the Silver Mirage

A replacement for GI Joe's RAM, the Silver Mirage features more armaments and modernized engineering. A primarily silver motorcycle, it features a green mortar launcher (on the side car) and green missiles scattered across both sides of the thing.

The Silver Mirage has an effective material strength of 10, and possesses these vehicular capabilities:

AXJ-10 Ground Launch Missiles (i): these self-guided, 'fire and forget' mini-missiles are mounted on each side of the Silver Mirage. Either the driver or passenger can fire them, and each inflict intensity 10 damage to everything within near missile distance of where they hit.

Bullet-Resistant Molded Windshield (s): while the Silver Mirage offers its driver and passenger no overall armor, it does offer the driver a small amount of defense against attack. This windshield offers the driver intensity 8 (+2) protection from frontal attacks only.

Communications Array (i): the Silver Mirage is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This allows for intensity 5 communications (with a 25 mile range) that has intensity 10 signal encryption.

Mortar Launcher (i): the primary armament on the Silver Mirage, this front-facing weapon is an actual self-loading mortar, having a ten round ammunition drum. These impressive rounds can be fired to inflict intensity 13 fragmentary damage per deadly shot.

Passengers: in addition to being able to carry its driver, the Silver Mirage is also capable of carrying one passenger comfortably, thanks to its stylized side car - which also holds the Mirage's mortar launcher. Of course, a second passenger could ride behind the driver in a pinch.

Propulsion (a): the Silver Mirage can move at upwards of 135 miles on the road, which is approximated by this 'power' at intensity 5. Of course, when driving off-road, moving at such speeds would likely wreck the Mirage (and cause oneself considerable damage.)

Quartz-Halogen Heated Lights (i): these heavy duty, impressively warm bulbs can be used to light up an area in front of the Silver Mirage with intensity 8 illumination. Furthermore, the heat they generate is enough to quickly burn off mud and other impediments to forward vision.

1997 Variations

When the GI Joe team was restored after years of Cobra build-up, they pulled lots of their old equipment out of mothballs, including a small fleet of Silver Mirage motorcycles. With the exception of minor color changes (the green bits were repainted black), this is the same vehicle.

Extra Goodies:

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