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Captain America is Steve Rogers, a formerly normal (if somewhat frail) human of exceptional character who was subjected to Dr. Erskine's experimental Super-Soldier process. As a result, he now functions at the absolute peak of human ability, both physically and mentally.

Known Powers:

Longevity: either due to the effects of the Super-soldier Serum or exposure to Hydra's Lazarus formula, Steve is possessed of an exceedingly long eventual life span. Its ultimate extent is unknown, but he has not visibly aged at all since the 1940s.

Resistance to Disease: thanks to the process that has made him America's first super soldier, Steve possesses rank value 50 resistance to most standard diseases. He can still succumb to the most deadly bugs on earth, but his metabolism resists them very strongly.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Avengers Identicard: as the leader of the Avengers, Steve naturally carries one of these. It allows for world-wide audio-visual communications with other Avengers and their headquarters proper, thus functioning with rank value 75 communications ability.

Composite Body Armor: though it bears the same essential coloration as his original costume, Steve's new uniform was manufactured using highly advanced material science. It provides him rank value 10 protection against all physical and energy attacks.

Shield: a patriotic emblem that Steve was given to use as Captain America, this amazing device was originally made from a Vibranium-iron alloy that was developed (but never reproduced) by Dr. Myron MacLain - though it has been recently infused with Uru metal.

Possessing a material value of 5000, the shield can be used to absorb like damage every turn, doing so to any attack striking the front or back. However, the edge of the shield does not absorb damage, and can be used to inflict Bashing damage in either melee or ranged combat.




Acrobatics: supplementing his staggering martial arts training, this skill describes how light on his toes Steve can be. Thanks to his government training and years of combat experience, he may attempt all Dodge, Escape, Feint, Evasion, and Weave maneuvers at a +1 RS.

Artist: a true artist at heart, Steve has been seen on numerous occasions waxing artistic; furthermore, he actually produces good work with his artistic itch. He can gain a Fortune reward equal to 10 times the number of weeks he spends on a specific work of art.

Detective / Espionage: after his revival in the modern era, Steve has taken to performing clandestine work for the agency known as SHIELD. As such, he has honed his investigative skills considerably, and can easily dig up clues and unearth information when necessary.

Driving: Steve is a competent pilot of most aircraft, though in truth he typically prefers to move from place to place on a motorcycle. Whenever he's operating one, or any ground vehicle really, Steve can attempt required Handling ACTs at a +1 RS.

Guns: though he rarely uses this skill, Steve has been taught how to effectively wield firearms by the military. Whether he's handling standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifles or pistols, Steve may do so as though his Coordination was +1 RS higher in value.

Languages / English, German, Japanese, and Russian: Steve has demonstrated that he is fluent in more than just his native tongue. He can easily read, write and speak in these languages, as well as some Italian - and possibly even more tongues that have yet to be revealed.

Leadership: Steve has shown time and time again just how competent a leader of men he can be. Any Fortune Pool Steve belongs to that recognizes him as its leader will gain 100 points for the duration of that leadership - at least, until he leaves said Fortune Pool.

Martial Arts styles A, B, C, D and E: the U.S. government took full advantage of Steve's status as a super soldier, and had him trained in every form of unarmed combat they had an instructor for at the time. As such, he has become a veritable master of melee combat.

He gains the benefit of a +1 RS when attempting any unarmed melee attack, as well as a +1 RS on Dodging, Escaping, Grappling, and Weaving maneuvers. His initiative modifier is +1 when fighting unarmed (when not using his shield offensively, but only to defend from attack).

Furthermore, he can inflict Pound or Concuss results on a foe regardless of his comparative Brawn or Fortitude, and given two rounds to study an opponent, Steve may ignore the effects of body armor when attempting to do so (and need not inflict damage to achieve these results).

Military / United States: as a 'creation' of the U.S. Army, Steve naturally has this skill as a general matter of course. It is the source of his combat training (if not all his other talents), and denotes an inherent understanding of the Army Way (the SOP).

Piloting: though Steve prefers to drive motorcycles wherever he goes, he has been educated in the finer points of piloting. He can operate almost any fixed-wing or rotary-winged aircraft as if his Coordination, or the vehicle's Handling, was +1 RS higher than is listed.

Tactics: supplementing his leadership and military skills, Steve has demonstrated his abilities as a master tactician for years - he's the ultimate team player, helping groups to maximize their own capabilities. Groups following his lead gain a +1 RS when executing his plans.

Tumbling: an aspect of his acrobatics training, Steve has been taught how to take a fall, so to speak. Whenever he falls a distance that wouldn't cause him damage, Steve may attempt an Coordination ACT roll to land on his feet (instead of on his head, for instance).

