Barnabus 'Barney' Mullen

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Like the captains of most other merchant ships, Barnabus 'Barney' Mullen is a normal human - at least, in the strictest sense of term. He has no special powers, whether ingrained or studious in origin, having only his ship and his fighting skills to accomplish various tasks with.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Ship: Barney sails the seven seas in his merchant ship, hauling things to places for people. In addition to letting him get almost anywhere in the high seas, Barney can do so with a considerable amount of booty on hand, to turn a tidy profit. It has these vehicular statistics:

RV 6
RV 6
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Boating: though his ship was destroyed in his only documented outing, Barney is nonetheless quite the skilled seaman. He should receive a +1 RS on any Handling ACT called for when piloting a ship, and can readily swim for long distances (or at least stay afloat) when required.

Martial Arts style B: Barney's a rather tough old sea dog, and has learned how to defend himself and his ship through hard-fought experience. He can attempt any unarmed attack, whether punching, kicking, or anything else, as if his Melee was +1 RS in value.

Repair / Tinkering: considering the end result of his maintenance regimen, perhaps Barney should hire a mechanic on his next ship. Of course, it's hard to make do with ancient parts, though Barney does his best, and can fix and modify extant gear at his Intellect trait +1 RS.


As the Captain of a ship, Barney can consider several individuals reliable contacts. He has many loyal shipmates, and has pulled any number of difficult jobs for clients, all of which would return any favors that Barney called in should he but do so.


Barney wears simple attire while at sea. It includes a blue coat over a light blue, turtleneck sweater, blue jeans, black shoes, and his white Captain's hat. Whether or not he dresses differently while on land, or if this is his only ensemble, has yet to be revealed.


A gruff, no-nonsense Captain of the high seas, Barney has earned his reputation as the go-to man in difficult shipping situations over the years. There's no risk so high that Barney won't take a job, as long as the remuneration - plus a little more - is appropriate to the task at hand.

Real Name: Barnabus Mullen
Occupation: sailor
Legal Status: citizen of Ireland with no known criminal record (known being the key word)
Marital Status:
Alias(es), if any: Barney Mullen
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 6' 1"
Hair: bald (with black eyebrows)
Eyes: blue
Weight: 188 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none.


The life and times of Barnabus 'Barney' Mullen are something of a mystery. He is known to be an Irishman who, after long years of hard work, had acquired his very own merchant ship. It is this craft that Barney used to haul cargo from place to place for his various clients.

On one of his particularly dangerous jobs, he was hired by Portuguese businessmen to haul a shipment of gold filigree from Lisbon to Rotterdam. Though its destination was in the middle of the war zone, Barney didn't mind - so long as the Portuguese paid him quite handsomely.

Promising to do just that upon the filigree's arrival in Rotterdam, the Portuguese then brought their cargo to Barney's ship. He then set about quickly assembling a crew, because hey, money. Though he didn't have time to vet all his new hires, Barney nonetheless set out smartly.

As it turned out, however, Barney's business dealings had been observed by a shifty agent, who radioed one of the warring powers of his destination. Siccing an armored warship on him, that power tried to sink Barney's ship outright, but he managed to escape into a handy fog bank.

His foes were waiting for him once that fog cleared, however, and attempted to force Barney to port. However, enemy aircraft spotted that ship, allowing one of their submarines to torpedo it into oblivion. Unfortunately, they targeted Barney's ship as well!

Striking his hold, which had been filled with sandbags, the explosive did little damage to his ship. The threat of imminent doom did cause some of his new crew to mutiny, however, and Barney had to put them down with his still-loyal shipmates. And put them down hard.

Locking the traitors up in the ship's brig, Barney nonetheless had to make for port, as some of his trusty crew had received injuries in the mutiny. Thus, he sailed to Paris, where he got treatment for his men - and had to scuffle with some French officials who wanted a cut of 'his' gold.

Pitching them overboard, Barney set sail for Rotterdam, and was within sight of his destination when his engine exploded suddenly, the strain of its many trips and some shoddy maintenance finally taking their toll. Luckily for Barney, he'd stowed the gold in his many lifeboats!

Thus, when the remnants of his crew limped into Rotterdam to meet their customer, they were nonetheless able to deliver their cargo. And thanks to the rather generous payment the Portuguese gave him for its delivery, Barney had enough funds to purchase an all new ship for himself!

His further exploits, however, remain to be seen.

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