The Technohol 13 Master Character Roster

This is it. The entire character roster of everybody that shows up on the Technohol 13 web site, from A through Z. This is an exceedingly large file, and it would likely be easier to look up characters by the individual, alphabetical sub-rosters, but hey - some of you like to see the whole picture, and who am I to argue? So, without further ado, here's the entire deal, all of the many and varied characters on the 13!



Abyssal Princes and Lords (Tanar'ri): those rare few tanar'ri who live long enough, and gather enough power, can ascend past the known, common forms their race takes as they evolve, becoming unique. Even fewer of these rule a layer of the Abyss itself! Availability:

Abyssal Princes and Lords (MSH Classic)

Abyssal Princes and Lords (4C System)

Abyssal Princes and Lords (Marvel Saga)

the Accountant: made an undead horror by the sorcerer Icthyon, George Zimmerman was reborn a vampire - though he didn't let that ruin his life. Using skills learned via accounting skullduggery, he began to carve out a little empire all his own...! Availability:

the Accountant (MSH Classic)

the Accountant (4C System)

the Accountant (Marvel Saga)

Ace: a gambler through and through, Brad likes nothing more than a good poker game - hence his code name. It's fitting in two aspects, as Brad is also the Joe team's crack fighter pilot, who's downed more Cobra jets than you can shake a stick at! Availability:

Ace (MSH Classic)

Ace (4C System)

Ace (Marvel Saga)

AceTone: possessing the natural gift of strength enhancement, Yuki was taken in by Mindwatch after her powers went out of control. Soon after she got them under control, she began work on mastering metapsi powers as a part-time Mindwatch agent! Availability:

AceTone (MSH Classic)

AceTone (4C System)

AceTone (Marvel Saga)

Action Man: Matthew Exler was adopted by a world-famous rocket scientist, and embraced mental disciplines as well as the physical. Forged in the literal fire of a family tragedy, the man known only as Action Man quickly became the Greatest Hero of All! Availability:

Action Man (MSH Classic)

Action Man (4C System)

Action Man (Marvel Saga)

the Acrimonious Apostate: Ethel Rhea was a professional bodybuilder who originally found the Church of Hercules appealing - until she discovered its vast corruption. Losing her faith entirely, she eventually became a Frankologist! Availability:

the Acrimonious Apostate (MSH Classic)

the Acrimonious Apostate (4C System)

the Acrimonious Apostate (Marvel Saga)

Aero-Vipers: pilots of Cobra's Condor Z-25 Fighter-Bomber, the Aero-Vipers corps constantly train their bodies to withstand the same punishment that their Strato-Viper counterparts can absorb - but they manage to do so without surgical augmentation! Availability:

Aero-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Aero-Vipers (4C System)

Aero-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Agent Axis: originally three separate fascist spies, Agent Axis is the result of their accidental merger in a freak accident while in flight. Though granted three times the power of an ordinary man, he is also cursed with a fractured, querulous mind. Availability:

Agent Axis (MSH Classic)

Agent Axis (4C System)

Agent Axis (Marvel Saga)

Agent Deathmonger: having a long history with both the United States Army and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, former Mrj. Michael Shaw is an expert in investivative work, and can keep his objectivity no matter how bizarre everything gets. Availability:

Agent Deathmonger (MSH Classic)

Agent Deathmonger (4C System)

Agent Deathmonger (Marvel Saga)

Agent Delta: Lorcan Rourke was one of General Flagg's original recruits for his small, anti-terrorist operation. Sent to infiltrate Cobra early in its formation, Lorcan was believed to have been killed in the line of duty - at least, until recently...! Availability:

Agent Delta (MSH Classic)

Agent Delta (4C System)

Agent Delta (Marvel Saga)

Agent Faces: GI Joe's resident super spy, Michelino's natural disguise and mimicry talents are backed up by top notch covert training provided by the United States Army. He can disguise himself as virtually anybody he wishes to, with but a few minutes of study! Availability:

Agent Faces (MSH Classic)

Agent Faces (4C System)

Agent Faces (Marvel Saga)

Agent Helix: the neurodivergent covert operative known only as Agent Helix is poorly adjusted to function in modern society. Her unique mind nonetheless allows her to work well in detail-oriented combat situations, however, which she does for her own reasons! Availability:

Agent Helix (MSH Classic)

Agent Helix (4C System)

Agent Helix (Marvel Saga)

the Aggravant: the result of a matter duplicator accident, Chuck is the counterpart of the original Charlie Chicanery. After a brief stint alongside a gang of cross-time thugs, Chuck has returned home to launch his very own career as a super hero! Kind of. Availability:

the Aggravant (MSH Classic)

the Aggravant (4C System)

the Aggravant (Marvel Saga)

the Air Assault Glider: designed to work in two distinct modes, the Air Assault Glider can function as either a normal GI Joe glider or be converted into a fully functional Cobra jet pack - the better for Barrel Roll to slip behind Cobra lines with! Availability:

the Air Assault Glider (MSH Classic)

the Air Assault Glider (4C System)

the Air Assault Glider (Marvel Saga)

the Air Chariot: a veritable mobile throne for Serpentor to occupy whilst leading Cobra forces towards global domination, the Air Chariot is an ostentatious, snake-themed golden aircraft that the emperor may use to survey the battlefield from above. Availability:

Serpentor's Air Chariot (MSH Classic)

Serpentor's Air Chariot (4C System)

Serpentor's Air Chariot (Marvel Saga)

Air Devils: while Night Vultures sometimes fight Cobra's enemies while looting their lines, their Air Devils have the inverse job. They descend upon the enemy to sabotage personnel and equipment however they can, and only relieve their gear as an afterthought. Availability:

Air Devils (MSH Classic)

Air Devils (4C System)

Air Devils (Marvel Saga)

Air Raid: a seasoned Air Force test pilot, Benjamin Thomas was a perfect fit for GI Joe, since most of its aircraft are experimental at best. The new pilot of Sky Patrol's Skystriker, Benjamin is testing their stealth technology out on a venerable craft! Availability:

Air Raid (MSH Classic)

Air Raid (4C System)

Air Raid (Marvel Saga)

the Air Skiff: whether he built it himself or stole it from someone else, Zanzibar has made his Air Skiff a vital component of his criminal self-identity. A self-proclaimed air pirate, he uses it to pilfer goods from targets on both land and sea! Availability:

the Air Skiff (MSH Classic)

the Air Skiff (4C System)

the Air Skiff (Marvel Saga)

Air-Vipers: the core of Cobra's air force, Air-Vipers are those pilots the organization has lured into its service. Whether highly skilled fighter pilots or washed out commercial operators, Air-Vipers either get good on the job or crash and burn. Availability:

Air-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Air-Vipers (4C System)

Air-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

AVACs: Air-Vipers, Advanced Class, or AVACs, are elite Cobra pilots that are seemingly fearless, and capable of performing advanced calculations in their head. Both qualities are vital if one wishes to pilot the so-called Pocket Rocket: the Firebat! Availability:

AVACs (MSH Classic)

AVACs (4C System)

AVACs (Marvel Saga)

Airborne: born to oil-rich parents, Franklin E Talltree enjoyed jumping out of airplanes as a hobby - it makes him feel alive. Though a law school graduate, Franklin wanted to perform his hobby for a living, so he joined the Army to become a paratrooper! Availability:

Airborne (MSH Classic)

Airborne (4C System)

Airborne (Marvel Saga)

Airborne 2: Robert is easily the most popular Sky Patrol member, but not due to any juvenile pecking order. No, he's well liked because he does his level best to get everyone to their mission in one piece, and patches them up when they get perforated. Availability:

Airborne 2 (MSH Classic)

Airborne 2 (4C System)

Airborne 2 (Marvel Saga)

Airtight: a merciless practical joker and fan of the bizarre, Airtight is also the GI Joe expert on nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. When Cobra breaks out the dirty tricks, he's the first to wade in after them to put a stop to such tactics! Availability:

Airtight (MSH Classic)

Airtight (4C System)

Airtight (Marvel Saga)

Airwave: an electronics expert without peer, Cliff can 'kit-bash' like no one else, and is infamous for his improvisational electronics repairs. He serves as the audible frequency expert for GI Joe's Sky Patrol team - and is mean in a firefight, too! Availability:

Airwave (MSH Classic)

Airwave (4C System)

Airwave (Marvel Saga)

Alkiliths (Tanar'ri): wretched corruption personified, alkiliths are formless terrors that work to spread the horrors of the Abyss throughout the multiverse. They ruin everything they can get their pseudopods on, and delight in doing just that. Availability:

Alkiliths (MSH Classic)

Alkiliths (4C System)

Alkiliths (Marvel Saga)

the AWE Striker: a small, lightweight vehicle, this grass-green, off-road marvel was adopted by GI JOE in 1985. Weighing 2.8 tons and armed with a powerful, recoil-less rifle, the AWE Striker can offer the Joes fire support almost anywhere! Availability:

the AWE Striker (MSH Classic)

the AWE Striker (4C System)

the AWE Striker (Marvel Saga)

the All American: After developing paranormal powers, New York Smashers quarterback Jack Magniconte founded Kickers, Inc., to use said abilities to help others handle off-the-wall problems that no one else could! Availability:

Jack Magniconte (MSH Classic)

Jack Magniconte (4C System)

Jack Magniconte (Marvel Saga)

Alley-Vipers: Cobras who excel in urban combat, Alley-Vipers spearhead that organization's inner-city warfare initiatives. Strong, tough, and brutal, Alley-Vipers are notorious for the heinous crimes they commit while active in high population areas. Availability:

Alley-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Alley-Vipers (4C System)

Alley-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Alpine: though he was a perfectly good accountant, having a decent job with prospects, Albert wanted more out of life. As such, he enlisted to use his hobby, mountain climbing, to help his country - which he does as a mountain trooper! Availability:

Alpine (MSH Classic)

Alpine (4C System)

Alpine (Marvel Saga)

Altitude: a former syndicated cartoon artist and a Sergeant Major of the Army, John-Edward has a unique background. Of course, add his eidetic memory on top of that, and you have the makings for an unbelievably effective recon patrolman and combat artist! Availability:

Altitude (MSH Classic)

Altitude (4C System)

Altitude (Marvel Saga)

Alu-fiends (Tanar'ri): the offspring of succubi and non-tanar'ri, alu-fiends posses of many of their mothers' abilities. They also have the skill to master sorcery, and often carry impresive magical items to make up for their physical weakness. Availability:

Alu-fiends (MSH Classic)

Alu-fiends (4C System)

Alu-fiends (Marvel Saga)

Ambush: Aaron has been one those quiet kinds of guys ever since he was a wee youth. In fact, he always seems to slip through the cracks, and folks tend to forget he's around - which isn't helped any by the fact that he's a master of camouflage...! Availability:

Ambush (MSH Classic)

Ambush (4C System)

Ambush (Marvel Saga)

American Avenger: drafted in Argentina by the grandson of El Gaucho, American Don Caldwell became that hero's replacement. He calls himself the American Avenger elsewhere though, battling his homeland's enemies in Argentina and beyond! Availability:

American Avenger (MSH Classic)

American Avenger (4C System)

American Avenger (Marvel Saga)

the Amphibious Personnel Carrier: this versatile, armored troop carrier has been in the GI Joe arsenal for years. This because, in addition to being able to drive on land or water, it's a very safe conveyance for Joes on their way to a mission! Availability:

the Amphibious Personnel Carrier (MSH Classic)

the Amphibious Personnel Carrier (4C System)

the Amphibious Personnel Carrier (Marvel Saga)

the Angel: Thomas Holloway was raised in a prison under bizarre circumstances, learning a whole lot about everything. With the aid of this vast catalog of knowledge, he wages a never-ending battle against villainy as the high-flying Angel! Availability:

the Angel (MSH Classic)

the Angel (4C System)

the Angel (Marvel Saga)

the Angel 2: when his brother retired as the original Angel, Simon Halloway (literally) picked up the costume and ran with it. Fighting crime when he wasn't scrounging for food and shelter, Simon occasionally did some good in his time. Availability:

the Angel 2 (MSH Classic)

the Angel 2 (4C System)

the Angel 2 (Marvel Saga)

Angry Annie: Annie Claymore is a petulant sociopath who believes the world should both revolve around her desires, and abide by her own jaundiced view of How Things Work. Naturally, she explodes with murderous rage when it invariably doesn't. Availability:

Angry Annie (MSH Classic)

Angry Annie (4C System)

Angry Annie (Marvel Saga)

Jake Smythe: the Angry Man: Jake became a space-faring hero after discovering the indigo Rainbow Gem on the family farm - until the sorcerer Mho stole it from him. It took him years, but Jake finally got it back, though he's been damaged by the experience. Availability:

Jake Smythe: the Angry Man (MSH Classic)

Jake Smythe: the Angry Man (4C System)

Jake Smythe: the Angry Man (Marvel Saga)

Annihilators: thanks to the heli-pack assigned to each Annihlator, these airborne soldiers may be instantly deployed from any location! Serving as Destro's personal bodyguards, Annihlators work together to guarantee his safety - and that of their paychecks! Availability:

Annihilators (MSH Classic)

Annihilators (4C System)

Annihilators (Marvel Saga)

Anthropists (Devoted): while they hail from any number of different backgrounds, members of the Anthropy Society have the potential to have a couple of things in common, hence this sort of 'boilerplate' description of these ideologists. Availability:

Anthropists (Devoted, MSH Classic)

Anthropists (Devoted, 4C System)

Anthropists (Devoted, Marvel Saga)

Antibody: while he originally wanted to be a doctor, medical intern Randy O'Brien's life was forever changed after the White Event, when he developed the power to generate negative-image duplicates of himself, which he had little - if any - control over! Availability:

Antibody(MSH Classic)

Antibody (4C System)

Antibody (Marvel Saga)

the AGP: the first mass-produced aircraft produced by Destro for his Iron Grenadiers, the Anti-Gravity Pod, or AGP, is a small and vast VTOL vehicle. Capable of independently pivoting its jet engine, the AGP is capable of truly amazing aerial maneuvers! Availability:

the AGP (MSH Classic)

the AGP (4C System)

the AGP (Marvel Saga)

Antons: vaguely humanoid beings hailing from the small planetoid of Torsa, the Antons belligerently attempted to conquer our world once their own was trapped in earth's orbit. Luckily for humanity, Professor Zog was on hand to stop them cold! Availability:

Antons (MSH Classic)

Antons (4C System)

Antons (Marvel Saga)

Professor Appel: one of the older Crimson Guard operatives, Professor Appel is arguably its smartest. The genius behind the successful, diabolical plot to create Cobra Island, Appel is one of the few scientists that Cobra Commander trusts. Availability:

Professor Appel (MSH Classic)

Professor Appel (4C System)

Professor Appel (Marvel Saga)

the Arctic Blast: small and fast, the Arctic Blast is comprised of two large, off-road tires driving an oversized sled. Most often driven by Windchill, this thing is armed to the teeth and a lot faster than you'd expect it to be on first glance. Availability:

the Arctic Blast (MSH Classic)

the Arctic Blast (4C System)

the Arctic Blast (Marvel Saga)

Arden: Arden works as a Lateral Shifter. It's her job to cross from one variant timeline to another, to research how certain phenomena manifest in different universes, all to better predict how they will affect her own - for good or ill! Availability:

Arden (MSH Classic)

Arden (4C System)

Arden (Marvel Saga)

Armadillo: Philo R. Makepeace was an insanely fast driver in the civilian market before repeated complaints caused him to seek similar employ in the military. That's when it was discovered that Philo drives not just quickly, but very, very rough, as well! Availability:

Armadillo (MSH Classic)

Armadillo (4C System)

Armadillo (Marvel Saga)

the Armadillo Assault: a somewhat large ride, the Armadillo Assault is built tough. It can be configured as an armored carrier or a dune buggy depending on the Joes' needs. It also comes equipped with a one-person scout craft, making it its own air support! Availability:

the Armadillo Assault (MSH Classic)

the Armadillo Assault (4C System)

the Armadillo Assault (Marvel Saga)

the Armadillo Mini-Tank: a tank in miniature, the Armadillo packs the fire power of four linked, 60mm cannons into a vehicle the size of a Ford ™ Escort ™. Though small, and having only one real weapon to speak of, it's fast and highly durable. Availability:

the Armadillo (MSH Classic)

the Armadillo (4C System)

the Armadillo (Marvel Saga)

Armanites (Tanar'ri): seeming masters of the Abyss' 377th layer, the armanite hordes populating that plane resemble pale, undead centaurs. They wander the land in troupes, selling their services to whoever offers them enough plunder... and fresh meat. Availability:

Armanites (MSH Classic)

Armanites (4C System)

Armanites (Marvel Saga)

the Armor-Bot: the ultimate expression of Star Brigade armor technology, the Armor-Bot is a gigantic humanoid vehicle. A powerful mech, the Armor-Bot is armed to the teeth, and can walk or drive into battle on earth or amongst the stars alongside GI Joe! Availability:

the Armor-Bot (MSH Classic)

the Armor-Bot (4C System)

the Armor-Bot (Marvel Saga)

Armorhide: one of the more belligerent Combatrons, Armorhide likes nothing more than to fight - especially if large explosions are involved. An expert in desert warfare, he enjoys watching his foes fall victim to the lethal traps he's set for them. Availability:

Armorhide (MSH Classic)

Armorhide (4C System)

Armorhide (Marvel Saga)

Armula: a previously low-rent mutant thug with like capability, Simon Furst was the unfortunate victim of what he thought was a random vampire attack. Rising from the dead anew, he has rechristened himself Armula - the four armed vampire! Availability:

Armula (MSH Classic)

Armula (4C System)

Armula (Marvel Saga)

Article II: recruited because he was a patriotic, hard-working, and most of all honest cop, Arthur Blaine Poindexter II became the D.A.A.'s worst nightmare when he decided he could do a much better job protecting Freedom than they ever could! Availability:

Article II (MSH Classic)

Article II (4C System)

Article II (Marvel Saga)

Asbestos Lady: a shrewd man-hater, the Asbestos Lady was driven to new heights of loathing by one man above all others: the Human Torch! Humiliating her time and again, the Torch has earned a singular place in the Asbestos Lady's blackened heart. Availability:

Asbestos Lady (MSH Classic)

Asbestos Lady (4C System)

Asbestos Lady (Marvel Saga)

Asclepius: son of Apollo, Asclepius was originally the best surgeon in all of Greece, trained by the centaur Chiron. After Hades petitioned Zeus to slay him, Asclepius ascended to godhood himself... seemingly living on to this very day. Availability:

Asclepius (MSH Classic)

Asclepius (4C System)

Asclepius (Marvel Saga)

Ashiko: a professional stunt driver as well as an Arashikage ninja, it was easy to guess that the GI Joe team would recruit Ashiko to operate its Cycle Armor. Though he fights just fine without it, Ashiko is an offensive juggernat while armored up! Availability:

Ashiko (MSH Classic)

Ashiko (4C System)

Ashiko (Marvel Saga)

the Assault Quad: a small, offensive ATV, the Assault Quad is impressively armed for its size, featuring one machine gun and two missile launchers. Its armament, ordnance, and maneuverability make it perfect for scouting or dealing with small groups of enemy troops. Availability:

the Assault Quad (MSH Classic)

the Assault Quad (4C System)

the Assault Quad (Marvel Saga)

the ASP: a towable weapon system equipped with two powerful Eliminator cannons, the Assault System Pod, or ASP, is a menace to all Cobra's enemies. Capable of striking foes on land, sea, or air, the ASP excels for providing security or fire superiority! Availability:

the ASP (MSH Classic)

ASP (4C System)

ASP (Marvel Saga)

Astro-Vipers: those Strato-Vipers with technical ability are often trained in combat under numerous gravitational conditions, as well as satellite and spacecraft maintenance. These Cobranauts are then let loose in orbit to further Cobra's interests! Availability:

Astro-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Astro-Vipers (4C System)

Astro-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Astronomer: mentally and physically changed by his obsessive study of the cosmos, the Astronomer is one of the Elders of the Universe. Naturally, as one of the Universe's elders, he felt that he was best suited to run the joint. Availability:

Astronomer (MSH Classic)

Astronomer (4C System)

Astronomer (Marvel Saga)

Atlanteans (Typical, v13): the odd aquatic humanoids commonly referred to as Atlanteans are a reclusive offshoot of humanity. Usually only encountered on or near the open sea, these seemingly hostile entities are hard to see - and harder to fight! Availability:

Atlanteans (MSH Classic)

Atlanteans (4C System)

Atlanteans (Marvel Saga)

the Attack Cruiser: an improvement on GI Joe's Remote Piloted Vehicle, the Attack Cruiser has a similar vehicle which can also be used as a bomb in a pinch, and is armed with multiple personnel and vehicle counter-measures to neutralize Cobra forces! Availability:

the Attack Cruiser (MSH Classic)

the Attack Cruiser (4C System)

the Attack Cruiser (Marvel Saga)

Avalanche: Ian decided to do something better with his life than engage in the family business of bootlegging, poaching, and smuggling, and enlisted in the Army. The military then put his skills to use, and now he's a cold weather survival expert, too! Availability:

Avalanche (MSH Classic)

Avalanche (4C System)

Avalanche (Marvel Saga)

the Avalanche: the latest in a mighty line of GI Joe cold weather combat vehicles, the Avalanche is a heavily armed and armored, tracked assault vehicle, one that also contained a hidden surprise: a super-sonic VTOL support craft stowed within! Availability:

the Avalanche (MSH Classic)

the Avalanche (4C System)

the Avalanche (Marvel Saga)

Axer: a lethally efficient bounty hunter and interdiction expert working for the Decepticons, Axer found himself on earth after a chance encounter with a black hole, and has since decided that he don't like Scourge very much - since he doesn't pay. Availability:

Axer (MSH Classic)

Axer (4C System)

Axer (Marvel Saga)

Aya: the goddess of dawn, Aya has the task of dispelling the darkness before the sun, Shamash, rides through the sky on his solar chariot. Though this is her primary duty, she also represents youth, love, sex, marriage, and motherhood. Availability:

Aya (MSH Classic)

Aya (4C System)

Aya (Marvel Saga)


B'ntri (Typical): inhuman monstrosities hailing from a forgotten, rogue world with no name, the B'ntri are cunning, magically inclined, tentacular horrors. These beasts spread like wildfire through known space, eating their way through the cosmos! Availability:

B'ntri (MSH Classic)

B'ntri (4C System)

B'ntri (Marvel Saga)

Babau (Tanar'ri): babau assemble the vast tanar'ri armies required to wage the Blood War. They conscript their least and lesser cousins into the fight, while themselves avoiding the front lines as long as they can keep the 'recruits' coming. Availability:

Babau (MSH Classic)

Babau (4C System)

Babau (Marvel Saga)

Babel: Thame Panagitis became obsessed with bringing about a world government, after his exposure to KGB defector Alexei Ruyanev's ideas. Helping him form the Medusa Web, Thame went on to lead its clandestine efforts to unite the planet. Availability:

Babel (MSH Classic)

Babel (4C System)

Babel (Marvel Saga)

Backblast: after growing up in the shadow of New York City's greatest airport, Edward J. Menninger decided he'd had more than enough. Hating airplanes after years of exposure to their loud noise and bright lights, he enlisted to get a job blowing the things up! Availability:

Backblast (MSH Classic)

Backblast (4C System)

Backblast (Marvel Saga)

Backfire: a nondescript guy before the White Event, George was a hard-up loser. While the Event gave him impressive reflective powers, he's still a loser, endlessly perpetrating his raunchy personality upon the Web during its many paramilitary actions. Availability:

Backfire (MSH Classic)

Backfire (4C System)

Backfire (Marvel Saga)

Backstop: though he's been run out of every sport he tried, from hockey to wrestling to boxing, Robert finally found a home in GI Joe. The man is brutally competitive, and has a habit of leaving broken opponents in his wake - and that's just his friends! Availability:

Backstop (MSH Classic)

Backstop (4C System)

Backstop (Marvel Saga)

the Badger: though lightly armed, the Badger is astoundingly fast and maneuverable. A modified, heavily armored Jeep, this neon green off-road vehicle is great for leading the charge against any Cobra infantry in the field - no matter where they hide! Availability:

the Badger (MSH Classic)

the Badger (4C System)

the Badger (Marvel Saga)

Doctor Lucian Ballad: assigned to the Remsen children after their parents died in a bombing, psychologist Lucian Ballad was amazed to find out that both were paranormals, and convinced them to use their abilities to help others. Availability:

Doctor Lucian Ballad (MSH Classic)

Doctor Lucian Ballad (4C System)

Doctor Lucian Ballad (Marvel Saga)

Tullius Ballad: Doctor Lucian Ballad's evil twin, Tullius has always been obsessed with destroying his counterpart. Believing this the only way to claim his soul for his own, he became a powerful Voodoo Bokor to defeat his 'good' side! Availability:

Tullius Ballad (MSH Classic)

Tullius Ballad (4C System)

Tullius Ballad (Marvel Saga)

Kayla Ballantine: when her boyfriend Quasar returned from a cross-time adventure, he inadvertently passed the Star Brand to Kayla. Though she didn't realize it at first, various villains were able to perceive the thing, and schemed to take it from her. Availability:

Kayla Ballantine (MSH Classic)

Kayla Ballantine (4C System)

Kayla Ballantine (Marvel Saga)

Balors (Tanar'ri): most powerful of the true tanar'ri, balors are few and far between. However, the blazing power they wield is enough to cow even the most arrogant tanar'ri into submission - further aiding their crusades against the hated baatezu! Availability:

Balors (MSH Classic)

Balors (4C System)

Balors (Marvel Saga)

Banzai: seeking purpose and direction, Robert J. Travalino walked the earth, and went on adventures. In Tibet, he encountered a reclusive ninja master who forged him into a weapon that could make his own path, which Robert decided involved becoming a GI Joe ninja! Availability:

Banzai (MSH Classic)

Banzai (4C System)

Banzai (Marvel Saga)

Bar-lgura (Tanar'ri): strong resembling conventional orangutans, bar-lgura aren't much smarter than those mundane creatures. Of course, normal animals don't bear an arsenal of demonic powers, much less such sullen, blinding blinding rage...! Availability:

Bar-lgura (MSH Classic)

Bar-lgura (4C System)

Bar-lgura (Marvel Saga)

Barbecue: thrill-seeker and all around party animal, Barbecue became a fire fighter for the sheer thrill of it all. The only dedicated firefighter on the GI Joe team, Barbecue tends to be placed on missions with the flamethrower experts. Availability:

Barbecue (MSH Classic)

Barbecue (4C System)

Barbecue (Marvel Saga)

Barnaby Eveningstar: a scholar researching evil magic to better combat it, Barnaby Billingsly studied vampirism intently, and even managed to wield it as a mere mortal. Unfortunately for him, however, his diabolical power got the best of him. Availability:

Barnaby Eveningstar (MSH Classic)

Barnaby Eveningstar (4C System)

Barnaby Eveningstar (Marvel Saga)

Señor Barnett: the child of two super heroes, Arpad Barnett didn't develop powers initially, living a cheerfully normal life. At least, he did until his uncontrollable technopsionic legacy caught up with him, and seemingly unhinged the man! Availability:

Señor Barnett (MSH Classic)

Señor Barnett (4C System)

Señor Barnett (Marvel Saga)

Baron Blood: after an encounter with the mighty Dracula, malcontent blueblood John Falsworth became a vampire himself. His twisted need for vengeance against his brother eventually drove him to Nazi Germany, for aid in crushing his relative and homeland. Availability:

Baron Blood (MSH Classic)

Baron Blood (4C System)

Baron Blood (Marvel Saga)

the Baroness: after her brother was seemingly killed by an American soldier, the girl who would become the Baroness was consumed with a need for vengeance, and her foray into international terrorism ultimately led to an association with Cobra. Availability:

the Baroness (MSH Classic)

the Baroness (4C System)

the Baroness (Marvel Saga)

the Barracuda: an incredibly small vehicle, the Barracuda is in effect a one-man submarine. This tiny ride can swim beneath the waves to attack Cobra's aquatic vessels, rapidly sinking them with torpedoes before the evil terrorists even know what hit them! Availability:

the Barracuda (MSH Classic)

the Barracuda (4C System)

the Barracuda (Marvel Saga)

Barrel Roll: Dwight E. Stall comes from a family with a long tradition of military service. He is the first of three siblings to complete the GI Joe's training course, and has proven to be a most capable soldier, whether he's on the ground or in the skies! Availability:

Barrel Roll (MSH Classic)

Barrel Roll (4C System)

Barrel Roll (Marvel Saga)

Barricade: an urban combat expert, Phillip was trained long and hard in his art, which made joining GI Joe almost too easy for him. A latecomer to the group, he nonetheless works hard to prove his mettle when he leads his fellow Joes into a hostile city! Availability:

Barricade (MSH Classic)

Barricade (4C System)

Barricade (Marvel Saga)

Louis 'Treetop' Barrington: this somewhat shady man was a Huey pilot doing covert op troop insertions / extractions during Vietnam, but resorted to taking any job from the highest bidder afterwards - until Mark Hazzard helped him to see the light. Availability:

Louis 'Treetop' Barrington (MSH Classic)

Louis 'Treetop' Barrington (4C System)

Louis 'Treetop' Barrington (Marvel Saga)

Basher Bob: a brain-addled dwarf from elsewhere, Basher Bob was mistaken for a Warrior of Thor upon his inadvertent arrival in New York. Delivered to their lodge by the authorities, he just sort of moved in since everyone there assumed he belonged, too. Availability:

Basher Bob (MSH Classic)

Basher Bob (4C System)

Basher Bob (Marvel Saga)

Battle Android Troopers: BATs are mass-produced in various Cobra Island factories, using factory seconds for microprocessors and mechanical components built in third world sweat shops. Though dumb as hammers, BATs are heavily armed and dangerous! Availability:

Battle Android Troopers (BATs) (MSH Classic)

Battle Android Troopers (BATs) (4C System)

Battle Android Troopers (BATs) (Marvel Saga)

the Battle Barge: keeping a low profile as they gently float around Cobra Island, the Battle Barges are easy to miss - at least, until they attack! Armed with three powerful machine guns, the Barges packs a lot more punch than you'd expect for their size! Availability:

the Battle Barge (MSH Classic)

the Battle Barge (4C System)

the Battle Barge (Marvel Saga)

The Battle Blitz: a six-wheeled, all-terrain vehicle with a large vertical profile, the Battle Blitz is one of the Joe team's 'Spy Troops' vehicles with a built-in surprise - this being a built-in 'land luge' launcher a Joe operative can ride at incredible speeds! Availability:

the Battle Blitz (MSH Classic)

the Battle Blitz (4C System)

the Battle Blitz (Marvel Saga)

the Battle Copter: while the Air Commandos can quietly get somewhere in a hurry, they're admittedly at the mercy of the weather. Keeping this in mind, the GI Joe team built a powered alternative to their gliders, in the form of this backpack helicopter! Availability:

the Battle Copter (MSH Classic)

the Battle Copter (4C System)

the Battle Copter (Marvel Saga)

the Battle Wagon: a large offensive vehicle, the Battle Wagon lives up to its name. It looks like a giant, oversized pickup truck with a missile launcher mounted where the bed should be. With, of course, laser guns and a strange cab with a freaky grille. Availability:

the Battle Wagon (MSH Classic)

the Battle Wagon (4C System)

the Battle Wagon (Marvel Saga)

the BUGG: the Battling Underwater Global Guard is an amphibious vehicle with which Cobra patrols the shores of its treacherous Island. It has numerous sub-vehicles to warn off trespassers, and enough firepower to deal with those who don't get the message! Availability:

the BUGG (MSH Classic)

the BUGG (4C System)

the BUGG (Marvel Saga)

Bazooka: a former tank jockey until his sudden epiphany about untrained yahoos immobilizing million dollar hardware with two hundred dollar handheld rockets, Bazooka instead became a missile specialist himself, plying his trade for the GI Joe team! Availability:

Bazooka (MSH Classic)

Bazooka (4C System)

Bazooka (Marvel Saga)

Beach Head: one of the hardest, meanest Rangers ever to come out of Fort Benning, Wayne is a perfect addition to GI Joe, as his never-ending quest for personal perfection tends to rub off on others - even if it does so in a somewhat abrasive fashion! Availability:

Beach Head (MSH Classic)

Beach Head (4C System)

Beach Head (Marvel Saga)

Beachcomber: an expert astrogeologist, Beachcomber loves nothing more than to explore beautiful, remote reaches of worlds throughout the cosmos. Unfortunately for him, he's found himself in the middle of a war that has raged for million of years. Availability:

Beachcomber (MSH Classic)

Beachcomber (4C System)

Beachcomber (Marvel Saga)

the Behemoth Remote Controlled Tank: this ominous, glossy black tank was an advanced, remote controlled weapon of war that Krotze International had developed for the Department of Defense to wage war without putting American soldiers at risk. Availability:

the Behemoth (MSH Classic)

the Behemoth (4C System)

the Behemoth (Marvel Saga)

Big Bear: filling the role of Horror Show in the Oktober Guard after a fashion, Big Bear was recruited onto the team after the death of most of its original line-up. Big and surly, Big Bear more than makes up for his attitude with his effective performance. Availability:

Big Bear(MSH Classic)

Big Bear (4C System)

Big Bear (Marvel Saga)

Big Ben: an elite British SAS soldier, David is as competent as your average American Special Forces trooper. Though trained differently, he's just as good as his fellow Joes are versus Cobra forces, no matter what the nefarious terrorists are up to! Availability:

Big Ben (MSH Classic)

Big Ben (4C System)

Big Ben (Marvel Saga)

Big Boa: despised by GI Joe and Cobra operatives alike, Big Boa is the chief drill instructor of the latter group. A seeming force of nature gone wrong, Big Boa has what it takes to whip even Cobra's teeming masses of criminal scum into fighting shape! Availability:

