the Quickstrike

The Quickstrike is a heavily armored 6WD vehicle the GI Joe team began to put through its paces in 2004. This black and green camouflaged vehicle has a sleek, streamlined body which allows it to move quickly while engaging Cobra troops, whether normal or genetically enhanced.

For such combat, the Quickstrike is heavily armed. It has a top-mounted ring turret as well as an elevating missile launching platform for particularly intransigent foes. The Quickstrike is equipped with the following vehicular characteristics:

Body Armor (s): the Quickstrike is heavily armored, the better to protect both its occupants and its internal mechanisms. This armor gives the Quickstrike its material strength of 12, as well as like, or +3, protection to its shielded occupants.

Communications Array (i): the Quickstrike is equipped with an extremely powerful, gigahertz-frequency, frequency-wobbler radio system. This makes for intensity 5 communications power (with a 25 mile range), that features intensity 10 signal encryption.

Machine Gun (a): mounted on a ring turret situated behind the Quickstrike's passenger seat, this weapon can either fire short bursts of lead to inflict one's Agility +6 in damage, or be fired continuously to inflict their Agility +7 in damage.

Missile Launcher (i): on the rear of the Quickstrike lies its elevating missile launching platform. It can only fire one projectile at a time, though it can have several loaded at any given point. The Quickstrike's missiles inflict intensity 11 damage each.

Passengers: there's a lot of room for Joes on the Quickstrike. The armored cabin can hold one Joe in addition to the driver, the turret and launcher each can hold a Joe, and there are areas for Joes to hold on for dear life on the rear and sides of the vehicle as well.

Propulsion (a): the six wheel drive of the Quickstrike allows it to move rather fast on most terrain. The vehicle can achieve intensity 3 speeds (90 MPH) on roads or flat ground, or intensity 2 on more bumpy or irregular paths (60 MPH).

Radar Unit (w): mounted on the Quickstrike's missile platform, this parabolic dish allows the Quickstrike's driver (or missile operator) to track foes in the air or on the ground with intensity 10 ability within visual distance - which helps when firing missiles at them!

Extra Goodies:

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