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The Devil-blasted Man is Marvin Walters, a formerly normal human who fell into a portal to a particularly nasty universe way back in 1919 and was tortured for his mistake by the residents ever since. Though rescued from a perpetual living hell, the experience has changed Marvin considerably, his body and mind twisted far beyond recognition - but since everyone he used to know on Earth is dead, who would know?

Known Powers:

Demonic Physique: though he is not a demon and was originally a human being, Marvin's body has taken on several characteristics of the hellish, malign plane he spent close to ninety years trapped within. It is unknown if being liberated from that environment will eventually cause his body to return to normal or not, but until this is determined, Marvin has access to the following, supernatural powers:

* Agelessness: an artificially induced change coerced by those who held him captive, this trait was adopted by Marvin's body against his will in an effort to prolong his agony in perpetuity. Little did his hateful, small-minded minions realize that a) Marvin might be rescued at some point in the future, and b) he might take them to task for almost a century of agony. Whoops.

* Fangs: Marvin has the ability to transform his otherwise ordinary teeth into sharp, needle-like fangs at his leisure, which he usually does when demonic entities are present; the better to eat them with. He may use these fangs to inflict his Brawn value in damage, but since they are magical in nature (as is his entire body really) the damage they inflict is actually Sorcerous in nature, not mere Slashing.

* Fire Generation: Marvin can generate potent, searing flames from his body as he sees fit, flames that he can use to inflict rank value 40 SD Energy damage to his opponents. The only problem is that he is not immune to his own flames; his resistance does apply to such, but every time he wields this power at above rank value 20 intensity, he will suffer the additional damage caused as well.

* Resistance to Physical and Energy Attacks: Marvin's supernaturally twisted body is now an inherently magical thing, and it is highly resistant to attacks which are not magical, psionic or deionic in nature. It possesses this resistance at rank value 20, giving him considerable immunity to assaults launched by those of a more 'normal' origin, though sadly it doesn't protect him fully from his own fiery powers.

* Spectral Vampirism: perhaps Martin's most terrifying ability is his power to actually feed on the spiritual energies given off by all sentient beings, in other words their souls. Of course, Martin exclusively uses this power whilst physically consuming some sort of demonic entity or another, to ensure they don't come back. He can wield this frightening ability at rank value 40.

* Universal Digestion: thanks to this ability, Marvin can really subsist on just about any material when necessary, though he prefers to dine upon the flesh of demonic entities - in vast, vast quantities. This power allows him to do just that, letting him eat just about anything without undue problems, taking in an amount equal to his body mass in just one sitting.

Limitations / Enhancements:



.666 Magnum: a custom-built weapon he had manufactured on Planet T, this device is an upgraded version of the .45 - and more. It can be fired against 'mundane' targets to inflict rank value 20 Piercing damage per terrifying blast, though this damage becomes Armor Ignoring versus demonic entities, as both the gun and its ammunition were built with philosophically charged, good-aligned matter.


Paranoia: thanks to his decades of torment at the hands of sullen, bickering little demonic entities, Marvin has grown to be more than a little bit nervous around other sentient beings, should they somehow be a diabolical entity in disguise - or should his 'escape' from torment somehow be some sort of huge machination to draw him further into suffering. He makes Willpower ACTs to trust others (aside from his comrades) at -2 RS.

Unattractive 3: Marvin is a particularly ugly person these days, thanks to his extended stay in a hellish plane he never even identified until after the fact. His skin is now crimson in hue, and continually has large, burn-like blisters on it at all times - some permanent and some not. This causes others that are fixated on the visual where attractiveness is concerned to treat Marvin as if his Repute was -6 RS in value.


Anthropology: Marvin was an acclaimed anthropologist, at least up until the time when he fell off the face of the earth back in 1919. He knows a lot about human beings and what makes them tick, and other sentients to a smaller degree. In such matters, his Intellect should be considered +1 RS, though it would conspicuously omit knowledge of most history after his disappearance (World War II, etc...)

Lore: though he really didn't want this particular knowledge, Marvin has learned all about demons and other occult entities, primarily from painful first hand experience (though he has been studiously reading up on Planet T since his rescue, what with Vengeance being at the forefront of his mind). He should make all Intellect ACTs based on magical and other occult knowledge at a +1 RS.