Big Boa (MSH Classic)

Big Boa (4C System)

Big Boa (Marvel Saga)

Big Brawler: with his dual military specialties, Brian is more than effective at rooting out terrorists based in jungle environs. This made him an excellent fit for the GI Joe team, as Cobra often hides their bases in the nastiest jungles they can find! Availability:

Big Brawler (MSH Classic)

Big Brawler (4C System)

Big Brawler (Marvel Saga)

Big Lob: an obsessive basketball fan, Big Lob showed he was a true athlete upon breezing his way through basic training. He's since proved himself to both the regular brass and the GI Joe team, and excels in all manner of the team's special missions! Availability:

Big Lob (MSH Classic)

Big Lob (4C System)

Big Lob (Marvel Saga)

(just) Billy: the only known son of the diabolical Cobra Commander, Billy's life has proven to be an endless cavalcade of calamity. He rises above his awful family life, though, by doing his best to ensure no one else suffers as he has at the hands of Cobra! Availability:

(just) Billy (MSH Classic)

(just) Billy (4C System)

(just) Billy (Marvel Saga)

Bio-Vipers: former Cobra EELs forever altered after Doctor Mindbender experimented upon them with his latest chimeric genetic cocktail, the Bio-Vipers are now near-mindless rampaging machines, aquatic monstrosities that menace global sea lanes! Availability:

Bio-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Bio-Vipers (4C System)

Bio-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

the Black Marvel: passing extensive and extreme tests of strength, stamina and dexterity, Dan Lyons proved worthy of carrying the mantle of the Black Marvel. Living up to its responsibilities, he constantly strives to right wrongs! Availability:

the Black Marvel (MSH Classic)

the Black Marvel (4C System)

the Black Marvel (Marvel Saga)

Black Widow: when her younger sister was murdered by a Hollywood gangster, Claire Voyant made a Faustian pact with Satan to get revenge. Of course, this damned her to a life of constantly retrieving evil souls for that demon. Availability:

Black Widow (MSH Classic)

Black Widow (4C System)

Black Widow (Marvel Saga)

the Blackstars: a secretive legion of space pilots, the mysterious Blackstars are expert space combatants. Working out an arrangement with Cobra, the Blackstars offer that organization the services of whoever is currently the best out of all their pilots. Availability:

the Blackstars (MSH Classic)

the Blackstars (4C System)

the Blackstars (Marvel Saga)

Blast-Off: the greatest firefighter Missouri ever knew, Jeffrey D. Thompson single-handedly extinguished a forest fire after his fellows were incapacitated by smoke - earning him a place with GI Joe. Of course, now he sets fires as well as exinguishing them! Availability:

Blast-Off (MSH Classic)

Blast-Off (4C System)

Blast-Off (Marvel Saga)

Blaster (G1): the core of Autobot communications, Blaster is an expert in radio signal transception. Overwhelmingly fond of rock music, his relentless pursuit of the latest tunes has possibly revealed the lone weakness in this otherwise solid operative! Availability:

Blaster (MSH Classic)

Blaster (4C System)

Blaster (Marvel Saga)

Blaster (GI Joe): smitten with ground effect vehicle technology since his youth, Brian enlisted to acquire the funding he needed to develop it further. This worked out better than he imagined, and now Brian is on the bleeding edge of its development! Availability:

Blaster (MSH Classic)

Blaster (4C System)

Blaster (Marvel Saga)

Blazing Skull: fired upon while reporting on the second Sino-Japanese war, ace reporter Mark Todd sough shelter in a cave inhabited by strange Skull-men. Finding him honorable, they made Mark into their champion - the Blazing Skull! Availability:

the Blazing Skull (MSH Classic)

the Blazing Skull (4C System)

the Blazing Skull (Marvel Saga)

Blizzard: Gregory is tough because he has to be, for he knows that with his job as a cold weather soldier - much less the instructor of such - he will become a statistic if he goes easy on himself. And his charges will as well, if he goes easy on them. Availability:

Blizzard (MSH Classic)

Blizzard (4C System)

Blizzard (Marvel Saga)

the Blockbuster: the Blockbuster is a 6WD vehicle designed primarily for Arctic combat, but can be deployed just about anywhere - though its white paint job may hinder that some. It's armed with a massive pom-pom launcher and Gatling cannon bank, so watch out! Availability:

the Blockbuster (MSH Classic)

the Blockbuster (4C System)

the Blockbuster (Marvel Saga)

Blocker: tiring of life as a Boston cab driver, David enlisted to get a ride with which he could shoot back at the opposition. He's proven so good at fighting behind the wheel that he was eventually selected to be a Battle Force 2000 vehicular combatant! Availability:

Blocker (MSH Classic)

Blocker (4C System)

Blocker (Marvel Saga)

the Blonde Phantom: a secretary for the Mark Mason Detective Agency, Louise Grant was secretly the Blonde Phantom! When Mark stumbled upon any serious threat on the job, Louise'd step in as the Phantom and set things straight! Availability:

Blonde Phantom (MSH Classic)

Blonde Phantom (4C System)

Blonde Phantom (Marvel Saga)

Blowtorch: Timothy joined the Army to master the most ancient weapon: fire! Though he wields the stuff like a demon in battle, Timothy is probably the biggest proponent of fire safety on earth, knowing full well what it's capable of. Availability:

Blowtorch (MSH Classic)

Blowtorch (4C System)

Blowtorch (Marvel Saga)

Bludgeon: something of a schemer, Bludgeon is the rare, grandiose sort of villain who can back up his talk with muscle. He's strong and tough on top of his mental brawn, and had he not joined up with Scourge, he'd have founded the Destructicons himself! Availability:

Bludgeon (MSH Classic)

Bludgeon (4C System)

Bludgeon (Marvel Saga)

Blue Blade: riding away from his destitute farm during the Dust Bowl, Roy Chambers decied to become rich and famous - no matter the cost. And how else to do this than do what everyone else was of late: donning an ostentatious costume and doing good deeds! Availability:

Blue Blade (MSH Classic)

Blue Blade (4C System)

Blue Blade (Marvel Saga)

the Blue Blaze: exposed to a mysterious blue blaze his father had discovered in the midst of a tornado, Spencer Keen was slain outright. Rising from his grave a century later, Keen was driven to fight against evil and injustice... as the Blue Blaze! Availability:

Blue Blaze (MSH Classic)

Blue Blaze (4C System)

Blue Blaze (Marvel Saga)

Blue Diamond: when an immense blue diamond exploded in his hands, anthropologist Elton T. Morrow was imbued with the stone's strange powers. Though he did so reluctantly, Elton used his new powers against evil as... the Blue Diamond! Availability:

Blue Diamond (MSH Classic)

Blue Diamond (4C System)

Blue Diamond (Marvel Saga)

Bluestreak: having never been the same since his home town was destroyed by Decepticons, this lone survivor of Praxus talks non-stop to prevent himself from thinking about his past. Though this usually annoys his fellow Autobots, it sometimes works. Availability:

Bluestreak (MSH Classic)

Bluestreak (4C System)

Bluestreak (Marvel Saga)

Blur: a former Burger King ™ manager, Jeffrey Walters was transformed into a super speedster in the wake of the White Event. Unable to deactivate his accelerated motion, Jeffrey is constantly shaking out of control - a veritable Blur! Availability:

Blur (MSH Classic)

Blur (4C System)

Blur (Marvel Saga)

the Bomb Disposal Unit: handy for Exposive Ordnanace Disposal work, this small, treaded device can handle undetonated weaponry (both allied and enemy) with relative safety. In other words, the Bomb Disposal Unit helps GI Joe render an area safe! Availability:

the Bomb Disposal Unit (MSH Classic)

the Bomb Disposal Unit (4C System)

the Bomb Disposal Unit (Marvel Saga)

Bombstrike: Alyssa has shown once again that her family is destined for greatness. Having earned her place on the GI Joe team as a forward air controller and counterintelligence expert, Alyssa is already proving that the Joes know talent when they see it! Availability:

Bombstrike (MSH Classic)

Bombstrike (4C System)

Bombstrike (Marvel Saga)

Boo-Getty: Redneck Zombie: transformed into a so-called 'greater zombie' by a mad wizard with designs on global domination, Jeb Jacobs instead decided to use his newfound physical power and renewed life to further his own ends, and not his re-creator's. Availability:

Boo-Getty: Redneck Zombie (MSH Classic)

Boo-Getty: Redneck Zombie (4C System)

Boo-Getty: Redneck Zombie (Marvel Saga)

Boss Sarpo: a devious crime boss based in Ohio, Boss Sarpo never met a crime he didn't like. In addition to looting entire towns of everything not nailed down, Sarpo entered the big leagues when he gained control of Electro for a time! Availability:

Boss Sarpo (MSH Classic)

Boss Sarpo (4C System)

Boss Sarpo (Marvel Saga)

Brain Drain: a morally dubious scientist, Werner Schmidt was crushed by a falling spacecraft shortly after duplicating the American Super-soldier Serum. Rebuilt by his new friends in a robot body, he returned to curse the world as the bizarre Brain Drain! Availability:

Brain Drain (MSH Classic)

Brain Drain (4C System)

Brain Drain (Marvel Saga)

the Brain-wave Scanner: Doctor Venom's single greatest invention, this device gives Cobra access to the very minds of others! Capable of probing or controlling minds, use of the Scanner is itself torture, as it inflicts undue agony while operational. Availability:

the Brain-wave Scanner (MSH Classic)

the Brain-wave Scanner (4C System)

the Brain-wave Scanner (Marvel Saga)

Brainrave: a telepath with a severe electronica fetish, Comyna is a happy go lucky adventurer whether or not she's currently working with Mindwatch. She's as likely to go clubbing as she is stomping on Mindwatch's enemies, mind you. Availability:

Brainrave (MSH Classic)

Brainrave (4C System)

Brainrave (Marvel Saga)

the Brawler: a large, self-propelled gun, the Brawler's main feature is its 77mm Howitzer cannon. Then there's the large surface-to-air missiles, the twinned machine gun mounts, and its cutting-edge ablative armor technology. It really lives up to its name! Availability:

the Brawler (MSH Classic)

the Brawler (4C System)

the Brawler (Marvel Saga)

Brawn: a braggart boastful about his sheer physical power, Brawn is more than ready to back up his claims with results. While he's smaller than most Autobots, Brawn's definitely one of the strongest and toughest brawlers in that group's roster! Availability:

Brawn (MSH Classic)

Brawn (4C System)

Brawn (Marvel Saga)

Breaker: Alvin is a master of at least seven languages and most NATO radio gear. Despite an initial lack of combat experience, and being one of the youngest men to ever become a Joe, Alvin has proven indispensible as the team's communications officer. Availability:

Breaker (MSH Classic)

Breaker (4C System)

Breaker (Marvel Saga)

Colonel Brekhov: leader of the original Oktober Guard, Colonel Ivan Nikelovich Brekhov is notorious for his take no prisoners and make no apologies attitude. This cigar-chomping veteran is a fair and patriotic role model for his subordinates! Availability:

Colonel Brekhov (MSH Classic)

Colonel Brekhov (4C System)

Colonel Brekhov (Marvel Saga)

Brick: not much is known about this bizarre murder machine, other than the fact that he has been utilized by Edmund Roth in the past. A capable killer, Brick is nonetheless susceptible to the ultrasonic frequencies used to control his mind. Availability:

Brick (MSH Classic)

Brick (4C System)

Brick (Marvel Saga)

Brick Wall: offensive tackle for the New York Smashers, Beauford 'Brick Wall' Wohl is also the other half of the Kickers' muscle, helping the team to deal with trouble while they investigate paranormal mysteries when he isn't balancing the books! Availability:

Beauford 'Brick Wall' Wohl (MSH Classic)

Beauford 'Brick Wall' Wohl (4C System)

Beauford 'Brick Wall' Wohl (Marvel Saga)

the Bridge Layer: a perfect vehicle for combat engineers like Tollbooth, the Bridge Layer is an armored bridge-deploying vehicle, designed to help allied personnel and vehicles (armored or otherwise) to cross troublsome terrain with ease. Availability:

the Bridge Layer (MSH Classic)

the Bridge Layer (4C System)

the Bridge Layer (Marvel Saga)

Mick Bronson: unlike many of the people he worked for, Mick wasn't too bright. Though he lacked the engineering wizardry of Fritz Krotze, or even Richard Faylen, he had a certain something the two of them lacked: the capability and willingness to kill. Availability:

Mick Bronson (MSH Classic)

Mick Bronson (4C System)

Mick Bronson (Marvel Saga)

Browneye the Pirate: cursed to forever wander the seven seas after offending a powerful sorceress, Alastair has taken full advantage of said 'curse' to wander the earth, pillaging and looting all the while - except for the time he spent on 'ice'. Availability:

Browneye the Pirate (MSH Classic)

Browneye the Pirate (4C System)

Browneye the Pirate (Marvel Saga)

Colonel MacIntyre Browning: a high ranking Army intelligence officer, Colonel 'Mac' Browning was called in to investigate the Pitt disaster. The man did his best to contain the situation, but it was truly beyond his - or anyone else's - understanding. Availability:

Colonel MacIntyre Browning (MSH Classic)

Colonel MacIntyre Browning (4C System)

Colonel MacIntyre Browning (Marvel Saga)

Bruno: both an ardent patriot and a fan of really big explosions, Bruno Werner turned out to be a perfect recruit for the D.A.A. - even if he managed to get himself on the F.B.I.'s Most Wanted list shortly after being put to use by those vigilantes...! Availability:

Bruno (MSH Classic)

Bruno (4C System)

Bruno (Marvel Saga)

Bruticus (RiD): having taken the form of the mythical beast, Cerberus, Bruticus excels in his job as Megatron's jailer. Using his various inherent, sharp implements of pain, he easily keeps Megatron's Autobot prisoners (and naughty Predacons) in line! Availability:

Bruticus (MSH Classic)

Bruticus (4C System)

Bruticus (Marvel Saga)

Bucky 2: after the first Captain America and Bucky seemingly perished at sea, the government quickly replaced them for the sake of public morale. Fred Davis, a friend of Bucky Barnes, was chosen to fill in for his lost buddy! Availability:

Bucky 2 (MSH Classic)

Bucky 2 (4C System)

Bucky 2 (Marvel Saga)

Budo: though he was content to spend his time enjoying heavy metal and tinkering with his Harley, young Kyle was surprised to learn his great-great-grandfather was a samurai warrior. Given the family's ancestral home, he has strived to live up to this legacy. Availability:

Budo (MSH Classic)

Budo (4C System)

Budo (Marvel Saga)

Bulezau (Tanar'ri): the rumored creations of mad tanar'ri lord Baphomet, the ill-tempered bulezau are hate-driven murder machines. Though somewhat concentrated in the 600th layer of the Abyss, one can find them all over that plane these days. Availability:

Bulezau (MSH Classic)

Bulezau (4C System)

Bulezau (Marvel Saga)

Bullet-Proof: Earl has done his time as a DEA operative in the drug world's biggest hot spots, including the Golden Triangle. Earning his nickname the hard way, he's been recruited by GI Joe to lead its very own drug interdiction effort, the DEF! Availability:

Bullet-Proof (MSH Classic)

Bullet-Proof (4C System)

Bullet-Proof (Marvel Saga)

Bullhorn: an amazing crisis negotiator, Stephen is also a world-class shot with a pistol and a former Quantico hand-to-hand combat instructor. In other words, he has the ability to talk down some nutjobs, and can dismantle others when words fail him! Availability:

Bullhorn (MSH Classic)

Bullhorn (4C System)

Bullhorn (Marvel Saga)

Bumblebee: one of the smallest Autobots, Bumblebee is also one of their bravest. Ready, willing, and eager to further the cause, he will go out of his way to make a mission succeed in the best possible way, and is highly regarded by his fellows as a result. Availability:

Bumblebee (MSH Classic)

Bumblebee (4C System)

Bumblebee (Marvel Saga)

Bunene: the first son of Aya and Shamash, Bunene is the latter's sukkal, or vizier. It is Bunene's task to drive Shamash's chariot across the sky each day, and to intercede between Shamash and the many mortals who implore him for aid and/or power. Availability:

Bunene (MSH Classic)

Bunene (4C System)

Bunene (Marvel Saga)

Jacob Burnsley: Jacob is a retired Army quartermaster who, after an encounter with the Star Child, walked away with a portion of the Star Brand! Implored to use his new power wisely, Jacob has performed various good deeds with the mighty Star Brand. Availability:

Jacob Burnsley (MSH Classic)

Jacob Burnsley (4C System)

Jacob Burnsley (Marvel Saga)

Bushido: though he dresses like a samurai, Bushido was actually trained by Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow. A newer member of Ninja Force, he has trained to become the very first snow ninja, and excels in hand-to-hand combat no matter how cold it gets outside! Availability:

Bushido (MSH Classic)

Bushido (4C System)

Bushido (Marvel Saga)

the Buzz Boar: possibly the world's first tactical boring device, the Buzz Boar is a one-man subterranean assault vehicle used by Cobra to deposit weapons and other materials underground for safe keeping or later use, and to ambush enemies from below! Availability:

the Buzz Boar (MSH Classic)

the Buzz Boar (4C System)

the Buzz Boar (Marvel Saga)

Buzzer: a former Cambridge sociologist, Buzzer joined an Australian biker gang after studying it, finding it a great outlet for his new hatred for modern life. Too much for them to handle, Dick eventually wound up working for Zartan. Availability:

Buzzer (MSH Classic)

Buzzer (4C System)

Buzzer (Marvel Saga)

Buzzsaw: outdoing even Soundwave's sadism, Buzzsaw attempts to disguise his murderous artistic impulses with an erudite vocabulary and the seeming of sophistication. Those who observe Buzzsaw working on his latest 'masterpiece' know better, however. Availability:

Buzzsaw (MSH Classic)

Buzzsaw (4C System)

Buzzsaw (Marvel Saga)


Cambion (Tanar'ri): the offspring of non-succubi tanar'ri and mortals, cambion are half-breeds born into a world that hates and fears them. Either in the 'real' world or in the Abyss, they are the subject of scorn because of their origins. Availability:

Cambion (MSH Classic)

Cambion (4C System)

Cambion (Marvel Saga)

Camshaft: the violently aggressive Camshaft is wildly overconfident, and never backs down from a fight. While this instills dread in the humans he encounters on the job, Camshaft's eager brutality gets him in serious trouble more often than not. Availability:

Camshaft (MSH Classic)

Camshaft (4C System)

Camshaft (Marvel Saga)

Cannonball: an endurance test driver for a variety of vehicles, John Warden is known for utterly destroying his ride - just to see what it can do! He's done this for civilian vehicle companies, military contractors, and most recently as a member of GI Joe! Availability:

Cannonball (MSH Classic)

Cannonball (4C System)

Cannonball (Marvel Saga)

Captain America: sole survivor of an experimental super soldier serum trial, sickly Steve Rogers quickly became a hero. Growing into his role as the Sentinel of Liberty, he gave his all in the fight against America's many, many foes! Availability:

Captain America (MSH Classic)

Captain America (4C System)

Captain America (Marvel Saga)

Captain Cocksure: founder of the BAH, Jake Russell was a normal human adventurer until tapped to form the group by then-President Ford. After this, Jake went from being a vigilante to the world's last, best hope against rogue ascendants! Availability:

Captain Cocksure (MSH Classic)

Captain Cocksure (4C System)

Captain Cocksure (Marvel Saga)

Captain Grid-Iron: when he turned down a cushy appointment for an infantry command to 'stay where the action is', this former West Point quarterback's dedication to the Army got him fast tracked into membership on the GI Joe team! Availability:

Captain Grid-Iron (MSH Classic)

Captain Grid-Iron (4C System)

Captain Grid-Iron (Marvel Saga)

Captain Katabatic: a sentient, dread chill from the bottom of the world, Captain Katabatic is the so-called Führer of Freeze, and has it out for anyone that can shape the cold like he does - going out of his way to punish them for their perfidy! Availability:

Captain Katabatic (MSH Classic)

Captain Katabatic (4C System)

Captain Katabatic (Marvel Saga)

Captain Wings: thanks to a heart murmur, this patriot couldn't serve in the British army. He instead took an opportunity to become a hero when it arose, using a powerful one-man flight harness to transform into the mighty Captain Wings! Availability:

Captain Wings (MSH Classic)

Captain Wings (4C System)

Captain Wings (Marvel Saga)

Caregiver: having a single-minded focus on nurturing the cosmos' most important beings, the Caregiver has found her calling enough to sustain her existence indefinitely. One of the Elders of the Universe, she had been doing this for billions of years! Availability:

Caregiver (MSH Classic)

Caregiver (4C System)

Caregiver (Marvel Saga)

Cesspool: disfigured in an industrial accident caused by his own negligence, Vincent D'Alleva went gibberingly insane shortly thereafter. Wanting to spoil the world with chemicals as he himself had been, he joined up with Cobra to further his mad agenda! Availability:

Cesspool (MSH Classic)

Cesspool (4C System)

Cesspool (Marvel Saga)

Challenger: after his father was murdered while investigating city corruption, Bill Waring decides to get even. Walking the earth, he gains the skills he needs to wage a one-man war on crime - only returning to Challenge scofflaws... to the death! Availability:

Challenger (MSH Classic)

Challenger (4C System)

Challenger (Marvel Saga)

the Chameleon: upon discovering she was the Baroness' illegitimate half-sister, this young woman stepped up to help GI Joe. Several reconstructive surgeries later, she was inserted into Cobra's ranks as an impostor of the notorious Baroness herself! Availability:

the Chameleon (MSH Classic)

the Chameleon (4C System)

the Chameleon (Marvel Saga)

the Chameleon Swamp Skier: Zartan's original vehicular masterpiece, this water-based device is basically a rocket mounted on four high-strength skis, allowing it to zip along in swampy waterways at reckless speed - just the way Zartan likes it! Availability:

the Chameleon Swamp Skier (MSH Classic)

Chameleon Swamp Skier (4C System)

Chameleon Swamp Skier (Marvel Saga)

Charbroil: Carl grew up working with fire, whether he was heating water pipes with a blowtorch in rural Minnesota or shoveling charcoal into blast furnaces for a living. He's comfortable around the stuff, which makes him an excellent flamethrower for GI Joe! Availability:

Charbroil (MSH Classic)

Charbroil (4C System)

Charbroil (Marvel Saga)

Charlie Chicanery: a mutant with the power to interface with hyperspace, Charlie was once a man but was transformed into a female in a matter duplicator accident, and has been trying to deal with the ramifications (and her strange mutant abilities) ever since. Availability:

Charlie Chicanery (MSH Classic)

Charlie Chicanery (4C System)

Charlie Chicanery (Marvel Saga)

Andrew Chaser: a freelance reporter with several biting non-fiction books under his belt, along with various high profile pieces over the years, Andrew Chaser knows a good story when he sees it - which usually gets him in all kinds of trouble. Availability:

Andrew Chaser (MSH Classic)

Andrew Chaser (4C System)

Andrew Chaser (Marvel Saga)

Chase Storey: a former investigative reporter and science fiction author of some repute, the man operating under the pseudonym of Chase Storey now has a new career path. Instead of just looking into various mysteries, he often fights evil! Availability:

Chase Storey (MSH Classic)

Chase Storey (4C System)

Chase Storey (Marvel Saga)

Chasme (Tanar'ri): inhuman monstrosities, chasme are more mosquito than man. These blood-sucking insectoids flit about the Abyss, ceaselessly seeking out Blood War deserters and feeding upon them with the blessings of Abyssal lords. Availability:

Chasme (MSH Classic)

Chasme (4C System)

Chasme (Marvel Saga)

Checkpoint: a man-mountain of a collegiate wrestler, Jared Wade became an MP upon leaving school, and was eventually assigned to GI Joe's reserve team: the Steel Brigade! Jared's feud with Major Barrage has kept him from becoming a full-time Joe, however. Availability:

Checkpoint (MSH Classic)

Checkpoint (4C System)

Checkpoint (Marvel Saga)

Eric Chin: the Troubleshooter's hacker, Eric is the only one with a criminal record, having attempted to translate his skill at breaking into computers into real structures. After the Law set him straight, he went to MIT to turn his life around. Availability:

Eric Chin (MSH Classic)

Eric Chin (4C System)

Eric Chin (Marvel Saga)

Chuckles: an intelligent, affable fellow, Chuckles is very hard to dislike. This helps him immensely when he's knee-deep in a Cobra compound, posing as one of their own and gaining their trust. Only too late do they realize that he's not one of them! Availability:

Chuckles (MSH Classic)

Chuckles (4C System)

Chuckles (Marvel Saga)

the Cilantro Carnivore: half elf, half demon, the creature identifying itself as the Cilantro Carnivore is a botanical terror who identifies more with her floral side. When not acting as OFF's muscle, she occasionally moonlights as a mercenary for fun. Availability:

the Cilantro Carnivore (MSH Classic)

the Cilantro Carnivore (4C System)

the Cilantro Carnivore (Marvel Saga)

Citizens of Cobra-La: humanoid beings descended from reptilian life forms, and hidden away in a secret civilization for thousands of years, the people of Cobra-La are unknown to humanity. At least, they were until they tried to wipe out mankind, that is! Availability:

Citizens of Cobra-La (MSH Classic)

Citizens of Cobra-La (4C System)

Citizens of Cobra-La (Marvel Saga)

Claymore: a highly motivated part-time Joe, John joined the team under the condition that he only gets pulled in for the most special of missions. He then began to sporadically appear on Joe operations, and continues to do so to this very day! Availability:

Claymore (MSH Classic)

Claymore (4C System)

Claymore (Marvel Saga)

Clean Sweep: Daniel is the guy GI Joe calls in to clean up Cobra's messes. Using his remote-controlled robotic vehicle, he can neutralize their weaponized sludge, quickly clearing a battlefield so regular Joes can resume their fight with those terrorists! Availability:

Clean Sweep (MSH Classic)

Clean Sweep (4C System)

Clean Sweep (Marvel Saga)

Cliffjumper: utterly fearless and dangerously impulsive, Cliffjumper is one of the bravest Autobots. He lacks the physical prowess to back up his bravery, however, which puts him in a pickle more often than not against the Decepticons he hates so. Availability:

Cliffjumper (MSH Classic)

Cliffjumper (4C System)

Cliffjumper (Marvel Saga)

Cloudburst: a glider enthusiast all his life, it was only natural that the Army put Chuck to work fine tuning their own glider systems! Having been flying and building them his entire life, Chuck makes a most excellent addition to the GI Joe Air Commandos! Availability:

Cloudburst (MSH Classic)

Cloudburst (4C System)

Cloudburst (Marvel Saga)

Clutch: after this Asbury Park gear-head finally grew up somewhat, he enlisted in the Army, eventually becoming an expert in vehicular combat. After decades with the Joes, he's become their resident grease monkey, and a sort of anti-Dreadnok! Availability:

Clutch (MSH Classic)

Clutch (4C System)

Clutch (Marvel Saga)

the Coastal Defender: when not in use, the Coastal Defender looks like a mere trailer. However, it can be quickly transformed into a one man missile platform that can be operated from the rear of almost any vehicle in the GI Joe team's arsenal! Availability:

the Coastal Defender (MSH Classic)

the Coastal Defender (4C System)

the Coastal Defender (Marvel Saga)

Cobras: the core of their namesake organization, the teeming masses of Cobras are general laborers and combatants. Almost all of Cobra's minions begin at this level, providing a proper foundation the group's world domination plans! Availability:

Cobra (MSH Classic)

Cobra (4C System)

Cobra (Marvel Saga)

Cobra Commander: Cobra's founder, its mysterious Commander began as an unsuccessful businessman who, after his paranoia told him that Big Government was out to crush the 'little guy', decided to forge a new system - one with him on the top! Availability:

Cobra Commander (MSH Classic)

Cobra Commander (4C System)

Cobra Commander (Marvel Saga)

Cobra Commander (Animated Version): a brilliant geneticist altered while experimenting with mutagenic spores, Golobulus charged the Commander with infiltrating human society to conquer it from within - paving the way for Cobra-La's global domination! Availability:

Cobra Commander (Animated Version, MSH Classic)

Cobra Commander (Animated Version, 4C System)

Cobra Commander (Animated Version, Marvel Saga)

Cobra Commander 2: after he thought he had murdered the original Cobra Commander, Crimson Guardsman Fred 7 stole his identity, and claimed Cobra for himself! Naturally, the rest of Cobra's command structure fought him on this every step of the way. Availability:

Cobra Commander 2 / Fred 7 (MSH Classic)

Cobra Commander 2 / Fred 7 (4C System)

Cobra Commander 2 / Fred 7 (Marvel Saga)

Cobra Officers: Cobra's officers are its operatives who easily rise above the crowd in that organization's teeming masses. Possessing leadership skills to match their ruthlessness, these operatives are the men and women who make the Command work. Availability:

Cobra Officers (MSH Classic)

Cobra Officers (4C System)

Cobra Officers (Marvel Saga)

Cobra Recruits: the unwashed and untrained massess of criminals and other unruly sorts that Cobra has absorbed into its ranks, Recruits are what everyone starts as. From here, they have to prove themselves - or find themselves 'expended'. Availability:

Cobra Recruits (MSH Classic)

Cobra Recruits (4C System)

Cobra Recruits (Marvel Saga)

Cobra Recruit Officers: Cobra Recruits with some leadership ability - or who don't die in the field - are often promoted to the rank of Recruit Officer. This lets them lead a group of their fellows, and possibly go somewhere in the organization. Availability:

Cobra Recruit Officers (MSH Classic)

Cobra Recruit Officers (4C System)

Cobra Recruit Officers (Marvel Saga)

Cobra Technicians: the backbone of Cobra's labor force during its formative years, these skilled operatives worked in various capacities to support that terroist organization's operations - until they were replaced by more specialized operatives. Availability:

Cobra Technicians (MSH Classic)

Cobra Technicians (4C System)

Cobra Technicians (Marvel Saga)

the Cobra Battle Field Kits: Cobra maintains a large supply of prefabricated kits that are packed and able to be put into action in mere moments. Though not as versatile as their vehicles, this gear is nonetheless vital to the overall success of their plans. Availability:

the Cobra Battle Field Kits (MSH Classic)

the Cobra Battle Field Kits (4C System)

the Cobra Battle Field Kits (Marvel Saga)

the Cold Warrior: Professor Eric Sinkovitz was a cryogenics expert that was duped by a Skrull operative into turning his impressive technology against the heroic 3-D man, as he was led to believe that hero was a communist operative! Availability:

the Cold Warrior (MSH Classic)

the Cold Warrior (4C System)

the Cold Warrior (Marvel Saga)

Cold Front: growing up inhaling diesel fumes near Fort Knox, it was only natural that Charles find himself interested in tanks. Excelling in the 3rd Armored Batallion, Charles eventaully earned an assignment driving the GI Joe team's mighty Avalanche! Availability:

Cold Front (MSH Classic)

Cold Front (4C System)

Cold Front (Marvel Saga)

Collins, Sean: Kamakura: Snake-Eyes' apprentice, Kamakura is the adopted son of Vietnam veteran (and former Crimson Guardsman) Wade Collins. Sean works hard to prove himself, both in the eyes of his father and his new fellows in the Arashikage ninja clan! Availability:

Sean Collins: Kamakura (MSH Classic)

Sean Collins: Kamakura (4C System)

Sean Collins: Kamakura (Marvel Saga)

Collins, Wade: a former POW disillusioned with America after the Vietnam war, Wade was easily seduced by Cobra's promises. It wasn't until he became one of their elite Crimson Guard that, with the help of friends, he saw through their lies. Availability:

Wade Collins (MSH Classic)

Wade Collins (4C System)

Wade Collins (Marvel Saga)

Colonel Courage: the Colonel considers most self-professed 'clean freaks' slobs. He's airtight on military protocols and regulations, and insists that those under him live to his exacting standards. The Joes tolerate this because he does all their paper work! Availability:

Colonel Courage (MSH Classic)

Colonel Courage (4C System)

Colonel Courage (Marvel Saga)

the Condor Z-25: an advanced, dual-purpose aircraft, the Condor Z-25 primarly acts as a high-altitude bomber in its default mode. When it is accosted, however, it can split into two distinct fighter craft, each of which has its own, unique characteristics! Availability:

the Condor Z-25 (MSH Classic)

the Condor Z-25 (4C System)

the Condor Z-25 (Marvel Saga)

the Confiscator: granted powers of conjuration by a weak, cursed Genie who accidentally misjudged his murderous intent for good will, the spiteful Elwood Smith has embarked on a virtually suicidal criminal career as... the one and only Confiscator! Availability:

the Confiscator (MSH Classic)

the Confiscator (4C System)

the Confiscator (Marvel Saga)

Ken Connell - the Star Brand: while riding his dirt bike outside of Pittsburgh, Ken Connell was given a weapon of infinite potential by an old man: the Star Brand! Ken tried using this item as a super hero, and almost destroyed the world as a result! Availability:

Ken Connell - the Star Brand (MSH Classic)

Ken Connell - the Star Brand (4C System)

Ken Connell - the Star Brand (Marvel Saga)

Ken Connell - the Old Man: journeying into the past in an effort to atone for his many sins, Ken Connell's mind was immediately programmed upon him by the Star Child, and he was lost in a delusional state of being that persisted the rest of his life. Availability:

Ken Connell - the Old Man (MSH Classic)

Ken Connell - the Old Man (4C System)

Ken Connell - the Old Man (Marvel Saga)

Ken Connell - the Star Child: the son of Ken Connell and his Deb 'the duck' Felix, the Star Child was born with full command of the Star Brand. Lacking any knowledge, however, he set out to learn about both the Brand and his place in the universe. Availability:

Ken Connell - the Star Child (MSH Classic)

Ken Connell - the Star Child (4C System)

