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Pincer Penny was not originally Pincer Penny. She isn't even named Penny, you know. No, she who calls herself Pincer Penny is in fact Marlene Nolan, an angry youth who found out she was a freak when her hands transformed into giant, crablike pincers. Apparently a mutant, she has devoted herself to making the best of her freakish appendages, and as such uses them to hunt down others like herself... for the highest bidder!

Known Powers:

Pincers: as you may have gathered, Marlene's principal mutant abilities are her enormous pincers. Having one in the place of each hand, Marlene quickly found that they can be relatively fragile against super-human targets, and as such has had them treated to the effect that they have an effective material value of 150. Defensively, she can use them as shields in a pinch, but they're mainly offensive.

Her right, 'natural' pincer is unsharpened, and can be used to inflict Marlene's Brawn +1 RS in Bashing damage, either as a strike or in a crushing attack, depending on her preference. However, she has sharpened up the left pincer so that she may use it to inflict her Brawn rank value in Slashing damage, usually when scissoring up something that has considerably irritated her. This is often the end of her battles...

Limitations / Enhancements:





Repugnant Personality: Marlene really hates herself, and as an extension, almost everyone else. The only two people she really tolerates are her cohorts in the Triumvirate. She's also often quite inebriated, stinking of liquor when she's berating others, which only fuels both her hate and people's negative reactions to her. This tends to cause others to react to Marlene as if her Repute score was -2 RS in value.

Unattractive: Marlene is actually a beautiful young girl, but for some reason most people are put off by the enormous red pincers that she has in the place of hands. Were someone not to notice them somehow, they would react to her as if her Repute score was +2 RS in value, but when they do see the pincers in action, this tends to cause folks to react to to her as if her Repute was, in fact, -2 RS lower than is listed above.


Martial Arts style B: Marlene isn't all about fine combat techniques; no, she just likes hitting things, and hard. She has received custom training in the use of her pincers by astoundingly dangerous monks resident on Planet T, and as such may attempt otherwise unarmed attacks with them (or any other body parts, like her feet or forehead) as though her Melee was +1 RS in value.

Shields: Marlene is also adept in the use of her oversized 'hands' as shields, allowing her to more easily block incoming attacks aimed at her person. In battle, she may attempt a red Melee ACT. If this ACT succeeds, her pincers can then absorb an amount of damage equal to their m.v. She can conceivably use other items as shields as well, though their availability and very shape may interfere with such actions.


Marlene is the leader of the Triumvirate of Tribulation, a three-man squad of bounty hunters that works across the multiverse for whoever can pay their tab. They tend to specialize in mutants, due to Marlene's self-loathing, but will go after anyone if the money is right. Marlene's two employees are the Infernal Machine and the Devil-Blasted Man - both victims of a hellish plane - who she's helped out in the past.


Marlene isn't really ever out of costume, for her 'leisure' clothing tends to match her 'working' clothing. She tends to wear heavy, red leather boots, red biker shorts, and a red tank top at all times. Occasionally she'll also wear red-tinted sunglasses as well, or even carry a red leather accessory bag for special equipment she may need on missions in territory both hostile and alien - it just depends.


Marlene hates life, and hates herself. She used to dream of being a super model, and may've gone a long way towards that goal if not for her mutant awakening about six years back. Ever since, she's taken out her loathing on other mutants if only to not hurt herself - but that's okay, because the mutants she hunts are usually more than deserving of whatever punishment she dishes out to them!

Real Name: Marlene Nolan
Occupation: bounty hunter, former fashion model
Legal Status: citizen of Planet T, former citizen of the United States, with a criminal record in both
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Triumvirate of Tribulation

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: crimson (naturally strawberry blonde)
Eyes: green
Weight: 145 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Marlene is possessed of large, chitinous red pincers in place of her hands, each about 18 inches in diameter.


Marlene Nolan began life as a spoiled young girl, her parents being filthy rich and herself being quite beautiful. Pressed into modeling ever since she was a toddler, Marlene quickly began to think that this was everything she ever wanted in life: the adoring crowds, all the fame and riches her greedy little heart could desire. This was not to be, however, for when she turned thirteen something... happened to Marlene.

At first the doctors thought it was cancer, what with her hands slowly growing into hardened lumps of bone-like material - what other explanation was there? They tried to operate but the lumps kept hardening, and then molting in a cycle, growing larger each time. As they began to slowly resemble claws or pincers, Marlene was taunted by the kid sharing a hospital bed next to her, who called her a freak. Her, a freak!

But looking down at her own, horribly misshapen hands, Marlene had to agree... she was a freak. No one she knew ever saw her again, for she ran away from her room in the hospital and never looked back. Her idea was to initially just kill herself, knowing she could never resume her life as a model again. However, when she managed to beat a would-be rapist to death with her still-forming pincers, Marlene rethought things.

She may be a horrible freak, but she had it in her to get rid of other horrible people, people the world would be much better off without. People like herself. With this self-hating thought in mind, Marlene then began to stalk the back streets of the country, alone as much as she could manage, but usually killing one or two people in each city before making her escape. It worked, but Marlene grew tired of being poor.

So she made her way to Omaha, having heard on her travels of a place that had need of folks like her... freaks, if you will. Once she arrived there, she made her way through the Club Invertebrate to Planet T, the artificial world-universe of the Ubiquidyne corporation, and began to pimp herself out as a freak hunter for hire. The problem was that she had a lot of competition in this line of work.

As such, she worked for peanuts in low-skill jobs while learning how to effectively use her pincers in combat, training for a time with mad shape changing monks who were more than capable of fighting in almost any form. She then had her pincers enhanced with Ubiquidyne science, with the goal of becoming even more deadly than she already was, what with her pincers and her apparently super-human strength.

Over time, she slowly grew a clientele who were more than happy to make use of her self-loathing to get rid of their enemies. Marlene preferred to hunt mutants but you know, in this economy you take what you can get. This has caused her to be on the business end of contracts with people that traffick in demons, and Marlene has found new levels of evil to destroy - demons are one thing, but demon worshipers are another entirely.

On two separate jobs, Marlene managed to rescue an individual who was about to be destroyed by the hellish environs that they'd found themselves in, they being the Infernal Machine and the Devil-blasted Man. These two are eternally grateful to Marlene for her assistance, and in turn have chosen to help her in her bounty hunting endeavors - for which Marlene rewards them with their fair share of the loot of course.

This trio, a Triumvirate of Tribulation, have become nigh-infamous throughout the multiverse as people who can Get Things Done, and are usually not long without work - unless they declare a vacation. These usually only last a day or so, but typically wind up with the trio drunk and whiny in the Club Invertebrate, where they will tell tall tales to whoever is foolish enough to hang around and let them.

Legal Hoopajoob:

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