The Triumvirate of Tribulation

It may be a staggering surprise to someone, but the Triumvirate of Tribulation is a highly motivated team of (that's right) three bounty hunters. They track down demons, mutants, and the very odd robot based on the needs of clients in their adopted home world of Planet T, which I found out by hitching a ride there myself and talking to them - and swiping their promo materials. Here's some client testimonials. - Seņor Barnett.

Regarding Sleghtxburp Knowsitall:

'This lousy monster had been apparently pilfering ideas right out of my BRAIN for years now. I'd had a feeling someone was, what with all of my ideas winding up in a specific competitor's toy line even after I stopped putting my notes down in the computer. So I hired the Tribulation to poke around for me and before I even handed them the down payment, one of them let me know that I'd been targeted by demons!

'Staking out my house, they found it oozing inside while I was asleep and put the kibosh on that little operation... and for a bonus fee, they even took apart my competitor's factory for me!' Horace 'I invented Go-Bots' Keen

Regarding Meatbag:

'This rampaging slab of muscled pain was a thorn in my side for quite some time - some kind of mutant freak who thought he had the right to horn in on our business because he was what, a few hundred times stronger than Joey Meat Hooks? Well, I did some digging and the boys found out that the Triumvirate were the people to go to when they had a 'mutant problem'. I made the call and within hours you guys taught Meatbag a lesson.

'You even found out who was pulling his strings, so we paid them a little visit too...!' Jerome 'One Thumb' Ricoli

Regarding Posnudias:

'This dirty thing had been hounding me for quite some time; it turned out that something I confiscated a while back actually belonged to him, and he decided that he wanted it back... along with my head. So I skipped town - skipped earth, really - and made my way to a place where people knew how to deal with demon scum like him, and everybody I talked to pointed me towards the Triumvirate of Tribulation.

'And I'm glad they did! Not only did the Triumvirate serve that clown notice, but one of them ATE half of the sucker before he finally got away. That ought to learn him to mess with the Confiscator!' the Confiscator

Regarding Wallace Jones:

'I had attempted to recruit Mr. Jones into my... organization some time ago, and he not only refused to join us, but began to wage a campaign of terrorism against us! Why, all we wanted was to ensure our kind were in a position of advantage should world affairs suddenly, inexplicably turn against us. I don't see why he felt the need to go so far as to destroy two of our bases and disrupt several training exercises.

'You'd think he had a personal stake in keeping his fellow mutants down...!

'So yes, we hired the Triumvirate to find Mr. Jones and, well, stop his interference with the Legion's activities. Dead or alive, whatever. Either way, I wanted his corpse in the end. And though me and the Triumvirate came to an, er, impasse over the terms of payment for their services rendered, they did in fact do everything their contract required of them. So there's that.' Ultra

Regarding Ninja-bot 007:

'I can't believe how fast the Triumvirate were able to track down my test subject. It had escaped from the laboratory in no time flat, and had almost given away the secrets of my latest line of combat automatons, the Ninja-bot. Luckily for me (though not for a few sleepy guards that have paid for their sloth with their lives) the terrible trio was able to find 007 and return him to me in a somewhat-intact state.

'I'll definitely be wielding the Triumvirate of Tribulation for all my robot tracking needs from here on out.' Industrio

If anything, these should give you a small idea what the client base of the Tribulation is like. Most don't sound like all that 'nice' a bunch, but at least they seem to mostly take down people worse than them... usually. But they are bounty hunters, so sometimes they'll be on the wrong side of our business as often as not. Details on the Triumvirate trio are as follows:

the Devil-blasted Man: Marvin Walters was an anthropologist who fell into a hellish portal back in 1919 and was changed terribly as a result. Though he survived his decades-long ordeal, Marvin has been twisted into... the Devil-blasted Man! Availability:

the Devil-blasted Man (MSH Classic)

the Devil-blasted Man (4C System)

the Devil-blasted Man (Marvel Saga)

the Infernal Machine: built as an implement of mass destruction, the thaumatechnological robot known as the Infernal Machine instead turned out to be a kind-hearted, almost childlike soul, and follows Pincer Penny around like a lost puppy dog! Availability:

the Infernal Machine (MSH Classic)

the Infernal Machine (4C System)

the Infernal Machine (Marvel Saga)

Pincer Penny: her modeling career ended by the emergence of freakish, mutant pincers, Marlene Nolan fled the world to became a bounty hunter based on Planet T. There, she founded the Triumvirate of Tribulation to fight against evil mutants! Availability:

Pincer Penny (MSH Classic)

Pincer Penny (4C System)

Pincer Penny (Marvel Saga)

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