Ken Connell - the Star Child (Marvel Saga)

the Conquest X-30: an advanced, forward-swept wing aircraft, the Conquest X-30 is an aeronautical marvels that shouldn't technically fly - but handily manages to do so thanks to a variety of highly advanced, computer-assisted control mechanisms! Availability:

the Conquest X-30 (MSH Classic)

the Conquest X-30 (4C System)

the Conquest X-30 (Marvel Saga)

Coojeechiscue (Cubic): the sanest member of Crasniye Solleetsi, Nadehzda is also its field leader. Using her paranormal ability to generate cubes of psionic force, Nadehzda's paranormal power is useful for both defense and containment. Availability:

Coojeechiscue (Cubic) (MSH Classic)

Coojeechiscue (Cubic) (4C System)

Coojeechiscue (Cubic) (Marvel Saga)

Cool Breeze: loquacious and cocksure, Cool Breeze can nonetheless back up everything that comes out of his mouth. And a lot of things come out of his mouth, for the guy really has a hard time zipping it - especially when he's under direct threat! Availability:

Cool Breeze (MSH Classic)

Cool Breeze (4C System)

Cool Breeze (Marvel Saga)

Copperhead: an unsuccessful speedboat racer who bet on himself too often, Copperhead found working for Cobra a great way to pay off his gambling debts. Of course, he enjoys numerous other advantages of being on that organization's payroll, as well! Availability:

Copperhead (MSH Classic)

Copperhead (4C System)

Copperhead (Marvel Saga)

the Copyright Infringer: a genius with an idealistic belief in the free exchange of information, Henri Bisque does his level best to 'hack' any and all data to share it with the masses - no matter whose pocketbook is hurt in the process! Availability:

the Copyright Infringer (MSH Classic)

the Copyright Infringer (4C System)

the Copyright Infringer (Marvel Saga)

Cosmos: a high-flying reconnaissance operative, Cosmos often hovers far above the earth, spying on Decepticon activity and enabling global Autobot communications. However, he easily gets bored, tormenting humans for fun if left alone too long. Availability:

Cosmos (MSH Classic)

Cosmos (4C System)

Cosmos (Marvel Saga)

Countdown: chess master, electronics engineer, fighter pilot, shuttle commander: these all describe the Joe known as Countdown. While they paint the picture of a supremely capable GI Joe operative, though, they don't describe how boring the man can be. Availability:

Countdown (MSH Classic)

Countdown (4C System)

Countdown (Marvel Saga)

Cover Girl: after she grew tired of life as a fashion model, Courtney joined the Army to properly challenge herself. Becoming a grease monkey and an Armor expert, she's proven her skills time and time again, usually at the wheel of her Wolverine! Availability:

Cover Girl (MSH Classic)

Cover Girl (4C System)

Cover Girl (Marvel Saga)

the CLAW: with GI Joe fielding multiple inexpensive vehicles with which to dominate the skies, Cobra had no choice but to innovate. Enter the CLAW, or Covert Light Aerial Weapon, which is essentially two jet engines held together by a single wing! Availability:

the CLAW (MSH Classic)

CLAW (4C System)

CLAW (Marvel Saga)

Crankcase: Crankcase was building engines by the time he was thirteen in Lawrence, Kansas, and racing just a short time later. Having a need for speed, he's invariably grumpy unless he's driving something - anything - at its top speed! Availability:

Crankcase (MSH Classic)

Crankcase (4C System)

Crankcase (Marvel Saga)

Crazylegs: David was on his way to becoming one of the world's greatest organists, but his short fingers put the kibosh on that goal. Needing new direction, he instead enlisted, and now jumps out of airplanes while his internal sound track is playing Bach! Availability:

Crazylegs (MSH Classic)

Crazylegs (4C System)

Crazylegs (Marvel Saga)

Crimebuster: shipped off to Japan to learn 'discipline' after a youthful crime spree, Oliver Edgehill was trained by Master Lee in the fighting arts. After mastering his chi, Oliver returned to the states to fight evil and tyranny - as the Crimebuster! Availability:

Crimebuster (MSH Classic)

Crimebuster (4C System)

Crimebuster (Marvel Saga)

the Crimson Guard: Cobra's elite shock troops, the Crimson Guard are expert infiltrators and saboteurs. Possessing advanced degrees in addition to their subversive training, those targeted by the Guard rarely, if ever, see them coming. Availability:

the Crimson Guard (MSH Classic)

the Crimson Guard (4C System)

the Crimson Guard (Marvel Saga)

Crimson Guard Commanders: second only to Tomax and Xamot themselves, these elite officers direct the Crimson Guard in its various missions. Each one a master spy and combatant, the Crimson Guard Commanders are a singular threat against freedom itself! Availability:

Crimson Guard Commanders (MSH Classic)

Crimson Guard Commanders (4C System)

Crimson Guard Commandersr (Marvel Saga)

Crimson Guard Immortals: elite amongst the Crimson Guard, themselves the apex of Cobra forces, the Immortals seem like super soldiers! Leaders of men and masters of war, Crimson Guard Immortals are so mighty that they're feared even by GI Joe! Availability:

Crimson Guard Immortal (MSH Classic)

Crimson Guard Immortal (4C System)

Crimson Guard Immortal (Marvel Saga)

Croc Master: obsessed with crocodiles all his life, the man known only as Croc Master founded Guard Gators, Inc., to sell his babies as a deadly security system. This endeared him with Cobra's leadership, who needed to secure its large tropical Island! Availability:

Croc Master (MSH Classic)

Croc Master (4C System)

Croc Master (Marvel Saga)

Cross-Country: born to parents who both worked with large, heavy vehicles for a living, one could almost say Robert had a genetic imperative to do the same. It sure looks like it when the man is behind the wheel of his HAVOC - or anything else, really! Availability:

Cross-Country (MSH Classic)

Cross-Country (4C System)

Cross-Country (Marvel Saga)

Cross Hair: a master sniper with eerily good vision, Don S. Fardie is also unnaturally silent at times. He excels at creeping up on a body, a trait he loves to apply equally well against both Cobra goons and while playing pranks on his fellow Joes. Availability:

Cross Hair (MSH Classic)

Cross Hair (4C System)

Cross Hair (Marvel Saga)

Crossfire: with his love for mechanical things and appreciation of the military lifestyle, it was a certainty that Bill would eventually enlist. Working as a heavy machine gunner, he truly excels at both firing and repairing his weapons when things go awry. Availability:

Crossfire (MSH Classic)

Crossfire (4C System)

Crossfire (Marvel Saga)

the Crossfire: a heavily armed off-road vehicle, the Crossfire is perfect for engaging in hit and run operations against Cobra. It's the perfect ride for Rumbler, since that Joe is more than happy to engage in vehicular violence at the drop of a hat! Availability:

the Crossfire (MSH Classic)

the Crossfire (4C System)

the Crossfire (Marvel Saga)

Crosswise: a highly skilled inventor, architect, and astrophysicist, Crosswise is the Spychangers' high tech 'genius', capable of whipping up all manner of new devices to help the Autobots in their stealthy missions against the Predacons and Decepticons. Availability:

Crosswise (MSH Classic)

Crosswise (4C System)

Crosswise (Marvel Saga)

Cryotek: a frighteningly intelligent criminal mastermind, Cryotek has been behind some of Cybertron's most heinous crimes for centuries, appearing in various time periods - and working with various Megatrons - to achieve his own ends. Availability:

Cryotek (MSH Classic)

Cryotek (4C System)

Cryotek (Marvel Saga)

Crystal Ball: the seventh son of a seventh son, the man known only as Crystal Ball has honest to goodness psionic powers! Though limited in scope, these powers have helped him get far in life, and serve him well in the teeming, villainous ranks of Cobra! Availability:

Crystal Ball (MSH Classic)

Crystal Ball (4C System)

Crystal Ball (Marvel Saga)

Crystalline: an inventive genius decades ahead of her peers, Becky Abrams has a knack for repurposing existing technology in new and exciting ways. The ultimate product of her genius, in fact, allows her to adventure as the mighty heroine, Crystalline! Availability:

Crystalline (MSH Classic)

Crystalline (4C System)

Crystalline (Marvel Saga)

the Cube Cam: this tiny device is one of the Joe team's new tools in its war against Cobra and other terrorists. It's about the size of a normal die, and can both film everything in its vicinity and transmit video directly to a waiting Joe-Com unit! Availability:

the Cube Cam (MSH Classic)

the Cube Cam (4C System)

the Cube Cam (Marvel Saga)

Cutter: despite growing up as far as you can from an ocean in the States, Skip nonetheless became a Coast Guardsman. Inexplicably nagging his way onto the GI Joe team, Skip became their resident skipper on missions, whether or not he piloted the WHALE! Availability:

Cutter (MSH Classic)

Cutter (4C System)

Cutter (Marvel Saga)

Cyber-Vipers: Doctor Mindbender's personal soldiers, the Cyber-Vipers are intelligent Cobra operatives who he has cybernetially augmented. Now, in addition to being smart enough to help him in his work, they're tough enough to handle its consequences, too! Availability:

Cyber-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Cyber-Vipers (4C System)

Cyber-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

the Cyborg in the Red Suit: paralyzed by a religious mob in his home town, Leland Renault has nursed a grudge against the faithful for years. Given extensive implants by Wizardyne as an experiment, he can now freely act out his revenge fantasies! Availability:

the Cyborg in the Red Suit (MSH Classic)

the Cyborg in the Red Suit (4C System)

the Cyborg in the Red Suit (Marvel Saga)

the Cycle Armor: this experimental hardware is a high-speed motorcycle, with a twist. When needed, the vehicle itself can transform into a suit of combat armor for its rider, allowing them considerable combat prowess once they settle down for a fight! Availability:

the Cycle Armor (MSH Classic)

the Cycle Armor (4C System)

the Cycle Armor (Marvel Saga)


Daemon: a youthful computer programmer whose adventures in virus creation got him in trouble with the FBI, Daemon was arrested for his hijinks. However, instead of serving jail time, he was put to use by the GI Joe team, and ordered to crack Cobra's nano-mites! Availability:

Daemon (MSH Classic)

Daemon (4C System)

Daemon (Marvel Saga)

Daina: a Czechoslovakia native, Daina is a competent tactician, an excellent helicopter pilot and a world-class sniper. She's also got a murderous temper, a strange sense of humor, and what she describes as an utter lack of charm - simply the will to win! Availability:

Daina (MSH Classic)

Daina (4C System)

Daina (Marvel Saga)

Dakor the Magician: sorcerous detective of the Golden Age, Dakor is a powerful wizard that utilized his myriad powers as a private eye, working on a global scale to right wrongs, do good deeds, and solve mysteries - all for a hefty price! Availability:

Dakor the Magician (MSH Classic)

Dakor the Magician (4C System)

Dakor the Magician (Marvel Saga)

Dark Scream: able to transform into a large flying squirrel, Dark Scream functions well as the Predacons' field squad aerial combatant. When he's not fighting Autobots hand-to-hand, he's often spying on - or plotting an ambush from - above! Availability:

Dark Scream (MSH Classic)

Dark Scream (4C System)

Dark Scream (Marvel Saga)

Darklon: a unique villain in Cobra's orbit, Darklon is the leader of his very own, albeit tiny European nation: Darklonia! An unrepentant mercenary, privateer, and investment banker, Darklon has continued his crime spree unabated thanks to diplomatic immunity! Availability:

Darklon (MSH Classic)

Darklon (4C System)

Darklon (Marvel Saga)

Dart: an expert woodsman since he was a child, Jimmy Tall Elk was a trained tracker even before he enlisted. A qualified Airborne Ranger, Jimmy has earned a place on the Joe team as one of their best trackers, despite his hang-up about Cobra CLAWS! Availability:

Dart (MSH Classic)

Dart (4C System)

Dart (Marvel Saga)

Dasher: the New York Smashers' stylish wide receiver, Dallas 'Dasher' Corbin is also a full-time member of Kickers, Inc., a paranormal investigation firm founded to help people with nowhere else to turn to in regard to their bizarre problems. Availability:

Dallas 'Dasher' Corbin (MSH Classic)

Dallas 'Dasher' Corbin (4C System)

Dallas 'Dasher' Corbin (Marvel Saga)

Daytonus: an odd man out among the Autobots, Daytonus is cursed with a mind that functions several times faster than his fellows, causing him to get bored insanely fast. As such, he's somewhat unreliable, and tends to wander off to occupy his attention. Availability:

Daytonus (MSH Classic)

Daytonus (4C System)

Daytonus (Marvel Saga)

Dave Dean: master seaman and diver, Dave Dean is known in some circles as the Deep Sea Demon. He specializes in pillaging the booty of sunken ships to finance his life of high seas adventure - despite a rogue or two trying to keep him down. Availability:

Dave Dean (MSH Classic)

Dave Dean (4C System)

Dave Dean (Marvel Saga)

Decatons (Modron): caring for all the base modrons, the one hundred decatons are the weakest hierarch modrons. Each of Regulus' 64 cogs and each of its 36 great armies are managed by a decaton, who also perform other duties as is needed. Availability:

Decatons (MSH Classic)

Decatons (4C System)

Decatons (Marvel Saga)

Decimators: responsible for a Hammerhead submersible assault platform, each Decimator is an elite Cobra operative. With lighting reflexes and outstanding peripheral vision, they can use their amphibious vehicles to lethal effect on land or underwater! Availability:

Decimators (MSH Classic)

Decimators (4C System)

Decimators (Marvel Saga)

Dee-Jay: a disc jockey in Boston with a penchant for tinkering with both electronics and electronic music, Thomas ultimately decided he wanted more in life than fame and fortune. Enlisting soon afterward, he found what he was looking for - in Battle Force 2000! Availability:

Dee-Jay (MSH Classic)

Dee-Jay (4C System)

Dee-Jay (Marvel Saga)

Deep Six: having deep-seated people problems, Malcom joined the Navy to serve as a deep sea diver, and 'to be alone'. He did so well on long-term missions that he ultimately landed a job on the GI Joe team - a (thankfully) small unit of elite soldiers. Availability:

Deep Six (MSH Classic)

Deep Six (4C System)

Deep Six (Marvel Saga)

Willy Deere: mad inventor, super spy, and general creep, Willy Deere clandestinely studied Dr. Swensen's technology for years. However, he did build Jenny a suit with the stuff, that being the Mark 4 MAX armor she used against Saxon St. John! Availability:

Willy Deere (MSH Classic)

Willy Deere (4C System)

Willy Deere (Marvel Saga)

the Defense Mech: sometimes heavy mechanized armor is too bulky or impractical for the job at hand. For such situations, the GI Joe team breaks out their Defense Mechs - weaponized exoskeletons armed to the teeth with missiles and laser cannons! Availability:

the Defense Mech (MSH Classic)

the Defense Mech (4C System)

the Defense Mech (Marvel Saga)

the Defiant Space Vehicle Launch Complex: the crown jewel of the GI Joe arsenal, this incredible equipment consists of a crawler gantry, a booster rocket / space station, and a space vehicle, and allows the team to take the fight against Cobra to space itself! Availability:

the Defiant Space Vehicle Launch Complex (MSH Classic)

the Defiant Space Vehicle Launch Complex (4C System)

the Defiant Space Vehicle Launch Complex (Marvel Saga)

Deion: a former sociologist who truly hates his fellow man, Andy is a curious would-be god - deities usually have to mollify large numbers of people, you know. Being in it solely for personal satisfaction, Andy may just manage his goal after all. Availability:

Deion (MSH Classic)

Deion (4C System)

Deion (Marvel Saga)

Depth Charge: Nick joined the Navy to get experience in explosives handling, and his particular job involves him detonating such devices beneath the waves. This would be perfect, except for the fact that Nick simply loathes getting into the water! Availability:

Depth Charge (MSH Classic)

Depth Charge (4C System)

Depth Charge (Marvel Saga)

the Depth Ray: a curious example of engineering even for the BTR line of vehicles, the Depth Ray can function as either a submarine or a dune buggy. This allows Wet-Suit (or whoever else drives the thing) to attack a Cobra foe almost anywhere on earth! Availability:

the Depth Ray (MSH Classic)

the Depth Ray (4C System)

the Depth Ray (Marvel Saga)

the Desert Apache AH-74: a modified version of the AH-64, GI Joe's Desert Apache has been optimized for use against Cobra. Featuring desert colors, the Desert Apache is perfect for rooting out Sand Vipers and other Cobra terrorists hiding in the dunes! Availability:

the Desert Apache AH-74 (MSH Classic)

the Desert Apache AH-74 (4C System)

the Desert Apache AH-74 (Marvel Saga)

the Desert Coyote: to picture the Desert Coyote, imagine a weaponized go-kart. Yes, GI Joe made use of such a vehicle, armed and armored as much as is physically possible, to make lightning raids on Cobra territory. It may be small, but packs a crazy punch! Availability:

the Desert Coyote (MSH Classic)

the Desert Coyote (4C System)

the Desert Coyote (Marvel Saga)

the Desert Fox: a high speed reconnaissance and attack vehicle, the Desert Fox is designed to operate quickly and quietly, even in the harshest terrain. This 6WD ride is most often driven by Skidmark, GI Joe's resident, completely unhinged speed freak! Availability:

Desert Fox (MSH Classic)

Desert Fox (4C System)

Desert Fox (Marvel Saga)

Desert Scorpions: unpleasant work as Cobra's bottom rung of desert operatives is a punitive task, given to those Vipers of varying stripes who fail to live up to the organization's expectations. And getting promoted out requires perfect service and behavior! Availability:

Desert Scorpions (MSH Classic)

Desert Scorpions (4C System)

Desert Scorpions (Marvel Saga)

Destro: the latest in a long line of arms traders, James McCullen Destro XXIV has no problem selling his family's wares to the highest bidder. While personally honorable, he has no qualms about working with the likes of Cobra and other despotic villains. Availability:

Destro (MSH Classic)

Destro (4C System)

Destro (Marvel Saga)

Destro's Despoiler: Destro leads his Iron Grenadiers from the front, which most often requires the high ground to see the big picture. He thus flies his Despoiler into battle, which helps him direct the fight, and serve as a powerful symbol for his troops! Availability:

Destro's Despoiler (MSH Classic)

Destro's Despoiler (4C System)

Destro's Despoiler (Marvel Saga)

the Detonator: this long-range, anti-aircraft assault vehicle holds some of Cobra's most deadly armaments! Featuring three ICBMs and several high-powered machine guns on the front and the back, the Detonator is a weapon that can flatten just about anything! Availability:

the Detonator (MSH Classic)

the Detonator (4C System)

the Detonator (Marvel Saga)

the Devastator: resembling something akin to a souped-up trike, the Devastator features three treads which propel it on or off the road. Armed with twinned 50 cal cannons and four surface-to-surface missiles, it can inflict astounding damage for its size. Availability:

the Devastator (MSH Classic)

the Devastator (4C System)

the Devastator (Marvel Saga)

the Devil-blasted Man: Marvin Walters was an anthropologist who fell into a hellish portal back in 1919 and was changed terribly as a result. Though he survived his decades-long ordeal, Marvin has been twisted into... the Devil-blasted Man! Availability:

the Devil-blasted Man (MSH Classic)

the Devil-blasted Man (4C System)

the Devil-blasted Man (Marvel Saga)

the Devilfish: a small, high speed riverine assault craft, the Devilfish is built to get the Joes in and out of Cobra territory as fast as possible - all while doing a serious amount of damage, thanks to the astounding amount of firepower it possesses! Availability:

the Devilfish (MSH Classic)

the Devilfish (4C System)

the Devilfish (Marvel Saga)

Dial-Tone: an electronics whiz and ham radio expert before graduating high school, Jack enlisted to further his knowledge - but found military life an end unto itself. His sheer joy in working with his hobby helped him become the best RTO out there! Availability:

Dial-Tone (MSH Classic)

Dial-Tone (4C System)

Dial-Tone (Marvel Saga)

Dice: a former Night Creeper ejected from that band of techno-ninjas for various reasons, Dice eventually drifted into a partnership with fellow ninja outcast, Slice. This duo has repeatedly found itself in Cobra's service in lieu of Storm Shadow! Availability:

Dice (MSH Classic)

Dice (4C System)

Dice (Marvel Saga)

the Dictator: designed and constructed by those followers who felt he would make a great leader, the Dictator is the personal combat chariot of Cobra's so-called Overlord. While his attempted takeover may have never occurred, his versatile ride remains! Availability:

the Dictator (MSH Classic)

the Dictator (4C System)

the Dictator (Marvel Saga)

Ding, Maurice: Maurice Ding is a young man who, after being mercilessly tortured by his peers throughout his formative years, spent his adult life getting even. Of course, having finally done so, Maurice finds himself without a target for his hate. Availability:

Ding, Maurice (MSH Classic)

Ding, Maurice (4C System)

Ding, Maurice (Marvel Saga)

Direct Action Americans (Typical): while most D.A.A. operatives are in fact fiercely individual, they nonetheless share a couple of common characteristics. Save for those with ascendant powers, most Direct Action Americans follow this mold. Availability:

Direct Action Americans (Typical, MSH Classic)

Direct Action Americans (Typical, 4C System)

Direct Action Americans (Typical, Marvel Saga)

Director Red: after drug dealers killed her husband and then got off on a technicality, Randi Cole decided the law wasn't doing its job. To help it out, this former Marine Corporal and current F.B.I. agent, and bearer of two PhDs, helped form the D.A.A.! Availability:

Director Red (MSH Classic)

Director Red (4C System)

Director Red (Marvel Saga)

Director White: a former helicopter pilot in the Marines, the Colonel was 'encouraged' to retire after an odd incident involving a rogue psi, and has dedicated himself to eradicating the threat paranormals pose to the United States from that day forward! Availability:

Director White (MSH Classic)

Director White (4C System)

Director White (Marvel Saga)

Director Blue: becoming a lawyer to protect the innocent and punish the guilty, Mia Ottos was given a Reality Check ™ once she passed the Bar. Quickly disenfranchised, she dropped out of sight for ten years, returning to society as a force of equality! Availability:

Director Blue (MSH Classic)

Director Blue (4C System)

Director Blue (Marvel Saga)

the Dirty Hippie: left for dead in a barrel of toxic goo by Pastordyne thugs, formerly mild-mannered biologist and environmental activist Gilbert Giles was transformed into the hyper-nimble eco-terrorist known as the Dirty Hippie! Availability:

the Dirty Hippie (MSH Classic)

the Dirty Hippie (4C System)

the Dirty Hippie (Marvel Saga)

Disco Head: born to evangelical parents as Job Hand, the man who became Disco Head could've been the world's greatest hero - but was waylaid by an immortal being acting as the President of the United States, and jailed for many, many years...! Availability:

Disco Head (MSH Classic)

Disco Head (4C System)

Disco Head (Marvel Saga)

Doc (GI Joe): a Harvard Medical School graduate, Carl also spent time at John Hopkins. Though he could've made more money in civilian practice, the man wanted to put his skills to their best possible use, and enlisted in the hopes of joining GI Joe! Availability:

Doc (MSH Classic)

Doc (4C System)

Doc (Marvel Saga)

Doc (New U): a South Vietnamese army field medic, the Doc doubled as gun-toting infantry woman, one who fought tooth and nail to save her patients. After her nation was defeated, she took up mercenary work to protect others from her country's fate. Availability:

the Doc (MSH Classic)

the Doc (4C System)

the Doc (Marvel Saga)

Doc 2: the niece of the GI Joe team's original Doc, Carla P. Greer followed in her uncle's footsteps to become a doctor. With her smarts, determination and sheer gumption, Carla rapidly earned herself a place on the GI Joe team - a family tradition! Availability:

Doc 2 (MSH Classic)

Doc 2 (4C System)

Doc 2 (Marvel Saga)

Doctor Mindbender: formerly a mild-mannered orthodontist, Doctor Mindbender came into being after the man tested out brain-wave altering devices meant to alleviate dental pain on himself. His personality polarized, he became a literal mad scientist! Availability:

Doctor Mindbender (MSH Classic)

Doctor Mindbender (4C System)

Doctor Mindbender (Marvel Saga)

Doctor Nemesis: one of the original mutants of our era, Dr. James Nicola Bradley, M.D., had the evolutionary benefit of super intelligence. In addition to making him a brilliant scientist, it's also made it difficult for him to relate to others. Availability:

Doctor Nemesis (MSH Classic)

Doctor Nemesis (4C System)

Doctor Nemesis (Marvel Saga)

Doctor Venom: this veritable mad scientist is primarily responsible for Cobra's early technological prowess. Devoid of scruples, Doctor Venom will happily build anything Cobra requires of him - as long as they keep funding his increasingly insane (yet effective) projects! Availability:

Doctor Venom (MSH Classic)

Doctor Venom (4C System)

Doctor Venom (Marvel Saga)

Dodger: an old hand at the fine art of tank warfare, Richard is also an expert in the newest electronic gewgaws installed within armored vehicles. As such, he was picked to join the Battle Force 2000 unit to put this expertise to good use! Availability:

Dodger (MSH Classic)

Dodger (4C System)

Dodger (Marvel Saga)

Dogfight: possessed of uncanny hand-eye coordination and depth perception, not to mention a mean throwing arm, James R. King was the scourge of many an Alabama county fair. Upon growing up, he turned these skills to a more practical use as a fighter pilot! Availability:

Dogfight (MSH Classic)

Dogfight (4C System)

Dogfight (Marvel Saga)

Dojo: a former military man trained in the martial arts by a hidden Ninja, Michael P. Russo isn't your average hand-to-hand fighter. A veritable motormouth, he constantly cracks wise and engaging in snappy patter with foes to disrupt their concentration! Availability:

Dojo (MSH Classic)

Dojo (4C System)

Dojo (Marvel Saga)

Doll: the wife of the one and only Mr. Magnificent, Jack Magniconte, Darlene was drawn into the paranormal investigation firm known as Kickers, Inc. when Jack developed super-powers - and the subsequent need to use them for the good of humanity! Availability:

Darlene 'Doll' Magniconte (MSH Classic)

Darlene 'Doll' Magniconte (4C System)

Darlene 'Doll' Magniconte (Marvel Saga)

the Dominator (Cobra): a marvel of modern engineering, Destro's Dominator can transform between its tank and helicopter configurations, allowing its operators to outgun and outmaneuver their opponents whether fighting them on land or in the skies! Availability:

Destro's Dominator (MSH Classic)

Destro's Dominator (4C System)

Destro's Dominator (Marvel Saga)

the Dominator (GI Joe): a cold weather tank, the Dominator can be split into two components, one of which is much more mobile than the other. Both are heavily armed and armored, however, which helps this vehicle serve as the base of the Future Fortress! Availability:

the Dominator (MSH Classic)

the Dominator (4C System)

the Dominator (Marvel Saga)

Donner Kopf: unlike most of his fellow Web field ops, Donner Kopf isn't a paranormal - he's a cyborg, one with Doctor Swensen's MAX technology implanted in his throat! This allows him to wield his voice as a deadly weapon should he choose to do so. Availability:

Donner Kopf (MSH Classic)

Donner Kopf (4C System)

Donner Kopf (Marvel Saga)

Double Blast: innovative and inquisitive, Charles can fix broken down appliances with an almost MacGyver-like skill. This ability got him recruited onto the GI Joe team who, also taking advantage of his immense muscle, put him to work as a heavy machine gunner. Availability:

Double Blast (MSH Classic)

Double Blast (4C System)

Double Blast (Marvel Saga)

Downtown: while his uncanny ability to make every foul never got him a basketball scholarship, Thomas P. Riley made good use of his knack for ranges and trajectories in the Army. An amazing mortar man, he lends those skills to the fight against Cobra! Availability:

Downtown (MSH Classic)

Downtown (4C System)

Downtown (Marvel Saga)

Drag: Bartholomew Smithers is a bitter scientist who was laughed out of 'respectable' scientific circles for his idea of growing living armor suits. Deemed mad by his peers, he proved them wrong by building himself a bio-suit to use against mankind! Availability:

Drag (MSH Classic)

Drag (4C System)

Drag (Marvel Saga)

Dragon-men: one of several sentient species which rose on the planet Ligra, the Dragon-men crave conquest above all else. Using their incredible physical might and inexplicable technological acumen, they strive to rule their home world! Availability:

Dragon-men (MSH Classic)

Dragon-men (4C System)

Dragon-men (Marvel Saga)

the Dragonfly: the Joes' signature helicopter for years, the Dragonfly XH-1 has earned them victory countless times, and not just because of it's legendary pilot. It's armed to the teeth and incredibly maneuverable - in other words, ideal air support! Availability:

Dragonfly XH-1 (MSH Classic)

Dragonfly XH-1 (4C System)

Dragonfly XH-1 (Marvel Saga)

Dragonsky: having been a fighter since he was but five years old, Andrei Freisov is a Hero of the Soviet Union. A mechanic, combat driver and flamethrower expert, he was a shoe-in for membership in the U.S.S.R.'s elite anti-terror unit, the Oktober Guard! Availability:

Dragonsky (MSH Classic)

Dragonsky (4C System)

Dragonsky (Marvel Saga)

Basil Drake: a renowned chemist and utter madman, Basil Drake was driven to murder after his romantic advances were spurned. Luckily for the target of his ire, Professor Zog and his Marvel of the Age, Electro, were able to stop his killing spree! Availability:

Basil Drake (MSH Classic)

Basil Drake (4C System)

Basil Drake (Marvel Saga)

Dreadwind: a brutish engine of destruction, Dreadwind single-mindedly focuses on smashing things! Lacking a fine focus in this regard, his Decepticon bosses thought it prudent to team him with the more tactically capable Smokejumper. Oddly, this worked. Availability:

Dreadwind (MSH Classic)

Dreadwind (4C System)

Dreadwind (Marvel Saga)

Dretches (Tanar'ri): when a manes shows a spark of self-awareness, if often grows into a dretch. The first form of 'real' tanar'ri, the teeming masses of dretches are small, dim-witted and petty, and long to rise from their lowly station. Availability:

Dretch (MSH Classic)

Dretch (4C System)

Dretch (Marvel Saga)

Drop Zone: Sky Patrol's 'dog face', Drop Zone loves the Army way of life. He loves the smell of gun oil, feels out of place when not wearing olive drab clothing, and finds KP relaxing. He's also at his best when jumping out of an airplane at 20,000 feet! Availability:

Drop Zone (MSH Classic)

Drop Zone (4C System)

Drop Zone (Marvel Saga)

the DEMON: the original ground assault vehicle designed for his personal army, the DEMON is the Iron Grenadiers' offensive powerhouse! Equipped with multiple laser banks and anti-aircraft missile launchers, the DEMON can easily seize and hold enemy ground! Availability:

the DEMON (MSH Classic)

the DEMON (4C System)

the DEMON (Marvel Saga)

Duke: with his years of experience in special ops, Duke was an excellent choice to be GI Joe's field leader. Second only to Hawk in the team's command structure, Duke has consistently led the Joes to victory against Cobra over the years! Availability:

Duke (MSH Classic)

Duke (4C System)

Duke (Marvel Saga)

Duodrones (Modron): a minor evolutionary step above monodrones in capability, duodrones possess speech and limited problem solving abilities. More importantly, they work as intermediaries between tridones and the masses of monodrones. Availability:

Duodrones (MSH Classic)

Duodrones (4C System)

Duodrones (Marvel Saga)

Dimitri Durovich: Dimitri was a Soviet scientist working at the Chernobyl nuclear reactor, one who remained behind in his attempt to stave off a meltdown even while his peers fled. Little did he know that Chernobyl's radiation would change him forever! Availability:

Dimitri Durovich (MSH Classic)

Dimitri Durovich (4C System)

Dimitri Durovich (Marvel Saga)

Dustoff: with his military background, this mysterious pilot is one of the best aerial combatants in the Medusa Web's roster. With his considerable skills, he's usually tapped to shuttle the Web's paranormal operatives to and from more remote areas. Availability:

Dustoff (MSH Classic)

Dustoff (4C System)

Dustoff (Marvel Saga)

Dusty: born and bred in dry, dusty Las Vegas, Ronald grew up surrounded by desert - and has loved it his entire life. As such, he makes a perfect desert specialist, a vital skill the Joes need since Cobra frequently works in desert climes. Availability:

Dusty (MSH Classic)

Dusty (4C System)

Dusty (Marvel Saga)

Dwarves (Typical): the rugged, diminutive, humanoids known as dwarves by humans are creatures of both myth and fact. With their strong affinity for earth and stone, they're just as likely to be found underground as they are in human trappings! Availability:

Dwarves (MSH Classic)

Dwarves (4C System)

Dwarves (Marvel Saga)

Dynamic Man: built by Doctor Goettler before his death, the Dynamic Man is an artificial being bent on the preservation of order. To this end he serves as a fully-fledged FBI agent, using their vast information to handle problems out of their league. Availability:

Dynamic Man (MSH Classic)

Dynamic Man (4C System)

Dynamic Man (Marvel Saga)


Earnest-River-Castoff-Down-The-Nile: technically an alien being, Earnest was actually born on earth. It has since adopted our world as its home, though it nonetheless likes to explore the universe for fun whenever it can find the time. Availability:

Earnest-River-Castoff-Down-The-Nile (MSH Classic)

Earnest-River-Castoff-Down-The-Nile (4C System)

Earnest-River-Castoff-Down-The-Nile (Marvel Saga)

the Earthquake: while a weaponized front loader seems an unlikely combat vehicle, the idea works once Cobra gets done with it. In addition to its mighty battle scoop, the Earthquake is armed with numerous mortars, missiles, and rotary-barrelled machine guns! Availability:

the Earthquake (MSH Classic)

the Earthquake (4C System)

the Earthquake (Marvel Saga)

Eels: those Cobras who excel as divers, whether in that position officially or from personal experience, can train to become Eels. These experts in underwater combat and demolitions are the elite forces of Cobra's various naval operations. Availability:

Eels (MSH Classic)

Eels (4C System)

Eels (Marvel Saga)

