +1 RS when wielding firearms of any variety.


Artist: in addition to his considerable skill in the coding of computer programs, Henri has also mastered the art of producing digital video - using purloined graphical software, of course. He gains ten Fortune points per week spent on a particularly detailed piece of animation.

Computers 3: his singular passion in life, Henri has embraced computer technology ever since he was a toddler. Despite his youth, he has the ability to design, build, program, operate and even repair computer equipment as if his Intellect was +3 RS higher than is listed above.

Crime / Computers: on the other hand, Henri believes all data should be free, and has committed all manner of computer crimes to further this goal. The quintessential 'black hat' hacker, Henri should receive a +1 RS on all attempts to 'crack' active or passive software.

Electronics: though he's not a big fan of hardware, per se, Henri has taught himself the ins and outs of electronics, the better to build custom boards and circuitry for his specialized computers. His Intellect in this arena should be considered +1 RS higher in value.

Guns: while Henri doesn't really think of himself as a combatant, unlike many other members of the League, Transistorized Ted insisted he learn how to shoot a gun. As such, Henry fires all standard, semi-automatic and fully automatic rifles or pistols at a +1 RS.

Languages / English, French, and Malagasy: a Madagascar native, Henri grew up using all three of these tongues, in addition to various computer languages. He may communicate verbally and vocally in all three of these languages, though he tends to lean on English.


As one of the Electronicists' League's chief coders, Henri can usually rely upon them for aid under most circumstances - anytime he'd be in serious trouble, he'd likely be performing some errand or another for the group. That and he helped Ted to get that MOSS thing working for him.

Speaking of, Henri has made considerable use of the League's ill-gotten, cross-time operating system - even if it is out of date. He uses a variety of Mikaela 101's utilities to enhance his own computer hacking abilities, and has even gained contacts by sharing them around a bit.

As for his less reliable contacts, Henri is known by any number of handles in just about every influential Internet community worth its salt - particularly if it's focus is technological. Not that most of these people would aid Henri in a pinch, but more than a few would.


Costume? Hah! Henri can barely be bothered to wear clean clothes, much less a standardized uniform. I suppose if you were curious what he generally wears, his ensemble often includes garishly colored sweat pants, coupled with black T-shirts with various Internet memes on display.

Henri just can't get enough of his LOLcats.


Henri loves computers and the promise of a bright future they can provide. This is why he hates the idea of 'intellectual property' so much - Henri believes that it stifles the creative urge, thus slowing down the coming utopia... whether it's code or data that's being locked away.

This is why Henri has racked up so many warrants world-wide for computer crimes. He works incredibly hard to put as much information in the hands of others as his time physically allows, when not writing programs for the League, at any rate.

Or rendering cartoons for his own, personal amusement, for that matter.

Real Name: Henri Bisque
Occupation: computer programmer, data pirate
Legal Status: citizen of Madagascar wanted in numerous countries for his various, highly publicized computer crimes
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: any number of Internet forum handles
Group Affiliation: the Electronicists' League

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: black
Eyes: cyan (see below)
Weight: 140 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Henri appears outwardly normal, until you get close enough to look into his eyes. That's when you see they sparkle like diamonds (or, rather Moissanite), and can tell his 'irises' consist of glowing cyan lines resembling stylized circuit traces.


Born and raised in Antananarivo, Madagascar, Henri grew up on television that promised a bright future. In short, his entire extended family received American television via satellite, and they loved the science fiction that was delivered to their door, all for a nominal monthly fee.

While the rest of his family simply thought of the programming before them as flights of fancy, however entertaining, Henri began to obsess about the idea of technology advancing far, far past what his country currently knew. And outside of town, it didn't really know a whole lot.

As such, Henri began to study computers at an early age. His somewhat wealthy parents actually got him one of the devices to practice on, and Henri concocted all manner of programs on the primitive (by modern standards) thing, ranging from the simple to the truly mind-boggling.

As his knowledge began to outgrow his current hardware and its antiquated operating system, Henri simply began to rewrite the latter from the bottom up. His parents wouldn't spring for any upgrades, so what else was he to do? This effort greatly helped his understanding of computers.

Having achieved great success with this work, Henri wanted to share his results with the world. Placing his code online for all to download, he was shocked - truly shocked - when he received a variety of cease and desist letters from a large American software corporation.

Unable to understand why they wouldn't want him to improve their product, Henri ignored their legal ridiculousness, which ultimately prompted this company to sue him. Hard. Ignoring this as well, you can imagine Henri's further surprise when bounty hunters showed up at his door!

