Typical Direct Action Americans

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Most Direct Action Americans are naught but normal humans, lacking special powers or equipment of any stripe. Some of them may acquire ascendant equipment in the course of their jobs, but usually they're just like their fellow man or woman - otherwise they're listed separately.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Communication Earpieces: the D.A.A. often makes use of encrypted wireless transceivers to synchronize activities in the field. D.A.A. earpiece communicators (with sub-vocalization options) have rank value 4 range - 5 miles - and have encryption of rank value 30 complexity wired in.

Knife: most Direct Action Americans carry at least one of these with them while in action. Standard D.A.A. knives are made from titanium (m.v. 75), can cut through items of like m.v., and allow their wielders to inflict Slashing damage in melee.

Machine Guns: all members of the D.A.A. carry at least one machine gun with them while on the job, unless they've got something better to lean on. These can usually be fired to inflict rank value 10 Piercing damage in a short burst, or +1 RS damage in a full-auto spread.

Sidearm: a backup for their main guns, D.A.A. operatives will also carry at least one pistol, a clip-fed hand cannon that may be fired in two modes. These guns can be shot to inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage with a single shot, or +1 RS damage in a semi-auto burst.




Detective / Espionage: those Direct Action Americans who don't have a military history are often from an intelligence background, and may have this skill instead of military. Those with this skill are adept at digging up information, and are usually good at 'black ops'.

Guns: if they do not have this skill for some reason upon joining the organization, all D.A.A. operatives are trained in this area - and fast. Once this is done, D.A.A. troops can fire any standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol as though their Coordination was +1 RS higher.

Martial Arts style E: similarly, the D.A.A. likes to train their operatives how to fight fast; most of them join knowing a style or two, so emphasis is put on speed. When in unarmed combat, all Direct Action Americans should receive a +1 modifier to their initiative rolls.

Military / United States: while not every member of the Direct Action Americans has this skill, a large number of their recruits do, so this is worth noting. Many of them are intimately familiar with military protocols and procedures, and can usually lead fighting folks into battle in a pinch.


A small but tight brotherhood, the Direct Action Americans aren't big on rank or structure, and can usually count all of their fellows as reliable contacts - most can usually even get an audience with the Directors with little trouble.

Each Direct Action American will also usually have at least one additional contact, usually in military, intelligence or law enforcement circles - but sometimes these contacts will reflect a more abnormal background, depending.


The Direct Action Americans don't have a standard uniform - this tends to help them avoid giving people the impression that they even exist. A lot of them wear outfits with lots of camouflage-patterned or black leather components, but nothing really standardized to speak of.

When on the job though, most Direct Action Americans don at least one piece of apparel that has a patriotic theme. This can range from a red, white and blue bandana to having the flag spray-painted on the back of their jacket, to even a full-on flag-themed spandex bodysuit

It just depends on the individual operative, really.

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