Effects: a demolitions expert and special effects wunderkind, Aron Beck was brought onto GI Joe's Star Brigade to wield his impressive skills against Cobra. With pyrotechnics and sheer trickery, he's able to send those evil goons packing more often than not! Availability:

Effects (MSH Classic)

Effects (4C System)

Effects (Marvel Saga)

the Eidolon Empress: an ancient vampire with dreams of global conquest, the Eidolon Empress naturally thinks very highly of herself. Wishing to improve herself beyond even her undead state, she has studied the Anthropy Society's teachings with earnest. Availability:

the Eidolon Empress (MSH Classic)

the Eidolon Empress (4C System)

the Eidolon Empress (Marvel Saga)

Electrique: while the White Event gave her considerable power, it also relieved Electrique of her humanity. The loss of her physicality has removed Electrique's fear of conscience or consequence, and she gleefully destroys anything that crosses her path. Availability:

Electrique (MSH Classic)

Electrique (4C System)

Electrique (Marvel Saga)

Electro: a true Marvel of the Age, Electro is a powerful robot built by Professor Zog to right wrongs and fight evil. Handling mundane crime all too easily, Professor Zog quickly began to use Electro against super villains and alien invaders! Availability:

Electro: Marvel of the Age (MSH Classic)

Electro: Marvel of the Age

Electro: Marvel of the Age (Marvel Saga)

League Electronicists (Typical): while those who become members of the Electronicists' League are typically individualists, they nonetheless share several common characteristics. And many use the technology readily available through their membership! Availability:

Electronicists (Typical, MSH Classic)

Electronicists (Typical, 4C System)

Electronicists (Typical, Marvel Saga)

Eleven: Wilbur Bonaventure was a hired goon that volunteered to be dosed with Technohol 11. However, he began to get Ideas about living a better life soon afterwards, and was dissolved by Mister Brewer as a result. Oddly, he kind of recovered from this. Availability:

Eleven (MSH Classic)

Eleven (4C System)

Eleven (Marvel Saga)

the Eliminator: a heavily armored, all-terrain vehicle, the Eliminator is perfect for former taxi driver Blocker - he's always wanted a ride that can shoot back at his enemies. It even has a bonus component that lets a teammate offer him instant fire support! Availability:

the Eliminator (MSH Classic)

the Eliminator (4C System)

the Eliminator (Marvel Saga)

Elves (Typical): the result of thousands of years of intermingling between humans and faerie entities, elves have stabilized into their own species. These beings make their homes on several different planes of existence, including our very own earth! Availability:

Elves (MSH Classic)

Elves (4C System)

Elves (Marvel Saga)

Elys: a mad dragon hailing from a mad universe, Elys does not think like others. She wishes to become a creature of flesh and gears, thinking that the perfect state of being, and endlessly schemes to complete her insane transformation into such! Availability:

Elys (MSH Classic)

Elys (4C System)

Elys (Marvel Saga)

Enigmagic Man: rejecting the religious extremists of his home, Faazel Kukukhel walked the path of sorcery instead. Only finding oppression amongst this community as well, he struck out on his own, and wars with all who would enslave the minds of man. Availability:

Enigmagic Man (MSH Classic)

Enigmagic Man (4C System)

Enigmagic Man (Marvel Saga)

Ereshkigal (Anunnaki): the Queen of the Dead, Ereshkigal has ruled Irkalla since she was young. Wielding absolute power over both mortal and divine entities that have passed into the Realm of No Return, Ereshkigal is one of the most powerful Anunnaki! Availability:

Ereshkigal (MSH Classic)

Ereshkigal (4C System)

Ereshkigal (Marvel Saga)

Ereshkigal (Deviant): this third generation Deviant sorceress believed the 'cosmic powers' were stifling the development of the multiverse, and thus became an agent of Chaos to unseat them. She found the perfect tool to this end in the form of the Star Brand! Availability:

Ereshkigal (MSH Classic)

Ereshkigal (4C System)

Ereshkigal (Marvel Saga)

the Evader: something of an armored, recumbent motorcycle, the Evader is Darklon's personal vehicle. Built for speed as much as it is durability, Darklon can use his mean ride to ferry materials as well as to engage in vehicle-to-vehicle combat! Availability:

the Evader (MSH Classic)

the Evader (4C System)

the Evader (Marvel Saga)

Everywhere Girl: raised from the dead as a mighty Rejuvenate, Franky then had her innate psi potential awakened after exposure to the freaky-weird Between! Now wielding potent psimotive powers, she stalks space and time as a good-minded troubleshooter. Availability:

Everywhere Girl (MSH Classic)

Everywhere Girl (4C System)

Everywhere Girl (Marvel Saga)


Faith Antithesis: after her life was ruined by so-called holy men as a child, Faith Anise has waged a one-woman war against organized religions of all stripes. Whether they exist as mere local cults or span the entire globe, Faith will fight them! Availability:

Faith Antithesis (MSH Classic)

Faith Antithesis (4C System)

Faith Antithesis (Marvel Saga)

the Falcon Glider: excellent for emergency insertions and stealthy operations, the Falcon glider is one of the cheapest vehicles in GI Joe's arsenal. Lightly armed and altogether lacking moving parts, it is nonetheless effective in the hands of a skilled operator. Availability:

the Falcon Glider (MSH Classic)

the Falcon Glider (4C System)

the Falcon Glider (Marvel Saga)

the Famileech: though they survived the Pitt thanks to Spitfire, the Robinson family was mutated as a result of their exposure to 'Pitt-juice'. This change caused them to merge their form into a grotesque, man-eating monstrosity dubbed the 'Famileech'. Availability:

the Famileech (MSH Classic)

the Famileech (4C System)

the Famileech (Marvel Saga)

Fast Draw: something of a one man arsenal, Eliot is GI Joe's FAFNIR (Fire And Forget Non-tube-launched Infantry Rocket) expert. So much so, in fact, that he often seems like a high tech, missile-firing gunslinger when facing down Cobra goons! Availability:

Fast Draw (MSH Classic)

Fast Draw (4C System)

Fast Draw (Marvel Saga)

Father Time (Timely Hero): too late to save his innocent father from being unjustly executed, Larry Scott vowed to make time work against criminals, instead of the innocent. To this end, became Father Time, punishing evil with his fists and his sharpened scythe! Availability:

Father Time (MSH Classic)

Father Time (4C System)

Father Time (Marvel Saga)

Father Time (Elder of the Universe): forever changed by his profound obsession with time, the entity currently only known as Father Time is one of the Elders of the Universe. He has a particular fondness for heroic archtypes and legendary figures. Availability:

Father Time (MSH Classic)

Father Time (4C System)

Father Time (Marvel Saga)

Richard Faylen: after committing statutory rape one fateful night (she said she was sixteen), engineer Richard Faylen was forever bound to Fritz Krotze. His boss scrubbed his record clean, but then forced him to do all manner of dirty tricks for him. Availability:

Richard Faylen (MSH Classic)

Richard Faylen (4C System)

Richard Faylen (Marvel Saga)

Ferrets: the heart of the Iron Grenadiers' armored assault squadrons, the duty to operate their DEMONs falls upon the ranks of the Ferrets. Doggedly optimistic, the Ferrets are trained to fight hard and fast, and above all else, to never look back. Availability:

Ferrets (MSH Classic)

Ferrets (4C System)

Ferrets (Marvel Saga)

the Ferret: the Ferret is fast and heavily armed, four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle. It allows Cobra operatives to rapidly dash into or out of a combat zone, and doubles as an excellent vehicle for either sentry patrols or surveillance missions. Availability:

the Ferret (MSH Classic)

the Ferret (4C System)

the Ferret (Marvel Saga)

Timothy Ferris: the Troubleshooters' athlete, Timothy Ferris is a football player who derived his Fast-Back partial exoskeleton from Doctor Swensen's MAX technology, which he used until the terrorist known as the Steel Hawk destroyed it - and his legs! Availability:

Timothy Ferris (MSH Classic)

Timothy Ferris (4C System)

Timothy Ferris (Marvel Saga)

the Field Light Attack Cannon (FLAK): the Field Light Attack Cannon is a towable heavy assault weapon that can be loaded with a variety of mission-variable ammunition, ranging from non-lethal smoke canisters to flares to high-explosive anti-tankshells. Availability:

the Field Light Attack Cannon (FLAK) (MSH Classic)

the Field Light Attack Cannon (FLAK) (4C System)

the Field Light Attack Cannon (FLAK) (Marvel Saga)

the Fiery Mask: when he isn't treating his patients or acting as a police consultant, Doctor Jack Castle patrols the night as... the Fiery Mask! Though he gained his powers under dubious circumstances, he nonetheless uses them against evil! Availability:

the Fiery Mask (MSH Classic)

the Fiery Mask (4C System)

the Fiery Mask (Marvel Saga)

Fighting Hobo: called to action after witnessing a dognapping in progress, Butch Brogan did his best to right this ridiculous deed. Brandishing his two fists and badly misquoted book of Shakespeare's works, he saved the day as the Fighting Hobo! Availability:

Fighting Hobo (MSH Classic)

Fighting Hobo (4C System)

Fighting Hobo (Marvel Saga)

the Fin: when his submarine went down in the high seas, Navy Lieutanant Peter Noble found he could breathe just fine on the ocean floor! Exploring this new (to him) realm, Peter found a magical blade - which he used to fight evil as... the Fin! Availability:

the Fin (MSH Classic)

the Fin (4C System)

the Fin (Marvel Saga)

the Firebat: a staple of Cobra air power since its initial rollout in 1986, the Firebat essentially consists of a cockpit strapped over a F104 Cobrajet Turbine, with barely enough control surfaces and armaments to let it serve as more than a suicide device. Availability:

the Firebat (MSH Classic)

the Firebat (4C System)

the Firebat (Marvel Saga)

Firefist: after his violent powers emerged while his ship was at port, Rusty Collins was collected by the mutant group known as X-factor, who trained him in the use of his mutant abilities and encouraged him to become a hero in his own right! Availability:

Rusty Collins: Firefist (MSH Classic)

Rusty Collins: Firefist (4C System)

Rusty Collins: Firefist (Marvel Saga)

Firefly: a true artist of a saboteur, Firefly enjoys destroying all which is supposedly invulnerable. The adopted son of the Koga ninja clan, Firefly also takes great pride in never being seen before, during, or after he demolishes his targets! Availability:

Firefly (MSH Classic)

Firefly (4C System)

Firefly (Marvel Saga)

Firewall: an immature hacker whose misanthropic sabotage of government operatives' personal data got her in hot water with the Feds, Michelle LaChance received a once in a lifetime get out of jail free card by helping GI Joe defuse Cobra nano-tech weapons! Availability:

Firewall (MSH Classic)

Firewall (4C System)

Firewall (Marvel Saga)

Fist: believing himself something of a revolutionary hero, the terrorist known only as Fist wishes to liberate his country. For some reason, his quest for freedom has brought him to America, where he has embarked on a reign of terror! Availability:

Fist (MSH Classic)

Fist (4C System)

Fist (Marvel Saga)

General Flagg II: a master of espionage and covert military tactics, General James Longstreet Flagg II was the GI Joe team's original leader. It was he who modeled Special Counter-Terrorist Group Delta on the original Joe group from the 1960s! Availability:

General Flagg (MSH Classic)

General Flagg (4C System)

General Flagg (Marvel Saga)

General Flagg III: son of the late General Flagg, GI Joe's original leader, James Longstreet Flagg III was well into his military career when his father was murdered by Major Bludd. When the opportunity presented itself, he gladly joined the Joes for payback! Availability:

General Flagg III (MSH Classic)

General Flagg III (4C System)

General Flagg III (Marvel Saga)

Flak-Vipers: the anti-aircraft specialists amongst the teeming masses of Cobras, Flak-Vipers delight in regularly wrecking eight- and nine-figure military aircraft. They regularly acheive this feat with their back-mounted, Tail-Biter missile launchers! Availability:

Flak-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Flak-Vipers (4C System)

Flak-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Flash: logical and methodical, Anthony mastered several areas of electronic knowledge even before enlisting. After working his way through a bevy of advanced Army schools, he became a specialist in laser weaponry, and the Joe team's lab techie. Availability:

Flash (MSH Classic)

Flash (4C System)

Flash (Marvel Saga)

Flexo the Rubber Man: built with the power to right wrongs, Flexo is an artificial being operated by remote control. Though he never really showed his true personality, Flexo usually waded into battle against villains with a smile on his face! Availability:

Flexo the Rubber Man (MSH Classic)

Flexo the Rubber Man (4C System)

Flexo the Rubber Man (Marvel Saga)

the Flight Pod: colloquially known as the Trubble Bubble, Cobra's Flight Pod consists of a domed control chair held aloft by dual turbofan engines. Armed with a 30mm cannon and twin Warlock missiles, it's perfect for patrol and surveillance duty. Availability:

the Flight Pod (MSH Classic)

the Flight Pod (4C System)

the Flight Pod (Marvel Saga)

Flint: enlisting after he grew bored with the life of an academic, Flint utilized both his innate intelligence and brash confidence to excel in various elite specialties - which ultimately saw him being recruited onto the GI Joe team by Duke himself! Availability:

Flint (MSH Classic)

Flint (4C System)

Flint (Marvel Saga)

Footloose: Footloose was an overachiever in his formative years, a trait which continued until he suddenly dropped out of college and vanished for years. Eventually coming to his senses, he enlisted in the Army to find purpose in his life - and he has! Availability:

Footloose (MSH Classic)

Footloose (4C System)

Footloose (Marvel Saga)

the Force Exponentializer: struck with inspiration after nearly electrocuting himself while working on a ceiling-mounted projector, young Wilbur Queller subsequently developed radical force-shaping technology - which he uses to act as a high tech vigilante! Availability:

Force Exponentializer (MSH Classic)

Force Exponentializer (4C System)

Force Exponentializer (Marvel Saga)

the Forest Fox: this medium-sized BTR device may either take the form of a Jeep ™ or a Transport, depending on the Joes' needs at a given moment. For something its size, the Forest Fox has an insane amount of armaments at its disposal! Availability:

the Forest Fox (MSH Classic)

the Forest Fox (4C System)

the Forest Fox (Marvel Saga)

the Fornicator: having wielded his mutant pheromones power for illicit purposes all his life, Leon naturally got on Captain Cocksure's bad side. Leon reformed for a time, and even served as his side kick, but his lecherous nature eventually won out. Availability:

the Fornicator (MSH Classic)

the Fornicator (4C System)

the Fornicator (Marvel Saga)

Fort America: though GI Joe has no shortage of ground assault vehicles, they don't many that can transform into a reinforced combat structure! Fort America can do just that, either as a stand-alone facility or to backup the team's pre-fab field base! Availability:

Fort America (MSH Classic)

Fort America (4C System)

Fort America (Marvel Saga)

Fortress Maximus (RiD): the largest Autobot ever, Fortress Maximus is huge - over one thousand foot tall! He can transform his gigantic humanoid mode into either a flying battle fortress or a city block, both of which greatly aid in the fight against evil! Availability:

Fortress Maximus (MSH Classic)

Fortress Maximus (4C System)

Fortress Maximus (Marvel Saga)

Frag-Vipers: those Cobra operatives with a particularly good arm are often trained to become Frag-Vipers. These merciless athletes, aided by advanced Cobra technology, stealthily fling grenades at their foes, making them the bane of GI Joe operations! Availability:

Frag-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Frag-Vipers (4C System)

Frag-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Frankologists (Typical): coming from various walks of life, Frankologists all share a few common traits, such a couple of minor belief-based psionics - not to mention an unbridled hatred for organized religion and its many and varied supporters. Availability:

Frankologists (Typical, MSH Classic)

Frankologists (Typical, 4C System)

Frankologists (Typical, Marvel Saga)

Professor Frankowitz: this former British citizen was forever changed when his family was massacred by the Cult of Set. Developing an intense disdain for religion, Alan developed his unique philosophy and brought it to America as his Scientific College! Availability:

Professor Frankowitz (MSH Classic)

Professor Frankowitz (4C System)

Professor Frankowitz (Marvel Saga)

the Freedom Defense Outpost: the last addition to GI Joe's BTR arsenal, the Freedom Defense Outpost is a prefabricated tower and motor cycle combo that may be assembled in one of two different modes - and switched between the two with in just a few minutes! Availability:

the Freedom Defense Outpost (MSH Classic)

the Freedom Defense Outpost (4C System)

the Freedom Defense Outpost (Marvel Saga)

Freefall: though he's got the biggest ego on the Joe team, Phillip's got the tools and the talent to back it up. Whether he's eating bugs or debating philosophy, Phillip's physical and mental conditioning always place him at the top of his game. Availability:

Freefall (MSH Classic)

Freefall (4C System)

Freefall (Marvel Saga)

Freestyle: a first-generation immigrant from the Dominican Republic, Jocelyn De La Vega grew up in her father's taxi cab. At home in the face of such chaos, she pursued a career with a similar head space, and ultimately wound up working as a fighter pilot! Availability:

Freestyle (MSH Classic)

Freestyle (4C System)

Freestyle (Marvel Saga)

Frenzy: a manic ball of barely contained ire, Frenzy readily longs to destroy. He doesn't care who, he doesn't care what. He's just looking for free license to smash his way through eternity, and stays with the Decepticons because they always indulge him. Availability:

Frenzy (MSH Classic)

Frenzy (4C System)

Frenzy (Marvel Saga)

Friction: a former dance student at the University of Wisconsin, Charlotte Yolanda Beck was forever changed by the White Event, which granted her the psionic ability to control the molecular attraction between objects - and ruined her cozy life...! Availability:

Friction (MSH Classic)

Friction (4C System)

Friction (Marvel Saga)

the Fridge: Super Bowl ™ champion, pro wrestler, television star, and even barbecue salesman. While there's many ways people know William 'the Refrigerator' Perry, few realize he has one job he can't put on his resume: GI Joe's physical training instructor! Availability:

the Fridge (MSH Classic)

the Fridge (4C System)

the Fridge (Marvel Saga)

Frostbite: born in crisp, cool Galena, Alaska, Frostbite grew up to handle the snow and ice like second nature. This taught him how to easily do almost any job under such conditions, whether fixing a leaky oil pipeline or driving the Snow Cat into battle! Availability:

Frostbite (MSH Classic)

Frostbite (4C System)

Frostbite (Marvel Saga)

the Fully Armed Negator Gyrocopter: the FANG is is one of Cobra's main air support vehicles. Heavily armed for an airborne vehicle its size, the FANG is highly maneuverable, and in the hands of a skilled pilot, it can also be incredibly deadly. Availability:

the Fully Armed Negator Gyrocopter, Mark 1 (MSH Classic)

the Fully Armed Negator Gyrocopter, Mark 1 (4C System)

the Fully Armed Negator Gyrocopter, Mark 1 (Marvel Saga)

the Future Fortress: unique amongst GI Joe's prefabricated bases, the Future Fortress is not only ready-made, but is assembled from components donated from six different vehicles. This odd construction allows it to be installed and ready to fight in minutes! Availability:

the Future Fortress (MSH Classic)

the Future Fortress (4C System)

the Future Fortress (Marvel Saga)


Galvatron: thought destroyed after a cataclysmic battle with Omega Prime, Megatron was revived as an energy leech, a sort of undead robot, in an Egyptian pyramid. Now calling himself Galvatron, he's even more unhinged - and dangerous - than ever before! Availability:

Galvatron (MSH Classic)

Galvatron (4C System)

Galvatron (Marvel Saga)

Gardener: obsessed beyond mere mortal constraints with a desire to build the universe's greatest display of plant life, the Gardener is billions of years old. An Elder of the Universe, he only acts to further this goal, for good or ill. Availability:

Gardener (MSH Classic)

Gardener (4C System)

Gardener (Marvel Saga)

Gas Skunk: able to transform into an angry-looking skunk, Gas Skunk is something of a dandy. Being the earth-bound Predacons' demolitions expert, Gas Skunk is highly skilled in the destruction of just about anything he's required to smash up. Availability:

Gas Skunk (MSH Classic)

Gas Skunk (4C System)

Gas Skunk (Marvel Saga)

Gatto di Sangue: the Blood Cat was a gymnast in the 1980 Olympics, having already refined her dexterity to its absolute human limit. The White Event enhanced this even further, and with the Web's help she's honed her parability to a deadly degree. Availability:

Gatto di Sangue (MSH Classic)

Gatto di Sangue (4C System)

Gatto di Sangue (Marvel Saga)

Gary Gaunt: criminologist by day and hooligan by night, Gary Gaunt was an ordinary man until, in a concussed daze, he drank an experimental formula that causes daily transformations. While he seeks a cure for his malady, his inner monster aches to be free! Availability:

Gary Gaunt (MSH Classic)

Gary Gaunt (4C System)

Gary Gaunt (Marvel Saga)

Gears (G1): while he complains about anything and everything going on around him, Gears only does so to lighten the mood of his fellow Autobots. He's not really all that negative when you get down to it, but the casual observer might not realize this. Availability:

Gears (MSH Classic)

Gears (4C System)

Gears (Marvel Saga)

Gears (GI Joe): a technological genius, Joseph Morrone is the whiz-kid who saved the life of Greg Scott by building him into the one and only Robo-Joe! Advancing even that fellow's exoskeletal technology to a new level, Joseph has built GI Joe new combat armor! Availability:

Gears (MSH Classic)

Gears (4C System)

Gears (Marvel Saga)

the General: a mobile command platform without compare, the General is part tank, part fortress, and all trouble for Cobra! Armed with a vast array of armaments and an intricate sensor web to direct them, the General can easily dominate any battle. Availability:

the General (MSH Classic)

the General (4C System)

the General (Marvel Saga)

Geodesy: an earth geomancer by calling, Marissa Hewn works in the sundry yet necessary business of excavating vast tracts of subterranean real estate for would-be world conquerors - much to the dismay of the Society of Elucidated Brethren! Availability:

Geodesy (MSH Classic)

Geodesy (4C System)

Geodesy (Marvel Saga)

the Ghost Girl: a young Scottish girl who yearned to fight for her country, Wendy Hunt was easy pickings for Alfie, a traitor who needed such people for a dastardly plot. Given a suit that bends light, she fought evil with it for a short time. Availability:

the Ghost Girl (MSH Classic)

the Ghost Girl (4C System)

the Ghost Girl (Marvel Saga)

Ghostrider: Jonas has worked his entire life to avoid notice, a trait which has developed to an almost super-human degree. Even when it's written down in front of them, his fellow Joes can barely remember his code name, much less what he actually looks like! Availability:

Ghostrider (MSH Classic)

Ghostrider (4C System)

Ghostrider (Marvel Saga)

the Ghoststriker X-16: the GI Joe team's fastest airplane, bar none, the Ghoststriker X-16 is built to move ridiculously quick. The X-16 can fly at an astounding Mach 10, which is so fast that its missiles (or anything else in the sky) can't even keep up with it! Availability:

the Ghoststriker X-16 (MSH Classic)

the Ghoststriker X-16 (4C System)

the Ghoststriker X-16 (Marvel Saga)

the GI Jane: in its early years, GI Joe didn't have access to expensive means of conveyance like its aircraft carrier or space shuttle. During that time, it relied upon a repurposed freighter to ship personnel and equipment about: the GI Jane! Availability:

the GI Jane (MSH Classic)

the GI Jane (4C System)

the GI Jane (Marvel Saga)

GI Jane: a member of GI Joe since the 1960s, GI Jane Martelle specializes in high-energy physics and intelligence work. Though usually working in a support role these days, GI Jane still has her skills and her edge, and is not to be underestimated! Availability:

GI Jane (MSH Classic)

GI Jane (4C System)

GI Jane (Marvel Saga)

GI Joe: Joseph B. Colton was the founder and leader of the original, 1960s GI Joe team. He has decades of combat experience, both public and secret. Aside from possibly Duke, he is likely the only person to serve on both incarnations of the GI Joe team! Availability:

GI Joe (MSH Classic)

GI Joe (4C System)

GI Joe (Marvel Saga)

the GI Joe Headquarters: these large, prefabricated compounds can easily be transported and assembled by a small team of Joes in no time. Once assembled, they offer an unparalleled view of their surroundings, and can easily dominate the area around them! Availability:

the GI Joe Headquarters (MSH Classic)

the GI Joe Headquarters (4C System)

the GI Joe Headquarters (Marvel Saga)

GI Joe's Battle Field Kits: GI Joe maintains a large supply of prefabricated kits that are packed and able to be put into action in mere moments. Though not as versatile as their vehicles, this gear is nonetheless vital to mission success. Availability:

the GI Joe Battle Field Kits (MSH Classic)

the GI Joe Battle Field Kits (4C System)

the GI Joe Battle Field Kits (Marvel Saga)

GI Joe's Motorized Micro-accessories: bucking the trend of most GI Joe equipment at the time, these small devices can be carried by a single operative if necessary. Assembled in the field, these motorized items provide the Joes various useful capabilities. Availability:

GI Joe's Motorized Micro-Accessories (MSH Classic)

GI Joe's Motorized Micro-Accessories (4C System)

GI Joe's Motorized Micro-Accessories (Marvel Saga)

Eduardo Giotti: smitten with Jenny Swensen, Eduardo was the first Troubleshooter to build a new MAX device, his being the 'Strong Arms' partial exoskeleton that granted him great strength - which he used to almost beat Steel Hawk to death! Availability:

Eduardo Giotti (MSH Classic)

Eduardo Giotti (4C System)

Eduardo Giotti (Marvel Saga)

Glabrezu (Tanar'ri): towering fiendish terrors, glabrezu stand fifteen feet tall. These horrific creatures, with their doglike heads and superfluous limbs, readily answer summons by foolish mages to spread the Abyss' influence far and wide. Availability:

Glabrezu (MSH Classic)

Glabrezu (4C System)

Glabrezu (Marvel Saga)

Gladiator: Randy Kellog was blessed with amazing power by the White Event, his body changed to forever increase its density over time. He attempted to use his power to help the world, but his scheme almost caused a third World War years before it was due. Availability:

Gladiator (MSH Classic)

Gladiator (4C System)

Gladiator (Marvel Saga)

Glitter: Stephanie Harrington was originally a mild-mannered housewife in Wisconsin until the White Event, when she gained astounding recuperative powers. Her life has been on a rollercoaster of action, intrigue and heartbreak ever since! Availability:

Glitter (MSH Classic)

Glitter (4C System)

Glitter (Marvel Saga)

Gnawgahyde: a foul-smelling card cheat and a reprehensible sort, Gnawgahyde was a perfect candidate for Dreadnok membership. After they brought him into the fold, he quickly made himself at home, earning the gang plenty of money with his poaching! Availability:

Gnawgahyde (MSH Classic)

Gnawgahyde (4C System)

Gnawgahyde (Marvel Saga)

Gnorr: a bizarre alien inhabiting an abandoned structure on earth's moon, Gnorr longed to conquer a planetary body less barren than his current abode. And he might've taken control of our world if not for Professor Zog and his creation, Electro! Availability:

Gnorr (MSH Classic)

Gnorr (4C System)

Gnorr (Marvel Saga)

Gnorrkin: according to its only known representative, Gnorr, this species of highly intelligent beings is now extinct. This may or may not be true, but either way Gnorr's people have not been encountered anywhere near earth for a long, long time. Availability:

Gnorrkin (MSH Classic)

Gnorrkin (4C System)

Gnorrkin (Marvel Saga)

the Godless Dandy: after the death of his wife, Maxwell 'Maximum' Buckner dedicated to his life to philanthropy. Becoming a Frankologist after greedy priests tried to prey on his grief, he then weapnonized his charity against them! Availability:

the Godless Dandy (MSH Classic)

the Godless Dandy (4C System)

the Godless Dandy (Marvel Saga)

Clarence 'Tex' Goldberg: this false Texan is the de facto public face of the Warriors of Thor, since he's the only person who claims to lead the group. As he runs the Warriors' lodge, he's about as close to a leader as the Warriors will tolerate. Availability:

Clarence 'Tex' Goldberg (MSH Classic)

Clarence 'Tex' Goldberg (4C System)

Clarence 'Tex' Goldberg (Marvel Saga)

Golden Girl / Golden Woman: after acquiring incredible powers thanks to the bumbling efforts of Agent Axis, Gwenny Lou Sabuki went on to become the Golden Girl! Evolving into the Golden Woman after the war, she served as a member of the V-Batalion! Availability:

Golden Girl / Golden Woman (MSH Classic)

Golden Girl / Golden Woman (4C System)

Golden Girl / Golden Woman (Marvel Saga)

Golobulus: last of the Serpent Kings and the unquestioned ruler of what's left of Cobra-La, Golobulus has ruled his civilization's remnants for untold millennia. He dreams of conquering the earth anew, however, which is why he's meddling in human affairs! Availability:

Golobulus (MSH Classic)

Golobulus (4C System)

Golobulus (Marvel Saga)

Goristroi (Tanar'ri): hulking behemoths, goristroi often grow up to twenty-four foot tall! They are a frightening cross between man and bison, with large ape-like arms, dreadful horns, and a voracious appetite that can strip land bare for miles! Availability:

Goristroi (MSH Classic)

Goristroi (4C System)

Goristroi (Marvel Saga)

Lieutenant Gorky: tapped to replace the late Stormavik, Lt. Gorky quicky proved himself an effective member of the Oktober Guard. He served with the team until it was disbanded, though he quickly fell into a life of crime soon afterwards. Availability:

Lieutenant Gorky (MSH Classic)

Lieutenant Gorky (4C System)

Lieutenant Gorky (Marvel Saga)

Grand Slam: a comic book / sci-fi fan, James has always been fascinated with advanced technology. An electronics major in college, he attended the Army's Special Weapons and Advanced Technology schools, allowing him to wield the HAL! Availability:

Grand Slam (MSH Classic)

Grand Slam (4C System)

Grand Slam (Marvel Saga)

Henri 'Frenchie' Graymalkin: the leader of an international crime syndicate, Henri manages his operation from the United States. Involved in all manner of shady deeds, his work has been interrupted many times over the years by Mark Hazzard. Availability:

Henri 'Frenchie' Graymalkin (MSH Classic)

Henri 'Frenchie' Graymalkin (4C System)

Henri 'Frenchie' Graymalkin (Marvel Saga)

the Great Satan: Thaz is a former soul broker, one who saw the light after his final prize embedded the American spirit into his heart. After this, Thaz decided to use his supernatual might to protect both, and the country that spawned them - as a patriotic super hero! Availability:

the Great Satan (MSH Classic)

the Great Satan (4C System)

the Great Satan (Marvel Saga)

Green Flame Robots: after kidnapping Professor Zog, Doctor Manyac and his Nazi accomplices forced him to build robotic minions based on his Marvel of the Age: Electro! While weaker than Electo, they could generate Manyac's ingenious green flame! Availability:

Green Flame Robots (MSH Classic)

Green Flame Robots (4C System)

Green Flame Robots (Marvel Saga)

the Green Terror: emerging from the depths of Africa, the strange post-human known as the Green Terror is bent on extending his nigh-immortal lifespan ever further - even if this requires the consumption of vast quantities of human blood! Availability:

the Green Terror (MSH Classic)

the Green Terror (4C System)

the Green Terror (Marvel Saga)

GI Joe Greenshirts / Reservists: the GI Joe Reservists, or Greenshirts as they've come to be known, are Joe trainees. These 'kids' are the best conventional American military training has produced, though they need just a bit 'more' to become official Joes. Availability:

Greenshirts / Reservists (MSH Classic)

Greenshirts / Reservists (4C System)

Greenshirts / Reservists (Marvel Saga)

Lincoln 'Stryker' Griffin: a former Navy SEAL, Lincoln performed dirty tricks and shadow ops for the 'puzzle palace' during the Vietnam War. Using his skills as a professional mercenary afterwards, he fought wars world-wide for the highest bidder. Availability:

Lincoln 'Stryker' Griffin (MSH Classic)

Lincoln 'Stryker' Griffin (4C System)

Lincoln 'Stryker' Griffin (Marvel Saga)

the Grim Determinator: survivor of a botched snack raid in Mexico, the Grim Determinator is a B'ntri sorcerer who was adopted (after a fashion) by the Society of Explicated Brethren. He now works to aid their goal to control all magic use on earth! Availability:

Grim Determinator (MSH Classic)

Grim Determinator (4C System)

Grim Determinator (Marvel Saga)

Grimlock (RiD): a veteran of countless conflicts, Grimlock has become a master tactician through trial and error. While he can easily hold his own in a fight, it's this expertise that makes him so valuable to the Build Team - and the Autobots in general! Availability:

Grimlock (MSH Classic)

Grimlock (4C System)

Grimlock (Marvel Saga)

Gristle: the Headman's successor, Gristle is a career criminal with ambition about as great as Cobra Commander's. Seizing control of the Headhunters, Gristle has secured a place for himself at the top of the underworld - assuming he can keep his grip on it! Availability:

Gristle (MSH Classic)

Gristle (4C System)

Gristle (Marvel Saga)

the Ground Striker: this medium-sized BTR vehicle can be used (and most often is by Flint) in several ways. Its two modes include a 6WD attack vehicle and a high speed patrol boat, which allows the Joes to attack Cobra goons almost anywhere! Availability:

the Ground Striker (MSH Classic)

the Ground Striker (4C System)

the Ground Striker (Marvel Saga)

Grunt: his sheer enthusiasm for military life helping him graduate Advanced Infantry Training near the top of his class, Robert was a perfect fit for the original GI Joe team. He's been associated with the Joes on and off ever since! Availability:

Grunt (MSH Classic)

Grunt (4C System)

Grunt (Marvel Saga)

The Gun Station: the gun station is a small portable missile launching station the GI Joe team can haul into an area and rapidly assemble, either on a transient or semi-permanent basis. It's useful against either enemy aircraft or fortifications! Availability:

the Gun Station (MSH Classic)

the Gun Station (4C System)

the Gun Station (Marvel Saga)

