the Swampfire

One of the Dreadnoks' original creations, the Swampfire is a swamp skimmer that doubles as a helicopter! It can glide along the waves almost silently, only to take off in an instant once subterfuge is no longer a concern. This vehicle has the following characteristics:

Ex 20
Pr 4
Ex 20
Pr 4

Blending: seemingly utilizing a derivative of Zartan's optical technologies, the Swampfire has the capability to blend into its surroundings somewhat, changing color as is needed to seem almost invisible. It can perform this unique trick with Good (10) ability.

Flight / Levitation: at will, the operator of the Swampfire can activate its rotors and take flight! Whether hovering in place or streaking through the air at ninety miles per hour, the Swampfire is considered to have these abilities at Typical (6) rank.

Passenger Planks: behind the Razor Blade retractable boron-fiber rotors and the titanium-finned directional rotor, the Swampfire has room for two (count 'em) passengers. These brave (or mad) souls must cling desperately to the vehicle to remain seated, however.

Propulsion: on the water, the Swampfire can move at an impressive 32 knots, or 36.83 miles per hour. This is much slower than it can fly, but this allows the Swampfire to approach water-borne enemies in an almost completely silent fashion, its occupants notwithstanding.

Sinker Cannon: this auto-load, auto-repeating, 20mm front-mounted cannon can swivel horizontally to hit anything in front of the Swampfire. It can fire a short burst to inflict Excellent (20) Shooting damage, or fire continuously to inflict Remarkable (30) Shooting damage.

Extra Goodies:

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