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Darklon, in a strictly physical and anatomical sense, is a normal human. He lacks special powers of any stripe, and is limited to standard human maximums of capability. However, he has the finances of an entire rogue nation at his beck and call, and numerous high tech weapons!

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Body Armor: while his uniforms are almost universally garish, they nonetheless serve a vital purpose for Darklon. Despite their eye-piercing nature, they all provide him rank value 4 resistance against physical assault of any variety, whether Bashing or Slashing or Piercing.

the Evader: his personal vehicle, the Evader was built with Darklon's unique needs in mind. An armored, recumbent motorcycle, the Evader is heavily armed, and capable of astounding speed despite the weight of its weaponry. The Evader is described in its own, vehicular entry.

Face Mask: like his distant cousin, Darklon wears distinctive headgear while on the job. And really, Darklon is always on the job. Not quite a helmet, this large black metal mask provides Darklon rank value 10 protection against physical attacks that strike him in the face.

Of course, Darklon's mask is more than just a bullet sponge. No, it filters his air with rank value 30 ability, screening out harmful gases, microbes, and other airborne dangers. Furthermore, it provides Darklon infravision when called upon to do so, functioning at rank value 10.

Grenades: strapped around his right calf, Darklon carries over a dozen grenades with him on the job. These all have a rank value 30 fragmentary effect, and include standard grenades (Slashing damage), incendiary grenades (SD Energy damage) and flashbangs (Concuss).

Knife: strapped around his left calf, Darklon has a long trench knife with him while working. Made from m.v. 40 materials, it can be used to cut through items of up to like m.v., given enough time, or to inflict Slashing damage in melee combat.

Minigun: because there's no kill like overkill, Darklon carries a minigun with him in the field. He can either fire a short burst of ammunition from this weapon to inflict rank value 20 Piercing damage, or a continuous stream of lead to inflict rank value 30 Piercing damage.

Sidearm: in the event that his minigun fails him, Darklon carries a spare piece, just in case. He can either discharge a single round from this weapon to inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage, or a three-round spread of such to inflict rank value 10 Piercing damage.




Business / Finance: in addition to enhancing his personal resources, Darklon's keen sense of opportunity has bolstered the tiny nation of Darklonia's fortunes as well. His investment banking, among other practices, gives him the edge in most financial matters.

Driving: whether serving as a courier or a smuggler, Darklon is quite adept behind the wheel of most ground vehicles. Though he prefers his Evader for such work, Darklon may resolve Handling ACTIONs called for while operating any ground vehicle at a +1 RS.

Guns: naturally, Darklon knows his way around firearms. Whether he's branding standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifles or pistols at his foes, Darklon may resolve ranged attacks with such implements as if his Coordination was +1 RS higher than is listed above.

Martial Arts style B: take away his Evader, mini-gun, grenades, knives, and national arsenal, and Darklon can still fight with the best of 'em! He may attempt unarmed attacks at a +1 RS to his listed Melee rank value, able to do battle even without weapons.

Military 2: while he's not a tactical genius, Darklon has been involved with mercenary work his entire life. Whether fighting as a lone hired gun or in command of thousands of like mercenaries, Darklon has proven his abilities time and time again over the course of his career.

Salesmanship: motivated by dollar signs above all else, Darklon can convince just about anyone to buy anything. Whether he's pushing a new long distance plan or the services of his mercenary army, Darklon may add a +1 RS to any effort to sell goods and services.

Sharp Weapons: whether wielding his standard blade or the ceremonial saber of the Iron Grenadiers, Darklon is highly skilled in the use of most sharp weapons. He may attempt to utilize any such implement at his standard Melee value - whether short or long in dimension.

Vehicular Combat: sure, Darklon's an excellent driver, but he's also highly competent in the art of vehicle-to-vehicle combat. He may resolve combat ACTION rolls, whether offensive or defensive in nature, at a +1 RS while he's behind the wheel of any ground-based ride.


As dictator for life of Darklonia, Darklon can naturally rely upon his citizens and government for assistance when required... if they know what's good for them. He's also the cousin of Destro, and often works for that man's Iron Grenadiers or, by extension, for Cobra itself.


Darklon wears a uniform that speaks to him, and only him. It consists of a padded green and black 'camouflage' sweater, padded red and black 'camouflage' trousers, bright orange thigh high boots, a black and red belt, black web gear and pouches, and his trademark black helmet.