Gung-Ho: raised in a swamp, until forced to fend for himself on the streets of New Orleans with naught but a blade, Gung-Ho found his time in Parris Island like unto a vacation. Perhaps that's why the GI Joe team so eagerly recruited him! Availability:

Gung-Ho (MSH Classic)

Gung-Ho (4C System)

Gung-Ho (Marvel Saga)

Gyro-Vipers: those Air-Vipers who demonstrate advanced aptitude with rotary-wing aircraft and a reckless disregard for their personal safety are ideal candidates for the Gyro-Viper corps, and if they survive the training course, are given their own Mambas! Availability:

Gyro-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Gyro-Vipers (4C System)

Gyro-Vipers (Marvel Saga)


Hacker: Jesse E. Jordan was formerly a military mainframe technician when he decided to earn a place on the GI Joe team by demonstrating his hacking skills to Hawk himself. The Joe's leader then put Jesse to work in information retrieval... out in the field! Availability:

Sgt. Hacker (MSH Classic)

Sgt. Hacker (4C System)

Sgt. Hacker (Marvel Saga)

Hacks: when crime in her neighborhood escalated, young Alice Haberdasher took matters into her own hands, fighting it with the family heirloom: a double bladed axe. Little did she know that it had the ability to render her nigh-invulnerable! Availability:

Hacks (MSH Classic)

Hacks (4C System)

Hacks (Marvel Saga)

Haia: one of the oldest of the Igigi, Haia is the defender of doorways, and he who safeguards storehouses. A master organizer, Haia also manages the banquet hall of the Anunnaki, ensuring that the leaders of the gods are properly catered to. Availability:

Haia (MSH Classic)

Haia (4C System)

Haia (Marvel Saga)

the Half-pint Horror-show: captured for study by the Society of Eludicated Brethren, Horace promptly escaped, leaving a bloodbath in the process. Lost in the wilds of Central America, he eventually became a founding member of the monster hunting Variety Show! Availability:

the Half-pint Horror-show (MSH Classic)

the Half-pint Horror-show (4C System)

the Half-pint Horror-show (Marvel Saga)

the Hammer: based on the now-famous Army vehicle, the Hammer is a close relative of the Humvee. Heavily armed and armored, this troop transport handles well over virtually any terrain, and packs enough punch to deal with almost any opposition! Availability:

the Hammer (MSH Classic)

the Hammer (4C System)

the Hammer (Marvel Saga)

the Hammerhead: featuring five detachable sub-vehicles, an elevating missile launcher, and twinned laser cannons, the Hammerhead is built to deny enemy forces seaborne access to Cobra territory - which it can do from either the surface or the ocean floor! Availability:

the Hammerhead (MSH Classic)

the Hammerhead (4C System)

the Hammerhead (Marvel Saga)

Lt. Jim Hanrahan: while investigating a bizarre energy discharge over the Pitt, Air Force pilot Jim Hanrahan was blasted out of the air during a duel between the Old Man and Jacob Burnsley. When Jacob healed Jim, a portion of the Star Brand passed to him. Availability:

Lt. Jim Hanrahan (MSH Classic)

Lt. Jim Hanrahan (4C System)

Lt. Jim Hanrahan (Marvel Saga)

Hard Drive: Martin A. Pidel is a nerd squared. He'd beat every video game made by the age of eight, and graduated from MIT a decade later. While usually high on energy bars and Mountain Dew ™, he keeps himself in tip top physical shape while he is. Availability:

Hard Drive (MSH Classic)

Hard Drive (4C System)

Hard Drive (Marvel Saga)

Hardball: a former minor league baseball player, Wilmer quit after five seasons upon realizing the leagues valued star power over teamwork. He then enlisted to find a group which appreciated his team player attitude better - and was wildly successful! Availability:

Hardball (MSH Classic)

Hardball (4C System)

Hardball (Marvel Saga)

Hardcore: after exposure to a new bioweapon during Operation Desert Storm, Will Cross was forever changed. Using his new abilities for both the CIA and the Plebian Federation, Will eventually went 'straight' - and has paid for it ever since! Availability:

Hardcore (MSH Classic)

Hardcore (4C System)

Hardcore (Marvel Saga)

Hardtop: a man of few words, Nicholas speaks with action. Mind you, his usually involves building things for GI Joe, no matter how tricky the situation may be. He also drives and maintains the crawler / gantry designed to launch GI Joe's spacecraft! Availability:

Hardtop (MSH Classic)

Hardtop (4C System)

Hardtop (Marvel Saga)

Hate Ball: while Señor Surly may be the heart of the Crazy Hate, Russell Barnett is the reason the team stuck together in the first place. This technopsionic adventurer has had several false starts, but has finally grown into his own as a hero! Availability:

Hate Ball (MSH Classic)

Hate Ball (4C System)

Hate Ball (Marvel Saga)

Hates-Wizards-Like-Nobody's-Business: after several Bin'tri spellcasters destroyed its world, this mhunghus decided it didn't like them. At all. Deciding to beat them at their own game, it studied psychoturgy to battle them directly! Availability:

Hates-Wizards-Like-Nobody's-Business (MSH Classic)

Hates-Wizards-Like-Nobody's-Business (4C System)

Hates-Wizards-Like-Nobody's-Business (Marvel Saga)

Hawk: head of the GI Joe team since its inception in '82, Clayton Abernathy has proven time and time again that he's a capable leader, tactician, and victor in the seemingly eternal war against Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world! Availability:

Hawk (MSH Classic)

Hawk (4C System)

Hawk (Marvel Saga)

Mark Hazzard: a freelance mercenary, Mark Hazzard is a West Point student with years of combat experience, from his time in Vietnam to his stint as the leader of his own shop. Highly principled, he's made many, many enemies over the years. Availability:

Mark Hazzard (MSH Classic)

Mark Hazzard (4C System)

Mark Hazzard (Marvel Saga)

Headhunter Stormtroopers: while standard Headhunters handle the day-to-day operations of their criminal organization, it is their Stormtroopers that manage those operations over time, and are the high-level muscle that deals with threats to their profits. Availability:

Headhunter Stormtroopers (MSH Classic)

Headhunter Stormtroopers (4C System)

Headhunter Stormtroopers (Marvel Saga)

Headhunters: a band of violent paramilitary thugs, the Headhunters dabble in all manner of criminal activity. However, their specialty is the transportation of illicit goods, whether they be intellectual property, industrial secrets, drugs, or even weapons! Availability:

Headhunters (MSH Classic)

Headhunters (4C System)

Headhunters (Marvel Saga)

Headman: creator of the Headhunters, the Headman is one of the most odious criminals alive! Whether stealing social security checks or dealing drugs to kids, no act is too base for him, as long as it lines his pockets with the one thing he cares about: money! Availability:

Headman (MSH Classic)

Headman (4C System)

Headman (Marvel Saga)

the Headquarters Attack: this BTR package allows the Joes to build a three-structure, anti-aircraft facility almost anywhere on earth. Of course, it can be reconfigured to pose as a Cobra Firebat launch facility as well, as a Spy Troops feature! Availability:

the Headquarters Attack (MSH Classic)

the Headquarters Attack (4C System)

the Headquarters Attack (Marvel Saga)

the Headquarters Command Center: prefabricated, quick-build facilities, GI Joe can utilize these structures to dramatic effect in battle. A quick airlift and some motivated construction labor later, you can have an instant forward base anywhere on earth! Availability:

the Headquarters Command Center (MSH Classic)

the Headquarters Command Center (4C System)

the Headquarters Command Center (Marvel Saga)

Healer: Anastasia Inyushin was dragged to the Siberian Project after the 'mysterious' death of her entire family. Liberated by Emmett Proudhawk, she eventually made her way from the USSR to the America, where she joined Psi-force for protection from the KGB. Availability:

Healer (MSH Classic)

Healer (4C System)

Healer (Marvel Saga)

the HAVOC: durable despite how it may seem at first, the Heavy Articulated Vehicle Ordnance Carrier is one of the most heavily armed vehicles in the GI Joe arsenal. Naturally, Cross-Country loves to point this out as he smashes Cobras with the thing. Availability:

the HAVOC (MSH Classic)

the HAVOC (4C System)

the HAVOC (Marvel Saga)

the Heavy Artillery Laser (HAL): the Heavy Artillery laser is an experimental, directed energy weapon system developed by the US Army. It is a towable device that can be deployed in most any terrain, and can eliminate most hard targets with just one shot. Availability:

the Heavy Artillery Laser (HAL) (MSH Classic)

the Heavy Artillery Laser (HAL) (4C System)

the Heavy Artillery Laser (HAL) (Marvel Saga)

Heavy Duty: possessing keen hand-eye coordination, the ability to multitask, veritable ambidexterity, and a perfectionist's attention to detail, Heavy Duty is comfortable whether he's composing music or firing on Cobras - and is equally good at both! Availability:

the Heavy Duty (MSH Classic)

the Heavy Duty (4C System)

the Heavy Duty (Marvel Saga)

Heavy Load: Heavy Load has dedicated himself to Wedge's service, acting as both his personal assistant and personal combat instructor. A master of the martial arts despite his bulk, Heavy Load is more than capable of dishing out punishment when necessary. Availability:

Heavy Load (MSH Classic)

Heavy Load (4C System)

Heavy Load (Marvel Saga)

Heavy Metal: originally enlisting to attend the Army's Finance School, Heavy Metal was forever changed upon seeing his first tank convoy in motion, and has needed the rush of driving a several ton implement of devastation ever since! Availability:

Heavy Metal (MSH Classic)

Heavy Metal (4C System)

Heavy Metal (Marvel Saga)

Heli-Vipers: fearless aerobatic stuntmen, the Heli-Vipers are the stars amongst Cobra's rotary-winged pilot operatives. Personally chosen by the Commander himself, each of these elite operatives prove their worth in an insanely dangerous qualification course! Availability:

Heli-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Heli-Vipers (4C System)

Heli-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Hercules 2: raised on remote Snow Island, this scientist's knows little about civilization, and as a result he lives with and works in a circus freak show. Always on tour, he can pop up anywhere to deal with crime sprees and prevent disasters. Availability:

Hercules 2 (MSH Classic)

Hercules 2 (4C System)

Hercules 2 (Marvel Saga)

Hextons (Modron): the thirty-six hextons have one of Mechanus' great armies at their disposal, but that's not all. Sixteen of them oversee four octons each, while the rest serve in the towers of the tertians, the secundi, or Primus itself. Availability:

Hextons (MSH Classic)

Hextons (4C System)

Hextons (Marvel Saga)

Hezrou (Tanar'ri): hezrou are the tanar'ri's Blood War middle managers. They have free reign to interpret and execute the commands of their superiors as they see fit, - which is a necessity, as managing tanar'ri is similar to herding cats! Availability:

Hezrou (MSH Classic)

Hezrou (4C System)

Hezrou (Marvel Saga)

Hi-Tech: Doctor Mindbender's GI Joe counterpart, David could be considered a mad scientist if only he were certifiably insane. He's not, though - just very, very good at what he does, which is keeping the Joes' electronics performing at an optimum level! Availability:

Hi-Tech (MSH Classic)

Hi-Tech (4C System)

Hi-Tech (Marvel Saga)

HEAT-Vipers: Cobra's anti-armor specialists, HEAT-Vipers (High-Explosive Anti-Tank) utilize the latest in wire-guided projectile technology. While their gear can flatten almost any armor, it takes guts to steer those missiles home while GI Joe fires on them! Availability:

HEAT-Vipers (MSH Classic)

HEAT-Vipers (4C System)

HEAT-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

HISS Drivers: trained in the use of both High Speed Sentries and FANG helicopters, these villains are the cream of Cobra's terroristic crop. Much less expendable than their standard troops, HISS Drivers are highly skilled in all manner of vehicular combat. Availability:

HISS Drivers (MSH Classic)

HISS Drivers (4C System)

HISS Drivers (Marvel Saga)

the High Speed Sentry: the HISS is Cobra's first mass-produced, tank-like vehicle. A treaded vehicle with a top-mounted, twinned 30mm gun turret, the HISS delivers a level of fire power that is second only to an actual tank cannon in practice. Availability:

the High Speed Sentry (MSH Classic)

the High Speed Sentry (4C System)

the High Speed Sentry (Marvel Saga)

Hightower: an expert marksman and a guardian of legendary resolve, Hightower is also a highly capable architect. This combination of abilities makes him a welcome addition to the Build Team, and yet another competent Autobot available to back Wedge up! Availability:

Hightower (MSH Classic)

Hightower (4C System)

Hightower (Marvel Saga)

Hit & Run: Brent was orphaned at three years of age when his parents were wiped out by a drunken driver. He decided he'd join the Army as a youth, and worked all his life to prepare for this - mostly by running marathons. And Brent runs very, very well! Availability:

Hit & Run (MSH Classic)

Hit & Run (4C System)

Hit & Run (Marvel Saga)

Hoist: the Autobots' maintenance tech, Hoist has the job of keeping his fellows' in peak fighting condition - hopefully to save Ratchet some work. Jovial and pleasant to be around, Hoist is well-liked by the Autobots despite his incessant fussing. Availability:

Hoist (MSH Classic)

Hoist (4C System)

Hoist (Marvel Saga)

Hollow Point: a former Range Officer Course instructor, Max Corey had retired from the service. However, after demonstrating his unflinching heroism by rescuing several children from a pack of escaped safari park lions, he was recruted onto the GI Joe team! Availability:

Hollow Point (MSH Classic)

Hollow Point (4C System)

Hollow Point (Marvel Saga)

Horror Show: Stepan Drukersky may not be the brightest member of the Oktober Guard, but he makes up for that in his gleeful destruction of all which stands in the Guard's way. He's infamous world-wide as the rocket-blasting strong-man of the Oktober Guard! Availability:

Horror Show (MSH Classic)

Horror Show (4C System)

Horror Show (Marvel Saga)

Hot Rod: impulsive and yearning for adventure, Hot Rod has the mindset of the stereotypical human adolescent - he wishes to be important, a hero. Naturally, he's destined for greatness, and may achieve it... if he doesn't get himself killed first. Availability:

Hot Rod (MSH Classic)

Hot Rod (4C System)

Hot Rod (Marvel Saga)

Hot Seat: Michael A. Provost was a professional boxer until he had a moment of clarity about relative job security and potential brain damage. Enlisting soon after, he began a similar career in the Army, working as a drill sergeant and heavy vehicle driver! Availability:

Hot Seat (MSH Classic)

Hot Seat (4C System)

Hot Seat (Marvel Saga)

Hot Shot: leader of the stealthy Spychangers, Hot Shot is the cousin of the one and only Optimus Prime - and, as a result, Ultra Maguns. He takes after both his cousins, being both a competent leader and somewhat fiery in personality! Availability:

Hot Shot (MSH Classic)

Hot Shot (4C System)

Hot Shot (Marvel Saga)

Hound: of all the Autobots on earth, perhaps none enjoy being there so much as Hound. This scout relishes each opportunity to explore this new world's terrain, and after spending time amongst humans, secretly envies their carefree existence! Availability:

Hound (MSH Classic)

Hound (4C System)

Hound (Marvel Saga)

the Hovercraft: built on a platform two yards sqare, Cobra's Hovercraft glides atop any surface thanks to a bottom-mounted ducted fan, careens forward via two more mounted on its rear, and has enough armaments to defend virtually any Cobra shoreline! Availability:

the Hovercraft (MSH Classic)

the Hovercraft (4C System)

the Hovercraft (Marvel Saga)

The Hoverstrike: this small, one-person hovercraft is a green, wedge-shaped affair. Equipped with two vectored-thrust turbo fans, the Hoverstrike can be driven almost like a floating skate board, albiet a much larger one, and is heavily armed for its size! Availability:

the Hoverstrike (MSH Classic)

the Hoverstrike (4C System)

the Hoverstrike (Marvel Saga)

Huffer: one of the best construction engineers Cybertron ever knew, Huffer is also one of its biggest whiners. He hates being on the earth, and is more than willing to tell you so in a hundred different ways - even while building something amazing! Availability:

Huffer (MSH Classic)

Huffer (4C System)

Huffer (Marvel Saga)

the Human Meteor: an Irish cowpoke, pilot, stuntman, and French Foreign Legionnaire, Duke O'Dowd led a full life even before his plane crashed in the lost city of Bayakura. There, he gained the wondrous equipment required to become... the Human Meteor! Availability:

Human Meteor (MSH Classic)

Human Meteor (4C System)

Human Meteor (Marvel Saga)

the Human Top: the inconvenient witness to the kidnapping of Toro by Agent Axis, young Davy Mitchell was also taken captive. This turned out to be an error when a freak accident in Agent Axis' lab gave Davy the powers of... the Human Top! Availability:

Human Top (MSH Classic)

Human Top (4C System)

Human Top (Marvel Saga)

the Human Torch: an artificial man created Phineas T. Horton, this android proved to be 'flawed' when he ignited upon exposure to air. Eventually mastering his powers, he took the name of the Human Torch, and used his abilities to fight evil! Availability:

Human Torch (MSH Classic)

Human Torch (4C System)

Human Torch (Marvel Saga)

the Humvee (various): a vehicle typically used by conventional military forces, the Humvee has been adopted by GI Joe for some purposes also. Cheaper than their Hammers or Brawler IIs, the Humvee is a quick and versatile ride with multiple armaments. Availability:

the (Jungle) Humvee (MSH Classic)

the (Jungle) Humvee (4C System)

the (Jungle) Humvee (Marvel Saga)

the Hurricane: a vertical take-off and landing aircraft of original Cobra design, the Hurricane is a replacement for their venerable Rattlers. Built with ground support in mind, it can readily decimate just about any surface-based opposition to Cobra! Availability:

the Hurricane (MSH Classic)

the Hurricane (4C System)

the Hurricane (Marvel Saga)

Hydro-Vipers: when conventional Eels simply aren't up for the job, Cobra sends in its Hydro-Vipers! Surgically augmented to both swim faster and better withstand the watery depths, these Demons of the Deep are GI Joe's worst nightmare beneath the waves! Availability:

Hydro-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Hydro-Vipers (4C System)

Hydro-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

the Hydro-Sled: one of Doctor Mindbender's creations, the Hydro-Sled is built to rapidly deploy Cobra operatives on the waves, whether to reach a specific destination or to engage other ships - particularly when a Moray is unavailable to them. Availability:

Hydro-Sled (MSH Classic)

Hydro-Sled (4C System)

Hydro-Sled (Marvel Saga)

Hysteria: this crazy old woman was given the ability to cause irrational fear by the White Event. Using it to escape the asylum, she began to roam free with two other paranormals, and proved powerful enough to stand up to the Star Brand himself. Availability:

Hysteria (MSH Classic)

Hysteria (4C System)

Hysteria (Marvel Saga)


the Ice Cream Soldier: most Cobras expect little from the Ice Cream Soldier, deriding his ridiculous code name. However, Tom-Henry is a flamethrower-wielding commando who's more than happy to exceed their expectations on the battle field every single time! Availability:

the Ice Cream Soldier (MSH Classic)

the Ice Cream Soldier (4C System)

the Ice Cream Soldier (Marvel Saga)

the Ice Sabre (Cobra): supplementing the Cobra WOLF, their Ice Sabre is a three-person cold weather vehicle. Propelled by a singular tread and maneuvering via skis, the Ice Sabre even has a flamethrower to melt through ice and snow that it cannot glide over! Availability:

the Ice Sabre (MSH Classic)

the Ice Sabre (4C System)

the Ice Sabre (Marvel Saga)

the Ice Sabre (GI Joe): equipped with four machine guns and two rocket launchers, the Ice Sabre is a powerful snow and ice vehicle GI Joe can bring to bear against Cobra or any other terrorists foolish enough to oppose freedom and liberty near the world's poles. Availability:

the Ice Sabre (MSH Classic)

the Ice Sabre (4C System)

the Ice Sabre (Marvel Saga)

the Ice Snake: a small cold-weather vehicle, the Ice Snake is perfect for transporting Cobra operatives around polar regions with ease. And should it become necessary, the Ice Snake features a powerful launcher which fires both missiles and grappling hooks! Availability:

the Ice Snake (MSH Classic)

the Ice Snake (4C System)

the Ice Snake (Marvel Saga)

Ice Storm: born near Lake Erie, Nolan W. Ligotke has always enjoyed the cold. Growing up to work as a cold weather rescue specialist in the Coast Guard, he eventually transferred to the Navy to work in Naval VBSS, and then finally joined up with GI Joe! Availability:

Ice Storm (MSH Classic)

Ice Storm (4C System)

Ice Storm (Marvel Saga)

Ice-Vipers: those Snow Serpents who undergo vehicular operation and maintenance training from the Techno-Vipers earn the right to wear an Ice-Viper uniform! In addition to better pay and the prestige, this rank comes with a sweet ride: Cobra's WOLF! Availability:

Ice-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Ice-Vipers (4C System)

Ice-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Iceberg: growing up in the intense heat of the Brownsville, Texas summers, Clifton decided he wanted to serve in a much colder climate upon enlisting. He found his element once he was assigned to Alaska, and quickly became one with his frozen environs. Availability:

Iceberg (MSH Classic)

Iceberg (4C System)

Iceberg (Marvel Saga)

Iguanus: like his fellow Manimals, Iguanus is a shape changing Lunartix alien, an intergalactic concern in another dimension. Himself a legendary monster in countless alien cultures, he'll likely attain that status in many more now that he's resurfaced. Availability:

Iguanus (MSH Classic)

Iguanus (4C System)

Iguanus (Marvel Saga)

the Imp: a small tracked vehicle, the Imp seems to consistently punch above its weight. With its demonic red paint job and Ambush missiles which can effectively neutralize just about any land-based targets, the Imp is rightly feared by Cobra's enemies! Availability:

the Imp (MSH Classic)

the Imp (4C System)

the Imp (Marvel Saga)

Impeccable Icarus: a former data architect for a failing publisher of government technical manuals, Ichabod Stone found a new lease on life in the midst of a botched suicide attempt, and has since transformed himself into a high-flying daredevil! Availability:

Impeccable Icarus (MSH Classic)

Impeccable Icarus (4C System)

Impeccable Icarus (Marvel Saga)

Imprint: an albino technopsi and surveillance expert, Imprint is a mainstay of Medusa Web operations. Though he lacks direct combat parabilities, his professional demeanor lends itself to an administrative and/or leadership role on Web field missions. Availability:

Imprint (MSH Classic)

Imprint (4C System)

Imprint (Marvel Saga)

Incinerators: the flamethrower experts of the Cobra legions, Incinerators are professional arsonists. While this corps is irresistable to the world's criminal pyromaniacs, it also attracts those who simply view flame as mankind's first, and best, weapon! Availability:

Incinerators (MSH Classic)

Incinerators (4C System)

Incinerators (Marvel Saga)

the Infernal Machine: built as an implement of mass destruction, the thaumatechnological robot known as the Infernal Machine instead turned out to be a kind-hearted, almost childlike soul, and follows Pincer Penny around like a lost puppy dog! Availability:

the Infernal Machine (MSH Classic)

the Infernal Machine (4C System)

the Infernal Machine (Marvel Saga)

the Infinity Gems: existing before reality as we know it, the seven six Infinity Gems each provide absolute power over one aspect of creation. They include the ego gem, mind gem, power gem, reality gem, soul gem, space gem, and time gem. Availability:

the Infinity Gems (MSH Classic)

the Infinity Gems (4C System)

the Infinity Gems (Marvel Saga)

Interrogator: an international man of mystery, little is known about the background of the Cobra operative called the Interrogator. His frightening ability to pry secrets out of other people is notorious, however, which is why he is feared by friend and foe alike! Availability:

Interrogator (MSH Classic)

Interrogator (4C System)

Interrogator (Marvel Saga)

the Inveterate Invertebrate: a rare native of the B'ntri home world, the Inveterate Invertebrate quickly left her home planet to gorge on the rest of the universe's inhabitants. A consummate loner, the Invertebrate doesn't make friends or enemies - simply meals. Availability:

Inveterate Invertebrate (MSH Classic)

Inveterate Invertebrate (4C System)

Inveterate Invertebrate (Marvel Saga)

the Invisible Man: when corporate assassins tried to stop him before he could complete his grand work, Doctor Gade was not killed so much as transformed. Now wielding the power of invisiblity, he sought vengeance against his many foes! Availability:

the Invisible Man (MSH Classic)

the Invisible Man (4C System)

the Invisible Man (Marvel Saga)

Iron Bear: the mastermind behind the Oktober Guard, Iron Bear is a general who assembled the team to help him put decades of anti-terrorism experience to good use. Though his team is small, it is feared and respected around the world thanks to his efforts! Availability:

Iron Bear (MSH Classic)

Iron Bear (4C System)

Iron Bear (Marvel Saga)

Iron Cross: though opposed to the Nazis, Helmut Gruler was a German patriot who followed orders despite his reservations. After acquiring his Iron Cross armor, he hatched various plots to arrange the ruination of the Allies and their super heroes. Availability:

Iron Cross (MSH Classic)

Iron Cross (4C System)

Iron Cross (Marvel Saga)

Iron Grenadiers: drawn from the ranks of earth's elite mercenaries, the Iron Grenadiers are the core of Destro's personal army. Insidious saboteurs and relentless arms dealers, the Iron Grenadiers are supremely motivated, as they get a cut of every MARS sale! Availability:

Iron Grenadiers (MSH Classic)

Iron Grenadiers (4C System)

Iron Grenadiers (Marvel Saga)

Ironhide (G1): incredibly ornery, Ironhide is a very old Autobot, and is generally upbeat despite his rather gruff demeanor. He's Optimus Prime's personal bodyguard and an Autobot security specialist, one who most definitely prefers actions to words! Availability:

Ironhide (MSH Classic)

Ironhide (4C System)

Ironhide (Marvel Saga)

Ironhide (RiD): the Spychangers' strong man, Ironhide loves roughing it up with the Predacons; sure, he could just blast them, but he feels that a good right hook is more... personal, really. Ironhide doubles as small-scale materials transport for the team, as well. Availability:

Ironhide (MSH Classic)

Ironhide (4C System)

Ironhide (Marvel Saga)


Jack Frost: a vigilante enigma from the north, Jack Frost joined the heroic Liberty Legion in their battle against threats to America. Ironically frozen after the second World War, Jack is trapped in an unending conflict with an ice worm! Availability:

Jack Frost (MSH Classic)

Jack Frost (4C System)

Jack Frost (Marvel Saga)

Jackson-Jones, Alabaster: having long felt that humanity was held back by the inertia of tradition and the oppression of history, Alabaster Jackson-Jones has labored long and hard to help his fellow man (and woman) to ascend to a higher state. Availability:

Jackson-Jones, Alabaster (MSH Classic)

Jackson-Jones, Alabaster (4C System)

Jackson-Jones, Alabaster (Marvel Saga)

Jago: having conquered his fellow Dragon-men through cunning and brute force, Jago leads them with an iron fist! And naturally, he's not content to simply lead the Dragon-men. No, he longs to conquer his home world of Ligra - and all else! Availability:

Jago (MSH Classic)

Jago (4C System)

Jago (Marvel Saga)

Jazz: something akin to Optimus Prime's major domo, Jazz is the Autobot leader's right-hand mechanoid. In addition to keeping things running smoothly, Jazz makes a point of performing his duties with style, and loves all forms of earth music. Availability:

Jazz (MSH Classic)

Jazz (4C System)

Jazz (Marvel Saga)

the Jet Mobile Propulsion Unit (JUMP): the JUMP transforms a single soldier into an airborne implement of destruction. This miniature 'vehicle' makes for instant air support in a pinch, and has become a GI Joe mainstay over the years. Availability:

the Jet Mobile Propulsion Unit (JUMP) (MSH Classic)

the Jet Mobile Propulsion Unit (JUMP) (4C System)

the Jet Mobile Propulsion Unit (JUMP) (Marvel Saga)

the Jet Pack: bulkier and heavier than GI Joe's JUMP, Cobra's Jet Pack nonetheless serves as a foil for that older technology. This is because, while the Joes' flight pack has a ray gun, Cobra's has four twinned machine guns and dual missiles onboard! Availability:

the Jet Pack (MSH Classic)

the Jet Pack (4C System)

the Jet Pack (Marvel Saga)

Jhiaxus: Megatron's Air Space Commander, Jhiaxus leads that villain's aerial operations. Which suits Jhiaxus just fine, as he claims all skies as his territories, and delights in smashing down anything dumb enough to challenge him. Availability:

Jhiaxus (MSH Classic)

Jhiaxus (4C System)

Jhiaxus (Marvel Saga)

Jinx (GI Joe): a member of the Arashikage family, Kimi naturally became a member of the associated ninja clan. Having also done work for the CIA and the Army in the past, Kimi was a natural fit for the elite GI Joe team - which she is a powerful addition to! Availability:

Jinx (MSH Classic)

Jinx (4C System)

Jinx (Marvel Saga)

Jinx (v13): young Natasha Huston was forever altered after being exposed to unknown energies during a freak lab accident. Ever since, people around her suffer one horrible accident after another, a trait she uses to her advantage as a vigilante crusader! Availability:

Jinx (MSH Classic)

Jinx (4C System)

Jinx (Marvel Saga)

The Joe-Com: the GI Joe Wrist Communicator Device, or Joe-Com, is a wondrously advanced unit developed for the GI Joe team upon its more public reactivation in the year 2001. It allows audio / video communications and vast data storage / transfer! Availability:

the Joe-Com (MSH Classic)

the Joe-Com (4C System)

the Joe-Com (Marvel Saga)

Johnny Do: autistic and dyslexic, Johnny Do was locked up in a Soviet sanitarium for years, even after he developed his parability. After being liberated by Psi-force, Johnny slowly began to recover from years of abuse and joined their paramilitary action. Availability:

Johnny Do (MSH Classic)

Johnny Do (4C System)

Johnny Do (Marvel Saga)

Father Kevin Eugene Johnson: having grown up in war-torn Ireland to become a Catholic priest, Kevin has seen his fair share of conflict. Mind you, membership in the Cestus Dei, a rogue order of Vatican priests, causes him to see plenty more! Availability:

Father Kevin Eugene Johnson (MSH Classic)

Father Kevin Eugene Johnson (4C System)

Father Kevin Eugene Johnson (Marvel Saga)

Zephyr Jones: when his father died before acheiving his dream of flying to Mars, Zephyr Jones stepped up to the plate. Completing his father's space ship, he leapt into adventure - visiting several strange worlds (though not Mars)! Availability:

Zephyr Jones (MSH Classic)

Zephyr Jones (4C System)

Zephyr Jones (Marvel Saga)

Professor Jordan: Professor Jordan was building hallucinogenic weapons for the military until his funding was cut. Believing in the Science behind his work, he continued his work in secret, experimenting on his students as: the Master of Ceremonies! Availability:

Professor Jordan (MSH Classic)

Professor Jordan (4C System)

Professor Jordan (Marvel Saga)

Junge Donner: having always enjoyed Thor comics and literature, it was a cinch that Milton Blank would join up with the Warriors as soon as he learned of their existence. He's since become a prominent Warrior as well as one of the Higher Powers! Availability:

Junge Donner (MSH Classic)

Junge Donner (4C System)

Junge Donner (Marvel Saga)

Jurgium Eternus: zombified on an archeological dig, Marvin Artichoke somehow retained his mind despite losing his sanity. Bent on revenge for the fate which has befallen him, Marvin has assumed the name of Jurgium Eternus, and wishes to spread his curse to all! Availability:

Jurgium Eternus (MSH Classic)

Jurgium Eternus (4C System)

Jurgium Eternus (Marvel Saga)

Justice: a Justice Department operative who was co-opted by the dream powers of Daedalus Darquill, John Tensen eventually escaped from that madman's induded psychosis with newly developed paranormal powers, and became a lethal force for Justice. Availability:

John Tensen: Justice (MSH Classic)

John Tensen: Justice (4C System)

John Tensen: Justice (Marvel Saga)


Kansas Bob: a long-time military man, Bob quit the Army for various reasons, and became an occult adventurer thanks to a strange twist of fate that cursed him to be forever beset by the bizarre. A true patriot, this made him an excellent D.A.A. recruit! Availability:

Kansas Bob (MSH Classic)

Kansas Bob (4C System)

Kansas Bob (Marvel Saga)

Keel-Haul: commander of the USS Flagg and an accomplished fighter pilot, Vice-Admiral Everett P. Colby is an impressive - and high ranking - member of GI Joe. Analytical and aggressive, he makes a fine commander for the Joes' mobile base of operations! Availability:

Keel-Haul (MSH Classic)

Keel-Haul (4C System)

Keel-Haul (Marvel Saga)

(just) Kelly: likely the most unlucky person on earth, Kelly is a wealthy businesswoman with a penchant for expensive vehicles. She also has a distressing knack for tripping over talking vehicles, alien robots, and losing her shiny new toys...! Availability:

(just) Kelly (MSH Classic)

(just) Kelly (4C System)

(just) Kelly (Marvel Saga)

Khronos: in some versions of Greek cosmology, Khronos was one of their first generation gods. This massive, serpentine deity appeared fully formed from the cosmos, and created the Olympic multiverse alongside his mate and fellow primordial, Ananke. Availability:

Khronos (MSH Classic)

Khronos (4C System)

Khronos (Marvel Saga)

Kickstart: something of a polymath, Joseph Rivera is an expert computer programmer, electrical engineer, and biotechnologist. This makes him the ideal brains behind the GI Joe team's lastet mech, the Steel Marauder, which they also have him inexplicably pilot. Availability:

Kickstart (MSH Classic)

Kickstart (4C System)

Kickstart (Marvel Saga)

Kid Zeus: former leader of the Olympian gods, Zeus was slain by a Japanese god of evil, and forced to drink from the river Lethe. His power and personality reincarnated, Zeus now wanders the earth as a powerful, amnesiac ten year old! Availability:

Kid Zeus (MSH Classic)

