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4 (25)


Meranno is an Atlantean, a splinter race of humanity created or evolved by unknown means - though this may involve the Greek god Poseidon, who many Atlanteans venerate. Of course, Meranno himself has been further altered, even beyond conventional Atlantean physiology, having gained considerable powers due to the intervention of both Atlantean and Nazi science.


Body Armor (s): thanks to Nazi science, Merrano has developed considerable resistance to conventional harm. Able to withstand gunfire without apparent injury, Merrano has demonstrated at least intensity 4 (+1) body armor, on top of his other, extensive resistances. When added to the staggering might his Strength provides, Meranno may well seem nigh-invulnerable!

Dual Respiration (s): as an Atlantean, Meranno has the ability to breathe water. However, thanks to the alterations inflicted upon him by various Nazi scientists, Meranno can also breathe and otherwise function out of the water for extended periods of time; he has been shown to exist in a 'normal' environ for at least twenty minutes before he began to suffocate and/or dehydrate.

Longevity (s): one of the perks of being an Atlantean is an extended life span. Like all of his fellows, Meranno has at least intensity 1 longevity, meaning that his eventual life span equal to twice that of a normal human being. Assuming that Meranno doesn't get himself killed by accident or design, he should live to be approximately 150 years old.

Resistance to Cold Attacks and Pressure Variation (s): thanks to his Atlantean heritage, Merrano is naturally suited for an oceanic environment. He can act normally in any depth of water, being able to survive right under the surface or down in the darkest ocean depths. This is an intensity 16 (+4) resistance to these environmental factors, making him virtually immune to such hazards.

Super Swimming (a): while under the waves, Meranno can move with startling speed, even for an Atlantean. He can swim underwater at speeds upwards of sixty miles per hour, making this an intensity 2 power. Furthermore, this power allows Meranno to divide his total action score between as many attacks as he likes underwater, all but the first occurring as contingent actions.

Super Senses / Vision (w): on the surface world, Meranno's vision is relatively normal. However, under the waves, his enhanced sight becomes apparent. You see, Meranno, like all Atlanteans, has a particular sensitivity to the green portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, allowing him to see several miles through the murky seas with absolute clarity. This is an intensity 5 power.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Fatally Vulnerable - Dehydration: like all Atlanteans, Meranno cannot function well outside of a watery environment. After having been removed from a watery environment for twenty minutes, Meranno will begin to suffocate and/or be dehydrated, losing one card (or 5 health points) per exchange, which will stop either when he returns to water or dies.

Enemy - Namor the Sub-Mariner: Meranno has harbored a deep dislike for Namor ever since he was a wee little Atlantean, a hatred that has only been enhanced by the Avenging Son's continual thwarting of Meranno's villainous schemes. When encountering Namor, Meranno must immediately attack him or be lowered to zero in all of his ability scores for the duration of the encounter.


Biology / Ichthyology (i): Meranno has, over the years, made an extensive study of the seaborne creatures that share the seas with his people. He can readily identify and predict the behavior of virtually any water-based organism, whether or not he has actually seen it in action.

Chemistry (i): Meranno is apparently a skilled chemist as well, having been able to augment his personal power with chemical treatments. He can identify chemicals by smell, touch, or taste, and may easily develop antitoxins for most poisons, biological or not.

Geology/ / Oceanography (i): having grown up on the ocean floor, Meranno can be assumed to know how water-based environs function. He understands how ocean currents work, the effects of pollution on marine environments, general oceanic geography, and more.

History / Atlantis (i): as he was originally an Atlantean of high standing, Meranno is likely to know the history of his people rather well, in addition to certain curious facts about their beliefs and culture. Were he so inclined, he could serve as a font of such information for others.

Skill / Spears (s): like most other Atlantean warriors, Meranno was trained as a wee youth in the use of spears as deadly weapons. In battle, he can use these sharp, pointy items at one difficulty level lower than normal, whether he uses one in melee or in ranged combat.

Underwater Combat (a): thanks to this skill, Meranno is a frightening combatant under the waves. While fighting underwater, he can engage in combat actions without penalty, and may use his Agility instead of Intellect to determine the declaration order in an exchange.


