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Professor Sinkovitz is naught but a normal human, one who has developed a process that, when combined with a special 'cold suit', grants a body temporary super-human powers of a cryogenic nature. As such, since his powers are only temporary (while he is wearing the cold suit), he should be considered a high tech villain; he thinks of himself as a hero, but doesn't usually act like one.



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Cold Suit (i): this suit, when lowered to absolute zero in temperature, will give the wearer access to advanced physical abilities. While it is made from strength 8 materials, the suit itself provides the Professor no armor per se; this rating is for the purpose of breaking or damaging the suit's integrity, as it will lose its power-granting ability if harmed enough. It grants these abilities:

* Ability Boost (w): apparently proving Professor Sinkovitz's theory that carefully controlled changes in one's body temperature can produce super-human powers (?), the professor's freezing process significantly enhances one's physical capabilities. Working at intensity 10, and utilizing a dual ability boost stunt, the suit raises the Professor's Strength and Agility scores accordingly.

* Cold Generation (a): Professor Sinkovitz, when his suit is active, can utilize this power with intensity 15 ability, allowing him to reduce the temperature of anything within his area up to 150 degrees - with a natural limit of absolute zero (-459.4 degrees Fahrenheit). To date, he's demonstrated the cold waves, ensnarement, ice missiles, ice ramps, and ice walls power stunts.

* Invulnerability to Cold Attacks (s): Professor Sinkovitz, while he is contained within his powerful cold suit, is totally immune to external cold sources, including those produced by the super-human powers of others. The entire function of the suit, you see, is to regulate its wearer's temperature at a point where he can manifest these powers - he can even function at absolute zero temperatures.


Biology (i): Professor Sinkovitz seems to know quite a bit about biological systems, as he was able to devise a system to grant one super-human powers for a time - just with careful temperature modifications! He should receive a one-step reduction in action difficulty whenever working in such areas, as at the very least, as his knowledge seems a few steps above even modern-day biologists - not bad, eh?

Manipulation (w): more related to his personal beliefs than his research path (save for his personal motivations at least), this skill defines Professor Sinkovitz's knowledge of world events and his own intense adherence to American policies. He can reduce the difficulty inherent to convincing others to adopt his own point of view in a situation by one difficulty level - which is handy for a patriot...

Physics (i): in addition to his exceptional knowledge of biology, the Professor knows enough about physics to use his cold powers in the best manner possible during a fight. As such, anytime he's using his cold control while in battle, he can reduce the difficulty of any action (except when using his ice missiles) by one difficulty level - this makes him exceptionally dangerous in a scrap.


Professor Sinkovitz has no real contacts to speak of. He could theoretically rely upon the the skrull that helped with his research (Zirksu, in the guise of then-Vice President Nixon), should that being contact him again; Sinkovitz has no means of getting a hold of him himself. Furthermore, whether or not his time in the Yellow Claw's service actually happened, he's unlikely to seek aid from the Claw and his cronies.


Idealist: it may go without saying, but Professor Eric Sinkovitz is a very, very ardent patriot, and harbors a deep resentment for all things he perceives as un-American. To this end, he'll gladly engage in conflict, verbal or otherwise, with anybody that is a communist, socialist, or even not patriotic enough in his eyes - a philosophy that makes him quite gullible - and gets him into trouble often.


In his Cold Warrior persona, Professor Sinkovitz wears a primarily white body suit - one that maintains the temperature change that grants him his powers. It consists of white leggings, a white shirt, and a white mask, with a purplish lower torso area, purplish boots, and purplish arm bracers. His ears also have curious purple discs that allow him to hear despite the odd nature of his 'cold suit'.


Professor Sinkovitz is a rather patriotic fellow, and was working on his revolutionary cryogenic power-granting process to give the country a new weapon against the Red Menace. Of course, his own gullibility has caused him to be duped by villains on various occasions, who invariably utilize his power against heroes that irk their ire - and the Professor hasn't learned his lesson yet, either.

Real Name: Professor Sinkovitz (first name is either Eric or Will)
Occupation: researcher, adventurer
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record, legally deceased
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: the Sub-Zero Man
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 9"
Hair: light brown
Eyes: green
Weight: 140 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Professor Sinkovitz was a scientist with an Idea - he truly believed that by altering the functional temperature of a human being, in such a manner that wouldn't cause hypothermia, he could grant him or her more than human abilities. To this end, he spent several years (and lots of money) to prove his theory, but several problems of a theoretical nature got in his way over time.

He made his major breakthrough thanks to a skrull spy, who was impersonating then-Vice President Richard Nixon at the time. Seeing a use for Sinkovitz and his cold-based technology, the skrull offered him several 'suggestions' that got him back on track. Soon enough, Sinkovitz managed to prove his theory after all, and was quickly put into action afterward.

You see, the skrull had convinced him that the 3-D Man was a communist stooge (it was Nixon telling him this, after all), and thanks to his own extreme beliefs, Sinkovitz decided to use his new powers as the Cold Warrior (as named by the skrull) to deal with the commie once and for all. After the skrull lured him to a local pier, Sinkovitz let the 3-D Man have it with his ice and cold powers.

The two fought for quite a while, and Sinkovitz almost defeated the 3-D Man. However, the hero's triple abilities were more than he could deal with, and ultimately Sinkovitz was defeated, his suit being damaged to the point that his cold powers faded. As the 3-D Man beat feet, the Professor was left to repair his suit and try again, and he never saw Nixon (real or otherwise) again.

Soon after, though, things got kind of ... weird. You see, in at least one variant time stream, Professor Sinkovitz was subsequently mind controlled by the Yellow Claw to participate in a plot to assassinate President Eisenhower - with several other super-powered types, some of which were communists. He wasn't too happy about this, though, and managed to say so even through his mental domination.

This plot ultimately caused the formation of a 1950's group of Avengers, who defeated the Yellow Claw and his many flunkies. These events may or may not have occurred in our history, as the time-traveler known as Immortus used the Forever Crystal to eradicate a timeline where those 1950's Avengers stuck together; they had originally disbanded after the Claw's plot was defeated.

So, depending on whether Immortus deleted all timelines associated with the 1950's Avengers or just the ones where they didn't disband after the Eisenhower Plot, Sinkovitz may or may not have been associated with these other thugs. Of course, considering that he was an unwilling participant in these misadventures, he may not complain about that too much, had he any say in the matter!

Either way, the Professor soon found himself placed in cryogenic storage shortly after his stab at vigilante action, only to be reawakened thirty years later. In a fanatic haze, he did battle against both War Machine and Hawkeye, who barely managed to defeat him and his impressive cryogenic technology. The only problem was, by this time the Professor's vital organs had come to depend on it to function.

Thus, shortly after his battle with these two Avengers, the Cold Warrior's body shut down once they'd removed him from it.

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