Sean Collins: Kamakura

Ex 20
Ex 20
Ty 6
Ex 20
Ty 6
Rm 30
Rm 30
Ex 20
Sh 0



Like several other members of the Arashikage ninja clan, Kamakura is but a normal human. While several of the Arashikage have in fact demonstrated quasi-mystical abilities, Kamakura himself has not yet managed to do so at this point in his career.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Katana: his primary weapon in a fight, Kamakura can use this blade to inflict considerable damage to an opponent in melee. He may inflict his Strength rank +1 CS in Edged Attack damage with this deadly sword, which is an heirloom of the Arashikage ninja clan.

Knife: a backup should his sword be impractical or out of reach somehow, Kamakura can also inflict grievous bodily harm with this shorter blade. He can use it to inflict Edged Attack damage in melee, and can cut through items of up to Incredible (40) m.s. with it.

Sansetsukon: if he doesn't necessarily want to kill someone, Kamakura will often take them down with this, a three-piece staff. He can spin this weapon and then batter someone senseless with it, inflicting his Strength +1 CS in Blunt Attack damage with each concussive strike.

Shuriken: Kamakura makes use of these projectiles, secured in secret on his person when not in use. Kamakura can fling each of these blades to inflict his Strength rank in Edged Throwing damage, and typically has six of them on his person at any given time.

Uzi 9mm: like his mentor, Kamakura wields an Uzi in the field. He may discharge one round with this 9mm cannon to inflict Typical (6) Shooting damage, a three-round burst to inflict Good (10) Shooting damage, or fire it continuously to inflict Excellent (20) Shooting damage.




Acrobatics: Kamakura is but a normal human, though he sometimes seems to have a super-human sense of balance. He can easily navigate narrow ledges and tightropes, and should always receive a +1 CS on any attempt to Dodge, Escape, Evade, Feint, or Weave incoming attacks.

Guns: a military man long before he became a quasi-mystic ninja, Kamakura knows how to use most conventional firearms. Whether he's wielding a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, Kamakura may do so as though his Agility was +1 CS higher in rank.

Martial Arts types A, B, D, and E: Kamakura's a ninja. As such, he gains a +1 initiative modifier and +1 CS to hit while fighting unarmed, can Slam or Stun an opponent regardless of his his comparative Strength or Endurance, and can ignore their body armor for such after 2 rounds of study.

Military / United States: Kamakura ultimately joined the military because he wanted to make his father, a former Vietnam veteran, proud. As such, he knows SOP like the back of his hand, and can easily integrate himself into a military unit when necessary.

Martial Arts Weapons: Kamakura is a master of a variety of 'ninja' styled weaponry, from his trusty katana to his shuriken, to other odd items like the nunchuk or sai. Whenever he wields such weaponry, Kamakura may attempt to do so without penalty.


As a member of the GI Joe team, Kamakura can easily rely upon his fellows for assistance in a pinch - he helps to deflect those pesky Cobra ninjas, after all. As a 'core' member of the Arashikage clan, Kamakura can also consider all those ninjas reliable contacts as well.


Kamakura's first GI Joe uniform is just like all his others. It includes an Army green, loose-fitting shirt with light green cuffs and light green and orange stripes down the center, Army green trousers, black padded boots, orange padded gloves, a gray belt, and a black balaclava.


Sean is a complex individual. He tries to be the 'strong and silent' type like his ninja tutor, Snake-Eyes, but frequently resorts to witty banter and smarmy remarks. He works hard to make his father proud, and to live up to the ideals that Wade raised him with.

Real Name: Sean M. Collins, Grade E-5
Occupation: GI Joe martial artist
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Sean M. Broca
Group Affiliation: GI Joe

Height: 6'
Hair: light brown
Eyes: blue
Weight: 170 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none.


Kamakura first became involved with international terrorism as a child, his father being the first in the 'Fred' series of Crimson Guardsmen. His father was assigned to spy upon the Fort Wadsworth military base in Long Island, just in case anything 'interesting' was going on there.

Though Cobra didn't know this was their actual headquarters, they knew the Joes had worked out of there previously. Of course, Fred and his family managed to miss numerous GI Joe troop movements due to their own impulsiveness, which hampered their effectiveness considerably.

Kamakura himself was simply doing what the rest of the family was, though his 'love' for Cobra slipped soon after his father was killed in action against the Joes, and replaced with Fred II. This fellow, formerly Wade Collins, took the original's place despite his family's misgivings.

They didn't like him at first, though Fred II eventually grew on the family (who cared for them better than Fred I ever did). After Fred II came to a peace with his fellow Vietnam veterans, Stalker and Snake-Eyes, he decided to leave Cobra - and his new family chose to go with him.

