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Vivienne has a particularly bizarre origin, in that her primary power is a result of the mutagenic astronomical energies of the White Event interacting with her fractured mind to give her the bizarre ability to consume the dreams of others. Couple this with electronic implants secretly given to her by Doctor Kleinmann's minions, and you've got the very first, and likely only, cyber-paranormal out there.

Known Powers:

Dream Vampirism: this unique power allows Vivienne (well, her Midnight persona, at least) to access the minds of unwitting victims to absorb the various dream images floating about in their subconscious minds. This psionic attack inflicts rank value 30 Karmic damage to her victims, if she can manage to make contact with their person (she usually kisses them to achieve this).

If Vivienne manages to bring a target to zero mental health points, he or she must pass a blue Fortitude ACT roll or begin to lose Fortitude rank values at a rate of one per turn. If the victim passes this ACT, on the other hand, they'll simply be rendered comatose for a couple of days while their mind repairs the horrible damage this power does to it.

For about a week after this attack, recovering victims of the Dream Vampirism power will note that they have a marked lack of imagination, as all of the stuff lurking about in the recesses of their minds is temporarily gone. Such victims eventually recover from this mental drag, mind you, but it can be disconcerting to lack innovative ability and the like for so long.


Bio-Monitors: via these systems, an outside party can monitor Vivienne's physical state, as well as the brain-wave templates of anybody that comes in contact with her. This information is relayed via satellite to Doctor Kleinmann's Zurich laboratory, though anybody who knew of it could conceivably tap into the data stream constantly emitted from her mind.

Implant Psychosis Statistic: Rank Value 1.

Limitations / Enhancements:

Implant Psychosis: though she's not even aware of the fact, Vivienne is in fact a cyborg. As a result, whenever she is subject to extreme duress, she must pass a Willpower ACT roll against her implant psychosis statistic, however small it may be, lest she succumb to this condition. If this happens, she must pass a subsequent ACT at -4 RS to stop herself from consuming the dream imagery of everyone around her.




Insomnia: Vivienne has always suffered from insomnia; in fact, it was the total lack of a dreaming state that caused Vivienne to undergo her personality split. In order to put herself down for the night (and prevent her Midnight persona from emerging), Vivienne must first pass a Willpower ACT roll at -2 RS. Failing this gives her a -2 RS penalty on all ACT rolls for the next 24 hours (from lack of sleep).

Multiple Personality: there's at least two minds lurking about in Vivienne's head: Vivienne herself, the prim, proper, and shy young woman, and of course, Midnight, the aberrant, dream-starved piece of Vivienne's mind that does what she pleases, whenever she pleases. This personality could've been easily integrated with her standard self, but Doctor Kleinmann's deviant works prevented that.


Manipulation: both of Vivienne's personalities are well-versed in matters of the mind, such as how it works and how to easily manipulate it. Her Midnight persona has used these skills to great effect, gaining a +1 RS when attempting to lure stupid males into her vampiric traps. Having honed these skills for years (since she was twelve, in fact), Midnight almost never fails at this.


Vivienne herself can likely depend on her family, some sort of royalty on the French Riviera, for aid should she need it. On the other hand, her Midnight persona is ultimately the creation of Doctor Kleinmann, and as such, he would likely help her if she needed it, if only so he could retain her services at a future date. After all, she so likes what she does.


Vivienne simply wears conservative (but highly expensive) attire while going about her business. Her Midnight persona, however, tends to wear a black spandex outfit, complemented by a spiky leather collar, belt, and boots. In the mental realm, her dream self (as seen by Nightmask) manifests in a tight, black leather harness, complemented by studded leather hip-hugger boots and gloves.


Vivienne herself is a shy, conservative sort, having learned not to display any sort of 'bad' behavior in public, as she's a member of some sort of royal family (which one being as of yet undisclosed). Her Midnight persona, on the other hand, is a no-holds barred explosion of deviant behavior, especially since she has to feed on people's dreams to maintain her sanity.

Real Name: Princess Vivienne (last name unrevealed)
Occupation: occasional paranormal hit-woman
Legal Status: French citizen with no criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none, though she often works for Doctor Kleinmann

Height: 5'5"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 98 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


She was an otherwise normal little girl, that Vivienne. Sure, she was a member of some royal family living on the French Riviera, but still, she was quite... average... as little girls go. Except for one thing: Vivienne never, ever dreamed. Sure, she could sleep, per se, but never actually entered a dreaming state. This is always bad for a person, and Vivienne is no exception to this rule.

By the time she was twelve, her mind had splintered under this extreme mental stress. During the day, she was still the prim and proper Vivienne, shy to the extreme and essentially remaining unnoticed by others since she didn't do anything... wrong. However, after the clock struck twelve, another persona would emerge if Vivienne were still awake.

This persona was Mistress Midnight.

Totally starved of dreams, this young woman's alternate persona somehow emerged as one diametrically opposed to her normal self. Midnight did everything that Vivienne never dreamed of, going to great lengths to explore every curiosity, as she had no other outlet to express the extreme mental problems raging inside her head. That was, of course, until the White Event.

Shortly after this bizarre astronomical phenomenon struck the earth, Vivienne was changed. She'd begun to develop psionic powers. Well, at least her Midnight persona did, in that it could now steal the dreaming images that lay in the subconscious minds of others, allowing her to achieve a small measure of sanity, if only for a short time.

After her powers accidentally killed a man, however, Vivienne went to a psychologist for help, one Doctor Kleinmann, who was a dream specialist. Quite insane himself, however, Kleinmann didn't cure Vivienne, instead treating her in such a fashion that her problems only got worse, to retain her as a sort of paranormal hit-woman, as well as to observe the psychological oddity that she represented.

One particular job Kleinmann needed Midnight for involved his sudden arch-enemy, the American youth known to Kleinmann as Nightmask. Wielding dream powers without the expensive machinery the Doctor needed, this man threatened Kleinmann's position in the dreaming world: that of a subconscious dream marketer! As such, Kleinmann wanted Midnight to get rid of him.

Journeying to America to do this deed, Midnight indeed met up with Keith Remsen, and managed to get the drop on him with her vampiric dream powers. Sensing the amazing potential for dreaming imagery within him, Midnight gave this attack her all, but sensing a weakness in her, Keith released all the imagery he'd collected after treating mental patients for months, overloading Midnight's powers.

Confused and bewildered as a result of this, Midnight fled into the Washington DC night, never again to be seen by Nightmask (or anybody else). It is assumed that she returned to her home on the French Riviera, as she could continue her vampiric attacks upon the locals undetected, while at the same time being supported by the vast finances of her family estate.

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