the Coastal Defender

1987 saw the GI Joe team making use of a whole lot of experimental technology - even more so than usual. One such experimental component that they were testing out in the field was the Coastal Defender, which on first glance simply looks like a regular trailer.

Of course, when activated, the Coastal Defender can unfold to reveal that it is not a mere towed crate, but in fact a functional missile station, ready to provide support against land or sea based opponents. The Coastal Defender has these built-in capabilities:

Cookie Cutter System (i): the Coastal Defender's targeting computer is equipped with a 'ground clutter' target identifier, which helps its operator to avoid inflicting 'friendly fire', by only highlighting potential enemy vehicles. It can tell friend from foe with intensity 9 skill.

Radar Unit (w): the Coastal Defender is equipped with a pulse repetition frequency radar dish that has a 360 degree rotation capability. It can track targets around it for several miles, doing so with intensity 10 ability.

Scrambler Missiles (i): the Coastal Defender has four rear-facing battlefield support missiles, which it mainly uses against whoever is pursuing it... but can also target other land or sea-based foes. The damage they inflict rises +1 from a base value of 11 for each additional missile fired.

Shape Change (a): the Coastal Defender's main 'gimmick', it can rapidly fold out from its crate configuration to a fully functional fire support platform. This only takes one exchange to accomplish, and only requires one operator to do so (intensity 5 shape change).

Extra Goodies:

Coastal Defender Saga System 13 Text File Download

GI Joe directories featuring a version of the Coastal Defender:


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