Kid Zeus (4C System)

Kid Zeus (Marvel Saga)

the Killer WHALE: a heavily armed and armored hovercraft, the Killer WHALE (Warrior: Hovering Assault Launching Envoy) can easily function on land or water, serving as either a patrol, assault, or liaison vessel, depending on the Joes' needs. Availability:

the Killer WHALE (MSH Classic)

the Killer WHALE (4C System)

the Killer WHALE (Marvel Saga)

Kittu: the second son of Aya and Shamash, Kittu serves as the right hand of the latter deity. He helps his father mete out justice in all matters, when Shamash himself is too busy being the sun to do so, and enjoys ferreting out hidden truths. Availability:

Kittu (MSH Classic)

Kittu (4C System)

Kittu (Marvel Saga)

Doctor Horst Kleinmann: a genius in the field of dream research, Doctor Horst Kleinmann was insanely paranoid about his secret technology. He had no problems killing anyone that he believed a threat to his supremacy in 'his' realm of dreams. Availability:

Doctor Horst Kleinmann (MSH Classic)

Doctor Horst Kleinmann (4C System)

Doctor Horst Kleinmann (Marvel Saga)

Knockdown: an aerophobic anti-aircraft specialist, Blaine intimately knows how easily an airborne vehicle can crash down to earth in a flaming ball of doom. Maybe that's why this microwave technician prefers to shoot Cobras down from the surface, then! Availability:

Knockdown (MSH Classic)

Knockdown (4C System)

Knockdown (Marvel Saga)

Komtur: a fanatic before the War, Franz Gerhardt was a believer in the tenets of the Teutonic Knights. Torn between faith and patriotism, he snapped, donned a suit of combat armor, and rampaged as a reincarnation of Komtur, the Teutonic Knight! Availability:

Komtur, the Teutonic Knight (MSH Classic)

Komtur, the Teutonic Knight (4C System)

Komtur, the Teutonic Knight (Marvel Saga)

Fritz Krotze: owner of Krotze International and a member of the Club, Fritz Krotze was a sleaze ball that sold various national secrets of a technical nature to the highest bidder. Unfortunately for him, his treason ultimately cost him his life. Availability:

Fritz Krotze (MSH Classic)

Fritz Krotze (4C System)

Fritz Krotze (Marvel Saga)

Kwinn: mysterious to the core, this enigmatic mercenary is one of the best there is at what he does. A man of honor, Kwinn always obeys the exact wording of a contract, and he never reveals anything about his employers - no matter how much he may want to. Availability:

Kwinn (MSH Classic)

Kwinn (4C System)

Kwinn (Marvel Saga)


the Lady At: a young dwarven woman who can bend space and time in various torturous fashions, At works for the cross-planar legal firm known as Layers of Law, LLC. There, she serves as a courier who can deliver legal papers anywhere, instantly! Availability:

the Lady At (MSH Classic)

the Lady At (4C System)

the Lady At (Marvel Saga)

Lady Jaye: a competent actress even before she was recruited by the Army, Alison became a master of espionage with the tutelage of senior intelligence operatives. She's also a master of several obscure weapons, a master linguist, and a competent pilot! Availability:

Lady Jaye (MSH Classic)

Lady Jaye (4C System)

Lady Jaye (Marvel Saga)

Lady Lotus: a Japanese agent, the Lady Lotus was infuriated with how America treated her people there. Deciding the nation no longer deserved to exist, she bent her considerable powers to the goal of wiping it from the very face of the earth! Availability:

Lady Lotus (MSH Classic)

Lady Lotus (4C System)

Lady Lotus (Marvel Saga)

Lampreys: Lampreys are Eels who have been extensively trained in ship to ship combat maneuvers, and are assigned their own Moray hydrofoils. They use these craft to patrol Cobra-controlled beachfronts, and regularly engage in battle with other ships. Availability:

Lampreys (MSH Classic)

Lampreys (4C System)

Lampreys (Marvel Saga)

Landfill: a merger of the four members of the Build Team, Landfill is primarily driven by Wedge's consciousness, but adds the many skills that the rest of the team possesses to form a truly potent warrior and leader tempered by experience and skill. Availability:

Landfill (MSH Classic)

Landfill (4C System)

Landfill (Marvel Saga)

Larva: when evil mortals die, their souls wend their way to the lower planes. If no power holds sway over their afterlife, these souls manifest as larvae. Sickly, worm-like creatures, the near-mindless larvae are quickly slain, eaten, or transformed. Availability:

Larva (MSH Classic)

Larva (4C System)

Larva (Marvel Saga)

Laser-Vipers: equipped with powerful, back-mounted laser cannons, the Laser-Viper corps can indeed fry enemy targets at close range. However, their main job is to 'paint' enemy targets with their lasers, which allows allied munitions to 'ride' right to them! Availability:

Laser-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Laser-Vipers (4C System)

Laser-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Laserbeak: serving as one of the Decepticons' most effective interrogators, Laserbeak can, in time, extract almost any information from a target with his twin laser emitters. But don't expect him to face you in a fair fight, for he's a blatant coward! Availability:

Laserbeak (MSH Classic)

Laserbeak (4C System)

Laserbeak (Marvel Saga)

the Laughing Mask: latest in a long line of law-giving Burtons, young Dennis was an assistant district attorney. Frustrated with the slow-moving wheels of justice, Dennis began moonlighting as the Laughing Mask, a murderous vigilante! Availability:

Laughing Mask (MSH Classic)

Laughing Mask

Laughing Mask (Marvel Saga)

Law & Order: after years as a Houston beat cop, Christopher enlisted to find a more fulfilling way to be a policeman, taking his trusty dog Order with him. His sheer devotion to the job ultimately got him placed on the Joe team - if under odd circumstances. Availability:

Law & Order (MSH Classic)

Law & Order (4C System)

Law & Order (Marvel Saga)

Leatherneck: Wendell has a long history in the Marines - he's about as intense a 'Jar Head' as you can get. He's so hard core that he attracted the attention of GI Joe, who snapped him up as soon as they could, and put him to work against Cobra immediately! Availability:

the Leatherneck (MSH Classic)

the Leatherneck (4C System)

the Leatherneck (Marvel Saga)

Lieutenant Falcon: a second generation Green Beret, Vincent Falcone is himself a natural leader. The man excels at inspiring those who serve beneath him, and is a multi-lingual expert in all manner of counter-terrorist operations around the globe. Availability:

Lieutenant Falcon (MSH Classic)

Lieutenant Falcon (4C System)

Lieutenant Falcon (Marvel Saga)

Lifeguard: daughter of an Australian crime-boss and a Shi'ar explorer, Heather Cameron was born with impressive mutant powers due to her curious heritage, which she used as both a lifeguard and as one of the so-called X-treme X-men! Availability:

Lifeguard (MSH Classic)

Lifeguard (4C System)

Lifeguard (Marvel Saga)

Lifeline 1: though some of the more action-oriented members of the GI Joe team may believe otherwise, Edwin is one of the group's most valuable members. An avowed pacifist, he will go out of his way to save another's life - even risking his own! Availability:

Lifeline 1 (MSH Classic)

Lifeline 1 (4C System)

Lifeline 1 (Marvel Saga)

Lifeline 2: an adrenaline junkie, Greg was a New York City paramedic who only seemed at ease while under the gun. Not receiving the high-risk thrills he needed to feel fulfilled, he enlisted in the Army to whet his appetite for stress - and succeeded! Availability:

Lifeline 2 (MSH Classic)

Lifeline 2 (4C System)

Lifeline 2 (Marvel Saga)

Lift-Ticket: Victor was qualified for a bevy of prestigious Army schools, but chose the one most applicable to civilian life. He has since become an expert helicopter pilot both in and out of combat, which easily earned him a place with GI Joe! Availability:

Lift-Ticket (MSH Classic)

Lift-Ticket (4C System)

Lift-Ticket (Marvel Saga)

Lightfoot: described as a 'Zen fussbudget', Cory Owens is an expert demolitionist. He's memorized the technical details about every explosive known to man, and since he knows how easily bombs can kill, he's become ultra paranoid about boobytraps everywhere! Availability:

Lightfoot (MSH Classic)

Lightfoot (4C System)

Lightfoot (Marvel Saga)

Lion-people: one of several sentient species which rose on the planet Ligra, the Lion-people are a generally peaceful species of humanoid, leonine beings. Of course, living on the same world as the Dragon-men, they possess considerable weapons! Availability:

Lion-people (MSH Classic)

Lion-people (4C System)

Lion-people (Marvel Saga)

the Liquidator: sporting numerous air-to-surface missiles and a laser cannon, Cobra's Liquidator is a menace to everything in its path! Whether on the ground or in the air, this aggressive fighter jet has the tools and the firepower to defeat almost anything! Availability:

the Liquidator (MSH Classic)

the Liquidator (4C System)

the Liquidator (Marvel Saga)

Little-Spore-Resting-On-The-Squishy-Lakefront: Little-Spore has found his way to earth thanks to the hijinks of Charlie Chicanery. Since moving in with his/her former sidekick and neighbor, Wendell Wherever, it has taken to exploring reality! Availability:

Little-Spore-Resting-On-The-Squishy-Lakefront (MSH Classic)

Little-Spore-Resting-On-The-Squishy-Lakefront (4C System)

Little-Spore-Resting-On-The-Squishy-Lakefront (Marvel Saga)

Living Corpses: the creation of the mad doctor Bruno Varoz, living corpses are formerly dead bodies rejuvenated by his artificial blood formula. Crime-addled and beholden to Varoz's will, the living corpses readily wreak havoc in his name! Availability:

Living Corpses (MSH Classic)

Living Corpses (4C System)

Living Corpses (Marvel Saga)

the Living Tribunal: the second most powerful entity in the cosmology of the entire Marvel multiverse, that which is known as the Living Tribunal is the ultimate arbitrer of cosmic law, as well as the preserver of the balance of power in this reality. Availability:

the Living Tribunal (MSH Classic)

the Living Tribunal (4C System)

the Living Tribunal (Marvel Saga)

the Locust: this exceptionally small and heavily armed helicopter was designed with air support for the General in mind, but it comes in handy under other circumstances as well. Small and lightweight, it can be shipped anywhere with no muss and no fuss! Availability:

the Locust (MSH Classic)

the Locust (4C System)

the Locust (Marvel Saga)

Long Arm: Thomas is a first strike expert and explosive ordnanace disposal operative that is usually charged with neutralizing the opposition, and disarming any booby traps they may've left the Joes. He loves his job, but he knows each day of work could be his last. Availability:

Long Arm (MSH Classic)

Long Arm (4C System)

Long Arm (Marvel Saga)

Long Range: despite his difficulty with arithmetic early on, Karl W. Fritz is gifted in trigonometry and calculus. He's turned his mathematics to a practical use as an Army Artillery Corps operative, with an artillery accuracy unheard of amongst its ranks! Availability:

Long Range (MSH Classic)

Long Range (4C System)

Long Range (Marvel Saga)

Long Range 2: born in Monterrey, Mexico, Alejandro Garcia moved to America as a youth, and enlisted to become a transportation expert. Possessed of a philosophical bent, Alejandro applies wisdom (and live fire) to his problems, which usually evaporate fast! Availability:

Long Range 2 (MSH Classic)

Long Range 2 (4C System)

Long Range 2 (Marvel Saga)

Lord Funk: originally known as Funkenstein while working with the Boogie Brigade, Omar is a Canadian empath who has gone on to become one of the leaders of the Mindwatch organization. Now known as Lord Funk, he's possibly the strongest empath on earth! Availability:

Lord Funk (MSH Classic)

Lord Funk (4C System)

Lord Funk (Marvel Saga)

Doctor Lorrof: expelled from the scientific community by his peers for his unethical experiments, Doctor Lorrof quickly lost his mind. Turning his mad science against all of mankind, he would've destroyed Titan City, if not for the might of Electro! Availability:

Doctor Lorrof (MSH Classic)

Doctor Lorrof (4C System)

Doctor Lorrof (Marvel Saga)

the LCV Recon Sled: designed to function like an armored motorcycle, the Low Crawl Vehicle Recon Sled protects its driver in a defensive shell while holding him or her close to the ground while operating it, giving them much more survivability in the field. Availability:

the LCV Recon Sled (MSH Classic)

the LCV Recon Sled (4C System)

the LCV Recon Sled (Marvel Saga)

Low-Light: lost in the woods for three weeks during a hunting trip gone wrong, Cooper overcame his fear of the dark, animals, and loud noises - and how! He grew up to become one with the night, and is an expert tracker, night spotter, and sniper! Availability:

Low-Light (MSH Classic)

Low-Light (4C System)

Low-Light (Marvel Saga)


Mace: Thomas S. Bowman is a high-ranking member of Army intelligence, who does extensive undercover work against criminal cartels. This experience, and his ability to actively maintain multiple secret identities, made him a shoe-in as a GI Joe operative! Availability:

Mace (MSH Classic)

Mace (4C System)

Mace (Marvel Saga)

Mack 066: unlike many of his cohorts in the Jensen Congress, Mack 066 is not a scientist. He is however a student of war, and has amassed considerable skill and experience in this area, both during his time as an Army Ranger and after! Availability:

Mack 066 (MSH Classic)

Mack 066 (4C System)

Mack 066 (Marvel Saga)

Madman: sane before the Black Event, the man who would become the Madman cracked when his potent, paranormal dream powers violently manifested in the wake of all that death, but was ultimately put out of commission by Nightmask and Justice. Availability:

Madman (MSH Classic)

Madman (4C System)

Madman (Marvel Saga)

the Maggot: this vehicle is a powerful anti-tank weapon Cobra can field against GI Joe - or any other fools who get in their way. It is able to either split into three separate (yet equally dangerous) components, or terrorize its driver's foes as a whole! Availability:

the Maggot (MSH Classic)

the Maggot (4C System)

the Maggot (Marvel Saga)

Mágico: after being targeted for death by the Proxies of Pleb due to his faerie ancestry, Pete was rescued by Nonce - who then took him in. Due to his unique abilities, Nonce then ensured Pete was trained in the use of his natural magical prowess! Availability:

Mágico (MSH Classic)

Mágico (4C System)

Mágico (Marvel Saga)

Magmanimous: after almost freezing to death in the Northwestern Territories of Canada, stranded truck driver Larry Oxmount instead saw his latent mutant powers emerge, and he was seemingly forever transformed into a walking man-mountain of magma! Availability:

Magmanimous (MSH Classic)

Magmanimous (4C System)

Magmanimous (Marvel Saga)

Mainframe: an Army Vietnam Veteran, Blaine left Silicon Valley out of sheer boredom to re-enlist - this time as a Marine! With his extensive combat experience and out of this world computer know-how, Blaine was a shoe-in for GI Joe membership! Availability:

Mainframe (MSH Classic)

Mainframe (4C System)

Mainframe (Marvel Saga)

Major Altitude: though not actually a Major, Robert D. Owens is a top-shelf helicopter pilot. Graduating at the top of his class at the Aviator School and Flight Warrant Officer School, Robert achieved his life-long dream of becoming a GI Joe soon afterwards! Availability:

Major Altitude (MSH Classic)

Major Altitude (4C System)

Major Altitude (Marvel Saga)

Major Barrage: a towering behemoth with a terrible temper, David Vennemeyer cuts an imposing figure. One that his fellows on the GI Joe team is happy to see wading into combat against Cobra... because that means his ire is pointed away from them, for once! Availability:

Major Barrage (MSH Classic)

Major Barrage (4C System)

Major Barrage (Marvel Saga)

Major Bludd: originally a Major in the Australian Special Air Service, the promise of riches lured Sebastian Bludd away from his patriotic duty and transformed him into a rather amoral mercenary - a path that ultimately led to his employment by Cobra! Availability:

Major Bludd (MSH Classic)

Major Bludd (4C System)

Major Bludd (Marvel Saga)

Major Storm: one of the military's most experienced armor tacticians, Robert was invited onto the GI Joe team to operate the General! Bringing his years of experience to the team, Robert is more than happy to smash Cobras on the government's dime! Availability:

Major Storm (MSH Classic)

Major Storm (4C System)

Major Storm (Marvel Saga)

the Mamba: featuring two counter-rotating, layered-exoxy rotors, and two manned, detachable aerial assault pods, Cobra's Mamba is a high speed powerhouse. Though lightly armored, it more than makes up for this with seemingly impossible maneuverability! Availability:

the Mamba (MSH Classic)

the Mamba (4C System)

the Mamba (Marvel Saga)

Mambo Matilda: little is known or understood about the rather mysterious Voodoo Mambo known only as Matilda. Luckily for the world at large, Mambo Matilda uses her impressive mystical skills only to aid others - not just for her own benefit. Availability:

Mambo Matilda (MSH Classic)

Mambo Matilda (4C System)

Mambo Matilda (Marvel Saga)

the Mark 1 MAX Suit: Doctor Karl Swensen's first Man-Amplified Experimental armor was a revolutionary application of his heuristics technology. Intended for peaceful purposes, it was converted into a weapon by Swensen's corporate backers. Availability:

the Mark 1 MAX Suit (MSH Classic)

the Mark 1 MAX Suit (4C System)

the Mark 1 MAX Suit (Marvel Saga)

the Mark 2 MAX Suit: Karl Swensen's greatest work, the Mark 2 MAX armor was not perverted as was his first. After his death, his daughter Jenny made off with the suit and then used it against all manner of villains who utilized technology for evil. Availability:

the Mark 2 MAX Suit (MSH Classic)

the Mark 2 MAX Suit (4C System)

the Mark 2 MAX Suit (Marvel Saga)

the Mark 3 MAX Suit: the first (and only) MAX armor built by Jenny Swensen, the Mark 3 was a dramatic improvement over the creations of her father. Of course, she built it with government backing, and the finest weaponry their money could buy. Availability:

the Mark 3 MAX Suit (MSH Classic)

the Mark 3 MAX Suit (4C System)

the Mark 3 MAX Suit (Marvel Saga)

the Mark 4 MAX Suit: a smaller, stealthier armor than the previous three MAX suits, this armor was built not by one of the Swensens but instead Willy Deere, a government technician who had apparently been 'studying' Dr. Karl Swensen for years. Availability:

the Mark 4 MAX Suit (MSH Classic)

the Mark 4 MAX Suit (4C System)

the Mark 4 MAX Suit (Marvel Saga)

Manes (Tanar'ri): the spirits of particularly chaotic and evil dead made manifest in the Abyss, manes are the lowest form of tanar'ri - or just powerful petitioners. Weak and spiteful, they lash out as directed... or at anything crossing their path. Availability:

Manes (MSH Classic)

Manes (4C System)

Manes (Marvel Saga)

Mangler: an Army newbie who showed significant promise, Mangler was invited to 'try out' for the GI Joe team, which he did. He passed their horrifying entrance tests, though he died in an almost heroic fashion during his 'final exam' in Trucial Abysmia. Availability:

Mangler (MSH Classic)

Mangler (4C System)

Mangler (Marvel Saga)

the Manned Mobile Unit: this curious device is apparently a military-built prototype designed for urban combat. Half tank and half robotic exoskeleton, this vehicle/armor suit was never used by the Army - as far as anybody knows, at least. Availability:

the Manned Mobile Unit (MSH Classic)

the Manned Mobile Unit (4C System)

the Manned Mobile Unit (Marvel Saga)

the Mantis: an incredibly small vehicle, the Mantis is a one-man submarine. This tiny ride can glide beneath the waves to attack GI Joe's aquatic vessels, rapidly sinking them with torpedoes before the so-called heroes even know what has hit them! Availability:

the Mantis (MSH Classic)

Mantis (4C System)

Mantis (Marvel Saga)

the Manta Ray: built for nocturnal missions, the Manta Ray is an inflatable commando raft with a built in, 'bullet-proof' deck that rests atop the infatable portion of the craft. It's armed with a powerful missile launcher, and is rated as a 'shark-proof' vehicle! Availability:

the Manta Ray (MSH Classic)

the Manta Ray (4C System)

the Manta Ray (Marvel Saga)

Mariliths (Tanar'ri): genius tacticians, the six-armed mariliths are incredibly dangerous. Even without their plethora of magical and psionic powers, mariliths are intractble foes, and are a match for almost anyone, mortal or otherwise. Availability:

Mariliths (MSH Classic)

Mariliths (4C System)

Mariliths (Marvel Saga)

the MANTA: the MANTA, or Marine Assault Nautical Transport; Air Driven, is a weaponized windsail used by GI Joe for quick infiltration missions where swimming or rowing in is too slow and motors would set off too many enemy sensors. Availability:

the MANTA (MSH Classic)

the MANTA (4C System)

the MANTA (Marvel Saga)

Doctor Manyac: though Manyac is likely an alias, this villain is nonetheless a Doctor, for his knowledge of chemistry is without peer. Crafting his exotic green flame with it, Doctor Manyac has engaged in numerous criminal campaigns within New York City! Availability:

Doctor Manyac (MSH Classic)

Doctor Manyac (4C System)

Doctor Manyac (Marvel Saga)

the Marauder: this strange component of the Battle Force 2000 line of theoretical weapons research is a sort of 'motorcycle-tank'. The two components of the Marauder can detach, however, in the event that the driver wants to be in two places at once! Availability:

the Marauder (MSH Classic)

the Marauder (4C System)

the Marauder (Marvel Saga)

Mariner: a somewhat headstrong naval operative, Chief Petty Officer David Adcox didn't join the military to get a pension - he joined to serve his country! And all his hard work at continually improving himself paid off... with membership on the Joe team! Availability:

Mariner (MSH Classic)

Mariner (4C System)

Mariner (Marvel Saga)

Marvel Boy 8: the eighth person known to bear this title, Noh-Varr is a Kree warrior from another universe. Custom-built to perfection with both insectoid DNA and nano-active body fluids, he has been inadvertently let loose on our world! Availability:

Marvel Boy 8 (MSH Classic)

Marvel Boy 8 (4C System)

Marvel Boy 8 (Marvel Saga)

Masque: raised by circus freaks, Alpert Smithingale was taught stage magic until a real wizard took him under his wing. Now a powerful practitioner of philosophical magic, Alpert is trying to convince everybody that magic is the way of the future! Availability:

Masque (MSH Classic)

Masque (4C System)

Masque (Marvel Saga)

Master Man: a disaffected American of German descent, Wilhelm Lohmer was recruited by Nazis to become Captain America's counterpart. When their new Super-soldier Serum actually worked, Wilhelm turned against his home land and became the Master Man! Availability:

Master Man (MSH Classic)

Master Man (4C System)

Master Man (Marvel Saga)

Mastermind Excello: perfect in both mind and body, Mastermind Excello possess an inventor's genius and terrible psionics! Born as mere Earl Everett, Excello uses his exceptional skills, devices and powers in the service of the US government! Availability:

Mastermind Excello (MSH Classic)

Mastermind Excello (4C System)

Mastermind Excello (Marvel Saga)

Master Smith: one of the single most dangerous combatants on earth, Master Smith has been a leader of the Zen Hell-Kites for over a century years. Though he rarely brings his talents to bear, Smith can all too easily kill a man despite his advanced age. Availability:

Master Smith (MSH Classic)

Master Smith (4C System)

Master Smith (Marvel Saga)

Mastodon: a former cheese factory worker, David Landers was dramatically altered by the White Event. His body changed him from a 150 pound normal to the 525 pound man-mountain of muscle, which has forced him to face down his 'freak' status ever since! Availability:

Mastodon(MSH Classic)

Mastodon (4C System)

Mastodon (Marvel Saga)

(just) Matsu: a Japanese spy of particularly mysterious background, Matsu works with dissidents within the United States to cripple its efforts abroad. His schemes are so diabolical that they have attracted the attention of America's heroes! Availability:

(just) Matsu (MSH Classic)

(just) Matsu (4C System)

(just) Matsu (Marvel Saga)

Matsu, Satokata: a Japanese spy and saboteur, Matsu serves his Emperor with a ruthless efficiency. His cool-headed cunning has seen him assigned to various operations in the continental United States, and only that nation's heroes could stop him! Availability:

Satokata Matsu (MSH Classic)

Satokata Matsu (4C System)

Satokata Matsu (Marvel Saga)

the Mauler MBT: a replacement for GI Joe's MOBATs, the Maulers are a more advanced offensive animal. Faster and more durable, the Mauler Manned Battle Tank packs a considerable punch in the GI Joe team's never-ending fight against terrorism! Availability:

the Mauler MBT (MSH Classic)

the Mauler MBT (4C System)

the Mauler MBT (Marvel Saga)

Maurezhi (Tanar'ri): the ghoulish maurezhi stalk the multiverse in search of victims to consume. Those whose bodies and souls they ingest surrender all they know, along with some personal power... allowing the maurezhi to grow even more terrible! Availability:

Maurezhi (MSH Classic)

Maurezhi (4C System)

Maurezhi (Marvel Saga)

Maverick: having flown since he was a child, Thomas joined the Air Force as soon as he could, and participated in countless experimental flight programs upon graduating from the Air Force Academy. Which is naturally why Battle Force 2000 snatched him up! Availability:

Maverick (MSH Classic)

Maverick (4C System)

Maverick (Marvel Saga)

Mayday: a frighteningly good shot with almost any firearm, Army Sergeant Paige Adams was one of the very first military operatives chosen to become a new Joe upon its reactivation in '01 - and thus, one of its first Greenshirts to graduate onto the team proper! Availability:

Mayday (MSH Classic)

Mayday (4C System)

Mayday (Marvel Saga)

Geoffrey McAlister: born in money and raised in priviledge, Geoffrey McAlister was surprised to learn that he was meant for even more, at least until he got a handle on his latent psionic potential. Now he's truly powerful, and has an ego to match! Availability:

Geoffrey McAlister (MSH Classic)

Geoffrey McAlister (4C System)

Geoffrey McAlister (Marvel Saga)

Andrew 'Andy' Meadows: the Troubleshooters' electronic expert, Andy was able to break down the lasers in Jenny's MAX armor and develop his own gear with it: Beam-Splitter! He was perfecting this weapon when he was murdered by Steel Hawk. Availability:

Andrew 'Andy' Meadows (MSH Classic)

Andrew 'Andy' Meadows (4C System)

Andrew 'Andy' Meadows (Marvel Saga)

the Mean Dog: a powerful 6WD combat vehicle, the Mean Dog is equipped with a 20mm automatic cannon and twin missile banks. While that's respectable in and of itself, the Mean Dog's secret is that it can split into three separate components when necessary! Availability:

the Mean Dog (MSH Classic)

the Mean Dog (4C System)

the Mean Dog (Marvel Saga)

Med Alert: a former emergency room doctor, Kirk stepped up to the plate when he felt his country needed him, and enlisted. As a combat medic and as a Tai Chi Chuan instructor, Kirk excels as both a friend, mentor, and caretaker of his fellow GI Joes! Availability:

Med Alert (MSH Classic)

Med Alert (4C System)

Med Alert (Marvel Saga)

Mega-Octane: leader of the five-robot team of Combatrons, Mega-Octane rules his squad with a cold iron fist. Merciless and exacting, he would've been in charge of all earth's Decepticons save for Scourge's meddling - and he remembers that daily! Availability:

Mega-Octane (MSH Classic)

Mega-Octane (4C System)

Mega-Octane (Marvel Saga)

Mega-Vipers: specialized Cobra operatives who excel at animal handling, Mega-Vipers have the thankless job of directing that organization's genetically engineered monstrosities into battle. They live and train amongst their aberrant charges, and fight as one! Availability:

Mega-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Mega-Vipers (4C System)

Mega-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Megabolt: a massive Vehicon warrior from the future, Megabolt is bent on universal conquest, and he's already seized several worlds on his own. Of course, for his own purposes, he is aiding Megatron in the theft of Fortress Maxmius. For the time being. Availability:

Megabolt (MSH Classic)

Megabolt (4C System)

Megabolt (Marvel Saga)

Megatron (G1): leader of the Decepticons, Megatron forged this faction of Transformers in the distant past to serve as his tools of universal conquest. Recently reawakened on earth, he plans to seize the planet's energies to fuel his lust for more power! Availability:

Megatron (MSH Classic)

Megatron (4C System)

Megatron (Marvel Saga)

Megatron (RiD): sent to the earth by the Predacon Council to both steal its vast energy resources and to acquire control of the most powerful Cybertronian of all, Megatron is a dangerous warrior who truly intends to seize both for his own purposes! Availability:

Megatron (MSH Classic)

Megatron (4C System)

Megatron (Marvel Saga)

Estrellita 'Lita' Mercado: an elite physical therapist, Lita Mercado was hired by Doctor Lucian Ballad to help rehabilitate the Remsen children after they barely survived a bombing. And to help them better utilize their paranormal powers! Availability:

Estrellita 'Lita' Mercado (MSH Classic)

Estrellita 'Lita' Mercado (4C System)

Estrellita 'Lita' Mercado (Marvel Saga)

Mercer: an ex-Cobra Viper who has 'seen the light', Felix has turned on his former terrorist allies and is all about bringing them down. Though unable to work for the Joes in an official capacity, he has found a home in Sergeant Slaughter's Renegades! Availability:

Mercer (MSH Classic)

Mercer (4C System)

Mercer (Marvel Saga)

Merzah the Mystic: having used his powerful psionics to assist others all his life, whether ferreting out spies during World War II or simply making retired psychic heroes comfortable in their dying days, Merzah is a kind and helpful soul. Availability:

Merzah the Mystic (MSH Classic)

Merzah the Mystic (4C System)

Merzah the Mystic (Marvel Saga)

Mesharu: the daughter of Shamash and Aya, Mesharu serves as the former's left hand. It falls onto her to dispense the justice that Shamash judges necessary, though on occasion she will stand in as the sun when his duties require him elsewhere. Availability:

Mesharu (MSH Classic)

Mesharu (4C System)

Mesharu (Marvel Saga)

Mesmeroticist: young Nancy Albrecht meant to talk to a psychologist at a high school job fair, but instead was introduced to a parapsychologist. This fellow ultimately trained her in the psipathic arts, which she uses as the enigmatic Mesmeroticist! Availability:

Mesmeroticist (MSH Classic)

Mesmeroticist (4C System)

Mesmeroticist (Marvel Saga)

Metal-Head: a walking, talking anti-tank weapon, Metal-Head gleefully destroys armor (or just about anything else) with the utmost of skill. Sure, he almost compulsively hones his skills on everything in his environment, but you can't argue with results! Availability:

Metal-Head (MSH Classic)

Metal-Head (4C System)

Metal-Head (Marvel Saga)

Mhunghus (Typical): sentient, mushroom-like fungusoids hailing from the world of Mhung, the Mhunghus are, indeed, among us. This is because the psi-noise of their fellows irritates them to no end, prompting them to seek out places where they can be alone! Availability:

Mhunghus (MSH Classic)

Mhunghus (4C System)

Mhunghus (Marvel Saga)

Michelle 232: though Michelle Jensen is one of the more recent 'Mikes' that Mike 013 encountered via the Jensen Congress, she's been one of his most reliable friends. So much so, in fact, that she often helps Agency 13 on its various clandestine jobs! Availability:

Michelle 232 (MSH Classic)

Michelle 232 (4C System)

Michelle 232 (Marvel Saga)

Midnight Express: youngest of the three Team Bullet Train members, Midnight Express has a youthful demeanor and vigor that is hard to deny. He's harsh on his enemies, but overall he's a dependable component of the team that they cannot do without! Availability:

Midnight Express (MSH Classic)

Midnight Express (4C System)

Midnight Express (Marvel Saga)

Mighty Destroyer 1: after his capture behind enemy lines, investigative journalist Keen Marlow was given a Super-soldier Serum variant by an imprisoned scientist. Using the power it afforded him, Keen waged a one war against fascism! Availability:

the Mighty Destroyer 1 (MSH Classic)

the Mighty Destroyer 1 (4C System)

the Mighty Destroyer 1 (Marvel Saga)

The Mighty Destroyer 3 / Dyna-Mite: brainwashed and experimented on by Nazis after his capture alongside Brian Falsworth, Roger was remade into the inch-tall Dyna-Mite. Eventually breaking his mind control, he became the (third) Mighty Destroyer! Availability:

Dyna-Mite / The Mighty Destroyer 3 (MSH Classic)

Dyna-Mite / The Mighty Destroyer 3 (4C System)

Dyna-Mite / The Mighty Destroyer 3 (Marvel Saga)

Mikalea 101: the fraternal twin sister of her earth's Mike Jensen, Mikaela is an inveterate computer hacker and programmer who has earned her way into the Jensen Congress on a technicality, and constantly works to improve their software. Availability:

Mikaela 101 (MSH Classic)

Mikaela 101 (4C System)

Mikaela 101 (Marvel Saga)

Mike 001: founder of the Jensen Congress, Mike 001 is the first known Congressman to cross time under his own power. Having worked hard to maintain the Congress however, Mike 001 hasn't really excelled in a specific area like his fellows. Availability:

Mike 001 (MSH Classic)

Mike 001 (4C System)

Mike 001 (Marvel Saga)

Mike 002: something of a super-villain, the Mike Jensen of Earth Two is the inventor of the Congress' force field technology. Though he misbehaves on his own world however, he's quite amicable to his counterparts across the multiverse. Availability:

Mike 002 (MSH Classic)

Mike 002 (4C System)

Mike 002 (Marvel Saga)

(Disco) Mike 003: a former Marine and extensive inventor, Disco Mike was something of a hero in his own timeline. As a member of the Jensen Congress, he has given them access to laser weaponry, and is well-respected by just about all of his peers! Availability:

(Disco) Mike 003 (MSH Classic)

(Disco) Mike 003 (4C System)

(Disco) Mike 003 (Marvel Saga)

Mike 013: Mike Jensen was driven to prove the validity his odd notions regarding space and time, and once he did so he met various variant versions of himself that felt the same. Having done this, Mike now seeks out new mysteries to occupy his time. Availability:

