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Captain Katabatic is a being of indeterminate origin. His very physiology is the antithesis of fire and heat: he is a seemingly impossible entity comprised solely of cold 'energy'. He appears to have originated somewhere besides earth, but is very human in a mental sense.

Known Powers:

Energy Body: Captain Katabatic is a mystical being comprised of cold and cold alone; this essentially makes him a void where heat energy is concerned. While the exact physics that make him 'go' are highly speculative, the man nonetheless is an animate matrix of 'cold energy'.

Thanks to this strange state of being, Captain Katabatic is equipped with the following powers:

* Cold Generation: Captain Katabatic has the ability to fire a beam at opponents that saps thermal energies; this has the effect of inflicting Energy damage with every strike. This power functions at rank value 50, allowing him to freeze most normal humans almost instantly.

* Damage Reduction: being a bizarre energy field that defies logic, the strange entity that is Captain Katabatic is highly resistant to conventional injury. Specifically, the Captain benefits from 3 RS of damage reduction against physical attacks.

* Flight: as a being who has no mass, Captain Katabatic can will himself to move, in three dimensions, at his leisure. He isn't very fast though, and can only fly at rank value 4 speeds - or about 54.54 miles per hour. However, as he is intangible, he can even 'fly' through solid matter!

* Ice Generation: by absorbing ambient moisture and then expelling it at a greatly reduced temperature, Captain Katabatic can generate ice! He can use this material as a projectile, inflicting either rank value 30 Bashing or Slashing damage, depending on the ice's shape.

Captain K can also create ice in various shapes if he so desires, building shields, barriers, and anything else he can think of. One ability he has not bothered to develop is the generation of 'ice slides' though; why glide on the surface when you can soar amongst the Jet Stream?

* Invulnerability to Cold: while he's somewhat vulnerable to fire and heat, Captain Katabatic does not have the same susceptibility to the cold - he's made of the stuff, after all! In fact, the good Captain is completely immune to the effects of cold entirely!

* Solid Animation / Ice (i): one curious ability that Captain Katabatic has demonstrated is the ability to shape extant ice as he sees fit; this comes in real handy when fine-tuning ice restraints and the like. This power can only manipulate ice, though it works with rank value 30 ability.

* Temperature Control: in addition to being able to emit blasts of freezing power, Captain K can also manipulate the temperature in various ways. He primarily uses this rank value 40 power to reduce the ambient (Near distance) temperature to this bone-chilling intensity.

Limitations / Enhancements:





Allergy / Fire and Heat: while he does not suffer from the effects of fire and heat as though he had a susceptibility to them, Captain Katabatic is highly vulnerable to their effects. In other words, such attacks affect him as if they were +3 RS in value!

Jealousy 3: while he cares not for material things, Captain Katabatic feels that he should be the only being capable of manipulating cold and ice - he covets his uniqueness. If he becomes aware of a cold-based hero or villain, he will move to attack them immediately if possible.

Unless, of course, he can pass a Willpower ACT at -6 RS. The Captain will only bother attempting this ACT if something more pressing is currently on his plate - and even if successful, he'd definitely start posturing in his own, imitable style until he gives in to his urges!




The only contacts that Captain Katabatic may be able to count on are the Tenacious Ten. While most of them tended to keep him at arm's length due to his constant and loud posturing, the team nonetheless fought together in the past - nobody there hated him, at least.


None. The kooky Captain Katabatic had no use for clothing or such - he didn't even have a physical body unless he chose to. As such, he mostly appears 'in the buff' while acting out against fellow cold-manipulating beings - whether he's in his 'energy' form or his dummy ice body.


The Captain is quite a card. He's known for making all kinds of long-winded speeches whenever talking to anybody, usually to the point that the person talking with him quickly loses the plot. He can ramble on, and on, and on... until he leaves you downright confused.

At the same time, his motivations are quite clear - he's willing to tell anybody that'll listen that he is the Master of Cold, the Admiral of the Arctic, the King of Chill, and/or the Führer of Freeze. He will compulsively seek out and battle other cold generators or controllers.

This is because the Captain feels that he should be truly unique in the world, and if defeated by such 'rivals', he'll sink into a despair that can only be cured by a rematch - several, if necessary. If anything, he puts one in mind of a pro wrestler, even if he is inhuman after a fashion.

Real Name: unknown
Occupation: adventurer, general trouble-maker
Legal Status: Captain Katabatic is a being of indeterminate citizenship, with no known criminal record in any earthly nation as of yet
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: the Admiral of the Arctic, the Führer of Freeze, the King of Chill, the Master of Cold, the Warlord of Winter, and any other snappy cold-related title he can manufacture on the spot
Group Affiliation: the Tenacious Ten

Height: 6' 6" (whenever he assumes a physical form)
Hair: inapplicable
Eyes: piercing, icy blue
Weight: 0 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: an ersatz energy being, Captain Katabatic has no mass or form. His heat-sapping energy matrix generally assumes a quasi-humanoid shape however, even if his translucent 'body' is of a ghostly, bluish-white coloration.

The Captain can assume an icy physical form when desired, though. When he does so, Captain Katabatic resembles a brutish, angular humanoid made from frozen water, about as wide as he is tall - and almost as thick, too!


The origins of the being identifying itself as Captain Katabatic are as of yet unknown. He is extremely old, and has been on earth for millennia. What he's done with this time is as of yet unrevealed, but he may've spent some time in a hidden city under the ice in Antarctica.

Belonging to a lost race of humans that had advanced technology before the Ice Age pretty much wiped their civilization out, this small group of stragglers have struggled to survive since that era, and are doing quite well for being under a mile of Antarctic ice, really.

Regardless, Captain K has lived in the Last Continent solidly for the most part, ever since he arrived on this world (or when his mutant powers activated, or whatever). The only time he leaves is when he somehow becomes aware of other cold manipulating beings on earth.

This drives him crazy, so much so that he'll venture forth to find said beings... and 'put them in their place'. If such folks simply back off, and admit that the Captain is the 'Lord of Cold' or some such, he'll let them be, but usually people don't care for his pushiness - and fight back.

Which is what the Captain prefers anyway - it makes him feel alive!

That's how the Captain wound up working for the dragon, Elys. Needing super-human minions to take care of a group of heroes that had become a thorn in her side, she told the Captain that she knew of another, cryogenic dragon that was behind said band of do-gooders!

This young, ice-breathing reptilian giant was just the sort of thing that Captain Katabatic lives to fight. He almost stalked off in a search for the young fellow, but Elys convinced him to wait until she tricked it into her Antarctic lair - which wasn't too far from Captain K's home.

Since this sounded easy enough, Captain Katabatic relented to Elys' 'request'. When the heroes eventually tracked Elys down to her headquarters, Captain Katabatic threw down on them with reckless abandon, hoping to eventually get to their dread, chilly master.

However, this never came to pass. Not only did this ice-breathing dragon not even exist, but the Captain was defeated along with the rest of Elys' many minions, the so-called Tenacious Ten. Seemingly destroyed in the aftermath of this battle, Captain Katabatic was left for dead.

But, being made out of energy (after a fashion), the Captain escaped despite his apparent demise!

Despondent about this turn of events, he simply sunk into the small, hidden town at the foot of Elys' mountain headquarters and began to sulk. What Captain Katabatic has done since has yet to be revealed, though he still yearns to battle icy dragons to this very day!

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