Darklon isn't the kind of man to be chained down by weighty concerns of ethics or morality. No, all he worries about is the ever-increasing size of his coffers. And he's not proud; Darklon will perform any service at all, for anyone who asks, as long as the money is good enough.

This is the single-minded focus that has raised Darklon from a lowly mercenary into the leader of his very own micro-nation. Mind you, his unending paranoia is what has kept Darklon in that position, maintaining tight security in everything he does, and amongst everyone he employs.

Real Name: unrevealed
Occupation: mercenary, privateer, courier, smuggler, investment banker, etc.
Legal Status: undisputed leader of Darklonia, a tiny European nation in the Alps, wanted just about everywhere for everything he's ever done
Marital Status: unrevealed
Alias(es), if any: probably too many to count
Group Affiliation: The government of Darklonia, the Iron Grenadiers, Cobra

Height: 6' 3"
Hair: unrevealed
Eyes: unrevealed
Weight: 210 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none known.


The man known only as Darklon is the latest in a long line of privateers, mercenaries, and investment bankers. His family has always gone where the money was over the centuries, whether this involved providing services, moving valuable goods, or fighting in the wars of other men.

Like his forebears, Darklon plied the family trade over the decades, buying, selling, trading, and fighting wherever he was required to, all to generate more wealth for the family. And when he finally took over management of the family fortune, well, Darklon decided to use it.

Bringing his vast resources to bear, Darklon carved out a small nation in the Alps, which he dubbed Darklonia, that has ultimately attained the reluctant recognition of its peers as a legal entity. And while this was costly, it opened up innumerable doors for Darklon to earn even more.

Backed by diplomatic immunity, Darklon could travel far and wide to promote the services which Darklonia had to offer. And since Darklonia had become a haven for mercenaries avoiding the law in other lands, Darklon had a ready-made mercenary army with which to further his ends.

One of countless questionable jobs that Darklon accepted was to join the employ of his distant cousin, Destro. Having built his own army, the Iron Grenadiers, Destro needed Darklon's assistance when he subsequently took over the Cobra organization for a time, and the price was right.

Working with the Cobra Command for a time, Darklon was an odd figure, the leader of a sovereign nation beholden to another's authority. Furthermore, when the original Cobra Commander returned to seize control of his organization, all the money for that work dried right up.

Having returned home long before the Commander fatally purged his organization of those he perceived threats to his leadership, Darklon took numerous examples of Cobra technology with him. First and foremost amongst these were various Python Patrol vehicles and personnel.

Paying them much better than Cobra did, Darklon absorbed numerous Pythons and their assorted gear into his national arsenal, which he then proceeded to improve on in his own way over the years. But its leader's dalliance with Cobra would soon haunt the land of Darklonia from afar.

When Cobra Commander asserted mental dominance over Destro with an implanted, almost forgotten mind control chip, Destro immediately assaulted Darklon's iron citadel with an ICBM, totalling the facility and seemingly killing Darklon in the process.

However, Darklon apparently anticipated betrayal from his distant relative, and managed to seek shelter before his seat of power was annihilated. Or, its surface levels were, at any rate, for Darklon truly runs his micro-nation from a vast underground complex below his palace.

From there, he continued the mercenary operations that earned him so much lucre, doing Darklonia's business under the radar as America's vaunted GI Joe team did battle with Cobra's terrorist forces world-wide. In other words, he made himself seem like small potatoes.

The Joes eventually came for Darklon, however, and even captured him for a time. But as a consummate survivor, Darklon simply viewed this as yet another challenge to overcome. And that he did, which is why he lords over the land of Darklonia as its sole master to this very day!

2012 Variations


Bullet-resistant Vest: complementing Darklon's padded uniform, this combat wear transduces incoming Piercing damage into Bashing damage. This reduces the intensity of the incoming damage by 1 RS when so transforming it, helping Darklon to survive gunshot wounds.


Darklon's second costume is a varation on his first. It consists of a padded green and black 'camouflage' sweater under a black flak jacket, padded red and black 'camouflage' trousers, bright orange thigh high boots, a black belt, black pouches, and his trademark black helmet.

2017 Variations


Saber: while ornate, this blade is certainly not for merely ceremonial purposes. Darklon's Iron Grenadier saber is made from m.v. 30 materials, and he can either use it to cut through items of like m.v., or to inflict his Strength +1 RS in Slashing damage.


Darklon's third uniform is close to his first in composition. It consists of a padded green and black 'camouflage' sweater, padded red and black 'camouflage' trousers, bright orange thigh high boots, a black belt, sash, pauldrons, and pouches, and his trademark black helmet.

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