Lion-People of Ligra

Base Cost: 29 points

RV 10
RV 6
RV 20
RV 10
RV 10
RV 20
RV 10
RV 20
RV 0



The noble Lion-People are but one sentient species hailing from the world of Ligra, which is an unknown distance from our own planet, but presumably somewhat close. Their incredible physical prowess is directly attributable to their unique evolution.

Known Powers:

Claws: as do conventional lions, the Lion-People possess protractile claws in each of their digits. Thanks to this natural weaponry, a Lion-Person can inflict Slashing in melee combat if they so choose, though they are by no means required to do so.

Fangs: while their claws are more useful for melee combat, a Lion-Person may nonetheless bite his or her foe with their long, sharp fangs. When wielded in melee, these sharp implements will inflict a Lion-Person's Brawn value in Slashing damage.

Resistance to Cold Attack: having evolved from creatures much like the lions of earth, the Lion-People have a small amount of fur covering their bodies (manes on the males notwithstanding). This provides them a modest, rank value 4 resistance to cold attacks.

Super Senses / Hearing, Sight, and Touch: their oversized eyes, ears, and inherent whiskers grant slightly enhanced versions of these senses to the Lion-People. In addition to providing for their generally high Awareness, these three senses function at that rank value +1 RS.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Q-Rays: though they are peaceful in nature, the Lion-People live under the threat of the warlike Dragon-men, and thus, usually carry advanced armaments. These ray guns broadcast an unknown form of energy, which inflicts rank value 20 Force damage with each blast.




Natural Weapons: though they are an advanced people, and are often armed with powerful Q-ray guns, the Lion-People are nonetheless well-versed in the use of their inherent physical weaponry. They may attempt to strike with fangs or claws at their Melee value +1 RS.


The Lion-People, a peace-loving species, generally aids their own - particularly since they live under perpetual threat of Dragon-man invasions. They can thus consider their fellow Lion-People a reliable contact, assuming no bad blood between individuals is involved.


Ligra's Lion-People are a stalwart species, striving for peace while preparing for war. Advanced in culture and technology, they strive to bring prosperity to all, save for those who would harm them. And even then, they would provide humanitarian aid to their enemies if but asked.


The Lion-People of Ligra are leonine, humanoid beings, essentially resembling humans with a lion's head. On the whole, they are covered in a soft, auburn fur, though some exceptional examples of blond and black-furred individuals have been seen in their limited appearances.

Their lion-like heads give the Lion-People oversized eyes and ears as well as whiskers, all of which grant them a considerable awareness of their environment. Male Lion-People also possess a long, thick mane while the females do not.

Ecological Niche:

The Lion-People are the primary rules of the planet Ligra. Able to stave off the would-be dominion of the Dragon-men, if barely, the Lion-People - and by extension, their monarch - lead the citizens of their world to prosperity through peaceful, advanced means.


Not all that much has come to light regarding the origins of the Lion-People. It is known that, sequestered within the mysterious Mandahl star system, lies the strange world of Ligra. It is rather like our earth, and seems to be somewhat close to us, but things proceeded differently there.

This is because not one, but two distinct sapient species evolved there: the Lion-People and the dreadful Dragon-men. The former are ruled by a benevolent monarchy, which cares for its subjects, while the latter is steered by the whims of an absolute dictator bent on conquest.

Though they live under the constant threat of warfare from their fellow Ligrans, the Lion-People try to peacefully apply their advanced technology, which helps them to all prosper. Which is why, somewhat recently, the Dragon-men decided they must conquer Ligra at all cost.

Desperately coveting the wealth of the Lion-People, the Dragon-men's leader, Jago, abducted earthling super-scientist Professor Zog to do what he couldn't. Torturing him into compliance, Jago forced Zog to wield his robotic creation, Electro, to overthrow the Lion-People's monarch!

While he was momentarily successful, Jago was eventually betrayed by Zog, who recovered from his abuse enough to turn Electro against his Dragon-men. Having liberated their human queen, Nara Gale, Zog was named an honorary Knight of Ligra before returning home.

Little else regarding the history of the Lion-People, outside this strange interstellar incident, has yet to be revealed. However, Lion-People are known to have journeyed through space in the intervening years, and one known as Gur even joined earth's ARMOR organization!

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