Trying to do right by them, Wade moved them to a new town, where he raised Kamakura and his sister as best as he could. Eventually growing proud of his 'new' father, Kamakura decided to enlist in the military himself, doing so after he received a powerful letter from Snake-Eyes.

Working hard, Kamakura earned a place on the so-called Hammer Squad, which was full of covert operatives. Their first mission went well, but the second was an outright disaster, with most of the team dying. Luckily for him, Kamakura managed to escape death, albeit barely.

Tracking down Snake-Eyes, Kamakura told him he sought peace over the death of all his allies, and feeling the need for some himself, Snake-Eyes offered to train him in his ninja ways. Having always admired the man over the years, Kamakura was more than ready to accept this offer.

Settling down for intense training, Kamakura was worked mercilessly by Jinx, Nunchuk, and T'jbang, other surviving members of the Arashikage clan, while he himself was tested ceaselessly by Snake-Eyes. It took several years, but in the end Kamakura was ready for his final ninja test.

Traveling to Japan, Kamakura was to help Snake-Eyes finally dispense with Firefly, who had killed Snake-Eyes' previous apprentice, Ophelia. Things went horribly wrong there, and when Storm Shadow was added to the mix, Snake-Eyes' plan was blown out of the water.

Saved by Duke and Chuckles, the ninjas were informed that Mikhail Derenko, the former leader of Hammer Team, was alive and well. Furthermore, they noted that he'd been working under the name 'Nowhere Man', and was trying to unearth some dangerous Cobra super-weapon.

When Kamakura and Snake-Eyes resumed their hunt, using Duke's and Chuckles' intel, they found that Firefly and the Nowhere Man were forcing Wade to access some sort of secret vault. In the ensuing fight, the Nowhere Man caused Kamakura to kill his father with his own sword.

Vowing vengeance, Kamakura was forced to simmer when the Nowhere Man got away... only to become the diabolical Overlord. On the plus side, that villain was ultimately slain by Scanner, a sort-of Joe operative who was himself mortally wounded by that villain only moments before.

Now a full Arashikage, Kamakura joined GI Joe when it was re-formed due to increased Cobra activities. He served on the team with distinction, even saving Hawk's life - more than once, in fact. Kamakura served as a Joe throughout the team's second stage of existence.

He rejoined its third incarnation after Snake-Eyes was 'killed' in action on Destro's submarine... though this death proved to be temporary, at best. When his master swore off his ninja ways after this, it was left to Kamakura to bring the man, the very heart of the Arashikage, back to his senses.

He managed this shortly before World War III, Cobra's greatest effort to take over the world. Kamakura helped his allies in the GI Joe team to fight off those villains once and for all, narrowly stopping the Cobra Commander from destroying the entire planet in the process.

With the Commander and many of his subordinates jailed, Kamakura has nonetheless stayed on with the Joes. There are many Cobras evading justice to this very day, after all, and a lot of them have special martial arts skills, like Slice and Dice... and, of course, Firefly!

Note: the Devil's Due iteration on Sean Collins is vastly different from the IDW variation on his theme. While he is known as Kamakura in this branch of the GI Joe timeline, he was known as Throwdown elsewhere - at least, until he took up the mantle of his mentor, Snake-Eyes.

2004 Variations


Smoke Grenades: Kamakura recently started carrying these devices on him while in the field, as they help immensely against normal opponents. When triggered, they fill the area they detonate inside with obscuring smoke, which keeps him from being seen with Remarkable (30) ability.


Kamakura's second GI Joe field uniform is slightly different than his first. It is comprised of a green, loose-fitting shirt with black stripes down the center, green trousers, black leather boots, black wrist wraps, a long black belt, and a bright yellow balaclava.

His third costume is another variation on this theme. It consists of a green, loose-fitting shirt with black stripes (and a GI Joe logo) down the center, green trousers, black leather boots with silver plates on the front, black wrist wraps, a long black belt, and a gray balaclava.

2005 Variations


the Ninja Lightning Cycle: instead of a small, hand-held machine gun, Kamakura started tooling about with a weaponized motorcycle this year! Kamakura really likes this ride and its front-mounted missile launcher, which is detailed in its own vehicular description.

Smoke Grenades: Kamakura continues to carry these devices on him while on the job, as they help immensely against normal opponents. When triggered, they fill the area they detonate inside with obscuring smoke, which keeps him from being seen with Remarkable (30) ability.


Kamakura's fourth GI Joe uniform is another variation on his first. It features a green, loose-fitting shirt with black stripes (and a GI Joe logo) down the center, green trousers, green gloves, black boots and wrist wraps with brass plating, a long black belt, and a black balaclava.

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Note: Kamakura had two different versions in 2004 (Versions 2 and 3).

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