Martial Arts styles B and C: he's not the best fighter out there but Marvin is tough and stubborn, and has sort of picked up these skills through trial and error. He should receive a +1 RS to his Melee value when engaging in unarmed attacks, a +1 RS when attempting to dodge or weave attacks, and a +1 RS to his Brawn whenever attempting grappling or escaping maneuvers.


There are few people that Marvin can count on as friends; he's pretty sure that everyone else is out to get him in one way or another. His primary contacts are his fellows in the Triumvirate of Tribulation, who are the Infernal Machine and Pincer Penny. Furthermore, Marvin has struck up an inexplicable friendship with the Quintuple Bartender of Club Invertebrate fame (though many people can claim the same).


Marvin tends to wear black clothing at all times, whether or not he's working. In the field, he dons a long black canvas trench coat, a long-sleeved, black collared shirt, loose-fitting black trousers, black leather gloves, black leather boots, and of course black plastic, horn-rimmed sunglasses (with black-tinted glass). It helps to cover up his glaringly crimson, blistered skin - or so he thinks at least.


Marvin is an angry and paranoid old man, though at least in his case it's not his fault. Thanks to the circumstances in which he has spent the majority of his life, he's completely justified in trusting hardly anyone, since demons have been playing mind games with him for almost ninety years now. He is fiercely loyal to his cohorts in the Triumvirate however, and would give his life to save theirs if necessary.

Real Name: Marvin Walters
Occupation: bounty hunter, former anthropologist
Legal Status: citizen of Planet T with a minor criminal record, citizen of Canada who is legally dead
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Triumvirate of Tribulation

Height: 6' 6"
Hair: black
Eyes: orange, glowing
Weight: 253 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Marvin is a tall and imposing figure, with crimson skin that has oversized blisters everywhere, as though he were burned at some point - or were boiling from within. His eyes glow a dull orange in hue, and when enraged his teeth transform into inch long, needle-like daggers of jagged disposition.


Marvin Walters became an anthropologist because he always had an admiration for the human spirit, and wanted to understand all aspects of his species. On one particular working trip he was studying some ancient ruins in the deep north when he somehow activated a portal that led from our world to... elsewhere. A much less pleasant elsewhere, in fact, being a realm overrun with demonic beings with no hobbies whatsoever.

You could imagine their glee when this unassuming human suddenly appeared before them, completely oblivious to them and their terrible ways. They proceeded to inflict all manner of tortures to his surprisingly fragile frame, putting him together again after each mutilation or dismemberment, and lengthening his lifespan to extend the party as long as possible. Naturally, this unhinged Marvin somewhat.

Days stretched into weeks, weeks into months, months into years... and years into decades. Torment after torment was inflicted upon Marvin's body and mind, the clumsy magic used to keep him alive slowly interacting with the hellish planescape to make him both more and less than he was before. In time, Marvin began to resemble his tormentors in both physical appearance and powers, though he could not escape them.

Enter Pincer Penny. A mutant bounty hunter who chased down her own kind to placate her own, intense self-loathing, she wound up in the nameless realm that Marvin was trapped within when a target with dimension-crossing abilities thought she could hide there. Not about to admit defeat, Penny secured passage there and indeed trounced her target, only to discover Marvin and his tormentors by pure happenstance.

Though usually focused on her own, claustrophobic world of hate and pain, Penny decided to lend Marvin a hand and dealt with his captors. Thinking to just leave at that point, she found that Marvin had decided to stick with her now, and unable to shake him went back to her home with him in tow. Her home, Planet T, completely boggled the mind of Marvin, and it took him a bit to adjust to the new, expansive universe.

He did in time though, and forever thankful to Penny, has dedicated himself to her service. She wields him as muscle on her jobs against mutants, though he often asks her to take up bounties on demons to get himself some vengeance now and then. Since the money was good, Penny had no problem with this notion, expanding her own business considerably in the process.

As such, these two, along with the Infernal Machine, have become the Triumvirate of Tribulation, bounty hunters and trouble shooters known across the multiverse as people who are more than ready to Get Things Done, as long as the Price is Right.

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