the Paralyzer

Featuring four independent, positionable tracks and a low profile, the Paralyzer is a versatile assault vehicle. While less durable than a HISS tank, the neon orange Paralyzer features comparable firepower, and is known to possess numerous additional features, such as:

Cobra-band Radio (i): Cobra gear uses a communication system of its own, not beholden to conventional broadcast standards. The Paralyzer in particular has a transceiver which operates with intensity 5 range (25 miles), and benefits from intensity 9 signal encryption.

Concussion Cannons (a): mounted on the Paralyzer's central turret, these pom-pom guns can fire a single shell at Cobra's enemies to inflict one's Agility +7 in damage, or their Agility +8 in damage when cycling both guns in a continuous fashion.

Elevators (a): each of the Paralyzer's four treads may shift their plane of operation in a manner which allows the vehicle to essentially double its effective height. This allows it to fire from a higher vantage point, thus increasing its effective firing range to artillery distance.

Jammers (i): mounted atop of the Paralyzer's turret, these three projectiles have a full, 360 degrees firing arc. When launched, they emit a powerful cocktail of radio frequency waves that disrupt communications with intensity 10 ability, and inflict like fragmentary damage on impact.

Light Armor (s): though less durable than a main battle tank, the Paralyzer is nonetheless quite tough. Its flat profile disguises just how thick it is, the layers and layers of metal and more advanced materials its built from providing a m.s. of 11, and like, or +2, protection to its occupants.

Personnel Transportation Mounts: situated on the rear of the Paralyzer, these platforms allow the vehicle to carry more Cobras than just its driver and gunner. Depending on how tightly they squeeze in together, these mounts can hold two Cobras each, for a total of four villains.

Propulsion (a): shuffled along by four independent treads, the Paralyzer can move fast whether on or off the road. Possessing this ability at intensity 3, the Paralyzer can cruise along at a maximum speed of ninety miles per hour, though it is usually driven a bit slower.

Extra Goodies:

the Paralyzer Saga System 13 Text File Download

Cobra directories featuring a version of the Paralyzer:


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