Having been a member of the Nazi party and the Super-Axis for a time, Meranno could conceivably draw upon surviving members of either group for aid should he need it. In the modern day and age, Meranno has become a member of the Axis Mundi, a group dedicated to the recreation of the Third Reich. He can also count several Atlantean renegades like Attuma as reliable contacts as well.


Vengeance: Meranno is controlled by hatred. Having been thwarted again and again by Namor, this son of Atlantis wishes to do everything he can to destroy that hated half-breed - and any others like him. Meranno will go to any length to vindicate himself, even if it involves destroying all of Atlantis in the process. He's done it before, after all.


Meranno wears a primarily green costume into battle, having similarly colored gloves, trousers, and a sort of vest; this vest is only two inches wide at the belt buckle, though it spreads out into proper shoulder flaps on top; this vest also has a stylish 'u' on its torso. He also wears red boots with yellow trim, a red belt with a swastika emblem, and a red mask over his green hood.


Meranno has a petty personality bent on the domination of Atlantis and the destruction of his hated enemy, Namor. These obsessions color Meranno's every action, and the man goes out of his way to achieve either end. In fact, he has long since left all of his other pursuits, including his scientific studies, behind to pursue his mad goals.

Real Name: Meranno
Occupation: warrior, former scientist
Legal Status: Atlantean citizen with a criminal record, still wanted for the perpetration of war crimes in several other countries.
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Unter-Wasser Mann
Group Affiliation: member of the Axis Mundi, former member of the Royal Atlantean Militia, former member of the Super-Axis

Height: 7'
Hair: blonde, later gray
Eyes: blue
Weight: 450 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: as an Atlantean, Meranno has blue skin and gills.


Meranno's story began when he was but a little Atlantean, one of many playmates of a young Namor. Though Namor thought Meranno was his friend, the 'pure' Atlantean felt nothing but hatred and loathing of this pale half-breed, and wished him dead. Wishing to acquire the power to make this happen, he became a research scientist in biochemical concerns, to empower himself.

In the late thirties, he allied with Nazi Germany, betraying the location of Atlantis to the hated humans, who destroyed a large percentage of the Atlantean fleet. The Germans' attack also wiped out the Atlantean Hall of Science and dropped their king into a deep coma. Leading in his stead, Namor labeled Meranno a traitor and banished him from Atlantis.

Soon after, Meranno used a combination of Atlantean and Nazi science to enhance himself, manifesting tremendous strength and the ability to last outside of water for a greatly extended time. With his diabolical Nazi allies, Meranno then attacked Namor and his foolish surface world allies as the dread U-Man, but time and again, Meranno's raving hatred caused him to meet defeat on the battlefield.

Eventually, U-Man came under the sway of Lady Lotus' psionic powers, and joined her in a scheme to abduct the Japanese-American heroine known as Golden Girl. This scheme eventually brought the duo into conflict with the Invaders, but Lady Lotus had planned for this. In order to counter the hero team, she built her own squad of super-humans: the Super-Axis!

This team consisted of herself, Meranno, Baron Blood, Master Man, and Warrior Woman. However, this collection of villainy still wasn't enough to defeat the Invaders, and a broken Meranno left the group to wander the seas aimlessly for a while. During this time, Merrano took his revenge upon the Lady Lotus for toying with his very will, forcing himself upon her violently.

Shortly after, Nazi Germany fell, and Meranno had no mission in life until decades later - aside from random attacks on Namor at least. He also spent his time tormenting Lady Lotus and the child she bore him, Nia - who went on to rule an undersea nation aside Peter Noble: the Fin! Eventually, he was recruited by none other than Attuma, an Atlantean warlord bent on conquest.

Having taken over Atlantis, this warlord wished to also seize the surface world. Pardoning Meranno for his crimes against his homeland, this warlord then embarked on a vast campaign of terror against the surface world, one that ultimately failed. Of course, Meranno also suffered because of this, and when Namor regained control of Atlantis, Meranno found himself banished anew.

After this, Merrano found new allies in the form of the Axis Mundi. This group, bearing an odd similarity to the Super-Axis, was made up of many surviving Nazis from the 'Golden Age', along with several of their replacements. Having worked with Warrior Woman before (if not willingly), this made sense to Merrano, and he happily went along with the aims of this new terrorist outfit.

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