Shields: Steve is an unparalleled master of shield use when in combat, whether offensive or defensive in nature. He should gain a +1 RS on attacks made with a shield, not to mention ACTs required when using his shield to protect himself or others.

Weapon Specialist / Shield: on top of his ability to easily use most anything as a shield, Steve has worked with his unique, Vibranium-iron alloy disc shield for decades. He may attempt ACTs with it, either offensive or defensive, at a +2 RS.


Captain America is known by almost everyone on earth. He can count the team of heroes he leads, the Avengers as a reliable contact, as well as SHIELD and the US government. Almost any other hero on earth would aid him as well, if only Steve should ask it of them.


Steve's iconic costume consists of a blue chain mail shirt with white lower sleeves, white and red stripes on the lower torso, and a big white star on the chest, blue stretch fabric pants, red buccaneer boots, red flared gloves, and his blue, winged mask with an 'A' on the forehead.

Steve has worn many other costumes, however. When acting as Nomad, he wore a navy blue stretch fabric outfit, which he accessorized with orange buccaneer boots, orange flared gloves, an orange belt with a large 'N' buckle, a large orange cape, and a blue mask to obscure his face.

When operating as the Captain, his uniform was a dark version of his usual. It mainly consisted of a black stretch fabric body suit with a red and white flag motif on the chest, red buccaneer boots, red flared gloves, a thick red leather belt, a red leg pouch for gear, and a black, winged mask.

Steve's Ex-Patriot uniform was similar to that of his Captain get up in coloration. It consisted of a dark blue stretch fabric body suit complemented with red buccaneer boots, red flared gloves, a red leg pouch for gear, a thick black leather belt, and a dark blue tie-on mask with no wings.

During the period when his Super-soldier Serum seemed to be failing him, Steve began to wear large brown leather webbing atop his normal uniform, webbing with which he held a large variety of accessories and devices he could use to counter the effects of his lessened ability.

Of course, when his health had deteriorated further, Steve resorted to wearing special combat armor designed by Iron Man. It was mostly blue in hue, this armor, with red boots, red gloves, and a red and white flag pattern on the lower torso. The helmet mimicked the design of his mask.

Upon returning to the land of the living, Steve donned a primarily blue, reinforced stretch fabric costume as the Super-soldier. It had a blue star and 'wings' design on its chest, and was accessorized with brown boots, fingerless gloves, belts and webbing.

Of late, Steve has taken to wearing a costume that is more modern in its materials and design sensibilities. While the basic 'look' is the same where color placement is concerned, the suit is now built from several advanced, composite materials chosen for their combat applicability.


Steve is a determined and patriotic soul, wanting to do right by his country no matter what the cost to himself. Though blessed with impressive abilities, it's these traits that make Steve who he is, and why generals, kings and even gods yield to his advice and leadership.

Real Name: Steven Rogers
Occupation: adventurer, secret agent
Legal Status: American citizen with no criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Super-soldier, the Ex-patriot, the Captain, Nomad, Sentinel of Liberty
Group Affiliation: the Avengers, the Invaders (when they're all alive), occasional SHIELD operative, former Crazy Sues leader, former Illuminati associate

Height: 6' 2"
Hair: blond
Eyes: blue
Weight: 240 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


An artistic and idealistic young man, Steve was appalled by the reports of atrocities committed by Nazi Germany, and attempted to enlist in the Army to do something about them. However, despite his enthusiasm and zeal, military recruiters rejected him due to his being too 'frail'.

Steve was given a chance to serve in a different capacity, however - as a test subject for Operation: Rebirth's so-called Super-Soldier Serum. Assuming he'd survive, Steve would've been the first of an army of super soldiers ready to fight the Nazis.

Steve's body readily changed, thanks to both the Super-Soldier Serum in his veins and the Vita-Rays that helped them stabilize his growth. However, a Nazi spy killed the creator of the Serum, Dr. Erskine, who committed the formula to memory to prevent the enemy from acquiring it.

Though Dr. Erskine's killer was dealt with (and swiftly), the damage was done; Steve would wind up being the only super soldier the U.S. Army would have. Deciding to use him as something of a morale booster, they decided to dress him in the flag, and wave him at the enemy.

Under the name Captain America, Steve would wear a highly patriotic uniform, and publicly do battle with Nazis. To this end, he was trained in all manner of combat skills, both armed and unarmed, and given a unique, nigh-indestructible shield that he trained with unceasingly.

Of course, when less savory actions were needed in the field, it wouldn't do to have the government's new mouth-piece seen with blood on his hands. As such, Steve was given a side kick of sorts, a youth who would fight alongside him - and do the things he couldn't.