Mike 013 (MSH Classic)

Mike 013 (4C System)

Mike 013 (Marvel Saga)

the Military Utility Vehicle: the Military Utility Vehicle, or MUV, is an all-terrain ride that GI Joe can use no matter how remote their location may be. This vehicle is heavily armed, and can take that firepower almost anywhere in the Pursuit of Cobra! Availability:

the Military Utility Vehicle (MUV) (MSH Classic)

the Military Utility Vehicle (MUV) (4C System)

the Military Utility Vehicle (MUV) (Marvel Saga)

Mindgame: with a heritage of psychic prowess and criminal justice in her veins, Tamara 'Tammy' Jones is the terror of the Atlanta, Georgia underworld. They killed her entire family, after all, so she does her level best to kill them all in turn! Availability:

Mindgame (MSH Classic)

Mindgame (4C System)

Mindgame (Marvel Saga)

Mindwatch Agents (Typical): this is a generalized description of Mindwatch operatives one may encounter in the field. Some have different abilities and/or skills than indicated here, but this serves as a handy 'template' of sorts for these vigilantes. Availability:

Mindwatch Agents (Typical, MSH Classic)

Mindwatch Agents (Typical, 4C System)

Mindwatch Agents (Typical, Marvel Saga)

Mindwolf: his ambition amplified exponentially after gaining incredible psychic powers, this KGB operative decided only he was fit to run the Soviet Union, and intended to collect all the paranormals he could get his hands on to do his bidding. Availability:

Mindwolf (MSH Classic)

Mindwolf (4C System)

Mindwolf (Marvel Saga)

Mirage (GI Joe): exceptionally proficient with line-of-sight weaponry, Joseph was recruited onto the GI Joe team, and then into their elite Mega Marines sub-unit, to fight Cobra's freak-show genetic experiments. This is a fight that continues to this very day, it seems! Availability:

Mirage (MSH Classic)

Mirage (4C System)

Mirage (Marvel Saga)

Mirage (G1): somewhat standoffish, Mirage isn't liked too much by his fellow Autobots, particularly due to his regular doubts about their cause. He always comes through when someone needs to slip behind Decepticon lines and do their dirty work, however. Availability:

Mirage (MSH Classic)

Mirage (4C System)

Mirage (Marvel Saga)

Mirage (RiD): fastest of the Spychangers, Mirage is also their best sharpshooter - he can hit just about anything, no matter how fast or far away it is! In fact, Mirage has a galaxy-wide reputation for his uncanny, almost supernatural marksmanship capabilities. Availability:

Mirage (MSH Classic)

Mirage (4C System)

Mirage (Marvel Saga)

Mirage GT: Mirage GT was a Vehicon experiment of Megatron's. The idea was to use his stealth and teleportational powers to boost the intelligence link between his Vehicon generals and their drones. The problem was that Mirage was kind of dim... Availability:

Mirage GT (MSH Classic)

Mirage GT (4C System)

Mirage GT (Marvel Saga)

the Misdirector: Errando Vasquez is a former soldier and private eye who has the curious ability to be in multiple locations at once. This makes for one heck of a spy, one which the Direct Action Americans snapped up as soon as they learned about him! Availability:

the Misdirector (MSH Classic)

the Misdirector (4C System)

the Misdirector (Marvel Saga)

Miss America: after being zapped with enough current to 'kill a thousand men', young Madeline Joyce developed various super-powers! Though most have faded, she uses her abilities to fight for truth, justice, and the American Way! Availability:

Miss America (MSH Classic)

Miss America (4C System)

Miss America (Marvel Saga)

Miss Behavin' Maven 2: daughter of the original Maven and Disco Head, Elise is a disturbed, confused young woman. She shifts between good and evil at the drop of a hat, and is fighting hard to find her very own place in this strange world of ours. Availability:

Miss Behavin' Maven 2 (MSH Classic)

Miss Behavin' Maven 2 (4C System)

Miss Behavin' Maven 2 (Marvel Saga)

Miss Fury: using a strange, leopard-skin costume acquired from a tribal shaman, bored socialite Marla Drake wore it as Miss Fury! Nazi spies, South American dictators and worse fell before the rage of Miss Fury - and they were just her warm-up! Availability:

Miss Fury (MSH Classic)

Miss Fury (4C System)

Miss Fury (Marvel Saga)

Missile Command Headquarters: scattered around the globe, Cobra's missile command headquarters are facilities used to house and launch their most devastating weaponry. Often disguised or inaccessible, they are staffed by hundreds of Cobra agents. Availability:

Missile Command Headquarters (MSH Classic)

Missile Command Headquarters (4C System)

Missile Command Headquarters (Marvel Saga)

Mister Brewer: the creator of Technohol, Mister Ezekiel Brewer experimented with it on himself, both out of curiosity as well as a need to be one with his creation. This put this mad scientist even further over the sociopathic edge than he was before, however. Availability:

Mister Brewer (MSH Classic)

Mister Brewer (4C System)

Mister Brewer (Marvel Saga)

Mister E: feeling a burning need to fight against injustice, wealthy sportsman Victor Goldstein donned the identity of Mister E, and began to fight crime on the street - both isolated incidents and those perpetrated by the diabolical Vampire! Availability:

Mister E (MSH Classic)

Mister E (4C System)

Mister E (Marvel Saga)

Mister Matter: born Chris Williams, this mutant has the power to transmutate large amounts of matter at will (hence the alias). When not wandering the earth, he provides rare and prohibitively expensive materials to whoever can meet his fee. Availability:

Mister Matter (MSH Classic)

Mister Matter (4C System)

Mister Matter (Marvel Saga)

Mister Million: though his secret identity is unknown to the world at large, Mister Million nonetheless maintains a public presence in a downtown office building - from where he works to change the world with his direct action philanthropy! Availability:

Mister Million (MSH Classic)

Mister Million (4C System)

Mister Million (Marvel Saga)

Mistress Midnight: losing the ability to dream as a child, Vivianne eventually went completely insane, developing multiple personalities. When the White Event gave her strange dream powers, Doctor Kleinmann molded her into a psychic assassin! Availability:

Mistress Midnight (MSH Classic)

Mistress Midnight (4C System)

Mistress Midnight (Marvel Saga)

the Mobile Battle Bunker: a high-speed mini-fortress, the Mobile Battle Bunker can hunker down and compact itself into a nigh-impregnable hidey hole or expand out into a versatile, maneuverable weapons platform - and can do so rapidly as is necessary! Availability:

the Mobile Battle Bunker (MSH Classic)

the Mobile Battle Bunker (4C System)

the Mobile Battle Bunker (Marvel Saga)

the Mobile Command Center: simply huge, the MCC is a three story tall, tracked vehicle that GI Joe uses as an on-the-go forward base in the never-ending war against Cobra terrorism. It has everything the Joes need to keep tabs on and counter their enemy with! Availability:

the Mobile Command Center (MSH Classic)

the Mobile Command Center (4C System)

the Mobile Command Center (Marvel Saga)

the Mobile Missile System (MMS): the MMS is a towable rocket launcher system, which can fire three Patriot rockets at anything within its range. Whether said targets are in the land, on the sea, or in the air itself, the MMS can easily take 'em out! Availability:

the Mobile Missile System (MMS) (MSH Classic)

the Mobile Missile System (MMS) (4C System)

the Mobile Missile System (MMS) (Marvel Saga)

Modrons (in general): creatures of flesh and gears, modrons evolved in the plane of absolute law: Mechanus. Led by Primus, the One and the Prime, the modron race strives to bring order (as they understand it) to the rest of the multiverse. Availability:

Modrons, in General (MSH Classic)

Modrons, in General (4C System)

Modrons, in General (Marvel Saga)

Moebius: mostly human with a sprinkling of the diabolical in her ancestry, the temporal wizard known only as Moebius is currently slumming in our space-time, having left (or fled?) her former residence amongst the planes for her own reasons. Availability:

Moebius (MSH Classic)

Moebius (4C System)

Moebius (Marvel Saga)

the MASS Device: built using technology stolen from Doctor Laszlo Vandermeer, the MASS Device is a game-changing implement which allows for globe-spanning teleportation effects - which Cobra naturally appropriated for its own, diabolical purposes! Availability:

MASS Device (MSH Classic)

MASS Device (4C System)

MASS Device (Marvel Saga)

Molydeus (Tanar'ri): the only known form of guardian tanar'ri, molydei are true tanar'ri who have been empowered by an unknown agency to further the Blood War effort - and these fanatical fiends have the power necessary to keep true tanar'ri on task! Availability:

Molydeus (MSH Classic)

Molydeus (4C System)

Molydeus (Marvel Saga)

Monako: the Prince of Magic, Monako grew up in India, where he learned of the black arts. Bringing his knowledge to the rest of the world, he uses his staggering and inexplicable powers to combat various menaces to civilized society! Availability:

Monako, Prince of Magic (MSH Classic)

Monako, Prince of Magic (4C System)

Monako, Prince of Magic (Marvel Saga)

Monkeywrench: something of a firebug, Monkeywrench has never liked anything so much as a nice, loud explosion. Naturally, this made him immensely favorable to the Dreadnoks, who are more than happy to indulge his overwhelming destructive urges! Availability:

Monkeywrench (MSH Classic)

Monkeywrench (4C System)

Monkeywrench (Marvel Saga)

Monodrones (Modron): these lowly servitors sit at the bottom of modron society. Non-sentient and barely intelligent, the endless throngs of monodrones are ultimately what keep the gears of Mechanus forever turning against the chaos of existence. Availability:

Monodrones (MSH Classic)

Monodrones (4C System)

Monodrones (Marvel Saga)

the Monster Blaster APC: considering what they fight daily, the Mega Marines need one tough ride. The Monster Blaster APC fits that bill, as it's big enough to carry oodles of Joes to the fight, and strong enough to win it no matter how ugly the foes they face! Availability:

the Monster Blaster APC (MSH Classic)

the Monster Blaster APC (4C System)

the Monster Blaster APC (Marvel Saga)

Monstro-Vipers: former Range-Vipers forever altered after Doctor Mindbender utilized his latest chimeric genetic cocktail on them, Cobra's Monstro-Vipers are near-mindless rampaging machines - a hodge podge of angry, cryptozoological menaces! Availability:

Monstro-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Monstro-Vipers (4C System)

Monstro-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Moon-Man: on nights when the moon is full, criminals who the law can't touch fear... the Moon-Man! Once a month, this vigilante dons his costume and wages war on evil, ferreting out those who scoff at the laws of otherwise civilized society! Availability:

Moon-Man (MSH Classic)

Moon-Man (4C System)

Moon-Man (Marvel Saga)

Mor the Mighty: a powerful sorcerer wishing to conquer all, Mor the Mighty possessed the ability to make monsters out of mundane creatures! He used this knowledge in a bid to conquer all, but was crushed by Professor Zog and his robot, Electro. Availability:

Mor the Mighty (MSH Classic)

Mor the Mighty (4C System)

Mor the Mighty (Marvel Saga)

the Moray: arguably Cobra's greatest water-borne craft, the Moray is a high speed hydrofoil that lends itself to pursuit and attack missions. It is fast even before its hydrofoils are deployed, and is armed with numerous guns and missiles. Availability:

the Moray (MSH Classic)

the Moray (4C System)

the Moray (Marvel Saga)

Mos Quito: after his vampiric transformation, Father Quincy Alvarez snapped, his veritable sainthood being reduced to 'mere' heroism, and he donned the persona of a sword-wielding swashbuckler in his abject denial of his new state of being! Availability:

Mos Quito (MSH Classic)

Mos Quito (4C System)

Mos Quito (Marvel Saga)

Motor-Vipers: Cobra's Recon and Perimeter Defense Force, Motor-Vipers patrol, defend, and scout any real estate that group has laid claim to. While sharing the same basic rank (and pay) of regular Cobra troopers, Motor-Vipers at least have their own ride! Availability:

Motor-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Motor-Vipers (4C System)

Motor-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Motorized Micro-Accessories (Cobra): bucking the trend of most Cobra equipment at the time, these devices are small, and can be carried by a single operative if necessary. Assembled in the field, these motorized items provide Cobra various useful capabilities. Availability:

Cobra's Motorized Micro-Accessories (MSH Classic)

Cobra's Motorized Micro-Accessories (4C System)

Cobra's Motorized Micro-Accessories (Marvel Saga)

Motorized Micro-accessories (GI Joe): bucking the trend of most GI Joe equipment at the time, these small devices can be carried by a single operative if necessary. Assembled in the field, these motorized items provide the Joes various useful capabilities. Availability:

GI Joe's Motorized Micro-Accessories (MSH Classic)

GI Joe's Motorized Micro-Accessories (4C System)

GI Joe's Motorized Micro-Accessories (Marvel Saga)

Movor: while he's not the most powerful Combatron, Movor arguably has their most important job: the acquisition of space-based intelligence. Not that he minds, as he seems to enjoy the cold depths of orbital space more than tolerating fleshlings. Availability:

Movor (MSH Classic)

Movor (4C System)

Movor (Marvel Saga)

the Mudbuster: a weaponized monster truck, the teal Mudbuster is designed as a 4WD all-terrain fighting vehicle. It has a hydraulic ramming bumper as well as a multi-use launcher in its bed, which can project missiles or a poweful grappling hook! Availability:

the Mudbuster (MSH Classic)

the Mudbuster (4C System)

the Mudbuster (Marvel Saga)

the Mudfighter: sometimes you need a high-performance, super-sonic fighter, while other times you need to drop a lot of bombs on some poor slob. The Mudfighter isn't the fastest GI Joe aircraft, but it packs enough bombs to make almost anything 'go away'. Availability:

the Mudfighter (MSH Classic)

the Mudfighter (4C System)

the Mudfighter (Marvel Saga)

Barnabus 'Barney' Mullen: the captain of a merchant vessel of ill repute and poor repair, Barnabus Mullen, known to friends and enemies alike as just Barney, would take on any cargo, no matter how insanely dangerous having it on board could be! Availability:

Barnabus 'Barney' Mullen (MSH Classic)

Barnabus 'Barney' Mullen (4C System)

Barnabus 'Barney' Mullen (Marvel Saga)

the Multi-Ordnance Battle Tank (MOBAT): essentially a highly advanced variation on one of the Army's classic treaded fighting vehicles, the MOBAT is what the GI Joe team turns to when all their other hardware isn't enough to take down an opponent. Availability:

the Multi-Ordnance Battle Tank (MOBAT) (MSH Classic)

the Multi-Ordnance Battle Tank (MOBAT) (4C System)

the Multi-Ordnance Battle Tank (MOBAT) (Marvel Saga)

Murdermouth: powerful in both body and mind, Murdermouth stalked the spaceways solo for the longest time, until introduced to the idea of materialism by the Void Kings' mysterious leader. Now working for them, she eats others for fun and profit! Availability:

Murdermouth (MSH Classic)

Murdermouth (4C System)

Murdermouth (Marvel Saga)

Muro: something of a villainous polymath, there was no source of power that Muro wouldn't use to further his aims of global conquest. Whether brandishing science or sorcery at the world, Muro could only be stopped by one man: Monako - Prince of Magic! Availability:

Muro (MSH Classic)

Muro (4C System)

Muro (Marvel Saga)

Muskrat: born and raised in the swamps around Thibodaux, Louisiana, Ross grew up tough and quick. He breezed through his Ranger training and Jungle Warfare school as a result of his background, and easily earned his place within GI Joe upon being invited! Availability:

Muskrat (MSH Classic)

Muskrat (4C System)

Muskrat (Marvel Saga)

Mutt & Junkyard: an amazing animal handling ability caused Stanley to gravitate towards military K-9 units upon enlisting, which ultimately led to his assignment to the GI Joe team! There, he and Junkyard provide security on base and in the field. Availability:

Mutt & Junkyard (MSH Classic)

Mutt & Junkyard (4C System)

Mutt & Junkyard (Marvel Saga)


Nabassu (Tanar'ri): first of the 'greater' tanar'ri, Nabassu serve a curious role for their 'brethren'. They exist solely to spread the terror of the Abyss, eagerly waiting to be summoned forth to rampage across the multiverse! Availability:

Nabassu (MSH Classic)

Nabassu (4C System)

Nabassu (Marvel Saga)

Nalfeshnee (Tanar'ri): these immense, boar-like monstrosities are frighteningly intelligent and posses power just shy of the balors themselves. This makes the nalfeshnee endlessly plot and scheme for supremacy from their Mountain of Woe. Availability:

Nalfeshnee (MSH Classic)

Nalfeshnee (4C System)

Nalfeshnee (Marvel Saga)

Namor, the Sub-Mariner: son of an Atlantean princess and an American sea captain, Namor initially despised humanity. When he saw the worst of them in the form of Nazi Germany, Namor allied with humans of power like his to oppose their every move. Availability:

Namor, the Sub-Mariner (MSH Classic)

Namor, the Sub-Mariner (4C System)

Namor, the Sub-Mariner (Marvel Saga)

Namtar: the son of a union between Ereshkigal and an adulterous Enlil, Namtar is the god of disease. Her first-born son, Namtar serves mighty Ereshkigal as her sukkal in the underworld, catering to her every need and actualizing her every whim. Availability:

Namtar (MSH Classic)

Namtar (4C System)

Namtar (Marvel Saga)

Nemesis Enforcer: born when Golobulus breathed life into various dead things he'd collected, Nemesis Enforcer is that being's single-minded, merciless right hand. Through the eons, he has wanted nothing more than to further his creator's dread agenda! Availability:

Nemesis Enforcer (MSH Classic)

Nemesis Enforcer (4C System)

Nemesis Enforcer (Marvel Saga)

Network: an abused youth who was always charismatic to an extent, Wayne Tucker's influence grew dramaticaly after the White Event. Pursued by various sinister interests, Wayne became the leader of Psi-force after joining them for mutual protection. Availability:

Network (MSH Classic)

Network (4C System)

Network (Marvel Saga)

the Neutralizer: this mini-tank is a powerful anti-aircraft and anti-personnel weapon. Heavily armored for its size, this treaded vehicle is packed with two missile launchers and three guns, allowing it endurance in the never-ending fight against Cobra! Availability:

the Neutralizer (MSH Classic)

the Neutralizer (4C System)

the Neutralizer (Marvel Saga)

the Night Attack Chopper: the Night Attack Chopper is a state of the art combat troop transport, having the ability to stealthily insert and extract operatives anywhere. And when stealth fails it, the Chopper makes up for that with sheer, overwhelming firepower! Availability:

the Night Attack Chopper (MSH Classic)

the Night Attack Chopper (4C System)

the Night Attack Chopper (Marvel Saga)

Night Creeper Leaders: while individual bearers of this title come and go over time, the Night Creeper Leader is the member of that bizarre ninja band which is currently the overall greatest in both their martial arts skill and the accumulation of great wealth. Availability:

Night Creeper Leaders (MSH Classic)

Night Creeper Leaders (4C System)

Night Creeper Leaders (Marvel Saga)

Night Creepers: amoral contractors who often provide their services to Cobra, the Night Creepers are a deadly mystery. Investment bankers, mercenaries, burglars, and spies, this lethal band of high tech ninjas perform covert ops work for the Commander! Availability:

Night Creepers (MSH Classic)

Night Creepers (4C System)

Night Creepers (Marvel Saga)

Night Fox: having earned a place amongst the Navy SEALs before he joined the GI Joe team, Armando M. Ortiz has a wide selection of combat skills with which to fight terrorists. You can easily see why the Joes eagerly snapped him up for their war against Cobra! Availability:

Night Fox (MSH Classic)

Night Fox (4C System)

Night Fox (Marvel Saga)

the Night Landing: this small, lightweight raft, a self-inflatable nylon/polyskin composite, is great for aquatically inserting small forces into enemy territory. It can be driven with a large, outboard motor, or rowed for additional stealth. Availability:

the Night Landing (MSH Classic)

the Night Landing (4C System)

the Night Landing (Marvel Saga)

the Night Landing Craft: this small craft was given to Cutter when he returned to the GI Joe team. A nocturnal landing boat, complete with a weapons platform built on a sturdy, yet inflatable boat, it's great for busting drug smugglers or Cobra operatives. Availability:

the Night Landing Craft (MSH Classic)

the Night Landing Craft (4C System)

the Night Landing Craft (Marvel Saga)

the Night Raven: a supersonic aircraft Cobra uses to spy upon its enemies with impunity, the Night Raven can fly at over three times the speed of sound, doing so at an elevation of over 80,000 feet. When it does have to fight, though, it is heavily armed! Availability:

the Night Raven (MSH Classic)

the Night Raven (4C System)

the Night Raven (Marvel Saga)

Night-Vipers: equipped with a state-of-the-art sensor suite and a stealth uniform, Night-Vipers own the dark! Constantly training to dispatch Cobra's foes in the thick of the night, these vicious nocturnal warriors are almost useless during in the daylight. Availability:

Night-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Night-Vipers (4C System)

Night-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Night Vultures: covert insertion operatives, the ranks of the Night Vultures may be joined by any Cobra who can demonstrate the ability to survive a five mile glide without warning - and then return with as much loot as they can carry from enemy territory! Availability:

Night Vultures (MSH Classic)

Night Vultures (4C System)

Night Vultures (Marvel Saga)

Nightcruz: a former Vehicon drone who found himself with a Spark after Megatron's death, Nightcruz came back in time with the spectral remnants of Optimus Primal, and has become a member of the Autobots while he works out critical identity issues. Availability:

Nightcruz (MSH Classic)

Nightcruz (4C System)

Nightcruz (Marvel Saga)

Nightmask: comatose Keith Remsen awoke during the White Event, it having granted him incredible dream powers. Wishing to use them to help others, he began to enter their dreams as Nightmask, so no one would recognize him afterward. Availability:

Nightmask (MSH Classic)

Nightmask (4C System)

Nightmask (Marvel Saga)

Nike: the Greek goddess of victory, Nike has always been a close confidant of Athena. A 'behind the scenes' power in the Olympian pantheon, she subtly ensured their many victories over the eons against their countless, monstrous foes. Availability:

Nike (MSH Classic)

Nike (4C System)

Nike (Marvel Saga)

Ninazu: the son of Ereshkigal, the Queen of Irkalla, and Gugalanna, the Celestial Bull, Ninazu reflects both of his parents natures. However, being born on the Serpent's Mount, has given Ninazu a serpentine distinctiveness, as well. Availability:

Ninazu (MSH Classic)

Ninazu (4C System)

Ninazu (Marvel Saga)

the Ninja Lightning Cycle: the Ninja Force occasionally needs to get somewhere fast - much more so than their already considerable abilities allow them to. At this point they hop onto the Ninja Lightning Cycle - which is a fast, quiet, and heavily armed ride! Availability:

the Ninja Lightning Cycle (MSH Classic)

the Ninja Lightning Cycle (4C System)

the Ninja Lightning Cycle (Marvel Saga)

Ninja-Vipers: drawn from the most capable members of Cobra's teeming masses, Ninja-Vipers are all at least tenth level black belts in multiple fighting forms. This, combined with their unquestioning loyalty, makes Cobra's Ninja-Vipers staggeringly dangerous! Availability:

Ninja-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Ninja-Vipers (4C System)

Ninja-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Ninlil: the daughter of Haia and Nisaba, Ninlil was a smart young goddess in her own right. Upon marrying mighty Enlil, and becoming queen of the gods, Ninlil acquired power over the wind to complement her inherited mastery of grains and other plants! Availability:

Ninlil (MSH Classic)

Ninlil (4C System)

Ninlil (Marvel Saga)

Nisaba: closely associated with the dawn of human civilization, Nisaba was originally a goddess of grain. As trade spread throughout Sumer and beyond, she became one with the concept of writing, each act of which serves as veneration of her! Availability:

Nisaba (MSH Classic)

Nisaba (4C System)

Nisaba (Marvel Saga)

Nitro-Vipers: drivers of Cobra's Detonator vehicles, the Nitro-Vipers are Track-Vipers with a demonstrated indifference towards collateral damage and civilian casualties. You know, above and beyond that of other Cobra operatives who operate its vehicles! Availability:

Nitro-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Nitro-Vipers (4C System)

Nitro-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Nonatons (Modron): the eighty-one nonatons primarily exist to enable the transfer of information up and down the modron hierarchy. They monitor the decatons below them, and work with the penatrones (albeit indirectly) to enforce the law. Availability:

Nonatons (MSH Classic)

Nonatons (4C System)

Nonatons (Marvel Saga)

Nonce: a life-long victim of tyranny, Clark is bent on preventing new ones from forming. This is why he acts as a B.A.H. 'mole' within Mindwatch's ranks, working hard to keep them from turning their considerable power against humanity. Availability:

Nonce (MSH Classic)

Nonce (4C System)

Nonce (Marvel Saga)

Normal Man: Harold Norman was about as bland as they come - and he liked things that way. This is why he was struck with a bizarre legacy, one that gave him startling powers over the force of antimagic, and allowing him to bring normalcy to the world! Availability:

Normal Man (MSH Classic)

Normal Man (4C System)

Normal Man (Marvel Saga)

Nullifiers: these elite pilots withstand a six hour physical training regimen every day to fulfill their primary duties. And that is the operation of Destro's Anti-Gravity Pods, or AGPs, which are unforgiving vehicles for even the most seasoned pilot! Availability:

Nullifiers (MSH Classic)

Nullifiers (4C System)

Nullifiers (Marvel Saga)

Nunchuk: originally a student of the mysterious Blind Master, Ralph eventually came under the tutelage of Storm Shadow himself after his first sensei vanished, well, mysteriously. Soon after, he joined the GI Joe team, as a part of their Ninja Force! Availability:

Nunchuk (MSH Classic)

Nunchuk (4C System)

Nunchuk (Marvel Saga)


Obliterator: his physical needs and limitations sated by an endless need to destroy and murder everything of note, the Obliterator outlived every other member of his species. Rendered immortal by his obsession, he eventually became an Elder of the Universe! Availability:

the Obliterator (MSH Classic)

the Obliterator (4C System)

the Obliterator (Marvel Saga)

Obsidian: originally a Maximal, Obsidian was converted into a Vehicon after he embraced (Beast Machines) Megatron's cause. After that villain fell in battle, Obsidian found himself stuck an the ancient past, and now he serves a different Megatron! Availability:

Obsidian (MSH Classic)

Obsidian (4C System)

Obsidian (Marvel Saga)

the Obstinatrician: after his natural psionics switched on, Dr. Zedekai Equinos, an ob/gyn, went nuts, transforming into a super-powered sexual deviant. Though he keeps escaping from jail thanks to his powers, his mania keeps putting him right back. Availability:

the Obstinatrician (MSH Classic)

the Obstinatrician (4C System)

the Obstinatrician (Marvel Saga)

Och: when his parents were slain by displaced demons on his home plane, Och left Nidavellir on a self-destructive rampage. Eventually joining an elite demon-slaying cadre, Och remained with them until a freak accident trapped him on our world...! Availability:

Och (MSH Classic)

Och (4C System)

Och (Marvel Saga)

Octopus Men: a belligerent mishmash of humanoid and cephalopod physiologies, the Octopus Men (who I keep calling octothorpes) waged atomic war against Europe for wreaking havoc on their homes, at least until Namor exposed them to the world. Availability:

Octopus Men (MSH Classic)

Octopus Men (4C System)

Octopus Men (Marvel Saga)

Octons (Modrons): there are always but sixty-four octons extant, each of which rules one of Regulus' continent-sized cogs. This gives them considerable power, which they have no problem bringing to bear against the forces of disarray. Availability:

Octons (MSH Classic)

Octons (4C System)

Octons (Marvel Saga)

the Oktober Guard Dnepr: a high-speed motorcycle featuring numerous armaments on its side car, the Dnepr is (ironically) manufactured in Ukraine for the Oktober Guard. While not as fast as its consumer counterpart, the Guard's Dnepr is far more durable. Availability:

the Oktober Guard Dnepr (MSH Classic)

the Oktober Guard Dnepr (4C System)

the Oktober Guard Dnepr (Marvel Saga)

Old Gruff: veteran of dozens of failed schemes to take over the universe, or at least some small corner of such, Barry Grueber is a rare mad scientist who has survived his many miscalculations. Which is one reason the League keeps him as a member! Availability:

Old Gruff (MSH Classic)

Old Gruff (4C System)

Old Gruff (Marvel Saga)

Omega Prime: the product of a corporeal gestalt of Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus, Omega Prime is the Autobots' single greatest warrior, almost matching Fortress Maximus in power - and definitely exceeding that behemoth's battle prowess! Availability:

Omega Prime (MSH Classic)

Omega Prime (4C System)

Omega Prime (Marvel Saga)

Onees: reptilian, cyclopean terrors from beneath the earth's crust, the Onees yearn to expand their territory onto the surface. Their fatal vulnerability to bright white light means that this goal is, at best, something of a pipe dream. Availability:

Onees (MSH Classic)

Onees (4C System)

Onees (Marvel Saga)

Onishi, Doctor Kenneth: a polymath, Doctor Onishi is an expert in archaeology, computers, energy resources, and physics. This is why the man was abducted by Megatron and subjected to months of mind probes to steal all his knowledge! Availability:

Onishi, Doctor Kenneth (MSH Classic)

Onishi, Doctor Kenneth (4C System)

Onishi, Doctor Kenneth (Marvel Saga)

Onishi, Koji: when his Mad Scientist father was kidnapped by Predacons, the Autobots sort of adopted Koji as their own, fleshy son. They vowed to free the Doctor from their evil cousins, and worked hard at it until his surprise release by Sky-Byte! Availability:

Onishi, Koji (MSH Classic)

Onishi, Koji (4C System)

Onishi, Koji (Marvel Saga)

Optimus Primal: Optimus Primal fell in final battle with the evil Megatron, sacrificing his life for all of Cybertron itself. Though he merged with the Matrix, his spirit form has re-emerged in the modern day, helping the many Autobots on earth! Availability:

Optimus Primal (MSH Classic)

Optimus Primal (4C System)

Optimus Primal (Marvel Saga)

Optimus Prime (G1): leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime is a wise and powerful Transformer who years for peace, but knows that he must fight to get it. Inspiring others to fight for freedom from oppression, Optimus is the nemesis of Megatron and his Decepticons. Availability:

Optimus Prime (MSH Classic)

Optimus Prime (4C System)

Optimus Prime (Marvel Saga)

Optimus Prime (RiD): a powerful warrior and skilled tactician, Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots. This steadfast protector of life, no matter its form, strives only to bring peace to all - which naturally puts him at odds with Megatron! Availability:

Optimus Prime (MSH Classic)

Optimus Prime (4C System)

Optimus Prime (Marvel Saga)

Outback: Stuart is the consummate survivalist - though as a survival and jungle warfare instructor, that's his job. He's at his happiest when he's living off the land, days away from civilization, and immersing himself in the wilds that surround him! Availability:

Outback (MSH Classic)

Outback (4C System)

Outback (Marvel Saga)

Overkill 1: a prototype Battle Android Trooper deemed far too expensive for mass production, the silicon entity who became Overkill languished on a shelf for years. Eventually, Overkill was put to use by Cobra Commander as the the BAT field commander! Availability:

Overkill (MSH Classic)

Overkill (4C System)

Overkill (Marvel Saga)

Overlord: originally a highly charismatic and ambitious member of the elite Crimson Guard, the man known only as Overlord felt that he could run Cobra better than the various members jockeying for control of the organization in the wake of its first Civil War. Availability:

Overlord (MSH Classic)

Overlord (4C System)

Overlord (Marvel Saga)

Overtime: Lindsey Falmon grew up in an empty family life, and was lonely until the day she met Wayne Tucker. Instantly taking a like to this rebel, she wound up joining him and his Psi-Force friends in their efforts to remain free from the government. Availability:

Overtime (MSH Classic)

Overtime (4C System)

Overtime (Marvel Saga)

Ozone: a dedicated ecologist, David was mortified to learn that villains like Cobra were weaponizing toxins to use them against innocents. Wanting to protect both the earth and his fellow man, David joined the GI Joe team to fight these eco-terrorists! Availability:

Ozone (MSH Classic)

Ozone (4C System)

Ozone (Marvel Saga)


the Paralyzer: a low-profile treaded vehicle, the Paralyzer packs a serious punch! Built around a central cannon comparable to that on the venerable HISS, and sporting communications disrupting missiles, the Paralyzer can make a serious mess of GI Joe! Availability:

the Paralyzer (MSH Classic)

the Paralyzer (4C System)

the Paralyzer (Marvel Saga)

the Parasite: a heavily armored troop transport, the Parasite is built to help Cobra operatives make it to their objectives in one piece. Of course, it's also armed heavily enough that anything in its path won't remain in that state for all that long! Availability:

the Parasite (MSH Classic)

the Parasite (4C System)

the Parasite (Marvel Saga)

Pathfinder: William was raised with a plethora of wilderness survival skills as he grew up in the Florida Everglades. Using these to excel as the Army's premier jungle missions expert, William proved to be a natural fit for the elite GI Joe team. Availability:

Pathfinder (MSH Classic)

Pathfinder (4C System)

Pathfinder (Marvel Saga)

Patriot / Captain America 4: inspired by Captain America, journalist and veteran Jeffrey Mace became a costumed adventurer himself. He wound up donning the mantle of his hero in time, after the third man to bear it was killed in battle. Availability:

Patriot / Captain America 4 (MSH Classic)

Patriot / Captain America 4 (4C System)

Patriot / Captain America 4 (Marvel Saga)

the Patriot: the Patriot is a small, four-tracked vehicle carrying a lot more firepower than you'd expect. It's armed with a 'surface-to-air mortar cannon', a triple-barreled laser cannon, a side machine gun mount, and an anti-personnel battering ram! Availability:

the Patriot (MSH Classic)

the Patriot (4C System)

the Patriot (Marvel Saga)

the Patriot Grizzly: a massive tank that is the latest in a long time of GI Joe artillery pieces, the Patriot Grizzly is a powerful ground weapon used in more standardized combat against the legions of Cobra terrorists, assassins, and genetically engineered freaks. Availability:

the Patriot Grizzly (MSH Classic)

the Patriot Grizzly (4C System)

the Patriot Grizzly (Marvel Saga)