Filming for a ludicrous reality television show, these thugs kicked in the door to his family's house, tased and tied Henri up, and drug him from his home country to the United States. Shackled in a world he never made, Henri fared poorly in the American legal system.

A byzantine web of software patents and trademark registrations confounded Henri and his public defender, and despite his protestations that he was only trying to help the world, the judge and jury were not swayed. Henri was found guilty, being both fined and imprisoned for his troubles.

So Henri did some time. A couple years, in fact. Having far, far too much time to think in such a rotten situation, Henri began to harbor dark beliefs about the system. How companies exploit the law to both stifle innovation and squeeze far more money out of the people than is ethical.

Particularly incensed with massive content owners and their lobbyists, Henri made a decision. If he was going to be made a criminal for simply trying to help others, he was going to act like one. Oh, would he. Henri vowed to become the mortal enemy of what he called Big Content.

Though enjoined by the court to not touch a computer or the Internet for five years after his conditional release from prison, Henri immediately picked up a second-hand portable computer from a thrift store and went to work, reading up on what he needed at public WiFi access points.

Fueled by rage and energy drinks, Henri barely spent any time sleeping over the next few years. Already a world-class programmer, Henri began to hone his skills in the arena of computer crime. He simply toyed with scripts and other tools to begin with, but in time he was writing his own.

Henri had assembled more than a couple botnets in relatively short order, and script kiddies around the world were enjoying the fruits of his bile-filled labor. But they weren't really a part of his Cause, so much as simply in it for the 'lulz'. Which made him more than a little despondent.

Thinking it time to step up his game, Henri went public with his crusade against content owners. Actively hacking into their secret servers to gain masters of audio, video, and code, Henri relished each opportunity to broadcast his release of their treasures to anyone who wanted them.

Soon finding himself wanted in multiple nations for his chicanery, Henri was on the fast track to multiple life terms when he was hidden away by a strange, tall man wearing a curious outfit. He was of course Transistorized Ted, and he had an offer for Henri that he simply couldn't refuse!

Having recently gotten a hold of an operating system from a variant timeline, Ted needed someone to integrate it into the computer networks of his group, the Electronicists' League! His own technicians were having a hard time of it, after all, so Ted thought Henri might like the challenge.

Would he ever! The chance to work with software that didn't technically exist, at least in his own timeline, greatly appealed to Henri. No obnoxious software patents. No onerous trademark bludgeons. Just him, some code, and all the potential that such advanced work provided.

Henri made this software work on the League's somewhat unconventional hardware in no time flat, and was already writing extensions and new applications for MOSS (the Mikaela Operating System - Secure) 13.33 before Ted knew it. Which made Henri a shoe-in for League membership.

Protecting him from the police primarily by warehousing the outlaw within the League's New York City headquarters in secret, Ted gave Henri everything he needed to keep him happy pretty much forever. Except for defense against the normal perils of living in the League's building.

Kidnapped once by the Plebian Federation and almost shot dead by the Normalcy Squad, all within the confines of the League's base, Henri was starting to have second thoughts about moving in when Ted decided to 'help' him out. By getting him a whole lot of stuff, of course.

Though Henri wasn't really motivated to engage in battle, whether or not ascendant humans were involved, he nonetheless took Ted up on his offer of 'accessorizing', considering all that had happened to him so far. Even if all he wanted was to keep coding things.

Thus, Henri received cybernetic eyes built by Yash Alloy (and installed by Quentin's Quirky Quack), a space gun built by Ted himself, and a powerful protective force field generator built by the Force Exponentializer. Which ought to protect him from many of the League's foes.

And let him go outside now and then! Though he prefers to hide in the basement and write code, Henri continues to steal as much data as he can from corporate America, releasing it to the wild. But he dares not do so within the League's building, lest he lead the Man to Ted's home.

Henri also seeks out the author of the MOSS software. Through Ted, Henri knows that it came from an earth different than his own, but he knows people who knows the creator: Agency 13. Thus Henry has taken it upon himself to learn everything he can about those investigators.

All in the slim hope that he might meet the object of his unrequited love one day: Mikaela 101!

Legal Hoopajoob:

I offer my Edition 13 work under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

What this means is that if you wish, you may use this Edition 13 material in any way you see fit, whether copying, distributing, or displaying all or part of this text, as long as you credit my work, in either your own derivative texts or products.

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