This youth, one Bucky Barnes, was also trained in various fighting skills and intelligence areas, and was the 'wet works' portion of the duo. Steve and Bucky quickly grew into close friends, and engaged in ceaseless missions fighting Nazis and various other villains of the time.

Becoming more famous daily, the duo eventually became mixed up with the doings of other heroes, and eventually founded the Invaders, a group of the world's single greatest heroes. The Invaders would repeatedly deal with super-powered Nazi threats, both home and abroad.

While most of the goons they fought would turn out to be two-bit hoods and simple murderers, the one threat that kept appearing again and again in Steve's life was the Red Skull. This fiend, the prodigy of Hitler himself, easily served as a foil for Steve, both politically and in battle.

In scheme after scheme, the Red Skull would torment Steve with yet another plot to destroy America, and time and time again Steve would defeat the hateful Skull. He would quickly grow to loathe Steve to an insane degree, until his apparent death in Berlin in late April, 1945.

Just days later, Steve would find himself dunked in the Arctic Ocean, after a successful attempt to stop an experimental craft Baron Zemo intended to use against the United States. Thanks to his Super-Soldier serum Steve did not die, but his body dropped into a form of stasis.

Believed lost, Steve drifted for years at sea, his body completely frozen. With the government believing him dead, it appointed several new men in his place as Captain America, but none of them would demonstrate the sheer ability or presence of personality Steve had.

He would've remained lost forever if not for fellow Invader, Namor. Amnesiac at the time, the Atlantean was wandering about the Arctic when he encountered the Bantu Inuit tribe, who were worshiping Steve's inert body. Repulsed by their behavior, Namor cast Steve into the sea.

As they were following Namor at the time, the newly formed Avengers retrieved Steve's body and revived him, amazed at just who it was they'd uncovered. When Steve helped them ultimately defeat the memory-wiped Atlantean, they quickly offered him membership on their team.

The thing was, Steve had to adjust to a sudden loss of everything he knew; Bucky was seemingly dead, lost in the same incident that placed him in stasis, and years had passed while he was 'on ice', with friends and family having either died or aging significantly in the mean time.

Doing his best to acclimatize to the situation, Steve wound up running this team he'd just joined when most of its members went their separate ways, and he was left with several folks of dubious moral standing to replace them: Hawkeye, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.

This 'kooky quartet' went on to become famous in their unlikely successes, and the Avengers transformed from a mere gaggle of like-minded heroes into a true legend - all thanks to Steve's flawless leadership. Not that Steve fought crime only by the side of his fellow Avengers, oh no.

When not needed by the team, Steve wandered across America, fighting crimes where he found them and generally getting a better handle on the modern era. He would fight a staggering array of villains solo, including Baron Zemo and none other than a revived Red Skull.

He took several new side kicks during this time, even if Bucky's loss still weighed on him. A mentor at heart though, Steve has fought crime alongside Rick Jones, the modern day Falcon, Nomad, D-Man, Jack Flag and Free Spirit, not to mention various SHIELD operatives.

Over the years, Steve has participated in countless battles against the forces of evil, either alone, alongside the Avengers, or with the entire hero community. Just about every hero and villain on earth (and beyond) knows of Steve and respect him, his ability, and his character.

This is why, when Steve objected to the Super-Human Registration Act and decided to take a stand, about half of America's heroic community joined him on this. He would've ultimately won the fight against his former teammate, Iron Man, if not for a moment of clarity during their battle.

Arrested after this, Steve would've been brought to task for his 'crimes', but was seemingly assassinated beforehand. The Red Skull, as a part of his latest scheme to destroy America, had his minion Dr. Faustus brainwash Steve's current girlfriend, Sharon Carter, to kill Steve.

However, Steve was not in fact killed. Instead, Sharon's weapon 'unhinged' Steve from time, and his mind flowing from one era to another and reliving the past. This continued until he was able to give the Vision a message between trips, which ultimately led to his recovery from this limbo.

Of course, the Red Skull had taken this opportunity to possess his body, which meant that Steve had to fight for it within his own mind. Naturally, Steve was ultimately victorious, though the Skull did considerable damage to Washington DC in the process of this conflict.

Active once more, Steve found that his original side kick, Bucky, had taken on the role of Captain America in his absence. Letting him keep it for the time being, he worked for SHIELD as the Super-soldier, leading several teams of heroes in action against evil.

When Bucky was seemingly slain anew, this time by Skadi (the Red Skull's daughter), Steve once more adopted his original heroic identity. He has continued on as Captain America ever since, leading numerous teams of Avengers into battle in the defense of humanity!

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