Payload: growing up in Cape Canaveral, Mark always wanted to go to space, and worked towards this goal his entire life. After becoming a bona fide astronaut, this former fighter pilot was picked to fly GI Joe's firt spacecraft, the mighty Defiant! Availability:

Payload (MSH Classic)

Payload (4C System)

Payload (Marvel Saga)

Sgt. Major Peel: a soldier who found himself in mercenary work after the Vietnam War, the Sergeant Major was approached by Mark Hazzard, who hired him to help teach local insurgents to fight against the evil regimes that they lived under. Availability:

Sgt. Major Peel (MSH Classic)

Sgt. Major Peel (4C System)

Sgt. Major Peel (Marvel Saga)

Pentadrones (Modron): the most intelligent and powerful base modrons, the bizarrely shaped pentadrones are the core level of law enforcement amongst their kind. They continually patrol Regulus in a constant search for rogues and troublemakers. Availability:

Pentadrones (MSH Classic)

Pentadrones (4C System)

Pentadrones (Marvel Saga)

Perceptor: one of the Autobots' chief scientists, Perceptor helps his allies to better fit in on whatever world they currently find themselves active. He's also an exceptional boon to his allies in the field, however, as he is a marksman without peer! Availability:

Perceptor (MSH Classic)

Perceptor (4C System)

Perceptor (Marvel Saga)

the Persuader: a small yet powerful vehicle, the Persuader is essentially a rolling laser cannon. Built for defense while packing a staggering offense, this vehicle is a perfect fit for its driver, Backstop, who tends to play hard and fight even harder! Availability:

the Persuader (MSH Classic)

the Persuader (4C System)

the Persuader (Marvel Saga)

Phantom Bullet: though jaded by the abject and brazen corruption befouling the system, wealthy reporter at large Allen Lewis was moved to take direct action against it when an amazing ice gun, which fired untraceable bullets, fell into his lap! Availability:

Phantom Bullet (MSH Classic)

Phantom Bullet (4C System)

Phantom Bullet (Marvel Saga)

the Phantom Reporter: champion wrestler, fencer, boxer, and all-American fullback, Dick Jones is a highly motivated journalist who uses his mental and physical skills to bring villains to justice that the system seems unable... or unwilling... to touch! Availability:

the Phantom Reporter (MSH Classic)

the Phantom Reporter (4C System)

the Phantom Reporter (Marvel Saga)

the Phantom X-19: shrouded in secrecy, the Phantom X-19 is a revolutionary stealth aircraft which can perform as either a reconnaissance or fighter jet. The subject of countless speculation, the Phantom X-19 is a Holy Grail to conspiracy theorists. Availability:

the Phantom X-19 (MSH Classic)

the Phantom X-19 (4C System)

the Phantom X-19 (Marvel Saga)

the Pile Driver: a strange vehicle springing from the minds of the Ninja Force, the Pile Driver is but a mechanized, rotating hammer of immense size. Its operator spins with the hammer as it knocks anyone foolish enough to get too close into the next century! Availability:

the Pile Driver (MSH Classic)

the Pile Driver (4C System)

the Pile Driver (Marvel Saga)

the Pinball Prophet: after he conned a wizard into taking him under his wing, Morris Niver forged something resembling his very own school of magic, one based on a pinball theme, and used his new found power to launch a high-stakes criminal career! Availability:

the Pinball Prophet (MSH Classic)

the Pinball Prophet (4C System)

the Pinball Prophet (Marvel Saga)

Pincer Penny: her modeling career ended by the emergence of freakish, mutant pincers, Marlene Nolan fled the world to became a bounty hunter based on Planet T. There, she founded the Triumvirate of Tribulation to fight against evil mutants! Availability:

Pincer Penny (MSH Classic)

Pincer Penny (4C System)

Pincer Penny (Marvel Saga)

Pinhead: a minor hood before the White Event, the man known only as Pinhead became a much greater menace once that astronomical phenomenon granted him a comically twisted appearance, and deadly physical weaponry atop his cone head. Availability:

Pinhead (MSH Classic)

Pinhead (4C System)

Pinhead (Marvel Saga)

the Pirahna: a one-man gunboat, the Pirahna is a smaller and cheaper aquatic combat alternative to the similarly-hued and equipped Moray. Though they have less range, the Pirahnas have greater maneuverability, letting them sink GI Joe ships with impunity! Availability:

the Pirahna (MSH Classic)

the Pirahna (4C System)

the Pirahna (Marvel Saga)

the Piranha Attack Boat: usually helmed by Shipwreck, the Piranha is a fresh-water attack craft the GI Joe team rolled out in response to new Cobra operatives with aquatic genetic sequences spliced into their bodies - the Piranha hits Venom troops fast and hard! Availability:

the Piranha Attack Boat (MSH Classic)

the Piranha Attack Boat (4C System)

the Piranha Attack Boat (Marvel Saga)

the Pit: regardless of its current location, the GI Joe team's main headquarters, the Pit, invariably takes the form of an underground facility hardened against all threats, up to and incluing a nuclear explosion directly above! Availability:

the Pit (MSH Classic)

the Pit (4C System)

the Pit (Marvel Saga)

Pixies (Typical): the diminutive pixies were once simple humans, but have drifted away from the mundane world and all its silly constraints. Living through the ages and blessed with minor magic skills, pixies like to amuse themselves at humanity's expense. Availability:

Pixies (MSH Classic)

Pixies (4C System)

Pixies (Marvel Saga)

the Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball: a vehicle of Fred 7's design, the Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball can launch itself into the air via short-burst rockets, and continue to bounce around, firing on anything within its domain, on three pneumatically enhanced legs! Availability:

the Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball (MSH Classic)

the Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball (4C System)

the Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball (Marvel Saga)

Polanski, Lisa: after being trained in the Art by the Zen Hell-Kites, this one woman army became a professional mercenary. When her Pastordyne employers betrayed her by implanting experimental cybernetics on her person, Lisa put them on her List...! Availability:

Polanski, Lisa (MSH Classic)

Polanski, Lisa (4C System)

Polanski, Lisa (Marvel Saga)

the Polar Battle Bear: snowmobiles with attitude, Polar Battle Bears are 1.4 ton, heavily armored, cold weather combat vehicles. Ideal for use near either pole, the Battle Bear is armed with 50mm cannons and heat seeking miniature missiles! Availability:

the Polar Battle Bear (MSH Classic)

the Polar Battle Bear (4C System)

the Polar Battle Bear (Marvel Saga)

Anne Pollicino: aside from Jenny Swensen herself, Anne was Project: Spitfire's greatest techie. She not only helped Jenny build her Mark 3 MAX armor, but has assisted her both as mission support and in keeping the armor operational. Availability:

Anne Pollicino (MSH Classic)

Anne Pollicino (4C System)

Anne Pollicino (Marvel Saga)

the Post-modern Girl: a computer programmer hired by Argyle's Wizardyne corporation, Harolene Zachs was experimented upon as a part of his byzantine schemes against his corporate superior - but has since joined Agency 13 as one of its investigators! Availability:

Post-modern Girl (MSH Classic)

Post-modern Girl (4C System)

Post-modern Girl (Marvel Saga)

Potiphar: a mercenary, assassin, and fiercely patriotic Egyptian that's been active in Middle-Eastern affairs for over twenty years, this mass murderer has found himself in the Medusa Web's employ of late, and he gleefully does the Web's dirty work. Availability:

Potiphar (MSH Classic)

Potiphar (4C System)

Potiphar (Marvel Saga)

the Power Fighter: an advancement of Robo-Joe's space-based combat technology, the GI Joe Power Fighter is a small mech: a miniaturized - and much cheaper - version of the Armor Bot that GI Joe can use to dominate Cobra during their battles in space! Availability:

the Power Fighter (MSH Classic)

the Power Fighter (4C System)

the Power Fighter (Marvel Saga)

Roger Price: husband of Debbie Felix's friend Jane, Roger got involved with the Star Brand during the Star Child's birth. After being killed by the that entity, Roger was brought back to life better than before - wielding a portion of the Star Brand itself! Availability:

Roger Price (MSH Classic)

Roger Price (4C System)

Roger Price (Marvel Saga)

Priestess: a runaway saved from a life of debauchery by Mark Hazzard when she was fourteen, the girl that became the Priestess developed into first a martial artist, and later a martial arts instructor, that often helped her savior out. Availability:

Priestess (MSH Classic)

Priestess (4C System)

Priestess (Marvel Saga)

Primus (Modron): the One and the Prime, Primus is a singular, unique modron entity. Having no peer, Primus alone possesses individuality within the confines of Mechanus' ultimate law, and consistently strives to share it with the multiverse. Availability:

Primus (MSH Classic)

Primus (4C System)

Primus (Marvel Saga)

Prince Omei: Omei's power was was that of mesmerism, with which he could readily bring to heel the will of other men! The origin of this dread power is unknown, but everyone knows that he used it in the forging of a vast and terrible criminal empire! Availability:

Prince Omei (MSH Classic)

Prince Omei (4C System)

Prince Omei (Marvel Saga)

the PAC/RATs: Programmed Attack Computer Rapid All Terrain units, or PAC/RATs, are experimental Joe-botic assault systems that not only serve as heavy duty fire support, but can act as convenient 'cannon fodder' for GI Joe when necessary. Availability:

the PAC/RATs (MSH Classic)

the PAC/RATs (4C System)

the PAC/RATs (Marvel Saga)

Emmett Proudhawk: a CIA operative investigating the paranormal, Emmett went rogue after his partner sold his list of psis to various foreign and corporate interests. Emmett did everything he could to protect his charges, which ultimately cost him his life. Availability:

Emmett Proudhawk (MSH Classic)

Emmett Proudhawk (4C System)

Emmett Proudhawk (Marvel Saga)

Michael Proudhawk: Emmett Proudhawk's cousin, Michael followed him and Derek Shiningstar into government service. Like his kin, Michael has powerful telepathic abilities, as well as the power to summon forth an apparent Psi-Hawk, to do his bidding! Availability:

Michael Proudhawk (MSH Classic)

Michael Proudhawk (4C System)

Michael Proudhawk (Marvel Saga)

Prowl (G1): chief military strategist for the Autobots, Prowl is often kept close at hand by Optimus Prime, who values his insights about various tactics. The rest of the Autobots, however, tend to think of him as a stuffed shirt and fussbucket. Availability:

Prowl (MSH Classic)

Prowl (4C System)

Prowl (Marvel Saga)

Prowl (RiD): having worked with police officials since arriving on earth, Prowl has developed a deep-seated respect for the law. He is quite an orderly, almost predictable robot - which often clashes with his brothers' independent natures. Availability:

Prowl (MSH Classic)

Prowl (4C System)

Prowl (Marvel Saga)

Prowl 2 (RiD): dedicated to the memory of his hero, Prowl, Prowl 2 has strived to bring law and order to all of Cybertron, but has always felt inadequate to his idol's legacy. Of course, now that he has a serious personality disorder, one can see why...! Availability:

Prowl 2 (MSH Classic)

Prowl 2 (4C System)

Prowl 2 (Marvel Saga)

Psi-Fox: young Roy Shijitzu initially rejected his family's high tech business, instead walking the earth to master his natural psionics. With that done, he's decided to use the company in a bid to prove his inherent superiority to his fellow man! Availability:

Psi-fox (MSH Classic)

Psi-fox (4C System)

Psi-fox (Marvel Saga)

Psi-Hawk: created by the concentration of at least one of the original psionic paranormals collected by the late Emmett Proudhawk, this spectral gestalt is the ultimate weapon in Psi-Force's arsenal - a combination of all their powers and psyches. Availability:

Psi-Hawk (MSH Classic)

Psi-Hawk (4C System)

Psi-Hawk (Marvel Saga)

Psyche-Out: wielding a doctorate in psychology and an expertise in predictive behavioral analysis and paranoia-inducing ultra low frequency radio waves, Kenneth is the perfect psy-ops expert for GI Joe using his experience in countless covert ops! Availability:

Psyche-Out (MSH Classic)

Psyche-Out (4C System)

Psyche-Out (Marvel Saga)

Psychophant: a former bartender who taught himself telekinetic powers after a mid-life crisis, Harvey Smithsonian eventually became a psikinetic overmind, and uses his powers to not only fulfill Mindwatch's mission, but to help those in need! Availability:

Psychophant (MSH Classic)

Psychophant (4C System)

Psychophant (Marvel Saga)

the Pulverizer: the final equipment Battle Force 2000 rolled out before its untimely demise, the Pulverizer is a small tracked vehicle. It can pack an astounding punch with its massive laser cannon, which can stop enemy gear and fortifications dead - and how! Availability:

the Pulverizer (MSH Classic)

the Pulverizer (4C System)

the Pulverizer (Marvel Saga)

Pythona: chief courier and assassin of Golobulus, Pythona is a singularly dangerous citizen of Cobra-La. The left hand of that secret civilization's leader, Pythona works to subvert and annihilate her peoples' enemies before they even know what hit them. Availability:

Pythona (MSH Classic)

Pythona (4C System)

Pythona (Marvel Saga)


Quadrones (Modron): Mechanus' elite labor force and field officers, the clever quadrones can decide how to best accomplish the tasks assigned them by their pentadrone superiors, delegating smaller chunks of said tasks to tridrones as they see fit. Availability:

Quadrones (MSH Classic)

Quadrones (4C System)

Quadrones (Marvel Saga)

Quartons (Modron): the sixteen quartons oversee the octons, if indirectly, in the management of their domains. This ties up most of their time, though one will occasionally assist in the transfer of data up and down the modron hierarchy. Availability:

Quartons (MSH Classic)

Quartons (4C System)

Quartons (Marvel Saga)

Quasar: appointed the Protector of the Universe by the mighty Eon, Wendell Elvis Vaughn uses the mighty Quantum bands to perform his duties. His time as the champion of our cosmos has seen Wendell suffer greatly, but ultimatly come out on top in the end. Availability:

Quasar (MSH Classic)

Quasar (4C System)

Quasar (Marvel Saga)

Quasits (Tanar'ri): like manes, some argue that quasits aren't 'real' tanar'ri. They are formed from special larvae to aid in the temptation of mortals with deep, evil passions - and if they serve well, quasits can ascend into greater tanar'ri forms. Availability:

Quasits (MSH Classic)

Quasits (4C System)

Quasits (Marvel Saga)

Queen Nara: when her spacefaring parents were slain by Dragon-men on the planet Ligra, young Nara Gale was raised on that world by its more benevolent Lion-people. As it turned out, they liked her so much that they decided to make her their queen! Availability:

Queen Nara (MSH Classic)

Queen Nara (4C System)

Queen Nara (Marvel Saga)

Quentin's Quirky Quack: Quigley Quirtsquip is a quandary, a man with a genetic quirk that lets him reorder the physiology of others at a whim. Developing this skill as something of an experimental doctor, he's become known as Quentin's Quirky Quack! Availability:

Quentin's Quirky Quack (MSH Classic)

Quentin's Quirky Quack (4C System)

Quentin's Quirky Quack (Marvel Saga)

the Quickstrike: Bazooka's sweet new ride is an armored 6WD vehicle that has, of course, a large missile launching platform mounted on the rear. He (or any other Joe) can use this and the built-in ring turret to decimate Cobra's forces, whether normal or enhanced! Availability:

the Quickstrike (MSH Classic)

the Quickstrike (4C System)

the Quickstrike (Marvel Saga)

Quick Kick: a Hollywood stunt man before he was recruited by GI Joe, MacArthur was raised by immigrant parents in Watts and grew up tough. A master of numerous martial arts, MacArthur has become a silent weapons specialist in the fight against Cobra! Availability:

Quick Kick (MSH Classic)

Quick Kick (4C System)

Quick Kick (Marvel Saga)

Quintons (Modron): as are the hextons before them, the twenty-five quintons are constantly busy. There is always one in the towers of the quartons and the secundi, relaying data back and forth in the modron hierarchy, and five within Primus' tower. Availability:

Quintons (MSH Classic)

Quintons (4C System)

Quintons (Marvel Saga)

Quintuple Bartender: after leaping through a rift in his basement, Morris Inglebert came back a changed man - five changed men, in fact. Seizing opportunity as it arose, he founded the Club Invertebrate to cash in on the troublemaking nexus downstairs! Availability:

Quintuple Bartender (MSH Classic)

Quintuple Bartender (4C System)

Quintuple Bartender (Marvel Saga)


REV: tactical officer for the Spychangers team, REV (Race Exertion Vehicle) is a powerful warrior in his own right. Armed with a laser shotgun and a powerful leaping ability, he does quite a lot of damage to the Predacon cause - and does it in style! Availability:

R.E.V. (MSH Classic)

R.E.V. (4C System)

R.E.V. (Marvel Saga)

the Radar Rat: whenever the Joes need a quick, portable air defense station set up in a jiffy, they rely upon the Radar Rat. It is essentially a powerful radar unit mounted on a 250 HP engine, and is armed with enough missiles to knock out whatever it sees! Availability:

the Radar Rat (MSH Classic)

the Radar Rat (4C System)

the Radar Rat (Marvel Saga)

the Rage: an assault vehicle designed by Cobra to aid its conquests of cities, waging urban warfare block by block if necessary. Armed with conventional and directed energy weapons, the Rage is capable of taking down any vehicle, structure, or personnel! Availability:

the Rage (MSH Classic)

the Rage (4C System)

the Rage (Marvel Saga)

the Raging Typhoon: this marvel of modern engineering is a hovercraft which is armed to the teeth! Of course, when necessary the Joes can rebuild it as not one, not two, but four separate vehicles, allowing them to battle Cobra anywhere on earth! Availability:

the Raging Typhoon (MSH Classic)

the Raging Typhoon (4C System)

the Raging Typhoon (Marvel Saga)

the Raider: designed as a quick yet heavy combat vehicle, the Raider has several surprises within. It features an elevating missile bay, and the ability to split into two separate components: a high speed scout mini-tank, and a heavily armed battle station! Availability:

the Raider (MSH Classic)

the Raider (4C System)

the Raider (Marvel Saga)

Rail Racer: a merger of the three Team Bullet Train members (Midnight Express, Railspike and Rapid Run), Rail Racer combines their power and best personality traits into a singular whole, one which Megatron and company have a hard time dealing with! Availability:

Rail Racer (MSH Classic)

Rail Racer (4C System)

Rail Racer (Marvel Saga)

Railspike: the leader of Team Bullet Train, Railspike is also its oldest member. His wisdom rivals that of Optimus Prime himself, though Railspike's age is telling in his demeanor, for he can occasionally come across as... cantakerous in certain situations. Availability:

Railspike (MSH Classic)

Railspike (4C System)

Railspike (Marvel Saga)

the Rainbow Cube: this item consists of seven Rainbow Gems of an identical cut, each of which is in one color of the rainbow. They offer their wielder great power individually, but when combined together, they can literally change the universe! Availability:

the Rainbow Cube (MSH Classic)

the Rainbow Cube (4C System)

the Rainbow Cube (Marvel Saga)

Rampage: Walter A. McDaniel was a close friend of Beach Head's in both Basic training and in his Ranger detachment. He is also a veritable demon behind the wheel, which is why Beach Head recommended him as an operator for the GI Joe Split Fire! Availability:

Rampage (MSH Classic)

Rampage (4C System)

Rampage (Marvel Saga)

Rampart: born with exceptional reflexes, Dwayne spent his youth in video game arcades. Games don't pay the bills though, so after college he joined the Navy, and put his considerable talents to use as an Air Defense Artillery missile specialist! Availability:

Rampart (MSH Classic)

Rampart (4C System)

Rampart (Marvel Saga)

the Rapid Fire Motorcycle (RAM): the RAM is a high speed ground attack vehicle. This bike and its deadly gun car can reach speeds in excess of 100 MPH, allowing Joes using it to quickly race into - and out of - combat situations in the blink of an eye! Availability:

the Rapid Fire Motorcycle (RAM) (MSH Classic)

the Rapid Fire Motorcycle (RAM) (4C System)

the Rapid Fire Motorcycle (RAM) (Marvel Saga)

Range-Vipers: guerilla warfare experts trained to survive in numerous environments, Range-Vipers are some of the toughest Cobras out there. Operating alone behind enemy lines, they wage war indefinitely with only the gear they can steal from their foes! Availability:

Range-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Range-Vipers (4C System)

Range-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

the RHINO: another in a long line of two-in-one GI Joe devices, the Rapid Heli-Integrated Neutralizing Offensive Vehicle, or RHINO, is a tough ground transport with a built-in helicopter, allowing it to provide its own air support when necessary! Availability:

the RHINO (MSH Classic)

the RHINO (4C System)

the RHINO (Marvel Saga)

Rapid Run: the middle ground between Midnight Express and Railspike, Rapid Run is a mature Autobot warrior; he's grown up, but not aged. On the other hand, he's absorbed a lot of human culture and slang, making him glib and overconfident, oddly enough. Availability:

Rapid Run (MSH Classic)

Rapid Run (4C System)

Rapid Run (Marvel Saga)

the Rapid Runner: unique amongst the GI Joe B.T.R. vehicles, the Rapid Runner doesn't actually have two different configurations. Instead, it has two distinct operating modes, depending on whether one is using it to fly or to 'just' hover! Availability:

the Rapid Runner (MSH Classic)

the Rapid Runner (4C System)

the Rapid Runner (Marvel Saga)

Rapid-Fire: highly motivated and bubbling over with capability, Robbie mastered everything the Army threw at him, from West Point to his graduation of the first fast attack maneuvers class. There's no stopping him from Being All He Can Be! Availability:

Rapid-Fire (MSH Classic)

Rapid-Fire (4C System)

Rapid-Fire (Marvel Saga)

Raptor: an eccentric accountant with a penchant for falconry, Raptor found himself on Destro's bad side when caught poaching on his grounds. Pulled into Cobra's orbit, Raptor began to use his various skills in their service to pay off his debts to them! Availability:

Raptor (MSH Classic)

Raptor (4C System)

Raptor (Marvel Saga)

the Rat: capable of traversing the scummiest of swamplands, the Rat is a small, yet powerful hovercraft. Armed with foliage-chopping slicer blades and four front-mounted chain guns, the Rat is capable of allowing Cobra to dominate swampland battlefields! Availability:

the Rat (MSH Classic)

the Rat (4C System)

the Rat (Marvel Saga)

Ratchet: though he'd rather waste all his time having fun and partying hard, Ratchet knows he has a very important job to do. After all, he's been patching his fellow Autobots back together over the course of their war with the Decepticons. Availability:

Ratchet (MSH Classic)

Ratchet (4C System)

Ratchet (Marvel Saga)

the Rattler: Cobra's single most infamous fighter, the Rattler itself is based loosely upon the designs of the A-10 Thunderbolt. Of course, Destro put in a few gotchas when he made the Rattler, such as VTOL capability, to make it even more interesting! Availability:

the Rattler (MSH Classic)

Rattler (4C System)

Rattler (Marvel Saga)

Ravage: virtually undetectable when he wishes to be, Ravage is an excellent stalker of the night. Constantly dreaming up new schemes to defeat the Autobots, Ravage is well respected by his peers - even if they usually don't even know where he is! Availability:

Ravage (MSH Classic)

Ravage (4C System)

Ravage (Marvel Saga)

the Razor-blade: a smaller helicopter, GI Joe's Razor-blade is just a little bit larger than the Locust, and the same size as a Sky Hawk. However, its man purpose is not assault but rescue, for it's equipped to save folks in remote locations during emergencices! Availability:

the Razor-blade (MSH Classic)

the Razor-blade (4C System)

the Razor-blade (Marvel Saga)

the Razorback: built for vehicle-to-vehicle combat, the Razorback is an excellent complement to Destro's DEMONs. Heavily armed and armored, and capable of seizing the high ground in most firefights, the Razorback lets Iron Grenadiers dominate the battlefield! Availability:

the Razorback (MSH Classic)

the Razorback (4C System)

the Razorback (Marvel Saga)

Razorvine: insidious weeds with a fiendish origin, razorvine spread far from the Abyss via foolish travelers and explorers. Now it grows to threaten many planes and Sigil itself, its horrific bladed edges being used for many sinister purposes. Availability:

Razorvine (MSH Classic)

Razorvine (4C System)

Razorvine (Marvel Saga)

Reaper: adopted by paranormal-obsessed eccentrics, Jaycen Nguyen grew up lonely. When he suddenly developed the powers of his birthright one fateful day, Jaycen (with the help of an enigmatic tutor) began to defend the innocent as Reaper! Availability:

Reaper (MSH Classic)

Reaper (4C System)

Reaper (Marvel Saga)

Rebound: after being exposed to anomalous chemicals on the job, this gifted NSA operative found his features, his very body, twisted beyond recognition. Leaving his old life behind, he now uses his special abilities to fight evil as Rebound! Availability:

Rebound (MSH Classic)

Rebound (4C System)

Rebound (Marvel Saga)

Recoil: a former marathon runner and professional body builder, Joseph Felton was a shoe-in to be a LRRP member upon enlisting. Upon joining the GI Joe team, he began to hone his skills by practicing them on his fellow Joes, which drives them crazy! Availability:

Recoil (MSH Classic)

Recoil (4C System)

Recoil (Marvel Saga)

Recondo: growing up to hate Wisconsin's cold winters, young Daniel wanted to explore the deepest African jungles as a child - and grew up to do just that. Both on and off the Joe team, Daniel has become an expert in jungle combat - and many other disciplines! Availability:

Recondo (MSH Classic)

Recondo (4C System)

Recondo (Marvel Saga)

Red Dog: a former pro football player, David Taputapu got sacked for unnecessary roughness. After a stint as a Hollywood stunt man, he was recruited by GI Joe, as the powers that be thought he'd be an excellent addition to Sgt. Slaughter's Renegades! Availability:

Red Dog (MSH Classic)

Red Dog (4C System)

Red Dog (Marvel Saga)

Red Ninjas: renegade Arashikage ninja clan members, the Red Ninjas have scattered throughout the world. Devolving into martial artist mercenaries, they are often employed by Cobra Commander when his Ninja-Vipers or Night Creepers are unavailable. Availability:

Red Ninjas (MSH Classic)

Red Ninjas (4C System)

Red Ninjas (Marvel Saga)

Red Raven: lone survivor of a plane crash on the mysterious, floating Sky Island, he who would become the Red Raven was raised by the locals. Cherishing freedom and justice, he eventually left the Island to share these ideals with the world! Availability:

Red Raven (MSH Classic)

Red Raven (4C System)

Red Raven (Marvel Saga)

Red Raven 2: when the original Red Raven wished to join his Sky Island brethren in cryogenic slumber, he didn't want to leave his adopted home defenseless. As such, he simply built an android double to guard it in his stead! Availability:

Red Raven 2 (MSH Classic)

Red Raven 2 (4C System)

Red Raven 2 (Marvel Saga)

Red Raven 3: sole child of the original Red Raven, Dania grew up in seclusion. Though she never knew the residents of Sky Island, she felt the need to protect their legacy - even after the floating city was raised from the sea floor! Availability:

Red Raven 3 (MSH Classic)

Red Raven 3 (4C System)

Red Raven 3 (Marvel Saga)

Red Spot: fascinated with lasers ever since he was nine years old, Michael P. Ritchie left Cincinnati to enlist, so he could turn his love of directed energy devices into a marketable skill. He has since done so, and was recruited by GI Joe soon afterwards! Availability:

Red Spot (MSH Classic)

Red Spot (4C System)

Red Spot (Marvel Saga)

Red Star: after the death of Colonel Brekhov, Captain Anatoly Fyodorovich Krimov (who has an eerie similarity to the late Colonel) was tapped to replace the man as leader of the Oktober Guard. And he's gung-ho enough to live up to his predecessor! Availability:

Red Star (MSH Classic)

Red Star (4C System)

Red Star (Marvel Saga)

Red Zone: ultimately booted out of the FBI for being too rough on criminals and their precious property, Luke was transferred to the GI Joe team, who saw that 'liability' as an asset. He now helps them out as a member of their reserve, Steel Brigade unit! Availability:

Red Zone (MSH Classic)

Red Zone (4C System)

Red Zone (Marvel Saga)

Reflector: consummate voyeurs, the trio of Decepticons that comprise Reflector enjoy watching everything in their environment. If they happen to spy some particularly valuable information in the process, they're happy to exploit it to the fullest. Availability:

Reflector (MSH Classic)

Reflector (4C System)

Reflector (Marvel Saga)

the Reincarnator: the Reincarnator is a sort of immortal being, in that every time his material form dies, his life force carries him on to a freshly conceived human. Nine months later, the Reincarnator is reborn, ready to renew the fight against evil! Availability:

the Reincarnator (MSH Classic)

the Reincarnator (4C System)

the Reincarnator (Marvel Saga)

Evan Reinger: pilot, mercenary, and all around bad guy, Evan Reinger would gleefully kill a busload of kids if the money was right. Lacking morals of any stripe, he'll do whatever is asked of him as long as there's enough green in it for him. Availability:

Evan Reinger (MSH Classic)

Evan Reinger (4C System)

Evan Reinger (Marvel Saga)

Relampago: after the White Event granted her super speed, this young woman became something of a Chilean folk hero. Recruited into the Medusa Web, she began to use her considerable abilities to further Thame's goals to the best of her ability. Availability:

Relampago (MSH Classic)

Relampago (4C System)

Relampago (Marvel Saga)

the Remote Piloted Vehicle: giving GI Joe a powerful edge over the enemy, the RPV allows them to perform aerial surveilalnce without putting any Joes at risk. Though unarmed, the RPV can 'spot' for the team from a remote command and control station! Availability:

the Remote Piloted Vehicle (MSH Classic)

the Remote Piloted Vehicle (4C System)

the Remote Piloted Vehicle (Marvel Saga)

Theodore 'Teddy' Remsen: paralyzed from the waist down after a cowardly bomb attack, Teddy Remsen nonetheless developed dream powers like her brother's - if to a lesser extent - which she uses to help his work at the Ballad clinic. Availability:

Theodore 'Teddy' Remsen (MSH Classic)

Theodore 'Teddy' Remsen (4C System)

Theodore 'Teddy' Remsen (Marvel Saga)

Repeater: a venerable Army Ranger, Jeffrey Therien enjoys being a soldier, and is very good at it, but sucks where military politics are concerned. As such, he was assigned to GI Joe, where he can defend freedom without ruffling oversensitive feathers. Availability:

Repeater (MSH Classic)

Repeater (4C System)

Repeater (Marvel Saga)

the Retaliator: a highly advanced, customized vehicle, the Retaliator is a helicopter primarily designed with Updraft's flying style in mind. Possessed of uncanny maneuverability, the Retaliator is both a bomber and a rescue craft, all rolled into one! Availability:

the Retaliator (MSH Classic)

the Retaliator (4C System)

the Retaliator (Marvel Saga)

General Rey: a reprogrammed Serpentor clone, General Phillip A. Rey was given to the Jugglers as a secret weapon - to be used in a double cross against them at a later date. Rey decided to be his own man, however, and has defeated his mental programming! Availability:

General Rey (MSH Classic)

General Rey (4C System)

General Rey (Marvel Saga)

Rip Cord: initially enlisting to be paid to jump out of airplanes, Wallace ultimately found that he loved the military lifestyle. An expert HALO jumper, Rip Cord was a perfect addition to GI Joe, who always has need of soldiers with his skill! Availability:

Rip Cord (MSH Classic)

Rip Cord (4C System)

Rip Cord (Marvel Saga)

Rip It: a surly, destructive gear-head, Fredd would be equally at home in the Dreadnoks or the Cobra HISS Driver corps. A one-man engine of destrction, he loves tearing apart what others have created, such as cars, homes, or even their national identity! Availability:

Rip It (MSH Classic)

Rip It (4C System)

Rip It (Marvel Saga)

Ripper: evincing antisocial behavior since he was a toddler, Ripper grew up into a life of crime. This culminated with his joining the Dreadnoks, the only group that would have him, and occasionally performing freelance work for Cobra! Availability:

Ripper (MSH Classic)

Ripper (4C System)

Ripper (Marvel Saga)

the Rising Tide: this smaller vehicle is a perfect fit for Barrel Roll. It can function either as an attack boat or an incredibly small jet glider, depending on its current configuration - and where Barrel Roll needs to be fighting his Cobra foes! Availability:

the Rising Tide (MSH Classic)

the Rising Tide (4C System)

the Rising Tide (Marvel Saga)

Ritter: his time in the Air Force having left him well-versed in aerial combat, Ritter decided to use that experience for personal gain after leaving the service. A highly paid mercenary pilot, Ritter could readily pick and choose his clients. Availability:

Ritter (MSH Classic)

Ritter (4C System)

Ritter (Marvel Saga)

Ro-Tor: heavily armed in both melee and ranged combat, Ro-Tor serves as the Combatron's aerial surveillance expert. While he doesn't have the visual range Movor does, he's much more sneaky, and can soundlessly approach any foe - much to their chagrin. Availability:

Ro-Tor (MSH Classic)

Ro-Tor (4C System)

Ro-Tor (Marvel Saga)

the Road Rebel: a small device, the Road Rebel is a tracked, all-terrain ride which is basically a vehicle with which to carry an oversized missile launcher into whatever position is required. It's also armed with a flamethrower, for anti-personnel action! Availability:

the Road Rebel (MSH Classic)

the Road Rebel (4C System)

the Road Rebel (Marvel Saga)

Road Pig: one of the strongest Dreadnoks, save for Zartan himself, Road Pig is also one of the most violent. And ugliest. And smelliest. But the gang keeps Road Pig around despite all this, and more, because he's something of an ace in the hole for them. Availability:

Road Pig (MSH Classic)