the Cyborg in the Red Suit

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Leland Renault, the Cyborg in the Red Suit, is a cyborg - surprise! He possess four replacement limbs which are chock full of useful tricks. As a Frankologist, Leland also possesses a singular belief-based psionic related to his anti-theistic philosophy.

Known Powers:

Believer Psionics (Theonic Powers):

Theonic Invisibility (s): Frankologists who aren't simply posers, such as Leland, possess this power. Wielding it at rank value 50, Leland can perform missions against deific beings or their many agents without readily being detected by their ascendant senses.


Upon agreeing to be a test subject for Argyle's new cybernetics paradigm, Leland was dramatically enhanced. No longer paralyzed, he now possesses four cybernetic limbs, each of which is cased within conventional metals of m.v. 50.

Cyber Arms: Leland's arms are now artificial from the biceps down. These replacement limbs offer the man all of the abilities his original biology provided before he was paralyzed - and more. His cyber arms are equipped with the following implements:

* Computer Links: each of Leland's index fingers are equipped with a radio transceiver that allow him to control his robotic drones with rank value 30 ability. Of course, these units are also equipped with the ability to interface with most modern computer ports, as well.

* Laser Emitters: each of Leland's wrists have a pop-out laser projector. These weapons inflict rank value 10 Armor Piercing Energy damage in one blast, increasing by +1 RS for each doubling of turns they're continuously applied to a single target (maximum +4 RS bonus).

Cyber Legs: Leland's legs are now artificial from his thighs down. These replacement limbs offer Leland all of the capabilities his body originally provided him... and much, much more. His cyber legs are fitted with the following high tech goodies:

* Deflection: both of Leland's legs pack a powerful field generator that combine to produce a deflection field around his person. This protective system reduces the ability of others to strike Leland in combat by -2 RS - even before his defensive maneuvers.

* Super Leaping: fast-trigger hydraulics, combined with anti-gravitational pulse generators, allow Leland to leap with astounding power. He may leap with rank value 150 ability, giving him the ability to jump up 1 sector, across 2 sectors, or down 2.5 sectors without injury.

Cyber Skeleton: a bit above and beyond what Leland thought he was getting from Argyle, his entire skeleton has been replaced by a porous, reinforced metallic structure. This gives Leland no game benefit, but allows him to use his limbs' enhanced abilities without injuring himself.

Neural Shunt: the cause of Leland's paralysis was a broken neck. This implant acts to shunt nervous signals around the damaged segment of Leland's spinal cord, allowing him to move normally despite the serious injury that, until recently, defined his adult life.

Implant Psychosis Statistic: rank value 12, adding +1 for each robot he's currently controlling.

Limitations / Enhancements:

Implant Psychosis Statistic: as a cyborg, Leland is subject to the problem of implant psychosis. Under duress, he must pass a Willpower ACT roll against his IPS, or will suffer from extreme mental instability for a time - usually until he next falls unconscious.

This instability can take almost any form, but most often acts to amplify Leland's intolerance for the religious. His fanaticism quirk will be treated as if it were level 3 (inflicting a -6 RS to tolerate faiths), and usually goads him into bouts of extreme violence against the faithful.


Cybergenesis Module: this highly advanced device is an octagonal platform, about three feet wide, supported by a small base. The whole thing is seemingly made from advanced metallic materials, and can fold up into an approximate cube eighteen inches to a side.

When active, this Ubiquidyne device can manufacture a robotic drone unit from ambient subatomic particles once per day - though older, deactivated units can be placed on the platform and used for 'fuel'. These drones possess the following electromechanical characteristics:

RV 20
RV 6
RV 6
RV 20
RV 4
RV 6
RV 10


* Body Armor: drones created by the cybergenesis module manifest in a casing of m.v. 50. This thin protective layer of 'skin' offers them rank value 30 protection against the various attack forms, a defense which breaks down as follows:

RV 30 / RV 10 / RV 4 / RV 0 / RV 0

* Combat Edge: using the latest iteration of the BrawlWare OS, Leland's drones have access to this ability. It gives the drones a +1 RS on any ACT roll made against a foe that they can study for three full turns of combat - until they drastically change, at least.

* Hydraulic Ram: the left 'hand' of each drone built by the cybergenesis module is mounted on a powerful hydraulic ram. This allows them to inflict drastically greater damage with a punch - effectively working at their Brawn score +2 RS.

* Invulnerability to Psionic Attack: being non-sentient, the cybergenesis module's drones are not subject to telepathic assault. They may disregard Karmic damage not associated with a material attack, as well as any attempts to influence their minds (such as they are).

* Particle Beam: the right 'hand' of each drone built by the cybergenesis module consists of a particle beam emitter. This beam will inflict rank value 30 Armor Piercing Slashing damage with each burst, but is limited to functioning on targets within Very Near distance.

* Resistance to Disease and Poison: being inorganic, the drones of the cybergenesis module are not subject to the failings of their fleshy counterparts. They may disregard these menaces with rank value 100 ability, enough to counter organic threats of this variety.

* Shrinking: the drone units built by the cybergenesis module all stand at precisely three foot tall. This means that, by fiat, its creations possess a permanent version of the shrinking ability at rank value 2, and thus have a -1 size factor relative to normal sized foes.


Abnormal Attribute: while Leland covers most of them up with his conspicuous business attire, the truth is that he has cybernetic arms and legs, his originals having been rendered useless as a teenager. It's rather hard not to notice his partially artificial nature.

Attitude: considering the raw deal life has given him, it's no surprise that Leland has a lousy attitude. He must pass a Willpower ACT roll, at a -2 RS, to contain his general disdain for everything in general, and the religious in particular (should he wish to).

Fanaticism: his life having been ruined by wrong-headed religious fanatics, Leland has a bone to pick with the concept of religion in its entirety. He must pass a Willpower ACT roll at -2 RS to even tolerate religious individuals - if he desires to do so for some reason.


Electronics: though he never really had an interest in this science in the past, Leland has taken the time to sort it out due to his new, partially artificial nature. He is allowed a +1 RS on Intellect ACT rolls dependent on the design, operation and repair of electronic devices.

Philosophy: Leland has spent plenty of time with Professor Frankowitz, debating the nature of religion and thought itself. His Intellect should be considered +1 RS in matters of philosophical discourse, which really helps him to keep his proverbial eye on the prize.

Theology: his life utterly ruined by religious fanatics, Leland has studied faith and religion in great detail - he had plenty of time to do so in his hospital bed, after all. His Intellect in such matters should be considered +1 RS higher than is listed above.


As a prominent member of the Scientific College of Frankology, Leland can presumably rely upon the group for assistance in most matters, should he but ask. He is also on rather good terms with Argyle, the mastermind behind the high tech juggernaut known as Wizardyne.


Leland wears a bright crimson, slightly oversized business suit at all times - it covers up most of his robotic nature. He complements this suit with a black tie, black leather shoes, a black leather belt, and Oakley ™ sunglasses with a decidedly red tint to them.


Leland is driven by hatred. After his family and community rejected him and conspired to murder him, he's grown to hate everything about them. From their folksy, down-home nature to their God-fearing ways, Leland loathes everything about his home town like nothing else.

While he can't really wipe stupid from the earth, Leland does feel that he can do a number on the organizations that did him harm, however. Thus, he has focused his ire on every church on earth, fully intending to burn each to the ground - whether or not they're currently occupied...!

Real Name: Leland Renault
Occupation: test subject, mercenary, vigilante
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Wizardyne, the Scientific College of Frankology

Height: 6' 6"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 350 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Leland Renault has clearly obvious mechanical limbs. He covers these up with his trademark red suit for the most part, though he refuses to wear gloves - letting a bit of his artificial self shine through.

In addition to this, Leland looks a lot taller than he already is - and his cybernetic legs are actually longer than his original, birth limbs. This is because his hair sticks straight up for several inches, making him appear almost seven foot tall!


Leland Renault grew up in a suburb deep in the American south. The son of a supposed holy man, Leland was cast out of the family's church solely because they objected to what they perceived to be his sexual identity - and he was assaulted by an angry mob shortly thereafter.

Though he was left for dead by his assailants, Leland managed to survive the grievous beating he was given. Of course, poor Leland was left paralyzed from the neck down due to his injuries... but this wasn't about to stop him from testifying against his attackers in court.

Thus, several members of the mob that attacked Leland attempted to 'finish the job they started', all in the name of their deity - and to cover their own backsides, as well. This would have ended Leland's story, save for the intervention of the Scientific College of Frankology.

Expecting such shenanigans after hearing of Leland's story, Professor Frankowitz, leader of the College, sent several of his own thugs down to Leland's hospital to protect him. And sure enough, they were forced defend his life from his would-be assassins on three separate occasions.

Naturally, this terrible string of events colored Leland's view of religion in an incredibly negative light. Thus, since his own family wanted nothing to do with him, Leland journeyed to New York with the Frankologists who saved him to learn what he could from them.

Though physically disabled, Leland became quite the public figure, regularly attending a variety of public Frankologist functions, and often serving as a great punctuation mark on the group's statements that organized religion was the worst evil the world had ever seen.

This notoriety gained Leland the notice of others however, who were wholly indifferent to faith in general. You see, a powerful technomage from another dimension, known only as Argyle, thought that Leland would make a great test subject for his locally grown cybernetics paradigm.

Argyle offered to rebuild Leland's broken body with robotic replacement parts, as long as he would perform a few 'shady' tasks in exchange. Leland agreed, as long as Argyle would subsequently aid him in the war he intended to wage against all religion with his new, weaponized body.

Seeing no reason not to, Argyle accepted Leland's terms, and arranged to secretly have him brought to his laboratory in the Wizardyne corporation. There, Argyle personally oversaw the removal of Leland's 'useless' limbs, as well as the installation of his own creations!

Effectively reborn in an all new body, Leland decided he required a new identity. Forever thankful for the Frankologists and all they did for him, Leland donned a suit similar to that which its founder wears, and christened himself... the Cyborg in the Red Suit!

Once Leland and two other cyborg experiments were ready, Argyle sent them on a test run against a gaggle of Warriors of Thor down in a rural bar near the New Mexico / Texas border. In a highly conspicuous battle, the cyborgs easily killed five of their six targets.

Pulling his men (and woman) out, Argyle again made use of his cybernetic trio when the investigative group known as Agency 13 came calling on the Wizardyne building. Though his servants fought well, Argyle's cyborgs were ultimately defeated in this battle - quite handily, at that.

This was, of course, exactly what Argyle wished to occur. This because he wanted the men and women of Agency 13's interference to ultimately remove his own superior, C.E.O. Wiggins, from play in the seemingly omnipresent trans-temporal corporation known as Ubiquidyne.

His part in Argyle's power play complete, Leland was essentially left to his own devices. He came to an arrangement with the technomage, in that whenever he needed repairs he would receive them in exchange for like 'services rendered', but until then was free to do his own thing.

Which would involve his direct and personal war on every single organized religion on earth. And as a parting gift, Argyle made good on his own promise, giving Leland several robotic drones that he could control with his own implants - and use against the faithful of the world.

Starting with his old church, in his home town...!

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